ABC’s Nightline Exclusive on TradYouth

Heimbach on ABC Nightline

Be sure to  tune in tonight at 12:30 Eastern for ABC Nightline’s exposé of Matthew Heimbach and his nationwide TradYouth project.

We have a policy of jumping into just about any publicity, hopeful that we’ll get at least some of our message across and mindful that we’ll most likely be slandered. You never know what you’re getting into. Heimbach’s Vice documentary ended up being a rather balanced documentary, and even the SPLC reporter’s hit piece remained within the bounds of journalistic integrity. We’ll see how the full episode plays out, but the deceptive editing of Heimbach’s more inflammatory remarks (directed at violent Leftists, not minorities) doesn’t bode well. At this point, it appears that the self-important “Big Three” purveyor of serious reporting is going to play more fast and loose with our message than the self-described gonzo journalists and dedicated anti-white shakedown groups.

At first glance, Matt Heimbach looks like a friendly neighbor, an always-smiling, 22-year-old college graduate who goes to church, and loves country music and drinking beer with his buddies.

But Heimbach is a white separatist who believes that the United States would be a better place if it were divided and went back to segregation. He has been called the future of organized hate in this country.

Heimbach on ABC NightlineABC’s critique of us essentially amounts to a deception on their part. The producers know fully well, from our explicit statements both on and off camera, that we’re not arguing for going “back” to Jim Crow segregation. We’re arguing for voluntary separation. We’re not arguing for breaking up interracial families or communities . . . we’re only arguing for our right to opt out of the social engineering scheme to impose interracial communities on all of us. America’s a notoriously big country. We have no illusions about how far gone most White Americans are down the road to a Brazilian-style multi-racial future, and we’re not trying to stop that runaway train: We’re only trying to figure out how to leap from it before it goes over the canyon.

Since our actual position isn’t really threatening or morally assailable, our actual position will likely end up on the editing room floor.

He is tapping into a growing and frightening discontent in the U.S. In the last decade, the number of hate groups has nearly doubled from 602 to 1,007, according to Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

“The election of Barack Obama … has ginned up the anger and fury out there,” Potok said. “The fact that a black man was elected president, not once but twice, has merely added to that fury.”

Potok’s list of “hate groups” is notoriously outdated and inflated, with the “hate map” largely consisting of where some newsletter P.O. boxes were located in the nineties. In my home state of Indiana, Nation of Islam is triple-reported. Three of the operations I know for a fact to be defunct, including my own defunct Lighthouse Literature project which hasn’t been open for years. Most of the rest of the groups have been entirely absent from activism and organization, and TradYouth IU isn’t even on there, yet, despite tearing things up.

In other words, the SPLC’s statement on the growth of “hate groups” is completely nonsensical. Besides, more groups would entail more splintering, wouldn’t it? So shouldn’t the SPLC be more alarmed by there being fewer “hate groups”? Spoiler alert: No matter what happens on the American Right, the SPLC will be ringing the panic alarm.

We stated repeatedly, both on and off camera, that we don’t see Barack Obama’s presidency as especially significant. But, you know, the Left has their “They’re just afraid of a successful Black guy!” talking point, so that’s what they’re going to talk about.

Of course, Heimbach faces a lot of angry scrutiny for being so outspoken about his views. When he and his friend, Klansman Thomas Buhls went on a recruiting trip to Indiana University in Bloomington, a group of student protestors went after them with water hoses. It was at the same university where, a decade earlier, white supremacist Benjamin Nathaniel Smith went on a two-day shooting spree, eventually killing himself.

Well over a decade earlier, Ben Smith did indeed commit an inexcusable act of violence in Bloomington. More recently and relevantly, the Boxcar Books Marxists we were protesting endorsed the Tinley Park Six group which viciously attacked a peaceful pro-white meet-up. And they didn’t just “spray us with a water hose”, they threw apples and other projectiles at us while chanting about their solidarity with and support for anti-white terrorism. We expected the water hose shenanigans, welcoming the rinse-off after the piss balloons were lobbed at us, and performed our protest for exactly the half hour we had planned beforehand.

Few if any of them were enrolled students.

Ajabu agrees with Heimbach’s vision of the future, that after the races separate, and after their common enemies are dealt with, it will finally be time to deal with each other.

