Weapons of the Occult War

163778_193566830655274_6414521_nThe challenges which we face everyday are numerous, and vary greatly in their manner and shape.  The Forces of World Subversion employ a variety of weapons, and it helps if we are able to identify them and call them out for what they are.  The following are nine Weapons of the Occult War as identified and described by Italian philosopher Julius Evola.

We should not consider this list as complete or representative of the whole spectrum of weapons used against a Traditionalist lifestyle and worldview, but it should be sufficient to categorize and identify most of the problems we face as a movement.  Some of these Occult Weapons are easier to understand than others, and some are more easily identified in daily life.  This list should be used as a starting point to evaluate a problem, but do note that not all problems can be neatly categorized into a single slot.

This article will be my final installment from Julius Evola’s Men Among the Ruinsso I thank everyone for working through this dense material with me.  I have quoted Evola extensively in this list so that I do not misrepresent his original work and assertions.  This is a highly condensed version of a larger piece of text, and I unreservedly recommend that everyone read Evola’s work  for a better understanding of Traditionalism.       

1) Scientific Suggestion

“Those who believe that history is made only by the men on the stage and determined by the most evident economic, social, political, and cultural factors do not see and do not seek any other explanation; and yet this is exactly what every force operating in secret desires.”

Scientific Suggestion, to look at it from the side of the victim, would be tantamount to blaming only those things which can be seen, heard, touched and measured.  To look only at our present problems and blame (or alternately credit) our political and social conditions, as if these things were without recourse and happened as inexplicable phenomena.   This is one way to think of Scientific Suggestion.  Alternately, we might take the example of a rainstorm.  When a man sees that the ground is wet from a storm, he blames the rain and clouds without also acknowledging that there were a number of other meteorological conditions.

2) Tactic of Replacement

“This tactic is employed every time there is the danger of an awakening on the part of ‘history’s objects,’ or when some ideas that facilitate the occult game of the forces of global subversion have lost their power of suggestion.  In the above-mentioned case, such confused philosophical views act as a sort of bait for those who are unsatisfied with positivist views, so that their eyes may not look in the direction where they should.  Due to the vagueness of these notions, the field is not any less concealed than by positivist blindness.  People will play around with ‘philosophical ideas’ while the plan continues to unfold.”

When a people begin to suspect that there was something behind the problems which are ravaging their society, other than the problem as a cause and consequence in and of itself, the responsible parties work to confuse their victims, and work to make them look for the cause in a place which it did not originally begin.  FeminismLGBTQ+ movementscritical race theorygender studies, and women’s studies are some examples of the second weapon, the Tactic of Replacement.  All of those movements are seeking to wrong some perceived injustice in the world, but none of these things will help.  These movements will paint any number of groups as “the oppressor”, but they will all almost unanimously finger white males as the source of the problem.  Tactic of Replacement is very similar to scapegoating, except the difference is that the victims are looking for the Forces of World Subversion in the wrong direction, and invariably blame the wrong party.

3) Tactic of Counterfeits

“It may happen that after the effects of the destructive work reach the material plane, they become so visible as to provoke a reaction, and thus ideas and symbols are employed for a defense and a reconstruction.  In the best scenario they are values of the traditional past, which come back to life thanks to this existential reaction of a society or civilization threatened by dissolution.  Then the occult war is not waged in a direct manner; often attention is paid to promoting only distortions and counterfeits of these ideas.  In this way, the reaction is contained, deviated, or even led in the opposite direction.”

The Tactic of Counterfeits is very similar in shape to Tactic of Replacement. but it’s manner is wholly different.  While Tactic of Replacement tricks the victims into looking for their attackers in the wrong direction, the Tactic of Counterfeits tricks the victims into chasing after materialist concerns.  The victims, in this case, will feel as if spurred by an unseen problem to zealously cling to the image of a romanticized past.  This is a regression to a materialist state, and will not lead the victims into a transcendence or condition which will allow them to begin a meaningful fight against the Forces of World Subversion.

4) Tactic of Inversion

The secret forces of global subversion knew exactly that the basis of the order to be destroyed consisted in the supernatural element– that is, in the spirit–conceived not as a philosophical abstraction or as an element of faith, but as a superior reality, as a reference point for the integration of everything that is human.

