The Culture War and Duck Dynasty: Shots Fired

Stand with Phil

Stand with PhilThe A&E reality show Duck Dynasty has become a flashpoint in the modern American culture war and the recent remarks of the patriarch of the family, Phil Robertson and subsequent Marxist backlash is proof that the culture war is far from over as some would make you believe, it is just beginning.

Duck Dynasty is the story of a Louisiana family who innovated the modern duck call to take them from poverty to being multi-millionaires. Phil Robertson founded the company Duck Commander in 1973 and took it from being a small one man operation to a business that specializes in various animal calls, hunting gear, and now even the wine business. The story of Phil Robertson and his clan is the epitome of the traditional Christian America that the Left and modernists hate, and that is why the Robertson family resonates with so many Traditional Americans.

Phil Robertson was raised in abject poverty while growing up. Like many poor Whites of America, government programs and help seemingly never made it out to the holler to help those in need. Phil and his six siblings were raised to be able to provide for themselves and their family through hunting, foraging, hard work, and family ties. As a young man he was a talented football player and gave up the opportunity to join the NFL to start his own business, Duck Commander. Far from being a dumb hick that the media portrays him as, Phil received a Bachelors in Physical Education and went on to get a Masters Degree in Education.

Phil married Kay Robertson and together they opened up a bar after Phil got out of college. Although raised in the Christian faith, Phil walked away from the Church and began engaging in a hedonistic lifestyle. Alcoholism and rampant sin threatened to sink him and his marriage as Phil fell into the tar pit of modernity. Only through hitting rock bottom and seeing the love of his wife who refused to give up on their marriage did Phil begin to seek help. A Christian man who was in his bar began to work with Phil to understand the Gospel and how to transform his life by accepting Jesus Christ, which he did at the age of twenty eight. Although working through his troubles were not easy, with the support of his Traditional family and the power of the Holy Spirit, Phil overcame his issues and began to live a righteous and Christian life.

Phils experience with hunting and the outdoors gave him the experience to sidestep the big hunting industry corporations and begin making his own duck calls. Within only a few years, Duck Commander was bringing in tons of business and money to the young Phil Robertson. Working with his brother Si and the rest of his family, Phil was able to build a business built on integrity, Faith, great customer service, and a product that beat everything else on the market. Phils son Willie became CEO of Duck Commander after graduating college at the University of Louisiana and was able to catapult Duck Commander into being a hugely successful business that retained the founding principles of Phil’s original one man operation.

A&E decided that the Robertson family would make a great addition to the lineup of reality shows that were being produced. Between children being sexualized in a pedophiles dream, people hoarding literal tons of useless crap, and countless examples of hedonism, A&E made room for the Robertson family to cater to an audience they had neglected, Christians.

Following the business and family exploits of the Robertson family, Duck Dynasty soon found a huge audience, dwarfing A&E’s other television programs. In the modern American culture, almost nothing is marketed towards Traditional White Christian culture. From Si’s stories about his life and time in Vietnam to the constant use of prayer and family togetherness that permeated every interaction between the Robertson clan, normal White Christians related. The Robertsons being a very wealthy family but maintaining their Faith, giving to charity, providing ministry to those in need (including Baptisms and counseling), hunting, a love of the outdoors and firearms, and the unrepentant political incorrect attitudes gave White Christian America its first heroes in years.

The first sign that A&E might not be comfortable with actually giving Christians a pulpit was the “bleeping” controversy. The network began to provide “bleeps” that are usually used to cover up swearing while showing normal Robertson family interactions. This made the Robertson family seem “normal” by modern American television standards, but it wasn’t accurate in the slightest. The importance of maintaining one’s heart, body, and soul as being a temple for the Holy Spirit was of huge importance to Phil and his clan. Swearing was not tolerated to the degree that Stonewall Jackson would be proud, and that meant the network had to try and “spice things up.” A&E couldn’t stand that a celebrity family would actually practice what they preach, so the network had to lie in order to push the narrative that all Christians are as degenerate as the mainstream media says we should be.

Alongside misrepresenting the language choices of the Robertsons, the very name of Jesus Christ began to be cut out family prayers for fear of offending non-Christians (who weren’t watching the show in the first place). Phil confronted the producers and told them “’You Hollywood cats are counting time by Jesus just like I am.’ I would think that out of all of the people that walk planet Earth, if we’ve all decided in America to count time by just one of them, Jesus of Galilee, I don’t think it hurts to throw his name in there from time to time.” With threats circling of shutting down production the producers blinked and allowed the name of Christ to be spoken on occasion, but the battle lines were clearly drawn between the Robertsons and the anti-Christian producers in Hollywood who had nothing but disdain for Christians professing their Faith.

