You’re Fat, Ugly, and Stupid


'Murica!Matt Forney struck a nerve with his incendiary Case Against Female Self-Esteem.  Being of the manosphere, and given how the female aspect of the problem is especially acute, he framed the matter in exclusively gender-oriented terms. While I neither agree with nor defend his vituperative stylings, his thesis nails it: American women have become a repugnant gaggle of harpies, largely owing to their being led to believe from their earliest memories that they’re special, talented, unique, and beautiful.

His thesis only begins to scrape the problem, though; and it only begins to scrape the cause of the problem.

Young White women are indeed more afflicted with self-esteem than any other group because they’re more completely insulated from the cold and cruel transactional reminders of one’s objective metrics of relative worth. Chivalry, government-mandated preferential treatment, and mating market dynamics all conspire to make the bullshit they’ve been fed about their self-worth seem legit. Black women are fed the same bullshit, but the cruel realities of being a Black woman in our society are a reality check. We White males are, too, but it’s offset by a collective mythos of White Male Guilt, and we’re generally a bit more directly accountable for our performance as young adults.

Both our men and our women been raised in Lake Wobegon, where all of the children are above average. Furthermore, we all bear the neuroses that come with this unhealthy and abnormal approach to defining oneself relative to one’s peers. As Forney has noted, one of the more obvious and blatantly pathological examples of this is with women attempting to redefine aesthetic beauty and sexual appeal on their own terms. Unfortunately for them, male sexual attraction is only so malleable. It’s congenitally constrained by fixed parameters: neoteny, health, and symmetry. As the self-esteem movement marches onward and upward, objective reality will remain under assault.

Contra Forney’s gender-specific analysis, young White males who are complaining about their liberal arts majors failing to land them the bourgeoisie career and lifestyle they were told to expect are no better. It all amounts to a pathetic tantrum of a spoiled and self-important brat demanding unearned and unwarranted privilege. We simply aren’t as valuable in the global economy as we used to be. Part of this is indubitably systemic anti-White and anti-male prejudice, but a lot of it’s just simple math. Western Europe has fully recovered from WWII, Eastern Europe is out from under the economically disastrous Stalinist system, a billion Chinamen are now in the game. The Global South’s elites are in the game, now, too.

Life is hard, and we’re all guilty of allowing ourselves to become the domesticated and androgynous recipients of an inheritance earned by forefathers and pioneer mothers who were civilized and virile. A growing chorus of White men are becoming more frustrated and angry with each iterative humiliation in our nation’s downward spiral. The Left is teasing an taunting us for that, and they have every right to do so. Men who entrust their destiny to a hostile and decadent regime deserve every bit of betrayal and derision coming their way.

The strategic groupthink in our circles is that we need to tap into that “White Frustration” growth market by validating it. There probably is a future in the self-pity and impotent rage angle, but what our young men and women need to internalize is a less gratifying message, a message of humility, accountability, and self-determination. We’re all fat, ugly, and stupid. It’s time to wake up from the American Dream, put our work boots on, and begin the long miserable slog out of the mountain of anti-White and anti-Christian policies and practices we’ve allowed to pile up around us for generations. We can’t afford to be sentimental about what we thought we had, or what little remains. We can’t afford to tarry around with half-measures, either.

The root cause of our misery is neither recent nor superficial. It’s the self-deifying individualism which originated long ago in our civilization’s ongoing generational rebellion against God and the self-transcendent authority He represents. When one’s metric of esteem is within oneself rather than above oneself, one will inevitably turn inward rather than upward. One’s vices become virtues. One’s blemishes become beauty marks. One’s whims become one’s law. In this late stage of the Kali Yuga, even one’s sexual vices and venereal diseases are becoming sacred and ennobling anti-virtues.

This war within the self, the Greater Crusade, necessarily precedes the Lesser Crusade against Global Jewry, the global capitalists, and the intruders they’re shoveling into our communities. Absent the transcendent locus of esteem, our society will more zealously worship at the altar of self-esteem. Only a return to the belief in God (not the counterfeit God of Christian Zionism, Self-Help schlock, and the Prosperity Gospel) can initiate the transformation and spirit of sacrifice necessary to become worthy again of sovereignty and self-determination.

One can call it the Judeo-Masonic Conspiracy, one can call it The Enlightenment, one can call it Liberalism, one can call it the Left, one can call it Modernity, one can call it Progressive, one can even call it Space Lizards. However you wish to frame the Lesser Crusade, the Greater Crusade is a more clear and simple struggle, if perhaps a more difficult one. It’s the struggle against individualism, egoism, selfishness, and self-esteem. Before we can transcend our worldly opponents, we must first achieve a spiritual transcendence of the self.

