Killing Them With Kindness

I hate em bc they breath

From chanting “six million more” and other slurs to the classic History Channel documentary when a speaker at a rally shouts into a megaphone “I don’t need a reason to hate em, I hate em because they breathe”– those talking points like this make you look like a deranged lunatic and misrepresent the true purpose of our movement.

Up until a few decades ago, our politics were taken for granted as self-evident by just about everyone, save for a handful of Leftist radicals. Outside the Western world, our politics are still taken for granted. Even in the West, our politics are taken for granted for everyone except White folks. Every other people understand that they have a right to exist and take pride in their faith and heritage.

But we’re not appealing to our ancestors or to contemporary foreigners.The targets of our message are the very White American people who’ve been indoctrinated from their earliest memories to find our message offensive, scary, and “mean”. Our message is a simple, obvious, and healthy message that would resonate intuitively were it not for a firewall of government, academic, and media brainwashing. This is our situation and bemoaning the firewall of taboos and totems obstructing us is of little use.

Many of us fall into the trap of embracing the opponent’s caricature of us, concluding that if being opposed to this regime makes them genocidal nazi zombies, then they’ll be the most fearsome nazi zombies they can be. There’s something to be said for striking fear into your opponents, but what really frightens Organized Jewry and their anti-Christian “progressive” henchmen is our managing to reach and persuade people with our common sense message of famliy, folk, and faith. To overcome the stereotypes, we have to be effusively friendly in the delivery of our message, without compromising or distorting that message. While style is critical, it must also be reflected in substance. Huffington Post and other media outlets have noted, with apparent irritation, that I’m usually smiling and cheerful when I deliver this message that they expect to be delivered with a hateful scowl. Our enemies have called my colleague, Matt Parrott, a “friendly fascist”. Neither of us went into this struggle with that explicit intent, we’re both just “happy warriors”, I guess.

But it works, both in reaching potential recruits and in frustrating our opponents.

Our enemies don’t lead their pitch with White Genocide. They frame our marginalization and eventual extinction as merely irrelevant collateral damage in their happy crusade to impose global equality and inclusion. Beneath the rainbow rhetoric and behind the smiley face mask is a systematic campaign to exterminate whiteness and authentic sustainable diversity, leaving a trail of destroyed nations, broken homes, and even dismembered babies in their wake.

We’re humble stewards seeking merely to preserve our heritage and folkways, yet all too often we accept the horror mask they’ve placed on our faces. Nothing about our ideology entails or implies disrespecting or being “mean” to non-Whites. In fact, our ideology demands that we reach out to and build constructive alliances with non-White allies the world over in pursuit of a broad coalition of identities in opposition to globalism, consumerism, decadence, and genocide.

There’s no reason to be a douchebag, and there’s every reason not to be.

A buddy of mine recounted hanging out with a group of fellow White advocates in a local restaurant when a black family came in, within seconds one of the group members began making anti-black jokes and trying to make the young family and their children uncomfortable. This one man pointedly failed “The Douchebag Test.”

“The Douchebag Test” is simple enough for anyone to understand. If a normal person looks at your actions and would say that you are being a douchebag, you have failed it. This does not apply when a Red or generic conservative takes offense at your politics, simply when in word or deed you act like such an offensive, hateful, and overall unpleasant person you come off as a one hundred percent, undiluted, all American douchebag.

There are many ways to judge one’s achievements for their various activities throughout their life. Salesmen judge their success on the amount of cars they sell or the percentage of deals they close, students judge their success by the grades their teachers give them at the end of the semester, and social movements must judge their success on their reception by the public at large. The biggest problem facing the White Right and Traditionalists in general is not the enemy’s overpowering financial resources or their media control, it is people who fail “The Douchebag Test.”

One of the biggest factors for folks failing the test is the nonstop use of racial slurs and disparaging other races in signs, articles, podcasts, and interviews with the media. While I understand the perspective of activists such as Harold Covington on the importance of using words that are forbidden by the cultural zeitgeist to be a form of rebellion against the System, the use of racial slurs in my opinion does not advance the Cause. Use of racial slurs is a sloppy and unneeded shortcut to discuss our ideas with the public and our own people. The entire point of the White nationalist movement is to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children, no part of the 14 Words indicates any hostility towards other groups or a belief in superiority. Being positive towards our people and lifting us up is the proper way to advance our Cause. Tearing down other groups not only doesn’t do anything positive for the movement, but it makes you fail “The Douchebag Test.”

As the rising tide of ethnonationalism continues to wash away at the collective American identity, working with other ethnonationalists should be a key component of the future for our movement. Indian nationalists who already have mini ethnostates with the reservation System, groups like La Raza, and Black advocates such as the Nation of Islam are all looking towards dividing the American pie for their respective people.

