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nazis-at-a-recreation-lodge-near-auschwitzGreetings TradYouth, does the cold weather have you cooped up for the weekend? Procrastinating from end-of-the-semester schoolwork?

Click some links!

– A good account of the destructiveness of pornography – albeit from a Cultural Marxist website

– Think you know a lot about Southern writers, historians, theologians, etc? Think again! Check out this epic list

– An unwitting documentary on lost white youth

Remember to laugh

And finally, there has been a new flare-up in the now over a decade old rivalry between Kevin MacDonald and John Derbyshire. Given that I find both writers extremely interesting, and influential on my own writing (and I suspect that many on TradYouth would say the same), I always pay close attention when they go head-to-head.

For those of you who do not know about this, it started when John Derbyshire gave Kevin MacDonald’s book Culture of Critique a negative, and some would say dismissive, review on The American Conservative. The Derb’s review can be read here, and K-Mac’s response here. Fast-forwarding to this month, Mr. Derbyshire wrote a piece for Vdare that rehashed his old disagreements with Dr. MacDonald, and in turn Dr. MacDonald responded.



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Looks like that lying SOB the Derb is up to his old tricks again. And just in time for VDARE’s annual Christmas begathon and swindling of white folks with healthy instincts. Perhaps VDARE needed click bait. I sure wish those funds could be directed to a real project like TYN, TOO, counter currents publishing or even secession-oriented SNsm.

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