Abortion: Modern Child Sacrifice

"The instinct of decadence takes many forms in this realm: dissolution of Marriage by divorce laws, attempts to discard, through repeal or non-enforcement, the laws against abortion, preaching in the form of novel, drama, journalism, the identification of 'happiness' with sexual love, holding it up as the great value, before which all honor, duty, patriotism, consecration of Life to a higher aim, must give way. An erotomania is abroad through our civilization, not indeed like the sexual obsession of the 13th century which was at least racially affirmative, in that it increased the Western Peoples, but always a purely rootless erotic-without-consequences. This spiritual disease is the suicide of the race." -Francis Parker Yockey

“The instinct of decadence takes many forms in this realm: dissolution of Marriage by divorce laws, attempts to discard, through repeal or non-enforcement, the laws against abortion, preaching in the form of novel, drama, journalism, the identification of ‘happiness’ with sexual love, holding it up as the great value, before which all honor, duty, patriotism, consecration of Life to a higher aim, must give way. An erotomania is abroad through our civilization, not indeed like the sexual obsession of the 13th century which was at least racially affirmative, in that it increased the Western Peoples, but always a purely rootless erotic-without-consequences. This spiritual disease is the suicide of the race.” -Francis Parker Yockey

Abortion is perhaps the largest crime against humanity of the modern era. With the compliance of almost the entire world, tens of millions of unborn children have paid the price for the decadence of our people and the corruption of sin. While foreign policy and economic values may be debated, the entire world has seemingly made a pledge to target the lives of the most defenseless citizens of all, the unborn.

The belief in the importance of protecting life from conception to natural death is an anchor of Traditional philosophy. The family of a man, woman and their children is the bedrock of civilization throughout the ages. Children are blessings given to a couple from God, and parents are given the responsibility of caring for, guiding and guarding their child until they reach adulthood.

The rise in “alternative lifestyles” and a focus on the self has broken down the fundamental structure of the family and the importance of these bonds. The fundamental aftereffect of the Enlightenment was a worship of ones self, thereby negating all duty to both God and family. The 1960’s ushered in a tidal wave of hedonism that broke down centuries of values in regards to society, culture, race, and family. Overnight the American justice system in a reflection of the growing secularism of the nation decided that through the court case Roe V Wade that abortion should be legal, thus spelling a death sentence for now over 55 million American citizens with no end in sight.

Satan, from the beginning with Adam and Eve, has worked to undermine God’s law and the value of each individual life. The Bible talks of Pagan blood-and-fire ceremonies in which children were willingly murdered for material benefit, and these have only changed forms, but never gone away. One of the largest pro-Choice arguments is economic, that poor women should not be saddled with the cost of bringing a child into the world. This argument totally ignores government, private, and Church programs and funds to support expecting mothers, but hits at the root of appealing to a desire for material possessions to make decisions on. To the Left a child is a burden or at best an accessory like a purse or pet, not a blessing given to parents from God. The modern Left in all of its incarnations attempts to defile God’s creations and dehumanize millions of supposed undesirables to continue the war against all that is good in the world, leaving countless millions of casualties and broken lives.

Abortion fundamentally comes down to a basic question, which is whether or not a fetus is a human being. The Left has an effective propaganda arm through the schools and media, but facts are fact. Abortion is morally wrong, but is also wrong under the Anglo-Saxon tradition that our nation inherited from Europe. The government allowing abortion is a clear violation of common law tradition, our Founders’ intent, and Christian principles. Force should be used to defend those who cannot defend themselves, but in modern America the government is actively funding and supporting those who strip away life from those who have no means of protecting themselves.

From the moment of conception the scientific evidence is clear, a fetus is a human being. With that understood, the framework of the Left has to do argumentative back flips to make people who desire to protect the life of the unborn into the bad guys. Jewish propaganda mills have turned out a seemingly endless amount of support for the pro-abortion movement, all while continuing to promote promiscuity and pornography to the masses. Spearheaded by International Jewry, the Left  is doing everything it can to break the European people away from our God given impulse to have Traditional families and to care for our children. Through encouraging contraceptives to prevent pregnancy, promiscuity to stop men and women from having families, and finally abortion to end the life of any child that is conceived, the enemy has a generations long plan to work towards the destruction of our people through denying us the next generation of our progeny.

