No Men are Created Equal

UntitledCommentary on Why America Failed

“All men are created equal.”

This is probably the most famous line in all of “Enlightenment” thought. It is not only contained within the US Declaration of Independence, but was written in many other forms by many other “Enlightenment” authors well before that document was ever published. Most “Enlightenment” authors also agreed that the newly-discovered America was to be the place where it was to be first put into action.

It should be known straight away that at no time in American history was “all men are created equal” ever actually achieved. However, for most of American history, despite the broken and ultimately unfulfillable promise of “true equality”, most Americans were willing to be pacified by the fact that the United States had at least created a free ticket into the middle class which was given to the great majority of them throughout most of American history.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, this free ticket took the form of land giveaways (through the various Homestead Acts and numerous other programs), as being a small freeholding farmer was considered middle class at that time. In the 20th century, when America’s vast reserves of unclaimed land were running out and the frontier was being closed, Franklin Roosevelt flew to the rescue with his New Deal, which reinvented the free tickets in a different form by practically guaranteeing that anyone with nothing but a high school diploma could get an assembly line (or similar) job paying a middle class wage

However, now those days are dead and gone.

The Millennial Generation is the first American demographic to feel the effects of the fact that the free ticket into the middle class no longer exists, for the historical forces which permitted it have gone and are not to return. In 2008, when the free ticket’s disappearance had become unignorable, they cried out for a savior to reinvent it once again, as FDR had successfully done in 1933-45. For the ticket’s disappearance, they blamed the usual scapegoats which are always trotted out whenever the American Experiment goes wrong, those being “racists”, “fascists”, and “greedy rich people”. Barack Obama was to be this “savior” who was to ride forth and defeat these bogeymen and restore the free ticket into the middle class that had always been central to the American social contract.

But, alas, for them it was not bogeymen who had taken the free ticket, but unchangeable historical forces. For the forces that FDR and his successors had benefited from (low debt at the time, low structural deficits, the “postwar boom”, etc.), Obama was not to benefit from, and Obama was thus to fail in his efforts to recreate the free ticket. As a result of this failure, the Millennials are being referred to as the first American generation that will be worse off than their parents, which is indeed true for most (although not all) of them.

Now that the pacifying factor of the free ticket into the middle class is irretrievably out of the American equation, the American revolution is going to start resembling much more closely its fellow “Enlightenment” counterparts in France and Russia, with the mobs openly demanding the blood of various scapegoat groups. To a certain extent this has already begun happening.

The result is going to be a contest of sheer endurance between the system and its opponents (us and others like us). The question that will define the 21st century is can we hang on long enough to survive the “Enlightenment’s” final process of self-destruction, or will its Red Guards succeed in dragging us down with the sinking ship?


Paul Lovett

So called free trade and globalization contributed to the economic evisceration of the middle class. The lack of strident protest from a nationalist stand has enabled the powers that be to get away with destroying our country, because these traitors always had the economy as the scapegoat to blame. We know better because the destruction of the American economy was the result of deliberately avoiding economic nationalism as a tool for recovery.


I think Lincoln was a big champion of this “free” ticket, with his wish to open the West to free white labor. Cheap immigrant labor and cheap black labor, however, weighed on the wages of white working people, and mechanization eliminated jobs in agriculture, mining, and manufacturing. The devastation of the whole world’s industrial plant by WWII was an advantage to both the American worker and owner, but lack of economic nationalism compelled us to squander that advantage as quickly as possible by building up our competitors. The shipping of manufacturing abroad has to some extent been the result of the effort of unions to preserve well-paying jobs, a problem economic nationalism would have to deal with. Now we have cheap immigrant labor competing for the remaining jobs.

The traditionalist can draw inspiration from distributism, the advocacy of widely dispersed ownership of the means of production. Our cheap land society was a distributist society, which breeds more independent mindedness and self-control than servile societies in which everyone depends on an owner for his family’s livelihood. Distributism is more consistent with self-reliance, material and spiritual, than the massive inequality we now have. For traditionalist Americans, such independence is part of what separates us from the Old World. Most of our ancestors who experienced it were Protestants, though Catholics can also share that culture.

Mindweapon is an eloquent advocate for building up your economic independence by learning valuable skills. On a large scale, that will develop a distributist economy that will overtake our socialist-oligopolist economy. There won’t be a free ticket into prosperity, but there will still be a ticket you can earn.


PS. Wasn’t “economic nationalism” for the benefit of American industry one of the main causes of Southern secession, and of the South’s vigorous espousal of free international trade? It is too easy for nationalistic measures to be exploited in favor of factions and to the detriment of the nation.

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