The idea that the free market and money is the way to make change in this System is fundamentally flawed because at the end of the day the powers that be but a Leftist agenda ahead of profit. Regardless of how large the support is for Right Wing ideas, the media bosses would never give us a positive representation, the narrative matters more than money. This is why the recent comments by Phil Robertson in GQ Magazine created the firestorm they have.

When asked about homosexuality Phil responded by quoting Corinthians and said to an America wide audience “Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers — they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.” Robertson stuck by a Biblically solid Christian position, and the Leftist media went hog wild over it.

Christians in modern America are not allowed to stand by their convictions if they are to be in the media and approved of by the System. As Scripture said in the Gospel of John “If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. If ye were of the world,the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.” You can either have the love and approval of the world or serve Christ, you cannot serve both. The Zionist masters who control the media alongside their Gentile lapdogs understand that a strong and militant Christianity is a sure path to the destruction of their capitalist empire. Christianity must be ostracized from society, be mocked relentlessly, and be driven from the West by any means necessary. Christianity and its Traditional values are the antithesis to organized Jewry and their money grubbing Satanism, which is why the battle between international Jewry and the Christian Church has been raging for over two thousand years.

Phil Robertson and the entire Robertson clan would not be cowed by money or pressure, the things they valued were not diamonds and jewels but the message of Christ and their family. Christians who put their stock in Faith and folk cannot be corrupted by the Zionist paymasters and that means they need to be destroyed. For years countless “Christian” superstars clapped along to the modernist song and dance, but not the Robertsons.

The response from the organized Left after Phil Robertson’s comments against homosexuality came out was furious. Professional gay activist Wilson Cruz attacked Robertson by shrilly declaring “Phil and his family claim to be Christian, but Phil’s lies about an entire community fly in the face of what true Christians believe. He clearly knows nothing about gay people or the majority of Louisianans — and Americans — who support legal recognition for loving and committed gay and lesbian couples. Phil’s decision to push vile and extreme stereotypes is a stain on A&E and his sponsors, who now need to re-examine their ties to someone with such public disdain for LGBT people and families.” The economic terrorism had begun, and the Robertson clan was under attack.

One should note that the GLAAD spokesman explains perfectly the worldview of the Left. Christians are to be tolerated as long as we attend churches that don’t preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. “Christians” who reject Tradition and the very essence of the Gospel while embracing Liberation theology and Leftist empowerment are accepted, if only to discredit and help destroy the true Church. As the communists did in Eastern Europe during the Soviet era, modern Leftists are doing everything in their power to destroy Christianity. One cannot worship the State and the perpetual struggle for an egalitarian world if they worship Christ, thereby to gain their Leftist utopia the communists must destroy true Christianity in all of its forms.

From the campaigns of social conservatives Rich Santorum and Pat Buchanan to the simple desire to have Christ in Christmas, the Left mocks and attacks anything that breaks from their orthodoxy. If someone refuses to be bribed, they will be mocked, if they resist name calling then the Left will deploy economic terrorism to take away the ability for thought criminals to feed their families and be forced into submission. This playbook has been used ad nauseum and few have resisted it. The ability to get scraps off the table and avoid the focus of the Left to be a collaborator is a proposal that most take up, but not Phil Robertson.

Almost immediately after GLAAD and other homosexual groups denounced Phil for standing for his Christian convictions, A&E capitulated and announced that Phil Robertson would be on “indefinite leave” from Duck Dynasty. The public announcement from the company was sniveling and pathetic, it read “We are extremely disappointed to have read Phil Robertson’s comments in GQ, which are based on his own personal beliefs and are not reflected in the series ‘Duck Dynasty.’ His personal views in no way reflect those of A+E Networks, who have always been strong supporters and champions of the LGBT community. The network has placed Phil under hiatus from filming indefinitely.” The network was willing to take Duck Dynasty to the bank and make countless millions as long as the Robertson family didn’t anger the gods of Leftism, but when a belief in Traditional families and sexuality is announced (a belief held by the majority of Duck Dynasty viewers) it was time to commit seppuku.The Left began to celebrate at driving out another “hateful and bigoted” Christian in another rout of the culture war, but the response from Christians was ferocious.