One of the biggest tools of the pro-infanticide movement is to change public opinion and lawmakers votes based upon outright lies. As former pro-abortion advocate turned pro-life activist Dr. Bernard Nathanson once said,  

“We fed the public a line of deceit, dishonesty, a fabrication of statistics and figures.  We succeeded because the time was right and the news media cooperated.  We sensationalized the effects of illegal abortions, and fabricated polls which indicated that 85 percent of the public favored unrestricted abortion, when we knew it was only 5 percent.  We unashamedly lied, and yet our statements were quoted [by the media] as though they had been written in Law.”

Deception is a key reason why abortion is still so acceptable among the global population. Catchy slogans, heavily funded ad campaigns, and control of educational institutions gives the Left a bully pulpit to preach a satanic gospel of child sacrifice and lie after lie about the true cost of abortion. The lie of a fetus not being a human being, the lie of abortion being safe, and the lie of modernity telling couples that they have no responsibility to their own flesh and blood all result in a confused and lost public searching for the water of Truth in a land of empty wells.

The enemy has been working to destroy our families and civilization for thousands of years, but the defense of the institution of the family and nation has always been defended prior to our apathetic and weak modern Church. We, as Christians and Traditionalists, must understand that the issue of abortion is a zero sum game, there cannot be compromise with those who are murdering the sons and daughters of our people. The Church has called abortion murder since the earliest days, and rightly so. Civil governments across the world understanding that from the moment of conception a fetus is a living human being have until only recently been steadfast in the defense of the unborn. Only the rise of communism and Leftist thought has “legitimized” the idea of accepting infanticide.

Ways of working to stop abortion are varied, and I encourage everyone to find a way to work to stop this murderous institution. First and foremost, prayer for women who are considering abortions, and prayer to change the hearts and minds of abortionists must be at the forefront of our activism. The power of prayer to bring about change cannot be understated, it is a cornerstone to any true change within a society.

Another way to get involved in the struggle against abortion is to volunteer with the local pregnancy center. These centers provide expecting mothers with resources, medical care, counseling, comfort and support to help them carry their pregnancy to term and to care for their child after birth. The Church and community must ensure that women who make the decision to keep their child have the support they need to succeed.

Picketing abortion clinics is another effective political activism tool. Many women do not know what a fetus even looks like, and although graphic, using picket signs with pictures of aborted children can help women understand what they are about to do with their own child. Prayer outside of abortion clinics, silent vigils, or more confrontational styles of protest all depend upon the desire of the individuals involved. However, making our presence known outside these murder clinics is a necessary step to letting the abortionists know they are not welcome and that the community stands against their practice.

Being a part of the national 40 Days for Life campaign can be a great way to organize with fellow pro-Life advocates and to make a real difference in your community. This movement is bringing the truth about abortion, abortion providers, and the pro-Life message to a national audience. Participation for all forty days of the event or even just one will show your dedication to the cause of protecting the unborn. This, alongside participating in the national March for Life in Washington, D.C., will make you heard to be an unrepentant voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. Only through direct advocacy, prayer, organizing, and networking can we hope to drive abortionists and their clinics out of our nation.

Abortionists and pro-choicers do not deserve a seat at the table, they are our sworn enemies. For profit and personal pleasure these murderers and their willing accomplices have manipulated, lied to and led millions of women to kill their own children. Abortion must be abolished to restore the integrity of our Faith, families, and our folk. Our families must be rebuilt, our men and women must be once again empowered by the Gospel and their spiritual calling. Those snakes in the grass who poison the hearts and minds of our people must be driven out of our lands as Saint Patrick once did in Ireland to the legions of poisonous vipers who were harming his people.

Women who have had abortions should be counseled, loved and put on a path to recovery. Men who have lost their children should be comforted and helped. Women considering abortion need to be taught the facts and helped to understand the gravity and heinous reality of what an abortion truly is. Only through spiritual revival, support for families and single mothers, and a policy of direct confrontation with the abortion lobby can we hope to stop America’s war on the unborn. Forty years of abortion is forty too many, time to end this institution and protect our children.                          

Most of all this battle will take courage. Courage for a man who gets a woman pregnant to stay with her and care for his child. Courage for a woman to decide to keep her baby regardless of the societal or economic consequences. Courage for believers to risk imprisonment, social pressure, or even death to do anything they can to end abortion and help those in need.