Instead of declaring war upon other races or bragging about how supreme and attractive we think we are, we should seek to peacefully dissolve the nation and save millions of lives on all sides to find diplomatic solutions to divide the United States. Non-Whites are not our folk or our culture, but they are human beings who have a God given right to exist and fulfill their racial and cultural destiny. Our movement wide framework must be respectful of the rights of other peoples and cultures to exist in separate nations. This is not the White race versus the rest of the globe, but simply a push to establish a true Homeland for our race to ensure the long term health of our bloodline and culture.

You catch more flies with honey than vinegar and our people should take a lesson from what our mama’s always told us to do, kill them with kindness.


Matthew Heimbach

Spelunker that’s cute. Although I will admit 100 percent that I am a sinner, I make mistakes, and am always evolving as I gain knowledge and grow deeper in my Faith. I in all seriousness when I go back to Maryland would love to invite you out for a friendly drink at a location of your choosing to discuss this and anything you’d like. I think it would be a great time, just an offer 🙂


This is an excellent essay Matt. The only problem I have with it is that anti-whites rarely seem amenable to arguments about a universal right to self-determination. They claim that whites’ right to exist is forfeit because of our supposedly disgraceful history, or they justify our dispossession by claiming that our wealth is ill-gotten and based on depredations against other races. The only defense against this line of attack is simly to point out that (1) we are more creative and/or intelligent than others, and (2) furthermore that any debt owed has been discharged many times over by our benificent sharing of technology and outright charity towards other races. This of course aggravates non-whites because they already know whites are.the most accomplished people in the world and do not wish to be reminded of this humiliating fact.

So the question becomes how do we reach out to potential non-white allies and vigorously defend our own people at the same time.


“I have brawled with the Reds on the street more than once, but dealing with people with a calm and compassionate manner does work far better than acting like a hate filled douche.” Matthew Heimbach

I doubt you have ever done anything in your life that could remotely be classified as “brawling” unless it involved a cheeseburger and a pound of fries.

It doesn’t matter if you are a hate filled douche, only if you let people see you being being a hate filled douche. It’s all about the optics people, says the guy who had a photo taken of himself in front of a flaming Swastika. Too funny for words.

Matt Parrott

It’s all about the optics people, says the guy who had a photo taken of himself in front of a flaming Swastika. Too funny for words.

Did you miss this part of the essay? “While style is critical, it must also be reflected in substance.”

You’ve watched us like a hawk for months and months, digging into our past and our personal lives. Yet you’ve never seen us compromise on substance one time. Rallying the White Advocacy movement in a constructive direction necessarily involves building relationships and dialogues with a variety of factions which will trip your “style” and “linking” triggers. So be it. We choose substance over style, and we think we can handle the blowback.

Our own message, that from our own mouths and in our own actions, has been consistently positive. And that’s the message we’re bringing to the groups you’re vilifying along with us. That’s the message we’re reaching more and more people with. That’s the impact we’re going to have on the world.

Too funny for words.

If we manage to persuade the entire movement in a positive direction, we’ll have the last laugh.


Funny Spelunk mentions Matt H’s photo op. It was a minor, but still contributing, factor among the many which inspired me to actually contemplate the Holohoax. Scientific, forensic and circumstantial evidence irrefutably negate that any ‘Holocaust’ ever happened. I walked around in something of a state of shock for a few days after finally countenancing the ‘For’ and ‘Against’ arguments. The latter don’t exist, except in the form of hysteria and shame-mongering. I had never been wholly ashamed to be an American before this requisite rite of passage into White Nationalist…Socialism. Which is not to say I’m a convert, just that crossing that bridge offers a perspective into the NS worldview that indelibly changes one’s interpretation and ability to empathize with it.

I disagree with LadyGodiva that our only recourse to defend our people lies in assertions of racial supremacy, or that we have anything whatsoever to apologize for. We worked for what we built and have. The masses of europeans truly came here with nothing and got nothing but what they created. We have way more than just ingenuity to celebrate, but perhaps it is my northern values seeping through here, for I truly believe that hard work, talent, stoicism, and more hard work were what made White America a good place.

In fact, it is precisely this sense that we must atone for imaginary sins and chalk off our success to the chance of superior DNA that holds us back. We inhabit the moral highground. At least my white people do.

Tom – my grandfather helped build Notre Dame. He was famous in the 20’s, close friends with Knut Rockne and Theodore Hesburgh. I think you and Matt P continue to miss who white people are – here, the people who truly created whatever good comes out of ND. I say this not with antagonism but with a chiding perhaps.
I know the dozens of alumnae in my family who feel strongly about ‘abortion’ would never devote an entire article to commemorating it’s alleged victims without at the least acknowledging the entirely real victims of black on white crimes.

Matt P you claim my disagreements with you relate in part to a different point of departure for defending whites’ rights. Civil rights were absolutely integral to the Black Nationalist movement in the 60’s, and vice versa, whether you realize this or not. Try reading the first couple of chapters of Soul on Ice by Eldridge Cleaver.