We don’t deserve a homeland or one moment of respite from the insults and attacks we’re experiencing. We have no natural “rights” and nobody is obligated to respect us or protect us from ourselves. Some will surely accuse me of “blaming the victim”. I absolutely am, and it’s empowering that we do indeed have within ourselves the capacity to solve our problem. Naming the Jew is great, repeating The Mantra is useful, and chronicling our humiliations is necessary. But it’s all for naught if we as a people remain too fat, ugly, and stupid, too busy with our individual “pursuit of happiness”, and too riddled with vices and vanities to take the risks and make the sacrifices necessary to earn our stake in the future.


Paul Lovett

The hard truth is difficult to swallow by those pampered by the indulges of unearned self-worth. We need to shed our arrogance and own up to the political correctness we allowed to thrive. Matt hit it on the nail. We are ultimately responsible for this malaise, and no other group outside our own can be seen as the primary perpetrator of our own cultural destruction- albeit that we have enemies but not one more worse than ourselves.


This goes out to Matt Heimbach:

Does the above article represent your views? Do you actually think the ‘cruel realities’ of ‘life for black women’ exist in comparison with those inveighing upon white women?

Has anyone in TYN perused the Council of Conservative Citizens’ board? Can y’all get back to me on White Female Privilege?

Odd that this article comes out now. Some self-indulgent ‘weak’ white women in the movement think that TYN is a waste of time. I was about to argue with them…until this.

Free yourself of these people, Matt H, if you have any spine.


“Young White women are indeed more afflicted with self-esteem than any other group because they’re more completely insulated from the cold and cruel transactional reminders of one’s objective metrics of relative worth. Chivalry, government-mandated preferential treatment, and mating market dynamics all conspire to make the bullshit they’ve been fed about their self-worth seem legit. Black women are fed the same bullshit, but the cruel realities of being a Black woman in our society are a reality check. We White males are, too, but it’s offset by a collective mythos of White Male Guilt, and we’re generally a bit more directly accountable for our performance as young adults.”

I’ll repeat in case you blacked it out:

“Black women are fed the same bullshit, but the cruel realities of being a Black woman in our society are a reality check.”

I submit that in that sentence pro-Whites will find the holy grail of White Fail.

Frankly, I’m not inclined to continue ‘civil debate’ with authors of such obscene and pornographic words. But I thought I’d highlight them for posterity.

I think you’re a bright guy, Matt P, but it would take me quite some time and you lots of hardcore self-examination before I would further engage you or TYN if it stands by these comments.

Take care brothers, I hope you find yourselves, and that we as a people can, before it’s too late.

Matt Parrott


If acknowledging that Black women have it rough in contemporary society baffles you, perhaps we could begin the discussion there. I linked to two articles which defend that statement.

As for the more general charge that I’m being too hard on women, I’ve done more than any other pro-White writer to defend women within the manosphere community. I’m notorious for being a “white knight” in those circles, a title I bear with pride.

I will continue to defend and serve the interests of our women, and continue mentoring and supporting them in whatever way possible. But I’m not going to lie to them about the nature of the situation, tip-toe around their egos, or pander to them in response to their threats to boycott my work.

I respect women too much for that.

If we must soldier on without women who bail on the project if we dare to identify their fractional culpability for our problems, then so be it. More constructively, perhaps, you’re invited to contribute a response challenging my position if this is really about my being incorrect rather than my being insensitive.


I have been reading and actively involved in many pro white sites. Again and again the mantra comes up about how entitled white American women are. It’s tiring and degrading to the movement. It does nothing.

I am shocked how sites such as Amren allow debasing comments to white women, but yet they won’t call out the Jews who debase white women via porn. This same vile belief system enslaves white women throughout Eastern Europe and transports these women to brothels in Israel and Turkey. I have nothing but disdain for Judaism and I call it out all the time on my blog vikingbitch blog via wordpress. Yet ‘leaders’ such as Jared Taylor will not acknowledge the Jews’ role in fostering hate towards white women. Read Chechar’s blog the West’s Darkest Hour, specifically excerpts from Hellstorm where mass rapes of Germanic women were perpetrated by the Russians who were led by Jew politicians. Jews hate white Christian European women and have fostered Eliminationist tactics to insure our destruction and in turn, our race’s destruction.

