NSM Interviews Matt Heimbach

Matthew Heimbach

Cpl. Matt Bradley of the National Socialist Movement interviews Matthew Heimbach about his founding of TradYouth, his faith, and the project’s future.


Derek Williams

When it comes to one’s particular religious bias, there is no single, authoritative world religious view. No individual person has the authority to represent all Christians. In fact, there are over 41,000 conflicting denominations of Christianity alone, never mind the over 70 sects of Islam, then we have Orthodox and Liberal Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism.

Let’s take just TWO of the 41,000 Christian religions, Catholic and Anglican. The Catholic God condemns Birth Control, Women’s Ordination and Divorce, whereas the Anglican God was created by divorcee King Henry VIII and has no problem with female clergy or family planning. There is no rational way these two diametrically oppositional gods can be one and the same entity.

Moreover, I can name over 35 denominations of Christianity who welcome LGBT with open arms, hearts and minds, with full sacraments including communion, ordination to the clergy and same sex marriage. For example, Quakers, Presbyterians and Episcopalians.

Then there’s the Bible, translated into over 450 conflicting versions in English alone, never mind the over 590 in other languages. The word ‘homosexual’ did not exist in either the Ancient Hebrew of the Old Testament or the Ancient Greek of the new, as it was not invented until the 19th Century by the Austrian novelist Karl Maria Von Kertbeny and was defined along with heterosexuality by the German psychiatrist, Krafft-Ebbing. If it’s in your bible, it’s a false translation. Jesus Christ never mentioned homosexuality, nor is it listed in Moses Ten Commandments.

Religion is a tax deductible designer product. You can just chose one that fits your animus against gay people, or different races. Religion invades people’s lives and spreads unhappiness. Religion is the scourge of the homosexual, and it is the scourge of humanity itself.


Just who the Hell are you, Derek? Hate religion? Love the Sodomite?

Sickening filth.

Derek Williams

Facts are not “filth”. Kindly point out specifics of exactly what you consider “filth”, and to any factual errors in my post and adduce peer reviewed external references to support your contentions.

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