But that was then, when there was a real ‘Black Nationalist’ movement. If you researched, you’d note that no such black nationalist, whether they be Leroi Jones aka Amiri Barak, or the NOI reps, et al, EVER offered up black women on the altar of ‘legitimacy’ or ‘diplomacy,’ and some of these figures were no strangers to misogyny towards black women.

But sacrifice their black women to ‘The (White) Man?’ Never happened.

There’s absolutely nothing positive for white people, my white people, in what you two have done that I can see, sorry if that’s too categorizing, but some deals are blood money.

Keep up the excellent work Matt H. Your essay forges desperately needed new territory. If there were an emoticon for the celtic cross, I’d sign ya one, my germanic celt brother.



You completely misunderstood my point. I am not saying whites should explicitly claim we are superior. Rather, by claiming we have earned what we have, we are implying that we believe we are superior and non-whites will correctly interpret us that way.

Any defense of inequality is always a put down to the less successful.


Excellent article. I agree we should reach out to other ethno-nationalist groups. I don’t think La Raza is one of them, though. They are one of the Regime’s pet groups. They have nothing to gain by turning their back on the System to work with us. Other marginalized anti-system groups we could work with are – as mentioned – The Nation of Islam and the American Indian Movement.


I agree with you, Matt. I don’t use racial epithets myself even though nonwhites have used racial epithets against me.

I know what you are saying about Harold Covington. He is a great spokesman for the because he articulates ideas well; but I think his derisive language will, unfortunately, turn many White people off to the message he is trying to convey.

Having said that we still need to continue to fight for a White homeland, which is our only hope for survival.


Until we own the public arena, winners won’t publicly criticize OUR people, persons, or institutions. Avoid people who don’t understand why this rule should be ironclad.


Matt Parrott, first, I’ve not really done much digging into your personal lives. I have stumbled onto a few things, such as a personals ad profile, but I never publicized it, because it’s not my place to do that. I’m really not c


(Having mobile issues)… Concerned with your personal lives.

No one has linked you to any individual or group except yourselves. The SPLC “boogeyman” didn’t make you go burn crosses and Swastikas, so it’s my opinion that you should stop pretending there’s some sort of conspiracy to tar and feather you. Since I started following your exploits it’s become increasingly clear that you have no conviction. Whatever the narrative needs to be today, that’s what it will be. So now you’re going to be “nice guy nationalists”. Michael Cushmans already got the market cornered on that action and did you see the photos of his last rally? I counted 7. Yes being a nice guy doesn’t get you anywhere either. The dirty little secret is no one wants anything to do with White nationalism. It’s a losing cause. The fact of the matter is that race relations aren’t really all that bad. Jared Taylor is correct when he says that most people tend to self segregate anyway. I think that’s true. I also know that no one in my lifetime has ever forced me to take a job in a certain area, live in a certain place, mandate where my children go to school. I can’t imagine it’s any different for you. You can point to all the instances of Black on White crime you want, at the end of the day 11 thousand murders in a country of 300 million is for the most part nothing.

Now you want people to believe that you are just trying to mold the bad people into well intentioned nice guys like yourselves. There is no good intention in reversing histories course. When it was said that all men are created equal, that did not mean that we’re not somewhat different. Of course that’s the case. What it means is that we all deserve to be treated fairly and equally. No one is any better than anyone else. I hear you guys say that you want fair and equal treatment for everyone separately, but I can’t and don’t believe you. You have a track record of talking about others as if they are less than you. When I say you, I’m speaking about White nationalists. There’s always this constant campaign to complain about different groups but never any willingness to accept any responsibility for your own contribution to the very problems you complain about. Detroit is a fine example. What do you think drives all of the violence in places like Detroit? Poverty. Have you ever looked into how Detroit got to be the way it is? It’s as if the problems created themselves in a bubble. I’m actually concerned with inner city crime too, but I’m willing to be honest about why there’s so much crime in the inner city. Why do so many Whites support the drug trade and then complain about how much they hate crime? Because they are hypocrites. That’s something you should know all about.


Usually I don’t reply to anything that Spelunker says (because I don’t feel he should be allowed on this site), but I feel that he has said something here which is too important to be ignored.

He has mentioned that white Americans simply don’t go for white nationalism. I don’t feel that white nationalism would be desirable even if it were something that white Americans would go for, but the fact is that white nationalism, even in its own terms, reveals itself to be every bit as futile as the “Hispandering” of neoconservatives.

The reason for this Spelunker also seems to allude to. The reason is that Americans (of all races, and not just USA Americans), from the very beginning, with few exceptions saw themselves as “New Hebrews” escaping the “Oppressive Egypt” of the Old World and embarking on a “New Exodus” to the Americas where they would make landfall on the shores of the “New Israel”, and where they would receive the “liberty” and “equality” that had been denied them back in “Egypt”. When other groups, too, began demanding “liberty” and “equality”, what else could these “New Hebrews” do but “Love ye therefore the stranger: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.” (Deuteronomy 10:19), because “the stranger that dwelleth with you shall be unto you as one born among you, and thou shalt love him as thyself; for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt” (Leviticus 19:34).

