The Future of the Color Line: the Coming American Caste System


Las Castas, painting from 18th century Mexico depicting the various race and culture-based castes in Mexican society. These included: The Peninsular – a White European born in Spain; The Criollo (fem. criolla) – a White person with Spanish or European descent born in the Americas; The Mestizo – a person of mixed White European and Amerindian ancestry; The Pardo (fem. Parda) – a person of mixed white European, Native American Indian and African Black ancestry; The Indio (fem. India) – a person who is a pure native of, or indigenous to the Americas, The Mulatto (a term still used today, albeit probably politically incorrect)– a person of mixed White European and African Black ancestry; The Zambo – a person of mixed African Black and Native American Indian Ancestry; The Negro (fem. Negra) – a person of African descent.  Persons of mixed race were collectively referred to as castas

Las Castas, painting from 18th century Mexico depicting the various race and culture-based castes in Mexican society.

As some of you may recall from my last series of articles, I tend to put quite an emphasis on the importance of culture when talking about identity or political issues. I often hesitate to call myself a “White Nationalist,” as I feel uncomfortable using white; a biological racial classification, and the idea of nationhood; a unique group with its own history and culture, as if they were one and the same thing.

While homogeneous race is a key component of nationhood, shared race does not imply a shared nation; Englishmen are not Russians and Greeks are not Spaniards, for example. While all the aforementioned nations are white, being white does not make them the same people. One reason I am so adamant about that fact, rather than any desire to be divisive, is because I DO want to preserve Western cultures (plural), and to clump us all together based only on a simple biological concept like “white” devalues individual cultures practiced by white people and is another step toward globalization.

All of history reads like a great drama; all the wars, migrations, the rise and fall of civilizations, and all of these connecting and leading to the next stage. The children’s poem For Want of a Nail springs to mind. I cannot help but see a pattern in history, and feel a strong sense of some kind of higher consciousness, some divine architect moving things along according to a grand scheme. I also believe that, collectively, Aryans/Indo-Europeans are at the peak of humanity. In terms of combined creativity, intelligence, and physical strength this seems to be instrumental in moving this divine plan toward fruition. While other races may excel further at one of the three, no other is so well-rounded.

It seems, almost like a natural phenomenon, that in any mixed race society the most Caucasian-related members of society rise to the top like cream, or like oil and water. A fascinating read for anyone interested is Arthur Kemp’s March of the Titans. While not perfect, it does a very good job in showing the racial differences in various societies, and how in all of them, the whitest segments of the population have been the prime movers in that culture’s development.

The main purpose here is to put a positive spin on much of the gloom and doom broadcasted by many racialists as to the prospects of future America.

For the most part, it seems many American racialists believe that the waves of Mestizo immigrants, combined with blacks, given the advantages of the federal government, will swarm every nook and cranny of this fine land and turn it into a big coffee stain on the map. Indeed this may very well end up being the case, unless we prepare for what might happen.

It is my belief that we can prepare for these events by studying other societies that have faced similar conditions.

Mexico, and Central/South America in general, are very good examples of the phenomenon. According to March of the Titans, rather than push the natives out and populate their American colonies with their own citizens, as had England and France, the Spaniards and Portuguese only sent a limited number of their people to manage the resources of the New World, utilizing the vast pools of native labor, still in shock and awe of the superior technology of the Europeans. It was quite reminiscent of the Aryan conquest of India.

To digress for a moment, India is another good example. Even today the higher castes of Indian society on average boast lighter eyes and skin than the lowly sudra, dalit, and chandala. The actors and actresses of Bollywood are more often than not selected only if they belong to the Brahmin or Kshatriya castes. As is often the case when an aristocracy comes from one culture conquering another, the high and middle caste Indians don’t see themselves even being the countrymen of the Indian masses– as opposed to classes rising organically from amongst their own countrymen, like the Polish Szlachta, whose ranks were relatively open to self-made men. Often, depending on the region, members of the priest and higher-warrior castes were quite cooperative with the British authorities, something that impressed the Europeans and caused them to research the racial-social history of the subcontinent. Adolf Hitler once remarked how impressed he was by how a few thousand Englishmen came to dominate a vast area of land populated by millions upon millions of Hindoos.

Back to the point though…

One might object that the Spanish in Mexico, the Portuguese in Brazil, and the British in India had the advantage of being the conquerors of these majority non-white lands far from home, in that their actual homelands were free of other races. The colonies were being settled by excess population, so that if they disappeared the original Spanish or English cultures at home would still be intact. In modern America the whites are the natives, as in the natives of America the nation-state, and we are the ones being displaced by the lower segments of the population. All valid statements, but we can see this as an advantage.

The fact is that we have time to prepare.


civil rights apostate

I agree. We must remember, however, that some of the Indian tribes deserved to be dispossessed because of their extreme atrocites, and many whites got to places before the indians did.


Given you sign with a reference to Hayek, I’m very interested in your answer to that question. What is your plan?

James Bulls

This article is so fundamentally flawed it boggles the imagination. Let’s start with your assertion that Spaniards and Greeks are white. How precisely do you come to that conclusion? Spaniards and Greeks might generally be lighter skinned during the winter, but unless anything’s changed they get quite dark in the sunny summer months. I can’t say for certain about the Greeks, but I’ve met Spaniards as well as central-Americans and they do not identify as white.