As soon as it was announced that A&E had betrayed the Robertson clan for standing for the principles that they had been professing, the normally gelded conservative movement took a stand after being propelled by the White Christian base. The power of the masses when they actually rise up is a power that the elites cannot ignore. The traitorous Republicans and the communist Democrats remain in power mostly due to apathy of the majority of this country. While most White folks wont protest their own demographic displacement, the cause of PHil Robertson and Duck Dynasty was awoken a sleeping giant.

The grassroots support for Robertson against the homosexual lobby and the Establishment Left proves how weak the Left really is in the hearts and minds of White Christians. While GLAAD spokesman Cruz Wilson may say “What’s clear is that such hateful anti-gay comments are unacceptable to fans, viewers, and networks alike. By taking quick action and removing Robertson from future filming, A&E has sent a strong message that discrimination is neither a Christian nor an American value” but the facts completely contradict this. While the vast majority of the elites in the media, business, and education system are proponents of or followers of the Leftist narrative, mainstream White America is almost entirely unreconstructed, only stiffled. Homosexual lobbyists may think that Robertson’s comments were “unacceptable” but the backlash against A&E proves that while the Left may hope they control the minds of the people, they haven’t even come close.

The top story of Drudge Report on December 19th was a series of articles about the Duck Dynasty controversy. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said that “Phil Robertson and his family are great citizens of the State of Louisiana.. The politically correct crowd is tolerant of all viewpoints, except those they disagree with. I don’t agree with quite a bit of stuff I read in magazine interviews or see on TV. In fact, come to think of it, I find a good bit of it offensive. But I also acknowledge that this is a free country and everyone is entitled to express their views. In fact, I remember when TV networks believed in the First Amendment. It is a messed up situation when Miley Cyrus gets a laugh, and Phil Robertson gets suspended.”

Texas Senator Ted Cruz released a press release saying that “The reason that so many Americans love Duck Dynasty is because it represents the America usually ignored or mocked by liberal elites: a family that loves and cares for each other, believes in God, and speaks openly about their faith.” This gets at the core of the fact that the political class understands that Duck Dynasty might as well be a representative of the old Religious Right. Country living and values has become the unofficial Christian and White identity, thus we are all to one degree or another the Robertson family, they represent everything the Left hates and so many of the core principles of Traditionalists. As Willie Robertson said when asked why so many Americans like Duck Dynasty “It’s a combination of the faith, the positive and the family aspect … and it’s funny.” It isn’t because of depravity, big special effects, or modernity, folks like Duck Dynasty because it speaks to their true folk and religious identity.

Tea Party darling Sarah Palin threw her hat into the ring to tell her followers “Free speech is an endangered species. Those ‘intolerants’ hatin’ and taking on the Duck Dynasty patriarch for voicing his personal opinion are taking on all of us,” An attack on the Robertsons is an attack on all Christians in this country.

The value of organizing the Religious Right cannot be understated, the tens of millions of White Christians who are increasingly ostracized from the “Mainstream America.” Our values, our Faith, and our folk are under attack and every day more people are awakening to this. Traditionalists must understand that the culture war is just beginning and folks like Phil Robertson are some of the first casualties in what will be a long and vicious war. There can be no compromise in the culture war and we must use opportunities like this to galvanize and radicalize normal White Christians into fighting for their values.


No Penguins

Jews, homos and Satanists vs. White Christian America. Who will win?

I watched about 20 minutes of Duck Dynasty and that was enough for me. All the (white Christian) men were played for fools. Same as any other show or film.

The men spent the work day not working, but complaining, This is not white Christian culture, anyway.

The Liberty Lamp

I agree with “No Penguins” that Duck Dynasty is a fake set up to take the piss out of the stereo type redneck. They are and were to begin with a rich family who is playing a goofy roll.

This is who they really are:

I watched about five minutes of that crap and when I heard one of the bearded phonies say “if it flies it dies” I shut that crap off.

Really? THIS is how “white culture” really thinks? Kill all the birds in the sky like robins, blue jays and sparrows?

All this does is reinforce that whites are a genocidal, blood thirsty and murderous race. Personally, I don’t think that is true at all. Nor does killing everything that flies fit into how any white person I have ever met thinks, and I am including Neo-Nazis I have had conversations with.

I think Duck Dynasty was set up to make southern whites look bad and to divide our demographics even more.
The comments that were made were for media attention and to harm demographic relations.

As much as I disagree with the Southern Heritage crowd, I don’t think any of them are like these grizzly looking cartoon characters and I am including League of the South, SOV and other groups.


I agree with “No Penguins” that Duck Dynasty is a fake set up to take the piss out of the stereo type redneck. They are and were to begin with a rich family who is playing a goofy roll.