Starting to get it yet? Are you starting to understand why white nationalism failed?

Good. Now let me clue you in on something else. That “Original Exodus”? The one of the “Original Hebrews” from Egypt?

It was a lie.
It was never an “Exodus”.
It was an invasion.

And unlike what you hear from your churches about it, the Pharaoh defeated the Habiru (the Hebrews). It was not the other way around. He was the only leader of the ancient world to have defeated them. And only if we are as brave and strong as the Egyptians were back in that moment can we defeat these “New Hebrews”.


“The fact of the matter is that race relations aren’t really all that bad.”

I beg to differ, and will deal with one tiny slice of an enormous problem, ignoring the tremendous cultural, spiritual and political implications of multiracialism. Instead, let’s just talk some meat and potatoes, and really only a tiny bit of that. Let’s talk about where people live, literally.

Since integration, enormous numbers of neighborhoods have been, from a white perspective, essentially destroyed. We’re not talking about small numbers either, rather many thousands. Same with the schools those neighborhoods feed into. Wonderful places of learning, many rich with memories and traditions, have turned into hellholes, and the poor whites left behind suffer in countless ways.

This has real implications, leaving destroyed and damaged lives in its wake. Over the decades, this has affected many, many millions of people, particularly across the South, but also major metropolitan areas all over. To treat it as a trifling matter of minor consequence is absurd, and is perhaps indicative of excessive *privilege*, privilege that has allowed you to be insulated from the consequences of what you advocate. Millions of American know better by personal experience, and increasingly millions in Europe now that it too has been subjected to the brutal joys of racial diversity.

And it’s not just the murders and rapes (which you amazingly discount?!?), but the far more commonplace humiliations and degradations. Anecdote time: I talked to a “lowly” clerk at a convenience store, who told me that her daughter was the only white in her elementary school classroom…and came home most days with her hair full of spit. She says she spoke to the principal…nothing. Who speaks up for such people? Answer: nobody in this rotten, corrupt and anti-white system. Well, nobody but us, and most bravely and publicly, the men of TradYouth. This isn’t an isolated incident, Spelunker, it’s the real world with full helpings. Perhaps those who haven’t experienced it should check their privilege before advocating that others be fed poison.

What an insane world when thousands of schools have been wrecked, countless lives damaged or destroyed, and yet the anti-white demands ever more of the same. He then pretends to be genuinely puzzled at why some dissent. Dissenters must be loons!

As to your criticism of our numbers, one must also take into consideration what normal white people actually DO – as in the neighborhoods they try to get into as opposed to the neighborhoods that they try to get out of – and not just their failure to take a public stand that will see them punished as a heretic. Hard for them to protect their kids, not to mention themselves, when they are reduced to a bread crumb.

Our public numbers are low because we are suppressed. For every WN writing under his real name, there are hundreds writing under pen names. Suppression, plain and simple.

We are suppressed because our message is powerful, not because it is wrong or weak. Somehow, I doubt the Flat Earth Society catches much flak.

Whites don’t flee these neighborhoods because they are well informed white nationalists, however. Most have no idea that we are even here, and they have never even heard our case. All they have ever heard or seen is constant and unrelenting multiracial propaganda, and STILL they flee. They flee for a very basic reason: the propaganda is full of lies, and it doesn’t match their experience on the ground.

Non-whites make places unappealing, unattractive, depressing and ultimately unlivable. Whites flee because the results that seem so puzzling to you are in fact quite obvious to normal people, including normal people who don’t even have an ideological dog in the fight. The liberals flee too. Yes, it’s THAT obvious.

But now whites are running into a problem. As whites shrink inexorably into minority status, it’s becoming harder and harder to find places to live that have anywhere near the social capital that virtually any white could have enjoyed just a couple of generations ago. Inexpensive housing is quickly scooped up by blacks and mestizos, with a few whites warily surviving largely on sufferance, either keeping their heads low (and their doors very locked) or imitating the non-whites in a desperate attempt to fit in and prevent overt hostility. It’s a sad existence. That’s the problem you have Spelunker: too many people have now seen the results of what you advocate, and again, one can easily see their conclusions by looking at their actions.

A collapse of trust is inevitable in multiracial societies, for reasons that none of us can control, and as WN have predicted, it’s now happening here in a big way. It’s even starting to make news…just a few decades too late.

It will soon get significantly worse, and that’s the beginning of the end. Spelunker, your anti-white ideology has jumped the shark, so get your laughs in while you can. Putting on my prognosticator’s cap, I’m guessing you anti-whites won’t find 2024 nearly as satisfying as today. Oh for the days when all you haters had to worry about was Cushman’s Seven! LOL! Cheers!

John Maelstrom

“at the end of the day 11 thousand murders in a country of 300 million is for the most part nothing.”