I am in the fourth decade of my life. I have worked since my teens. I worked through school, paid for school, paid for my cars, paid for my rent, paid for my kids. Am I a self indulgent white woman? Black women have it worse off than me?

The sad part about this movement is that it criminalizes white women. It portrays us all as fat, lazy, indulgent whores. Why not turn that mirror back on yourselves? Like what you see? Damaged, beer guzzling, professional sports watching, porn addicted men who have hardened hearts. Sad.

The Bible says that it is the end of days when men’s hearts have hardened.

I tried to find a partner out there in the dating wasteland. I couldn’t. Most men I met could not even take care of themselves, yet they wanted me to be a porn star, maid, womb service, and cook while working full time outside of the home all at once.

Regarding black women, have you listened to any of David Duke’s podcasts regarding the rapes of white women by black men compared to black women? Listen and read the stats, there is a cruel reality there.

Or how about checking the Council of Conservative Citizens website where every day a white woman and her children are victims of rape and/or murder. Then of course the now voiceless victim is blamed in some way via lies like oh she was buying drugs, blah blah.

It appears to me there is no space here for white women. That’s fine, I’ll make my own. I am poor but my kids are fed and clothed and are learning. I am moving to a place with other like minded women. I’ll rent out a small room. My family will be safe.

That is all this self indulgent, fat assed white woman wants – SAFETY. Sadly, I am not even safe around my own men as they will throw me under the bus.

Matt Parrott

Did you read the post? The entire thesis of the post is that white men need to critically evaluate ourselves for a change.


The Zionists have perpetrated a mass murder and maiming of our White men through their neo-con wars.

I don’t think fancy talkers understand much about real war.


When your name is “Viking B—-” and you make a post like this, how can you expect the men here not to think you of yet another feminist?

Why not turn that mirror back on yourselves? Like what you see? Damaged, beer guzzling, professional sports watching, porn addicted men who have hardened hearts. Sad.

When you make comments like this about the men here, why are you surprised that the men here think of you as yet another feminist?

Again and again the mantra comes up about how entitled white American women are. It’s tiring and degrading to the movement.

We are not a political movement. We are not yet another “rights group” jockeying for rights and entitlements within the current system. You must have us confused with someone else because we’re not this “movement” of which you speak. We are the leaders of the new world that is dawning all around us.

The Liberty Lamp

Well…”You’re Fat, Ugly, and Stupid” title with the image of the fat, ugly, and stupid Ronald McDonald eating McDonald’s.

And further, eating food from places McDonald’s is probably one of the ignored reasons why all of society (not just white people) are in decline.

You’ve become too lazy and comfortable with the garbage around you.

The Liberty Lamp

Matt…Matt…Matt…if you eat garbage you cannot complain about garbage in society.

You want improvement in your “race”?

It starts with good health!

The true Darwinism of who survives in the future will come down to whoever avoids fast food.


I am still curious why Liberty Lamp and Spelunker have not been kicked off of this website yet. They have nothing valuable to add to the conversation.

Also, why is Liberty Lamp continuing to be allowed to spread his anarcho-communist flag with its Soviet-style star all over this website. Why is he allowed to have a link in his name that sends people back to his radical communist website.

If we do not take ourselves seriously, the world will not take us seriously. Communism is not “just another idea in the marketplace of ideas”. Liberty Lamp’s flag is not “just another flag in the marketplace of flags”. It is an evil flag. The fact that Liberty Lamp and his flag are allowed to remain here is yet another confirmation of just why the Right has gotten nowhere.

Allowing Liberty Lamp is far worse than allowing scammers who sometimes place advertisements for their scams in site comments. Those people are trying to scam people out of their money, and those comments are (rightly) filtered out by the spam filter. They are not allowed to “compete in a marketplace of ideas” on this site. And yet we allow LIBERTY LAMP to scam people out of things that are far more valuable than money. We allow him to scam people back into liberalism, socialism, and communism. We allow him to place his communist flags, links, and comments which do this. We allow him to drag people who are seeking information from this site into whatever nihilist pit he himself has fallen into.

We have to decide whether traditionalism is the future, or whether we are just another “idea” in the morally relativistic “marketplace of ideas”. If the former is the case, then Liberty Lamp and Spelunker have to go because they serve no other purpose but to mislead people who are trying to get onto the right path.

Clement Pulaski

It seems that a few authors at TYN cite Evola, his Hindu-inspired ideas about the Kali Yuga, and his Islamic-inspired ideas about the inner holy war. I wonder why you all do this rather than citing similar ideas from the Christian tradition.