To clarify, our vision for the future in no way, shape, form, or fashion, involves attacking non-whites, either as individuals or as communities. We’re not about “hate” and never have been. We’re about love for our own community and respect for other communities. The question viewers need to ask themselves is whether or not White American Christians have a right to opt out of “diversity”, “multiculturalism”, and “secularism”. It’s a simple question: Do my people have a right to continue existing? You can mock us or change the subject all you like, but the question remains, and we here at TradYouth are not going to stop asking it.

Update (7:00pm):

The moderators at the ABC website are deleting absolutely all pro-white commentary, even the most mild and sober comments. At this rate, there will be more “This comment was deleted.” comments than approved comments. Memo: The emperor’s still naked even if he beheads every single giggling child.

Update (12:50):

Viewers of the show are encouraged to read the archives here at TradYouth, and review his speeches on YouTube, to see whether the show’s claim that he’s preparing for a “race war” and “extermination campaign” is accurate. He and we very clearly rejected those positions, but the producers have decided to get creative.



Matt P:
“The question viewers need to ask themselves is whether or not White American Christians have a right to opt out of “diversity”, “multiculturalism”, and “secularism”. It’s a simple question: Do my people have a right to continue existing?”

Who are your people? Must they be Christians? If so, what kind? If not, then why bother with that label? How do you define White?

Looking forward to watching Talmudvision disinform us about Matt H.


Did they actually say you were preparing to carry out an “extermination campaign”? If so, have you considered suing the network for libel?

Matt Parrott

They took an especially heated part of his debate with Ajabu where he responded that he’ll go “one for one” if it comes to that, out of context, and used that to conclude that he and Ajabu are planning for Global RaHoWa. Neither Heimbach nor Ajabu are actually trying to do so.

Ajabu’s the real victim, here, as I personally assured him that he would be participating in a legitimate journalistic project.


Just watched it. What a hack job! It’s such an extreme example of a hit piece that it almost comes across as a parody of the genre. With distrust of media as high as it is, I suspect that a significant portion of the viewers will realize this.

Matt comes across as charming and personable, as always. His willingness to meet and interact with blacks does a lot to counteract some of the “shocker” type quotes and ridiculous imagery that the piece also included. It’s too bad that the restaurant experience turned weird, but overall there were some decent visuals.

These internal contradictions undermine the effectiveness of the hit piece, which is good. Whether it was a net win or loss for us is harder to say. My first impression is that, largely due to Heimbach’s appealing demeanor and likeability, it was a net win just getting that out there. Had it been someone less charismatic than Matt, it would have been a disaster.

Certainly one has to consider whether doing taped shows, as opposed to live interviews, is worth it. One also has to consider the advisability of giving the hacks juicy statements that they can cherry pick out of context. But overall, Matt’s charisma carries the day, despite tactical missteps.

As always, hat’s off to Heimbach for his bravery, as well as his grace under fire. I was sorry to hear that he is estranged from his family. I sincerely hope, and pray, that those relationships can be renewed and strengthened.


Matt, you’re missing the bigger question which is why would people waste their time watching this in the first place?

The answer goes back to my previous pieces, i.e. white nationalists are basically the punching bag of the American Experiment in egalitarianism. Harsh? Yes, but true. White nationalists are a powerless group, a scapegoat/punching bag which is trotted out whenever the “People’s Experiment” begins failing.

The mobs laugh at and make fun of white nationalists and tell themselves that since white nationalists are losing, then the Experiment must be winning. That’s really what it comes down to. This, of course, is faulty reasoning and sheer rationalization. White nationalists of course are never going to receive their “White Republic”, but neither is the “People’s Experiment” long for this world.


There are some opportunities here. Lots of people will be doing Internet searches for Trad Youth and Matt. They’ll end up viewing this website, or any number of WN, race realist or Southern nationalist websites. Newcomers need to be addressed with:
* What white nationalists stand for.
* How white people are being threatened in the USA, Europe, South Africa, etc.
* Where the Nightline program distorted the truth (aka lied). This is important in discrediting the mainstream media (which already has lost most of its cred, anyway).
* And most importantly, what is it that people can do. For example: how people can join up and how people can form local chapters.