Please tell me you can do better than this. Everyone here, yourself included, knows these 11,000 senseless deaths occur under a certain set of conditions. Everyone also knows this happens in spite of a massive militarized police presence and prison industry. On the other end of the spectrum are those self-segregated parts of the country where the 3.7/100,000 annual ratio would be considered grounds for skedaddling.

It saddens me to say that your vision of the ideal world, and your crusade against TYN, comes only through a learned indifference toward the sanctity of life. One can’t help but wonder how much cheaper life will be in your eyes as you draw closer to your goal. If 11,000 shattered families a year are near nothing to you, surely 20,000 are acceptable. How about 50,000? Have you asked yourself what price is too much, Spelunker?


John Marlstrom, clearly you are taking what I have said out of context. Even 1 murder in a country of 300 million plus is too many for my liking. My point is that White nationalist cling to this idea that because there is murder in our society and that a large number of the murders are committed by Blacks, therefore Blacks are bad people. There is truth that a large number of murders in our country are committed by Blacks, and of those, without citing data I’d not be surprised if a majority of those we’re occurring in the inner cities. That’s not really a secret and I’m not defending it. It’s clearly wrong. What I am saying is that there are a myriad of reasons why conditions have deteriorated so much in the inner cities and if you look closely at why, it all really goes back to Whites being very much a part of the cause. Why is Detroit such a craphole? I don’t know, maybe it’s because of a lack of jobs. The inner cities did not crumble over night and you guys are scared to death to discuss what the cause was. For in the end, you are your own worst enemy and your own ideologies are responsible for all the ills you complain about.

What I was saying is the number 11 thousand is very small in comparison to the number 300 million. The number should be 0. Until it is, we’ve got a lot of work to do. Your answer to the problem is to cut and run. After Whites took such a large part in creating the problem, now they want to wash their hands and run away rather than owning up to your own mistakes and doing the hard work to fix the problems.

John Maelstrom

“White nationalist cling to this idea that because there is murder in our society and that a large number of the murders are committed by Blacks, therefore Blacks are bad people.”

Wouldn’t you call that a bit of an understatement, Spelunker? And by “bit” I’m talkin’ tsunami levels of truth you are trying to pretend are not there. You and I both know that for every murder statistic compiled there are hundreds of robberies and tens of thousands of assaults, many of those being rape, some of those occurring in age brackets as young as 8-12 for God’s sake! This is not “relatively small problem” we’re dealing with here.

“Why is Detroit such a craphole? I don’t know, maybe it’s because of a lack of jobs. The inner cities did not crumble over night and you guys are scared to death to discuss what the cause was.”

On the contrary, we are THE ONLY ONES willing to discuss what the cause was. The cause is race. People of differing races don’t live well together and they rarely work well together. The quality of the product coming out of Detroit in the 70’s and 80’s was garbage because the professional work ethic there had devolved into garbage. I don’t like that a few billionaires (far fewer than 11,000 but feel free to paint my entire race for the actions of these few) abandoned America to homogenous and efficient Asian countries, but if money is all that matters in this world we live in (not my idea, btw) then it’s an understandable choice.

“Your answer to the problem is to cut and run. After Whites took such a large part in creating the problem, now they want to wash their hands and run away rather than owning up to your own mistakes and doing the hard work to fix the problems.”

Driving home my point about you painting MY entire race for the actions of a few Whites – Believe me, there is much I find attractive about the Left (their environmental stance, they were right about the Drug war, and they are right about the prison industry, and they seem to care something for the arts) but this hypocritical stance of theirs when it comes to race is just too glaring to ignore. You are so quick to forgive Blacks, as a collective, for their outrageous, off the chart levels of violent crime and antisocial behavior. But the behavior of a few executives, many of whom are Jewish, not White, means all Whites are collectively responsible for fixing Detroit and any other mess Africans find themselves in today. NEWS FLASH: Whites were also affected by those factory closures and have had difficulty finding meaningful work since then. Many have given up. Still, we don’t see anywhere near the same levels of violent crime among them. When you say “Whites need to do the hard work to fix the problems” you are saying Blacks can only do what needs to be done with Whitey at their side or even taking the lead. This, Spelunker, is supremacy. Separatists are actually consistent and more charitable to Blacks when they say, “Blacks can fix themselves and they should do so, without our interference.”

Join us, Spelunker! You’ll find the mental gymnastics on our side less back-breaking, I promise.

The Liberty Lamp

Let’s get a few things straight about Heimbach’s claims to brawling with reds. First of all, I find this article funny because Heimbach had some problems with the adults of the white “racialist” movement at AmRen because of his moronic behavior in a bar and his juvenile wardrobe issues. Apparently, Jared Taylor looks down on trashy barroom brawling and little boys who can’t grow up and put on a jacket and tie.

Now, let’s talk about May Day, no, there were NOT 400 May Day protesters that day, there were under 100 labor activists who bothered to show up, which is why May Day in DC usually sucks. NYC is the big May Day event, that’s where you’ll find the large numbers.

Heimbach and his little band of flaggers situated themselves right in front of the White House, where there are plenty of Secret Service police, so of course nothing could really happen to them.