You are really dumb. They’re obviously hamming it up with the hunting camo and so forth. But when it comes to their religion, moral character, and passion for rural life, it’s not an act.

The Liberty Lamp

Poor Lew…and Santa is real too!!

You just close your eyes real tight and say: “I believe…I believe…I believe…” and then the blue fairy will come and turn you into a REAL boy.


Want to see how leftists attempt to use Mind Viruses against us? Look at Liberty Lamp above — flattering “neo-Nazis” and saying, “oh, you guys are better than that.” The Duck Dynasty flap is a good one for us, and LL knows it, and he’s lamely attempting damage control.

Whatever flaws the Duck Commanders may or may not have, they have stood up to Big Gay Bullies and didn’t back down. So they play golf and dress preppie! Good for them!

The Liberty Lamp

“Mind viruses”? Grow up R.F., your mental state gets worse by the day. It’s stupid crappy TV that is fake staged “reality show”.
Yes, most Nazis and white power types I have met and talked to are against animal cruelty.

Do you really think most white people can relate to the “let’s kill ever bird in the sky” mentality?

Maybe you can, but then again you’re a mental fuck up, this is widely known fact!

I have a hard time picturing most of the white population on a mission to kill of birds.

Duck Dynasty is STAGED! This latest stunt is exactly that… a sleazy STUNT,… and just look at you lapping up the crumbs of media manipulation like a trained rat.

Keep lapping it up, R.F. keep spewing your schizophrenic theories of how us “reds” are playing in the make believe video games in your diseased mind.

We’re just LULZing @ U!


Matt Parrott


Duck Dynasty is STAGED! This latest stunt is exactly that… a sleazy STUNT

Oh, thank God.

I thought the mental habit of assuming everything going on is always an elaborate Truman Show stunt was a specifically right-wing tic.


You cherry pick a dumb one liner. Sounds like he was making a joke. TV is stupid. that much I agree on, and I’ve never watched a second of Duck Dynasty.

But this is a watershed moment of the sort I’ve been waiting for — when TV people (aka Satan) try to make someone apologize for saying something True and Right, and the someone says NO! and defies them. Just like Chick Fil-A.

TV viewing is in major decline. Look at that chart:

here’s the main article:

TV is for old people. Young people do social media, and they decide what ideas and memes they want to consume. Most of the ideas they choose to adopt are not politically correct — they are either indifferent or opposed.

Political correctness/liberalism and so on, are perpetual “campaigns” of the sort invented by Edwin Bernays. From You’ve come a long way baby to Love makes a family. These campaigns cost money. Politically correct society is like a high maintenance, manicured landscape. The weeds of natural, folkish common sense (aka racism sexism homophobia) are always at the boundaries, throwing weed seeds and sending rhizomes into the manicured landscape.

But if the peasants are starving, they aren’t going to appreciate your manicured landscape. In fact, they are learning to hate it, and want to smash it.

There’s a LOT of hate out here for political correctness, that gets expressed any chance they get. That’s why people lined up at Chick Fil-A by the hundreds, to say a big F YOU! to you guys.

You are the Establishment. And you are going broke. And you are terrified.

We are the social critics. We are the barbarians at the gate. We smell your fear and see with our own eyes your financial and moral bankruptcy.

I can anticipate the inevitable reply, another lame attempt to say I’m mentally unwell or something. Well, as Krishnamurti said:

“It’s no sign of wellness to be well adjusted to a sick society.


Phil Robertson has a great life story. To the extent there was ever anything good about post-WW2 America, Phil’s life exemplifies it. Phil has a little bit of everything this vomit-inducing culture hates.

– White male
– Rural
– Skilled with firearms
– Hunter
– Hyper-masculine in his younger days; not a “beta” to use today’s parlance; a good enough football player to keep four-time Superbowl winner Terry Bradshaw on the bench.
– Not stupid; has a master’s degree
– Self-made man and entrepreneur
– Evangelical Christian
– Credits his faith in God for turning his life around
– Doesn’t respect PC platitudes; not a bullshitter. Tells the truth about sexual sin. Said he never saw blacks mistreated with this own eyes.

Obviously, this is not about Phil Robertson. This incident is about the cultural left’s pathological hate of everything white and Christian. I have no doubt in my mind, none, that a percentage of these cultural leftists, perhaps a majority, would kill every one of us if they could.


@ Lew – So you wouldn’t do it to them if you could? And do you think this makes you better than them? Why or why not?