There’s a science to exploiting the mainstream media and WN need to apply it.

Matt, Trad Youth, good job!


“Racism” is a made-up word that was introduced by the inventors of communism . . . in order to destabilize non-communist cultures and make them ripe for takeover.
True “racism” is desirable as it promotes the advancement of the culture and forges a “common bond” between the members of the race. True “racism” does not connote either superiority or inferiority, merely commonality of purpose among like-minded individuals with a common culture.
Every race is expected to promote and advance its own culture; hence, the “congressional black caucus” for blacks and la raza for Hispanics.
It is only whites that are expected to shed all vestiges of racial cohesiveness.
Guess which race maintains the most racial and cultural insularity and cohesiveness yet decries racial cohesiveness by whites??
The “chosen” . . .


Heimbach did better in this interview than any other pro-white advocate ever has done when faced with the media in the last fifty years. I think James Edwards did exceptionally well with his CNN interviews as well, but even then, he didn’t have the flare Heimbach managed to pull off.

He’s disarmingly “normal”, and intelligent enough to have a quick wit when faced with screwball questions. It’s unheard of, frankly.

This “Nightline” hitpiece, inaccuracies and all, is a victory for our side, in my opinion. America has never seen anything like it. It’s inspiring.


“He’s disarmingly “normal”, and intelligent enough to have a quick wit when faced with screwball questions. It’s unheard of, frankly.”

Certainly it’s very unusual. It’s clear that Heimbach has a rare talent, a gift.

There are others that are good, in various ways. Duke and Taylor, for example, are very impressive, virtuosos really.

But when it comes to disarming likeability, charm and authentic charisma, the list is short indeed. I think Parrott comes off well, as does James Edwards. But again, the list is short, and Heimbach is definitely on it.


Taylor is a liar, plain and simple, although a charming and eloquent one. But don’t confuse style with character.


Overall the net effect here was win. The meta-narrative the MSM is cultivating seems to be, well, there’s this thing called the race war, and while it has its opposing leaders, they’re not important enough to put on prime time anywhere. We’ll put the White Nationalist on and juxtapose him with the Black Nationalist, who in comparison, is simply benign and sort of largely irrelevant. The White Nationalist, on the other hand, is part of the KKK and can be seen shooting target practice. He is confronted by innocent black kids who really love white people, while the Black Nationalist is of course never ‘introduced’ to innocent white people.

We’ll deploy our mulatto interviewer, who also echoes our mulatto in chief, as peacemaker and counterpoint. Whites and blacks can get along and march forward into brownness is the lesson he embodies, but remember along the way that it’s really the White Nationalists who grok tyrannical power and prevent Happy Integration.

We Whites of course know this to be ridiculous, although at times on here Matt P’s comments have caused me to wonder just how aware of the reality of the depravity and violence of black people in America, particularly towards the White women he claims are somehow insulated to the ‘oppression’ black women *allegedly* suffer.

I have a few questions: does flaunting KKK affiliation really service whatever your agenda is? The reality is that the KKK did commit tyrannical and unjust acts. While there may have been more complexity to them (one of which is that they were largely jewish-fomented at times) than the liberal federal government and jewish media would have people believe, there was still some truth to the rap against them. So I don’t get how touting them accomplishes anything. It seems misguided and the bad PR and even compromised content of what they stood for just doesn’t justify resurrecting them in my opinion.

The jews also scored their predictable points, in what I assume to be their editing. Did Matt H abandon his anti-zionist rhetoric for this interview? I assume the jews running the media did what the jews do best – pit whites and blacks in some war so that they deflect attention from their corruption. This seems to be somewhat dangerous to me, this indulging of the jews’ games. I believe that whites and blacks will separate more peacefully if they are both made more fully aware of jewish orchestration of the race wars and of the illegitimate corrosive power jews get through these machinations. Jews, blacks and hispanics unite because they have a common scapegoat they can exploit – Whites. When we stand up and stop taking shit from all of them they begin to turn against each other. No more Diversity Cult Coalition.

Last, it seems precarious to engage the main stream media both for the reasons I state above (and more) and because to do so validates them. Some of both main stream and our stream agitations seem necessary. Just adding this without assuming people don’t already know.

But overall I see a win here. Bravo Matt!

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