Of course, there was a scuffle, about which Scott Terry wrote up THE MOST hilarious and bloviating report-back we’ve ever read! We’re still laughing our butts off over that one!

Heimbach, you are a spoiled racist child from the fancy Poolesville, MD, area who has made some of the worst life choices that will haunt you forever.
And don’t even try to pass off Poolesville as small town America, I can dig up the financial demographics of River Rd and slap that piece of bullshit out of the water in a NY minute.
You grew up down the road from the matriarch of the Kennedy family, Eunice Kennedy-Shriver; the owner of the Washington Redskins, Dan Snyder; ambassadors, local business magnates and the cream of high society. River Road is “small town?” Why, because they only have one organic pet spa?


In the northeast and especially the mid atlantic states, one can grow up somewhere ‘down the road’ from pretty much anyone. Where I come from, the very rich and fairly poor and even middle class all sort of wind up living ‘down the road’ more or less from each other in lots of areas.

You also contradict yourself LL, with this Matt H is a ruffian who you can’t dress up but who’s too fancy for the common people crap. At least try for consistency in the same post, huh? And disappointing Jared Taylor is a good thing in many people’s books.


I don’t have to pretend and further, anyone knows what I just wrote.

How do you get money LL? While Matt H works a construction job you do exactly what besides harass White Nationalists?


LL’s attacks only strengthen my conviction as it confirms I’m doing the right things. I hate it when he’s ‘nice’ to me.


And wasn’t it so classic that a jew called a white woman cattle? His Talmud merely starts there and progresses. I heard an Israeli rabbi recently ‘blessed’ the murder of palestinian babies, but nothing new under the judaic sun there…


“Practices such as redlining were an integral part of the destruction of the inner cities, and guess what jack, it wasn’t Blacks doing that.”

Blacks often had fairly stable and reasonably safe communities under segregation. This is still (barely) within living memory, something you would know if you had actually taken the time, as I have, to talk to old blacks. Perhaps your privilege has insulated you from this knowledge.

But really, all of this is fundamentally beside the point. The issue is not really blacks per se. We seek self-determination for our people, period. I don’t want to be submerged under a tidal wave of low crime Asians either. Even if black crime disappeared tomorrow (it won’t), that wouldn’t change our drive for self-determination. We want our own land and sovereign institutions.

Black pathology mainly gets discussed as a defensive measure, responding to laughable claims that whites are responsible for everything wrong with blacks – even as blacks try to immigrate to white societies, and in fact live materially better in white societies than they do in their own. If it were the other way around, and black societies were lands of milk and honey, but black minorities in white societies were living horribly, then you’d have something. But it isn’t, and so you don’t.

By any quantifiable measure – life expectancy, income, and so forth – blacks live better amongst the very people that you claim cause all their problems. It’s laughable. It’s outrageous. People flee oppressors if they can, not move closer to them.

Not that any of this will matter to your type, because you are immune to reason, and prefer to inhabit a bizarre world where up is down and night is day.

In any event, not everything is quantifiable. There are spiritual needs, moral needs, cultural needs. I personally suspect that, ultimately, blacks will be better off with their own sovereignty, once all is taken into account. But that’s their business, not mine. And believe it or not, it’s not yours either.

When is the last time someone meaningfully representing the black community has asked your advice on how they should live? They aren’t interested in a privileged white boy like yourself lecturing them. They aren’t interested in what you think. They don’t respect you. Truth is, from what I’ve seen, they despise types like you far more than me. Maybe it’s because I view them as real actors with agency, while you view them as pets and props in your anti-reality and anti-white ideology. Again, Spelunker, check your privilege.


These two are a distraction. They should be banned. They add nothing to these conversations. They are both stupid. They appear to be pig ignorant. They are not worthy intellectual adversaries.


“Our public numbers are low because we are suppressed. For every WN writing under his real name, there are hundreds writing under pen names. Suppression, plain and simple.”

No one is suppressing you. You are an infantile sissy. Man up. The real reason you use pen names is because your ideas are socially unpopular, but no one is stopping you from growing a set and standing up for what you believe in. There’s this huge conspiracy to let you choose freely to write under a pen name. That’s funny. Kind of like the SPLC links the TYN to the NSM, yeah, they’re doing it. Hahahaha.

“it’s becoming harder and harder to find places to live that have anywhere near the social capital that virtually any white could have enjoyed just a couple of generations ago.”

My entire family is entirely White. We live in areas that are multiculturally mixed. None of them ever complain to me about how bad things are and we’ve all managed to find comfortable housing, and guess what? Jobs too, go figure. Not so hard if you try.

” Inexpensive housing is quickly scooped up by blacks and mestizos”

I am inferring your belief in White supremacism based on the fact that you just stated almost matter of factly that Blacks and mestizos don’t deserve to own homes like you do. It’s as if you view them as a lower race who don’t deserve to live happy, healthy, comfortable lives just like yourself. Us Whites are sooooo much better than they are because we haven’t been faced with all of the same challenges that other peoples of color have historically that have driven the cycles of bad choices and behaviors which perpetuate the cycle of destruction of their communities.