After limiting the influence that could be exercised in this regard by Christianity, through the spread of materialism and scientism, the forces of global subversion have endeavored to conveniently divert any tendency toward the supernatural arising outside the dominant religion and the limitation of its dogmas.  So-called ‘neo-spiritualism,’ not only in its more deleterious spiritualist forms, but also in its pseudo-Eastern and occultist forms … is greatly influenced by the tactic of inversion.  Instead of rising toward what is beyond the person as a really super-natural element, here we remain in the subpersonal and in the infrarational, according to an inversion that quite often sinister characteristics.

The Tactic of Inversion is one where the victim is made to look inwardly, or to base materialist interests, for guidance and intuition.  This manner of weapon can be seen in such daily expressions as, “All you need is love!”, or “Feel with your heart!”  The Tactic of Inversion is not strictly limited to secular humanism, as it may manifest through a variety of religious world views.  The thing to remember about this weapon is that it is one which directs the victim to look for guidance and intuition outside of the realm of religion.

5) Tactic of Ricochet

This occurs when the traditional forces being targeted take the initiative through an action against other traditional forces, an action that eventually ricochets back at its promoters. … Those who do not realize what is going on and who, because of material interests, attack Tradition in like minded people sooner or later must expect to see Tradition attacked in themselves, by ricochet. … [The forces of global subversion] know perfectly well that this is the best way to destroy every unity and solidarity and to favor a state of affairs in which their overall scheme will be implemented.”

Thus, we can never emphasize too much that unconditioned loyalty to an idea is the only possible protection from occult war; where such loyalty falls short and where the contingent goals of ‘real politics’ are obeyed, the front of resistance is already undermined.

This weapon is much easier to explain.  To put it shortly, “those who live by the sword will die by the sword.”  Or even more shortly, “what goes around, comes around.”  Anyone who has been in the White Nationalist movement for a time will have seen this by now, and it is almost always called infighting.  The Traditionalist Youth Network chooses solidarity over stigma. We will almost always choose to work with other ethno-nationalists, and support them where they are instead of trying to tear them down.  We can avoid being victims to this tactic by agreeing to not throw each other under the bus every time one piece of dirty laundry gets aired.

6) Scapegoat Tactic

[The forces of global subversion] try to shift the enemy’s attention onto elements that are responsible only partially, or in a subordinated fashion, for their own wrongful deeds.  A reaction is unleashed against those elements, which then become the scapegoats.  Thus, after a pause, the secret front may resume its work, because its opponents believe they have identified the enemy and dealt with it.

In the rare happenstance that the victims actually figure out who to blame, and then are also able to effectively take the fight to their enemy, they are instead given a scapegoat.  The easiest example of this is the American presidential elections.  Every four years we decide to take out our frustrations and angers about America’s problems on the presidential candidates, and we swear that we’ll vote the problem away.  The president has much to do with our problems, but he’s hardly the only problem.  I don’t have much faith in the electoral process as it is, so I’m not particularly interested in fixing it.  The point which needs to be emphasized here is that we should never settle for attacking only a partial or subordinate problem.

7) Tactic of Dilution

“The theory of ‘progress’ may be regarded as one of the suggestions spread by the secret forces of world subversion so that attention would be diverted from the origins and the process of dissolution could proceed, carried forth by the illusion of the triumphs of technological-industrial civilization.  The tragic events of recent times have provoked a partial awakening from this hypnosis.  Many people have begun to realize that the march of so-called progress paralleled a race toward the abyss.  Thus, to stop and return to the origins as the only way to restore a normal civilization ha been the inspiring vision for many. … Here, too, it employed the slogans of ‘anachronism’ and ‘reactionary and retrograde forces’; then it caused the forces that aimed at a return to the origins to be led toward stages in which the crisis and the disease were present in less extreme forms, though still clearly visible.  This trap worked as well.  The leaders of world subversion naturally know that, once this is done, there is no longer a real danger: it is enough to wait and soon we will be back at the starting point, by following processes analogous to the ones that have already occurred, but now without the possibility of any resistance to the dissolution.” [emphasis added]

I have warned people of this weapon for quite a while now, and this is a good time for me to repeat the warning. The Tactic of Dilution is similar to the Tactic of Counterfeits.  The Tactic of Dilution tricks the victims into chasing after a caricature or romantic idealization of the past, but Tactic of Dilution leads to an actual past or previous condition.  The problem, and it is an extreme problem, is that the victims are forever pining for the lesser of two evils.  No matter which previous or past condition which the victims are working towards– it is still “evil.”  This is the same as trying to climb up the water slide because you’re scared of the water at the bottom.  No matter how high you climb up the slide, you’re still going to slide back to the cesspool at the bottom.