Matt Parrott

I studied RadTrad first before backing away from the Orientalism and occultism and finding true Christianity.

As such, the quotes which first come to mind for these things are from those materials. If you wish to send me some more Christian sources with which to make my points, I would definitely love to read them and would be eager to rely on them instead.

Clement Pulaski

I’m somewhat suprised you’re not more familiar with these ideas already. Chrisitianity has a long history of talking about Spritual Warfare; in particular the Orthodox Christians I’ve known have been very keen on using the imagery of battle when talking about the individual Christian and his mental struggle against the suggestions of Satan and the tempting logismoi; I’ve also heard many of them talk about the prayer rope as a sword (or even a gun) to use in this battle against Satan. I’ve found the writings of Evagrius Ponticus to be especially enlightening on this subject:
This concept of doing battle with the mental temptations of the demons certainly is a type of “inner holy war.”
As far as the concept of the Kali Yuga goes, I think Christians should talk instead about the growing power of Satan or the reign of Antichrist (whom some ancient fathers said would be a Jew).
Finally I would humbly suggest my own attempt at linking the inner and outer struggle:

My own background is similar, in that I also was a follower of Guenon/Evola before realizing that there can only be one true faith.


I hope you valuable contributors don’t go away. Haven’t you noticed epidemic delusion among young white women? That doesn’t mean the remarks apply to you individually. Mr. Parrott comes down pretty hard on all of us. I would add this to his remarks: young women are more vulnerable to the false promises of liberalism. For example, it makes them disdain housewifely and motherly vocations (has anyone devalued women’s contributions more than the feminists?). As a result, they may find out too late that is what they really want. Very costly. For another example, it teaches them that people are good and equal and can get along, blunting their self-protective common sense. So they go carelessly in dangerous places and suffer terrible consequences. Men suffer from both these problems too, but I think they are more damaging to women.


I have indeed noticed deluded thinking on the part of ALL young women in the US. I am from an older set and I came up through the bad 80s into early 90s. Today’s younger women are deluded, BUT so are the the young men. Gen Y as a whole is pretty whacked.

I am not a Bible thumper by any means but where do you think these young women got their attitude from? Maybe elite wealthy white men who strut around like peacocks looking for pussy galore?

Take away gender for a minute and lets look at socioeconomic status. THAT is where the real issues lie in America. If you have money, you’ve got it made in America. We have no culture because all we value is money. If you are a lower it middle class white woman in America, you don’t have a prayer. No one cares about you, no one wants to marry you because you are not connected, and marrying up is impossible anymore, and rich guys will keep you around for the possibility of anal. You work jobs such as waitressing, teaching, social work etc that put you in the front line to get physically, emotionally, and\or psychologically abused by die-versity. You dont have money to get plastic surgery etc so you cant compete. I am not kidding here, just read some the posts under the DC Urban mom blog and see what these women ‘do’ and put up with to save their marriages. Hell no do I do anal to keep a man, no thank you.

So who goes after lower clas white women? Minority men. Look, I do not believe in interracial dating but these low class white trash McD eating hoes need love don’t they? You all sure aren’t giving them any…

America has a fucked up value system. The women here generally reflect that. Who built the system? White men. So if men want the system to change, THEY have to change.

Look, America was built initially on Christian values, then the Jews came here and pulled their ‘hollow – cost’. With that came their whacked out ideas of women and their disdain for European women.

Judaism is about tort law, property. They view the woman as property. Jesus hung out with women, another reason to be hated by Jews.

Judaism has infected American culture to the point where we might as well just be a colony of Israel. And white men are following along with Jew view that European Shiksas are dirty, entitled, and fat. Frankly, many if you manosphere guys sound like a bunch of old Jew dudes bitching about Jewish women.

When can we shake this infection?


Thanks for your reply. You clearly have plenty to add to this discussion. I think the bottom line of Mr. parrott’s article is that both men and women have to give it all they’ve got to save themselves and save whatever remnants can be saved.

I’m sure you’re aware of the mayhem and misery wealth can wreak on people. While pirates are impoverishing our people, they’re not necessarily better off. Eye of the needle, and so on.

I’m not convinced that Jews are decisive in our plight. Sure, they are energetic and capable, but also adaptive. I would bet that our low-solidarity, racial-socialist, tyrannized, morality-averse, porn-permitting, money- and sex-crazed society would be the same if no Jew had come to our shores.