“Non-whites make places unappealing, unattractive, depressing and ultimately unlivable. ”

I don’t think you have an accurate view of history. The cycle of making places unappealing, unattractive, depressing and ultimately unlivable began with the Whites taking advantage of Blacks through vehicles such as redlining, sub-prime mortgages, rent to buy contracts, white flight, not to mention drug habits. You talk about the state of the inner cities as if Blacks are responsible solely for their current condition. That can absolutely be proven false. You are part of the problem, not the solution. Your inability to admit that the problems were caused by predatory Whites is why you have no credibility. If you’d like to argue over this then great because I’d love to provide you examples. The conditions of the inner cities didn’t happen overnight and they won’t be fixed without first admitting how it got to be the way it is and without a commitment from peoples of all races and colors to work together to solve the problems facing those living in the inner cities. It’s actually much more complicated than you make it out to be.


Actually, I think they already did ban me, I get a 404 when I try to access the site through normal means. I have to get creative to read or post.


Spelunker: “No one is suppressing you.”

Says a privileged white while spouting anti-white system propaganda. As has been said, he who doesn’t move never feels his chains. Go pro-white publicly, and see what happens.

Spelunker: “The real reason you use pen names is because your ideas are socially unpopular, but no one is stopping you from growing a set and standing up for what you believe in.”

In real life, I talk race to people all of the time. As in pretty much daily, or at least weekly. I talk to the professional, I talk to the clerk. I’m always sounding out, taking the temperature.

The result? In fact, our racial views are not nearly as unpopular as you would have people believe. In private, when Big Brother isn’t listening, more whites agree with me than with you. This despite a lifetime of system propaganda that saturates virtually every movie, news report, and advertisement. Despite the fact that, in most cases, they have never heard of WN and have never seen our case made. Despite it all, they see the obvious disconnect between the anti-white propaganda and the truth on the ground.

But yes, they are afraid to be public about their opinions and observations, and for good reason. Most people are just trying to get by, and survive as best they can. They look over their shoulders before speaking the truth. Unlike the bizarre universe that you inhabit, normal people understand what is suppressed and what isn’t, what is punished and what isn’t. Because they lack your excessive privilege, they know that they are not immune to sanction.

Spelunker: “You are an infantile sissy. Man up.”

Says a privileged white spouting anti-white system propaganda.


“Killing them with kindness”…riiiight…that’ll certainly work….as it shows by the comments of the usual blind libbot shithead enemy abolitionists who come out of the woodwork on here with these kinds of posts.

You’ve got some growing up to do young Matthew.


“Sung by the Dor Transilvan ensemble, it featured the lyrics: “The kikes, damn kikes, Holy God would not leave the kike alive, neither in heaven nor on earth, only in the chimney as smoke, this is what the kike is good for, to make kike smoke through the chimney on the street.”

Read more:

“Romania is the heart of Orthodoxy and has a legacy of true Christian nationalism that supports the culture, people and Faith of the Romanian nation. Codreanu would be proud.” Matthew Heimbach

Now I’m not sure exactly what it is Codreanu should be proud of, but his comments are in the thread pertaining to this article. Even if not referring to the article, the Holocaust or even Jews in general, one does wonder why one would choose to post in this thread at all? There must be some reason. Me thinks this is all just simply sending an implied message.


“For if you suffer your people to be ill-educated, and their manners to be corrupted from their infancy, and then punish them for those crimes to which their first education disposed them, what else is to be concluded from this, but that you first make thieves and then punish them.”
Thomas More

“If you go on teaching people that life is cheap, and leave them to rot in ghettos and jails, they may one day feel justified in coming back to rob and kill you. Duh!”

Jello Biafra


Matt, very good article. Your “happy warrior” comment is significant. I think one of the most important things that both of you (The Matts) have done is maintain a positive approach, and a willingness to reach out and be equitable, while also being revolutionary and authentic. It’s an unusual combination, and I think a winning one.

While there are some excellent websites that do this (including some of my favorites, like Counter-Currents and MWIR), I can’t think of any highly visible activists that really fit the bill – other than you guys. In some ways, you are charting new territory, and while I’m sure there will be mistakes, I think you’re doing a superb job.

Usually, public pro-whites fall into one of two broad groupings, the shock jocks and the equivocators. Some of the shock jocks are terrible, and do far more harm than good. Others can be brilliant and insightful (and at times terribly, terribly wrong), such as Alex Linder, but their appeal is necessarily limited by their style and bellicosity – and in some cases their substance.

The second group are often quite effective in certain respects, but equivocate when the rubber hits the road. They make vague allusions to simply wanting white “civil rights” and so forth, and falsely believe that watering down the message is the way forward. The evidence of forty years says otherwise.