As for the Russians, perhaps you consider them white and even European as well, but after 10 years of studying Russian language and culture I can tell you with certainty that Russians consider themselves both apart and different from Europe. Just because Russia has an ugly racist vein running through it doesn’t mean you get piggy-back your way into some sort of white-nationalist victory.

Heck, my own brother who writes along side you at TradYouth even told me that the Jews are white, but nobody here seems to excited about preserving their orthodox and traditional culture and religion… unless of course the Jew in question is Jesus, but I guess you’d have to give him a free pass since he’s the mythological deity from which your group claims its divine right.

I’m not sure where you folks are drawing the line on this. I think it’s all really stupid, but at least you could be consistent. Go visit Home Depot – you can probably find some paint matching samples to get you all on the right page.


Your brother is Tom? Who claims Jews are White?

I draw the line at Europe, which excludes the Jews. But I’m not a DNA fetishist like some in the pro-White movement.

My big issue with this article is that it asserts we have ‘time.’

Whites don’t have time for over-analyzing or intellectualizing. Every week White people are being murdered for racial motivations. Every day around 40 White women get raped by a black male, at the most conservative estimates.

Sharlene McGill’s murderer just got ten years; he’ll be eligible for parole in six. Her murderer claims she called him the ‘N’ word while she was out walking her dog.

As we type, the globalists work fiendishly to abolish the 2nd Amendment, along with the 1st. In Greece the same forces criminalized Golden Dawn’s democratically elected party, confiscated their guns, and revoked their police protection. Two of their members were slaughtered as they stood watch outside the Athens office. One fights for his life.

Anyone who thinks we have ‘time’ is living a life most middle and lower class white american could only dream of. Soon enough, though, it will be the same nightmare.

Wake up, White men.

The Liberty Lamp

James is a very intelligent and sensible guy, how can two brothers be so different? I guess James is the brains…

I normally don’t bother to comment on bullshit pseudo social science like this crap. It’s for wordy racists who are too chicken to admit they are no different than the KKK or skinhead thugs and use their slightly larger vocabulary to make up phony academic wannabe theories to try to give the illusion that they are a cut above the street thugs.

This crap wouldn’t even fly in the paleo circles, you can throw it at Robert Spencer fringe and they might publish it somewhere on a slow week.

The funniest part about this whole picture is that even if there was an ounce of validity to these marshmallow theories, 99% of white people don’t give a damn, they just don’t care.

I said it before, I will say it again, tribalism is on a fast decline.



Respectfully, I think you spend too much of your valuable time responding to dolts, the ill-formed, and trolls. The tone here as much as the dubious substance is a tipoff that this person is one or all of those three.

I have no idea why Matt Parrott allows clearly disingenuous, insincere and outright hostile people to comment. They already have the whole mass media and damn near all of the internet.


I haven’t engaged LL much except for yesterday’s mini-marathon. From it, I gleaned that he ultimately has no agenda other than to emotionally harass people, and tilt at imaginary burning crosses. He’s not the slightest bit authentically interested in lynchings, given that they happen every week but to the wrong color of victim. He’s kind of like a darkly comedic Don Quixote.

You don’t wonder at the motivations of such a determined, dedicated troll? The motives of SPLC types are completely transparent. LL seems to have deep-rooted issues of attention-neediness. Personal invective and reducto ad absurdum are the weak man’s argument. But I’m not so naive as to confuse his passion for conviction, and I guess I discovered that his serves only the cravings of boundless narcissism.

More curious to me is what Matt P. considers LL’s contribution.

The Liberty Lamp

Oh Neimica, and here we were making such a nice soul connection….

What would Matt Parrott say about my contribution?

Well, I imagine he might make up a sock puppet and use *it* to banter and troll in a way that he would not chose to appear in public.

I suppose that sock puppet would have elementary level debating skills, make up stories about tales of woe in their lives and grasp desperately for any straw they could to spin their nonsense into rhetoric in support for the movement agenda.

And for fun he might even chose to do this in drag. It seems to be the trendy hipster thing to do,… heck the Libertarian hipsters are doing it, it’s only a short side step to white nationalism from Ron Paul anyway.

Sleep tight, my towering white queen, and remember, the angels are always watching out for you!

Yours aways,

The Angel Gabriel


Just days after the above story broke, I went to work and had a hispanic female coworker taunt me. I tried to ignore and negate her assertions that ‘the gringa…her men didn’t care about her.’ She was so linsistent that Michelle Knight’s fate was somehow unavoidable, by implication, for me as a white woman that I had to get up and walk away. Later that night she and two other hispanic women, all older than me by 10-15 years and consumed with jealousy I imagine, harassed me so ostentatiously in front of clients that the company I work for almost lost that account.

Posts like the one above cause me to think La Senora may be right.

The Liberty Lamp

” I went to work and had a hispanic female coworker taunt me.”

Wow I have never seen anyone have so many stories of people being so mean to them… let’s see… Jewish men called you names, Lesbians stalked you on the internet and now Hispanic women at work are calling you “gringa”.

Your reality is … ummmm …. a very interesting one…..

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