I hate to sound so apocalyptic, but I believe this current system has to fail in order for people to start looking inward. Life is too easy and the “adversity” that people say they go through only looks rigorous in comparison to our contemporary lives.

Maybe a minority has the inclination for self transcendence or inner confidence. As for the majority ? I’m not going to get my hopes up. As for me I have rejected most of what this epoch has to offer or lack of for that matter.

Great article Matt.

Matt Parrott

Thanks, Andrew!

I believe a modest vanguard of men and women who grasp the problem can run out ahead of the problem and be ideally suited to leading if/when circumstances awaken folks.

P Erickson

Kudos to Matt Parrott for speaking the hard truths about the lamentable state of white humanity. The best white nationalists are hard on whites because they expect much of them, just as the best priests tend to be hard on their own congregations. Who wants a white nation made up of the “fat, ugly and stupid”? A white nation composed of people of whom (to quote H. Covington) “their great-grandparents would be proud” would be a glorious thing–good for white people and good for the world.


I closed the window on Forney at my dick deflates like a punctured tire. While I am avowed enemy of feminism, I also have a daughter and won’t read such trash.

Maybe I’m just getting too old and crusty, but many of these man-o-sphere types come across like 11 – 13 year old boys who are just discovering sex. They often descend to about the same level as the middle school locker room.

Ironically, many of them use a feminist-like shaming vocabulary to abuse dissidents. They simply substitute “beta” and “white knight” for sexist/misogynist/patriarch. The contours of the discourse are otherwise much the same as feminist discourse. In reacting to feminism, they have developed a mode of discourse that is a mirror image of it.

So, yes, white men can be very shallow. Even the legendary Heartiest peppers his penetrating essays with references such as “pink pussy” this, “cock” that, and so on. And these are grown men.


I agree Lew, I appreciate the manospheres fierce rejection of feminism, but they’re not really traditionalists. Not even close.

James Bulls

What a trashy dumpster fire.

This is the height of misogyny: the author starts with a lecture about “fat, ugly, stupid” women, follows with an explanatiom that it’s somehow not really their fault because they’ve been corrupted by the “system” in which they live, and concludes by saying that this is a problem that only white men can resolve while simultaneously saying gender doesn’t matter because it affects both men and women. I gotta wonder if the author’s tongue doesn’t flap at both ends? There’s clearly no place in this author’s world-view for women to make any decisions for themselves.

Matt Parrott

I took an ongoing conversation about how modern women are selfish, denounced the misogyny involved in it, and expanded the conversation to include modern males as equally culpable. You’ve deliberately misinterpreted my essay, and you’ve deliberately painted me as depicting White women as devoid of agency. I wrote pretty much the exact opposite of what you’re claiming I wrote.

Both our males and females are “the problem” and I called on them both to work towards a solution.


Hello All. This is VB again. No I am it a feminist. I chose the name Vikingbitch because I liked and I find it funny. That’s all.

Re: Jews. Energetic and adaptable? My butt. They have bought our government and use this country to foment their continued destruction of Christian and/or White European people both here and in Europe. They do this by polluting our society ( think Weimar Germany) with porn and usury. Sorry, no love for that group here.

I do believe that we need to get back to valuing family and how important motherhood is. Housework, cleaning, cooking, etc should be valued. Women’s work needs to be valued. Highlight how important it is that women be educated while also being mothers. Do you want an uneducated woman raising your kids?

I believe the manosphere and much


To be fair and honest, a lot of white guys are just as fat, stupid, and entitled as white gals. WTF is wrong with white people in America these days?!?

Matt Parrott

I absolutely 100% agree.

Both our men and our women been raised in Lake Wobegon, where all of the children are above average. Furthermore, we all bear the neuroses that come with this unhealthy and abnormal approach to defining oneself relative to one’s peers.