This is not to say that many of these sorts haven’t done important work that will ultimately benefit the Cause. They have, and I don’t want to diminish that. It’s just that we’re never going to get to home plate that way, or even meaningfully closer.

The first type is off putting for most (not so much for me personally, as I’m a big fan of Linder).

The second leaves people at loose ends. Many see them as evasive, as “hiding something.” To the skeptics it doesn’t seem genuine, and to the potential supporters it doesn’t seem authentic. It fails to provide a focused goal.

That’s why I think advocating the ethnostate is so important. It’s honest. It’s what we really want. We’re not hiding things, or equivocating. It leaves plenty of room for other peoples to fulfill their own destiny with no interference from us. It lets us reach out when appropriate and, blessed be the day if it happens, it actually allows the possibility of others reaching out to us. Stranger things have happened.

The ethnostate is the winning idea, the Big Idea that resolves the inherent tension between the shock jocks and the equivocators. I’ll admit that it was hard for me personally to give up on the idea of reclaiming the entire United States, but the verdict of history is in. We need something new, yet authentic and timeless. That something is the sovereign white ethnostate. The ethnostate is not something to ashamed of, or to hide from, or to equivocate about. It can be the Cause of the happy warrior.

Clement Pulaski

Well said. Love should be at the center of everyhing we do.

Leftist intellectuals like to explain the pro-white movement as being the result of either greed or mental disturbance. According to their theories we wish to “perpetuate white privilege” in order to gain an economic advantage, or we suffer from severe feelings of inadequacy that cause us to set up a facade of superiority. In either case, our motivations are completely selfish and lead to “hate”. These leftist claims could not be further from the truth.

In our society there is absolutely no economic benefit to promoting white interests. Being “outed” as a white activist almost invariably leads to termination of employment or other hardships. It should also be noted that although our society is currently collapsing, it is still possible, at least for the time being, to find a decent job and retreat into a world of entertainment and luxuries. Many if not most of us who have awoken to the current situation are clever and responsible enough to live comfortable lives in relatively safe neighborhoods. Nothing could be more immediately beneficial to us and our families than to throw our lot in with the New World Order, get a high-paying job and move into a gated community. Those who embark on white activism know that their finances will almost certainly suffer because of it.

In addition to bringing about financial difficulties, pro-white attitudes can cause one to be ostracized and insulted in the cruelest manner. These insults come not only from Jews and other non-whites, but from the millions of white liberals and pseudo-conservatives. The principle motivation for almost all of us is ensuring a safe, virtuous and prosperous future for white children, including the children of the white liberals who despise us. The nationalists in the US, Canada and Europe who have been put in prison for their views did not act out of selfishness, but out of a desire to help white children, including the children of the white liberals who put them in prison. No matter how vicious white liberals might be in attacking us, we still fight to build a better world for their families as well as ours. This is the furthest thing imaginable from “hate”, and in fact “philanthropy” is the one word that best sums up our movement. The core of our movement is love for our fellow man and the innocent children of our folk. Our message to white liberals is that we desire your conversion, not your destruction. Many of us have previously held anti-white views, some of us have even been far-left activists. No ideological sin is so great that we would not welcome with open arms a far-left convert to our side. Our love is such that we do not rejoice when a white liberal is brutally attacked by a Negro animal; rather we feel grieved at the folly of the white liberal, and hope and pray that they and their family members wake up to the truth.

Nor is our philanthropy limited to our own folk, for the Jewish New World Order is a threat to all peoples and cultures around the globe, and opposition to the Jews is the most humane attitude one can have. Many in the third world are envious of our civilization, and the Jew exploits this envy and uses third worlders as soldiers against us. But even here we do not wish evil upon third worlders who have been deceived in this way. All white activism is a type of kindness, for a traditional, pro-white society is beneficial for all, even those outside of our race, and every nation will have a more prosperous and virtuous future under our rule.

In considering our deep love and our enemies’ bitter hatred, it strikes me that those in the pro-white movement are blessed with a great opportunity for spiritual advancement. According to the famous Christian ascetic Thomas à Kempis:

“It is good for us to have trials and troubles at times, for they often remind us that we are on probation and ought not to hope in any worldly thing. It is good for us sometimes to suffer contradiction, to be misjudged by men even though we do well and mean well. These things help us to be humble and shield us from vainglory. When to all outward appearances men give us no credit, when they do not think well of us, then we are more inclined to seek God Who sees our hearts. Therefore, a man ought to root himself so firmly in God that he will not need the consolations of men.When a man of good will is afflicted, tempted, and tormented by evil thoughts, he realizes clearly that his greatest need is God, without Whom he can do no good. Saddened by his miseries and sufferings, he laments and prays. He wearies of living longer and wishes for death that he might be dissolved and be with Christ. Then he understands fully that perfect security and complete peace cannot be found on earth.”

Our love for our kin and all mankind is repaid with hatred, but by overcoming this hatred with magnanimity and philanthropy, we are doing the Lord’s work.

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