8) The Deliberate Misidentification of a Principle with its Representatives

In many regards the decay of traditional institutions began with the corruption of their worldly representatives.  The effective dissolution and destruction has been made possible by the confusion between principles and people; this is another weapon of the occult war.  When the representatives of a given principle prove to be unworthy of it, the criticism of them extends immediately to the principle itself and is especially directed against it.

Deliberate Misidentification sounds complicated, but it’s not. It’s almost the opposite of “shooting the messenger.”  The difference though, is that the messenger really is guilty in this case, but the victim is tricked into attacking the party from which the messenger came.  Another way to think about this is like beating a dog’s mother for something that one of her puppies did.  Last I checked, puppies don’t get house trained by kicking the wrong dog.  That’s what Deliberate Misidentification is doing to the victim; it tricks you into kicking the wrong dog.

9) Replacing Infiltrations

It is when a certain spiritual or traditional organization falls into such a state of degeneration that its representatives know very little of its true, inner foundation, or the basis of its authority and prestige.  The life of such an organization may then be compared to the automatic state of a sleepwalker, or living body deprived of its soul.  In a sense a spiritual ‘void’ has been created that can be filled, through infiltrations, by other subversive forces.  These forces, while leaving the appearances unchanged, use the organization for totally different purposes, which at times may even be the opposite of those that were originally its own. [emphasis added]

In the Tactic of Replacing Infiltrations, can be most easily seen in any example of the “white anti-white.”  These are also the people who typically buy into critical race theory, or the tripe peddled by Tim Wise.  The typical white anti-white really is trying to live a good life, and to be a “good person,” but they can’t see that they’re actually just blindly following the self-destructive world views from the Forces of World Subversion.  Here’s another way to think about it:  Imagine that the otherwise competent and capable staff at Houston’s Mission Control were replaced with a handful of maniacs from the local fireworks club.  The folks in the shuttle don’t know that they’re taking orders from a different crew, and they believe that they’re going to the Moon, but they won’t find out until it’s too late that Houston set the controls for the heart of the sun.

In closing, Evola will have the last word.  I will let him provide the stronger emphasis which we must take away as remembering what the preeminent guard against Occult Weapons is; unity, solidarity, and faith in one other.

“The most important sphere for the application of the knowledge of the weapons of the occult war is the inner one: the world of one’s own thoughts.  It is here that one needs to be on guard; it is here one should be able to recognize the subtle influences that try to suggest ideas and reactions to use in certain situations.  If this can be accomplished, even if it is still not possible to identify the enemy in our midst, it would at least bar to him the main paths of his secret action.”

-Julius Evola

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I previously – to myself- swore off commenting here because of all the braindead blind satanic libot/progressive/feminazi/feelsorryfortheworlders coming on here and expelling their waste products all over the place, but I will make an exception at least this once.

Among all the excellent posts written on here, I think this is one of the best if not the best so far, even though much of it was written by Mr. Evola,

I take note of the use of the word “occult” which I take to mean “spiritual”. The war we are in is actually an unseen war against forces which are native to that unseen dimension, which most people don’t believe in and so spend their time battling against shadows and symptoms, instead of the real unseen enemy “behind the curtain” who works through the human mind.

Too many excellent quotes and explanations from Tom to list. I agree with everything written.


You’re spot on. I wanted to include more from Evola, but I was already egregiously long on word-count. The forces “behind the curtain” are key here, and that’s what Evola is trying to get us to pay attention to. His emphasis is that there is always something going on behind the scenes, or “backstage”, and that we can’t blame only the actors.

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