Black History Month: Bad for Blacks, Bad for Americans.

jpegBlack History Month is coming, and it’s sure to be accompanied by any number of cringe-worthy events which protect the Blacks-are-victims narrative.

Even if February wasn’t one long wound-licking festival, it’s a truly interesting contradiction of liberal-progressive thought.  If you’re lucky enough to be on a college campus during this surreal time of the year, then you’ll know what I’m talking about.  Except for the three days on each side of Valentine’s Day, your college newspapers will probably be covering any number of Black history events.  That in itself isn’t what’s so odd, but what is odd is how those events don’t regularly happen outside of February.

Of course, all of these Black History Month celebrations are sanctioned and sponsored by the university administration, one-or-another multicultural affairs offices, and sometimes by somebody with the city office.  The strangest part about these series of celebrations is not the fact that they occur at all, but that so many people make it a point to strongly celebrate Black history during just one month of the year.

Does this sound like a bad internet meme to anyone else?  You know, it would sound something like, “College Liberal is against minoritization of Black people…  Supports Black cultural centers.

I really hope that our government and education systems have more to worry about than stroking the ego and pride of the collective Black community in America.  It would be nice if America’s government could worry about something more worthwhile like preventing chemical spills from contaminating U.S. waterways, stopping blatant privacy violations by the NSAcontrolling illegal immigration, and… Well, I’m not going to add to this list anymore at the moment, but the role of policy makers should be applied somewhere more productive.

American philosopher Francis Parker Yockey would oppose petty proposals such as congressional action which “recognizes the injustices that African Americans have endured“, and he would definitely oppose Black History Month and Black culture centers.  The way which these petty concessions minoritize the Black community would be the least of Yockey’s concerns.  As Yockey puts it, the damage which these acts do is much worse than creating a minority population with a strong entitlement complex, and it does nothing for the proper creation of policy to guide a nation and its people.

“The aim of Policy is to actualize our Western Imperium — whoever introduces racial theories of materialistic provenance, whether in the name of ‘tolerance,’ which means we should abandon our instincts, or in the name of ‘racial purity,’ which means we should abandon our Cultural unity, is prolonging the crisis and division of the West.”

This is one of the reasons that you will never hear me ask for a White History Month or a White Culture Center.  Having a month in which to recognize White culture does not fix the problems which face our society, rather it prevents the creation of an American High Culture and a national identity.  Whatever problems that the Black community feels is pertinent to their identity in America, they aren’t going to solve it with a Black History Month.  I’m still surprised that the Black community hasn’t realized that Black History Month is one of the ways which the liberal-progressive community patronizes and minoritizes them.

I have no desire to spend my time ruling over the affairs of Black people in America.  Unlike the liberal-progressive Left, I’m willing to let the Black community exist as whole persons who are capable of positively controlling their own affairs without condescending and patronizing concessions or awards from the state.

Government policy should not concern itself with placating special interest groups and their petty cultural materialist demands.  The only purpose and aim of our government should be power, and how to attain more of it.  Yockey was very clear about this next point, which is that the only way to protect a positive future for Western Civilization is to purge decadent materialist policies while also protecting racial and cultural sensibilities.

“Policy is charged with actualizing an historical Mission, the saving of the Western Civilization from decadence within, and from the barbarian without. Whether this is to succeed will depend on the strength of racial instinct left, by which is meant the instincts of self-preservation, fruitfulness, and will-to-power.”

Black History Month is more damaging to Black people in America than it is to Americans.  This is why Black people should be the ones most interested in ridding themselves of those liberal-progressive chains, and it is also why I support the efforts of Black Nationalists who wish to peacefully separate themselves from America.

I am not a Black Nationalist, nor do I have seek to be the mouthpiece of Black Nationalism in America.  I have no interest in finding a way to sustain a multi-ethnic democratic state, but, as with Yockey, I will extend an Olive Branch in partnership to any group of persons who wish to help protect and advance the mission of Western Civilization.

“Any man who shares the feeling of this Mission, and any group which shares it, belong to us in this greatest of all battles in 5,000 years of history, regardless of the derivation of the man or group.  Any group or idea which does not share this feeling, and wishes to further its own aims within the West is an inner enemy.  Any group or idea which weakens in any way the racial strength of the West is an inner enemy.”

I would sooner find myself in conflict with an American than I would a Black person in America.  My enemy looks like me but does not support me, and this is the reason why I am more concerned about the affairs of Americans than those of the Black community.  Yockey would agree with me on that position, and the reason why is because he understood that a racially homogeneous and stable population is the only one capable of effectively waging warfare.

“Those populations of the West which have the least impaired racial bodies and racial instincts will respond most intensely to the demands of the coming century of warfare, and will play the largest formative role in this greatest of all struggles, but the new race will be a unity, not a collection of dead races, but a new and grander creation from the human streams now existing.”

Catering and pandering to the petty interests of non-Americans is a distraction from our government’s ability to craft Policy which will secure a positive future for Americans.  A respect of racial differences, recognition of identity and the promotion of a uniquely American culture are the answer.
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James Bulls

Your views have certainly changed, if not evolved, since you first started expressing them. I’d wish you luck in your goals, but you know that I don’t really want you to succeed. I’m curious, too, how much you think other groups on the Racist Right will want to cooperate with TradYouth when you talk about goals like this? The ATB and a few others I could name would probably disagree with your opinions despite your assertion that you folks don’t have to agree with one another to work together.


This quote from your article stood out to me the most: “Black History Month is more damaging to Black people in America than it is to Americans.”

Hopefully this is a typo and meant to say Americans of other ethnicities and not meant to imply that Black Americans are any less citizens that “traditional” Americans.


Who is Black History Month hurting soooo much you want it to disappear? Why is BHM even an issue with you? It’s not a white thing so you can’t handle it! This is a positive time that Black people and their children have to reflect on their culture their past and their present! There’s nothing but beauty about being able to do that! Maybe black people are tired of just reflecting on the daily white history which is present every damn where! Black people want to be black and they’re interested in their own history! You’re just threaten by them! Get a life!

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