I believe the most vilifying word in the WN movement is feminist. Think of the apologetic white guy who feels the need to use the “I’m not a racist but..” statement in defense of his views. I believe this name calling of WN gals is used in the same context. Effectively intended to stifle discourse, attack and silence the person who may have legitimate input. I was a bit disappointed as the article began. As a woman I support your efforts to establish traditionalism in our youth, both male and female. Why the empathy for the plight of black women over your own? Chivalry for the white girls of my generation is about as real as white privilege, they both died with my Grandfather.
I have always spoken out for white men and the heavy blame placed on them but I assure you, white women are not exempt from demoralization and contempt. When I was taught about the white atrocities of the world and the entirety of human malice we are responsible for, it was clear that this was directed at my people. The minorities we work with view us as white and therefore racist, although less of a threat. Opening us up to sexual harassment that goes unchecked because we are white. I have never had an any advantage because of my gender and view this as another figment of white privilege. My profession is historically and presently made up of white women, no other profession faces more discrimination than the white women of my profession. Even white men are viewed as diverse, sought after minorities in my field.
Divorce became the norm in my generation, I don’t know that many of the girls raised with Dad’s in their homes being told how special and unique they were. We are latch key kids, indoctrinated into this sick society, now raising kids on our own. Intelligent white girls from working class families don’t get the gender privilege. What we get are the glories of Jewish feminists who intentionally destroyed our families, our nation, and our faith. We are forced to function as men and woman, to both cradle and defend our children simultaneously, as well as support them financially. The fact that white women are treated with respect and adoration as a rule in white nations, and that this is commanded from our creator, is a distinguishing characteristic of our kind. White women and their children have suffered more than you know. What I want is for white men to reclaim their position commanded by God, so that we can reclaim ours. There is no man without woman. Remember the Holy Theotokos.
The way to our solution is through the actual topic of your article! Both men and women must look up to overcome ourselves. Ladies we might start with our language. Matt you should seriously think about starting with McDonalds!

Matt Parrott


I believe the most vilifying word in the WN movement is feminist.

I very rarely use that word in discussions with male or female comrades, as it generally does amount to a slur and a conversation stopper.

The fact that white women are treated with respect and adoration as a rule in white nations, and that this is commanded from our creator, is a distinguishing characteristic of our kind.

I am entirely for this. I appreciate and will consider this and the other ladies’ perspectives offered here. When I wrote this article, my intention was to bring the hammer down equally on both genders, though that evidently hasn’t been the effect on the readership.

Matt you should seriously think about starting with McDonalds!

Ladies first!


I certainly did not intend to join a diatribe against you. I know that you are in no way chauvinist. In fact I’m sure you get many attacks for standing up for the interests of women and traditionalism in our cause. My post was already too long but I should have mentioned this. I’m a huge fan of your work and I know that you are fighting hard for all of us. In spite of some justifiably critical statements on the sad state of both women and men in our society, I thought the article was dead on and even beautiful in its position. Actually, my favorite that you have written. We all have our vices and sins to overcome. This is a lifelong endeavor. It is the greater crusade! We must simultaneously work on both. Even the creation of a white ethno-state could be more attainable than our personal work towards sainthood. Keep up the good work!


What would Grandad do? He’d take grandma down to the courthouse and invoke the rule of thumb Sunday at high noon. Those dang egalitarians screwed all that up and now Men who should be fighting off the third world and safeguarding their folk are stuck at home fighting their wives tooth and nail who nag, hit and hound their husbands with immunity. So many great warriors have been reduced to silly putty by feeling obligated to kowtowing to a vehement Jezebel.


The “rule of thumb” was a feminist myth. The rule of thumb actually had nothing to do with wife beating. It was a workshop measurment reference where you use the thickness of your thumb.

According to Canadian folklorist Philip Hiscock, “The real explanation of ‘rule of thumb’ is that it derives from wood workers… who knew their trade so well they rarely or never fell back on the use of such things as rulers. instead, they would measure things by, for example, the length of their thumbs.” Hiscock adds that the phrase came into metaphorical use by the late seventeenth century. Hiscock could not track the source of the idea that the term derives from a principle governing wife beating, but he believes it is an example of ‘modern folklore’ and compares it to other ‘back-formed explanations.’ such as the claim asparagus comes from ‘sparrow-grass’ or that ‘ring around the rosy’ is about the plague.


In America, there have been laws against wife beating since before the Revolution. By 1870, it was illegal in almost every state; but even before then, wife-beaters were arrested and punished for assault and battery.


The way this article is written makes my head hurt. Finish school, please. And don’t try to make yourself seem smarter by plastering whatever scholarly word comes to mind at the moment.

Horribly written, horribly constructed, your argument is weak.

Close, but no cigar.

Matt Parrott

Structural and stylistic matters aside, what about the argument is weak?

Stupid Fat Ugly People Die Young

I use to tell the Americans the EXACT same thing. That they are fat, ugly, and stupid. And I’m American also. I always hated fat people but then yet they kill themselves anyway by simply being brainwashed, lazy, uneducated, and dogs. Fat people have reduced life spans and ruin the economy with their disgusting selfish and greedy health care. That’s a fact people.

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