I believe most of the people who find projects like TYN appealing just want to be left alone. It’s the reason separation is a major theme in many rightist projects, and why there is so much discussion of partition, secession, separatism, ethno-states, restricted covenants, creating healthy sub-cultures and similar ideas.

One of my favorite lines from Jared Taylor goes something like (paraphrasing) “we wish other ethnic groups well but we cannot welcome them into our ranks because they are not us. Only we can be us, and we have a right to be us.” A need for separation is the main idea there. Here are statements from two other projects that I follow in addition to TYN:

Ethnonationalism is the idea that every distinct ethnic group should enjoy political sovereignty and an ethnically homogeneous homeland or homelands. The opposing view is multiculturalism, which holds that multiple ethnic groups should share the same homelands and governments. – Counter Currents Publishing/North American New Right

[We] seek, by peaceful and well-established legal and constitutional means, to separate ourselves from it. Recourse to the right of separation, or secession, is the very antithesis of armed revolution. Without it, men are not free. The right of secession is never more necessary than when it is denied. – League of the South

You see anything fundamentally immoral in those positions? I don’t.

So, yes, I KNOW I’m better than them, and I KNOW it for a fact. If we separation-oriented rightists had a will to impose our vision of life on them as they seek to do on us, then we would not be separation-oriented now would we? By definition, separation precludes the possibility of us doing to them what they are to doing to us.

Thus, I am utterly confident and at ease with my moral stance. My choice, were it possible, would be amicable separation from people who don’t have anything better to do than vilify the Phil Robertson’s of the world instead of just minding their own fucking business and moving on.

My side is acting in a defensive posture in response to their aggressive posture. We have many decades of evidence that proves beyond question that these people do have no respect for the idea of live and let live. Many of them, if not all of them, mean to do us harm. You might respond that the rank-and-file drones within the culturally leftist hiveminds who speak about “Phil Robertson and homophobia” have little real power except as cannon fodder for elite interests. This is true. But at the very top of the other side’s power structure, among the people who have government authority, police state powers and mass media at their command, the agenda is genocidal.

Given this, I believe we have every right to respond. We have a right to defend ourselves. I’m not sure of your intent with that question, but if you dispute the right to peaceful separation and self-defense, that exposes you as a hateful proponent of genocide whether you realize or intend it or not. That’s how I shake out on this.


Just to add on a bit, the reason there is a “culture war” in the first place bears repeating so that it is not forgotten. The anti-white, anti-traditional left understands the relationship between political power and so-called cultural “hegemony.” They’re not going to stand by and let some old fashioned, hard-working white folks with simple values and a Christian outlook become a cultural juggernaut in the mass media. While there is a lot about the show that is contrived since it is TV, it’s the parts of the show that aren’t contrived that the hateful left cares about suppressing. Robertson’s views on homosexuality fall into the latter, not contrived category.

The Liberty Lamp

Like …. OMG Lew…Robertson is like your own personal Kim Kardashian in camo!!!

I bet you’re just watching those supermarket tabloids for the next TV publicity stunt that will give validation to your sad sad life…


Your mockery falls flat, LL. Just because we despise celebrity culture doesn’t mean we don’t acknowledge it’s power over the low information voters, and therefore, over us.

Your side peaked decades ago, when people watched scripted TV and movies with rapt attention, like the Caddyshack series, Back to School, Mississippi Burning, Holocaust, Roots, and so on. That was the height of your side’s cultural power.

Now you are a spent force. Mel Gibson and Phil Robertson command more eyes than left wing Hollyweird producers.

Fly over America hates liberals. Fox News and the Duck Commanders may not be perfect, but what’s interesting is the massive support that suddenly accrues to anyone who says no to liberals.

I know perfectly respectable middle class people who see Fox News as their channel. They say, “the liberals have MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS. We have Fox News, and they call it Faux News and mock it, but they have every other network. We have Fox, and they act like we shouldn’t even have that!”

That’s what ordinary people say who have no idea about White nationalism. You liberals are terrible at Public Relations. You guys get off on preening yourself as morally and intellectually superior, just like your comments here demonstrate. Oh, you’re SOOO SUPERIOR. I guess it makes you feel good about yourselves, but it cost you the hearts and minds of this country long ago.

You have no idea how much you are HATED out here. I didn’t see that kind of eyes flashing, lips snarling hate back in the 80’s or 90’s among regular Americans. I see it now.


You forget about me anon (is that you Silver)? You seem to have disappeared as quickly as you arrived after dropping your drive by challenge which I answered.

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