Fa and Antifa in America

AntifaMan is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.

These words are a precept of the liberal-egalitarian experiment that the West has found itself in for centuries now.

In the liberal-egalitarian narrative, the newly discovered America was to be the land where mankind was to start anew, unfettered by the chains that his kings, his lords, and his gods had supposedly thrust upon him back in the Old World. It was where his free and equal nature could finally be realized, or so they thought. Indeed, some immigrants to America have even gone so far as to presume themselves “The New Hebrews”, fleeing the “Egypt” of the Old World in a “New Exodus” to the “New Israel” of America, where they would receive the “freedom” and “equality” that had been denied them back in “Egypt”.

“Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

So says the poem inscribed on the statue in the harbor of Liberty and Equality. But it was not to be, for the new Israel failed to live up to expectations.
The mobs then began looking for scapegoats. The “Enemy of the People”, they decided, was fa. But who is fa? Is it former members of Mussolini’s old party, now in their 80s, 90s, and 100s, who somehow snuck into America after the war? Is it people who actually call themselves fascist?

No. Fa is a nonsense label with no real meaning. Anybody can be labeled fa. And if antifa should ever run out of fa, they would simply declare new people to be fa. Remember that fa is the scapegoat for why the American experiment in liberal-egalitarianism is not working. Because it never will work, there will always of necessity “be” fa until the entire thing collapses. In other words, fa, like kulak, is simply whomever can be railroaded into the label.

So who is antifa? Antifa are youths who have appointed themselves to save “The People’s Experiment” from fa, its supposed assailant. They are the self-appointed redeemers of “The People’s Israel” from “The Great Satan” of fa, so to speak.

Now comes the part of the article where I’m supposed to say what to do, how to solve the problem, things like that. Unfortunately there are no easy solutions. The problem is deeply part of the American soul itself, and has been long before any of us were ever born. That last statement applies to all the Americas, not just the USA, to one degree or another.

I do know, however, what not to do. Don’t throw other right-wingers under the bus because they are labeled fa. And certainly don’t start calling them fa in order to try to avoid the label of fa yourself. Remember that everyone to the right of Hilary Clinton is a potential fa according to antifa and their more “upscale” counterparts such as Morris Dees and the SPLC. When everyone to the right of you is gone, you will be labeled fa, period. That’s simply a feature of the way that American society works, a feature of its need to find scapegoats for why the American experiment in egalitarianism does not work. I am not asking everyone to agree with all other right-wingers, or even to refrain from making intellectual criticisms of them. But don’t throw them under the bus. Don’t label them fa (“fascist”, “racist”, etc.) All that accomplishes is helping our real opponents.



I wonder if these antifa’s (who are actually anti-White) are being paid by an organization to express violence towards Whites.

Notice how many of them wear masks. They don’t have to worry about losing their livelihoods because of their anti-White stance, so why the masks?

Matt Parrott

You think you know what we are doing…so obviously you don’t!

That would require your knowing what you’re doing. Good point!



Can I email you a question back-channel? It has nothing to do with this conversation or any posting or conversation on this site. If it’s OK, I’ll email you from the address I use to comment here. I know your time is valuable. I don’t imagine my question would take much time. Thanks,


Nice to hear from you, Dustin. Antifa seems like no more than Communist front youth. Communist and fascist, what’s the difference? Gangs lusting for political power over others and unwilling to seek it through frustrating, corrupt, and incompetent political institutions based on money and persuasion of voters. Thus to most of us, fa = antifa. But your point is well taken. Fa can be anyone whose ideal of democracy does not sufficiently reflect the ideals of Communist youth.

What Communists don’t appreciate is the extent to which traditional anticommunists seek only self-government, not hegemony. They think everyone is as hegemonic as they are.

Charles Edward Lincoln III

In my opinion, “Fascism” is simply a false construct. Reading the writings of Benito Mussolini (named for the first full blooded Native American to serve as President of Mexico—Benito Juarez was a Zapotec Indian from Oaxaca), comparing Mussolini’s writings with a realistic assessment of Itlian government in the 1920s-1930s, listening to the pre-War speeches of Oswald Mosely and comparing them to his post-War writings, comparing Mussolini or Mosely to Hitler, Goring or Goebels, and comparing any or all of these to the longest lived regime, namely that of Francisco Franco, all one can say is that there are no truly unique patterns or policies at all: there is no such thing as “international Fascism.” There is truly more coherence, ironically enough, between the National Socialism of the Third Reich and the Nationalist Socialist Zionism of Israel than any of the other pairings or comparisons you can make. Likewise, the late great Republic of South Africa had more in common with the post-Reconstruction South in the USA than with any of these “Fascist” regimes, but the RSA was for many years allied with Israel…. there is no such thing as “Fascism” outside of any individual historical or modern party platform, so forget about it… it is a useless label and a serious distraction….

Robert Pinkerton

During the recrudescence of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s, many mid-western States enacted anti-masking laws. You should explore these in depth, and apply them whenever you can do so.

One who masks his or her face during a political demonstration is morally equal to a rogue policeman who removes his identifying numbered badge before confronting a demonstration: Both have made explicit declaration of intent to commit illegal acts.


There is a growing mostly offline consensus among middle class pro-Whites that the elites in the ‘movement’ (it barely warrants such a label) are just liberal elites in ‘white face.’ Don’t think, Dustin, that we don’t know what the pro-white elite agenda is. We do, and we will not be the grunts who fight the dark hordes for the owning ‘aristocracy.’

Understand that that’s not the way things will go down, and that you only provide fodder for our movement within a movement with your attempts to drape legitimacy on what’s just White corruption. You’re unusual in that you make your niggardly machinations so transparent. But we know who’s who and whose heads are coming off when the time comes.

Rest assured.


My dear, I don’t have a clue what you are talking about. Firstly, I don’t see what I have to do with this “movement” which you say “barely warrants such a label”. Given your description, I assume you mean the white nationalist movement, something which I think is a failure and which I have never been a part of, this I have stated repeatedly. On those grounds I don’t see how your comment applies to me.

That being said, I will say that your comment seems to represent a certain populism that has crept into rightism over the past several decades with very negative effects.

You would do well to remember that rightism is not directed toward “everybody”, nor is it directed toward the middle class as a class. It is directed toward the virtuous, and yes, in many cases that means the “elites” that populists love to lambast.

Happy x 3

Pro-white elites?

Matt Parrott you need to delete these trolls.

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