As Pope Benedict told an American audience, the faithful must “Find the courage to proclaim Christ, … and the unchanging truths which have their foundation in Him. These are the truths that set us free! They are the truths which alone can guarantee respect for the inalienable dignity and rights of each man, woman and child in our world – including the most defenseless of all human beings, the unborn child in the mother’s womb.”

There is no excuse to not be a part of the pro-Life movement, because without our next generation all we do in our lifetime is worthless. Our children  and our women need our protection, our love and our stewardship. It is time to stop letting them down. It is time to start leading the charge to reject this culture of death, and once again protect life in all of its glory.


James Bulls

Said like only a man could say it. You use social assistance programs as justification for denying the economic hardships of raising a child, but you don’t acknowledge that federal and state governments have been slashing or completely eliminating SNAP (food stamps) and other welfare programs. You also don’t even touch the fact that pregnancy, delivery (either vaginally or by c-section), and 24/7 care of a child has long-term and usually irrevocable impact on a woman’s body.

And that’s not even the end of it: if a woman has a child and doesn’t farm it out to daycare (which she may be required to pay for out of pocket if there aren’t any social assistance programs to subsidize the cost), she’ll necessarily have to take time off work – this usually results in the woman losing whatever gains she’s made in her career field and ending up with a resume with years-long portions of no work experience. This means that even if the child gets into a public school all-day JK/SK by age three, the woman has just spent three years out of the work force and almost certainly has had zero time for updating her training, certifications, and other resume items looked for by employers.

So yeah, if for whatever reason a woman conceives a child and the timing isn’t right – or those social assistance programs you mentioned are either non-existent or only a drop in the bucket because the GOP decided they’re not worth funding – I think it’s completely within her right to choose whether or not she wants to carry the child to term.

If your argument that the woman carry the child to term is about the sanctity of life, then I’d like to hear your position on the death penalty. If your argument that the woman carry the child to term is about the fetus’s status as a person, I’d remind you that the Bible (from which you derive so much wisdom) doesn’t even ascribe any value to children until they’re a month old.

Matt Parrott

Do you ever bother to read the articles, here? Or do you just sort of scan for keywords and dump them into your liberal trope generator?

Heimbach directly addressed the lack of social support for young mothers, repeatedly. He repeatedly expressed sympathy for women in this vulnerable position.

Are all of our positions so positively unassailable that you and your allies must almost always pretend we’re saying something other than what we’re actually bloody saying?


In Europe, the nationalist movements do not erect this crucible of how to define a ‘life.’ Well okay the italians do it, but they’re *italians*. In the Nordic Resistance such social issue fault lines seem mostly avoided or at the least downplayed; even in the woman and child-hating world of catholicism (I come from the irish catholics and can and will say anything I want about them, provided it’s true) that informs much of irish nationalism there tends to be an avoidant attitude towards these issues which will only divide us in the end. The british resistance seems almost unaware, or again, at the very least downplaying of these issues which really don’t integrally relate to white people’s survival. Whites don’t have fewer children because of abortion, but because of economic and political conditions which enslave us to carrying Diversity’s children.

Our enemies similarly refuse to divide along these social issue lines that would cleave them utterly if they were allowed to emerge. Hispanics, blacks, jews, asians…none of these groups set up some test or criteria that have to be met to be helped along as part of the group. It suffices that they are members who show total unity in the face of their Enemy – Whites. This willingness and even determination in the pro-White movement to try to control other whites’ personal space evokes the unacknowledged sense in middle class whites that their leaders never represented them in the first place in this ‘provisional’ nation I believe Matt H called it.

This will kill us all, or most of us. Of this I am certain, and it’s a main reason why I study the European movements so closely. They love their tribe, not simply the power they can wield over their tribespeople.

I’ve read for the first three months there is no nervous system in the fetus, that it can’t feel. Women’s bodies abort fertilized eggs all the time in these first three months, and after as well although not as often. And no one can debate that a woman’s uterus is just that – hers. To invade it is to invade her.

Matt P’s selling of working class white women to blacks and their jew patrons disgusts me. Matt H’s selling of his tribe to them just saddens me.


Strongly agree, altho I’m not sure what the last line means.

We need a strong and wide ranging membership. If we make it a religious or issue based movement other than “what’s best for white children’s future”, we will lose supporters and be reduced to infighting.

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