The Future of the Color Line: the Coming American Caste System (Part 2)


“Racial history is therefore natural history and the mysticism of the soul at one and the same time; but the history of the religion of the blood, conversely, is the great world story of the rise and downfall of peoples, their heroes and thinkers, their inventors and artists.”-Alfred Rosenberg

In the previous installment of this two-part set of articles, I described what I believe the racial situation may come to look like in America should plans for racial separation fail. In such an event, and should race mixing become rampant because of that, it seems to me that the less desirable and less dependable whites in North America will spread their legs and mix with the various immigrants, blacks and mystery meat.  Meanwhile, the more dependable, the more intelligent, and the more educated/affluent white people will only breed amongst their own. No matter how they act publicly, or what their explicit ideologies are, America’s old W.A.S.P. elite, or old money in general, still retain much of their old snobbery and implicit racism. I’m not saying they’re consciously fascists, but look at the Romney campaign’s Anglo-Saxon comment. Romney said he could make a better ally of the United Kingdom than Obama could, because (paraphrasing) “He can understand the Anglo-Saxon origins and the relationship between Britain and America that Obama can’t.”

Many of these old elites are still even uneasy about other white ethnicities/cultures, and I doubt many new-money blacks or mulattoes would have much luck marrying into these clans. They may manage to marry into families of whites with the merchant mentality, the yuppie class, and I expect as this class becomes more racially mixed, its money will be squandered and it will fade from prominence. However, America’s traditional aristocracy, regardless of whether they’ve genuinely looked after the American people, and regardless of if they actually care about us, will, intentionally or not, maintain its genetic purity.  Regardless of their current ideological stances, their blood purity will be what’s important in a hundred years if most of the country is a khaki-colored mob. Who knows, it may even be liberating in some ways?

The world may be less aesthetically pleasing, but the spark of Aryan creativity will still last, which I believe is our purpose for being made manifest here on Earth, that Man might become as God, through creativity and growth. While I believe in showing compassion and chivalry, the Aryan-descended leading castes of India and South America really don’t care much for the mongrelized population, and see them more or less as beasts of burden. According to some conspiracies about the Jews, isn’t that why they promote multiculturalism and miscegenation? To have an unintelligent mob to control and put to work to their own benefit? Although I see that view as being in ways, un-Aryan, it is utilitarian, and may prove convenient, especially if only the highest quality whites survive and make a thin layer atop a racially mongrelized, un-cultured society. It may even benefit the mixed race population. Arthur de Gobineau suggested that mulattos are a race of their own, and white colonial populations should support a class of mulattos to govern black countries. He also suggested this could have helped Haiti, had the slave revolts not slaughtered all the light-skinned Negroes. As above, so below, the same ideals are expressed in some primitive way up and down the ladder of races and individuals. The Western-descended high class of society may act as a proverbial Adam, a caretaker amongst the beasts of Eden, as the only one deemed worthy to be raised above them, and thus fulfill a superior destiny.

I am reminded of a book series I greatly enjoyed in high school, when I was attempting to develop my own personal identity and worldview. The Domination, or the Draka Saga, by S.M. Stirling, an alternate history sci-fi series, revolves around the concept of a new branch of the white race forming under its own conditions with its own values, which ends up transcending the human condition. This timeline diverts from ours during the American Revolution. The Dutch attempt to enter the war and attack Britain, but are defeated and lose their South African colonies. The British rename this area Drakia, for Sir Francis Drake, and populate it with loyalist settlers, Hessian mercenaries, and their slaves.

A small Anglo-German population surrounded by hostile African tribes quickly develops a Spartan system of living. Mandatory military service, complete enslavement of defeated African tribes, and even training women in the military arts. The loyalist settlers mix quickly with the small Dutch communities located there, and are soon joined by French Huguenots and aristocrats escaping from the guillotines and persecutions of the revolution. They bring a sort of feudal spirit with them, and the Draka, as the settlers are now called, begin to organize their plantations like medieval estates. The Draka come to see themselves as a romanticized elite and take a paternalistic attitude toward their non-white subjects, who come to be seen more as medieval serfs.

The Draka are joined by Icelandic refugees displaced by volcanic eruptions, British veterans of the Napoleonic wars, Irish fleeing the Blight, and finally, defeated Confederates and Americans disillusioned with the steady racial egalitarianization of the U.S., along with individual immigrants like Friedrich Nietzsche and Thomas Carlyle, who become two of the founding fathers of Draka philosophy. The racial composition of the slaves, or serfs as they come to be called, make up the majority of the population, but are still subservient to the white elite.  After generations of being mixed with Arabs as the Domination came to conquer all of Africa, and having children by “going behind the woodpile with massa,” (and not always unwillingly), the serfs are a mixed bag ranging from full black, to part Arab, to almost white, and are sort of a unique racial group on their own.

So there is a population, all descending from Western European civilizations, in a small enough number that can focus on quality over quantity, and who later develop a fascination with the prototypes for Western civilization: the ancient Greeks and Romans. As time progresses, the Draka start to consider themselves a completely new race, especially once they come into contact with non-African races. After conquering the Ottoman Empire and parts of the Caucus region during the First World War, they are forced to consider what races constitute slave races after now having to consider the treatment of diverse subjects. In time, the Draka declare themselves independent from Britain and set off on a mission to subdue the world under the naturally evolved Nietzschean superman.

I only reference the Domination because it seems like a potential future worst-case-best-case scenario here in the U.S., and possibly in Europe. Skin color may come to be associated with class distinction in 100 years, as how in some negro communities “light-skinned” blacks either have higher social standing, or are resented, by the dark skinned negroes because the blacks were a comparatively small population brought into a white society and gradually became slightly mixed with the whites who were the ruling group. Except, as I mentioned earlier, we have the advantage of still being the majority for now. So rather than a white minority being bred out or destroyed by a colored majority as in the African colonies or in India, we instead may be whittled down to a fine point.


civil rights apostate

I think that as the battle heats up, the working class and lower middle class people–like me–will actually become like me–It would take a cosmic force to make me even consider dating a black woman, and I do not want to read or watch civil rights themed books and movies anymore. It has now been a year since I finally saw the light and rejected–internally, at least–the so called civil rights movement. I became a so called closet racist upon skimming over the story of the ghastly torture murder of Christopher Newsom and his girlfriend Channon Christian, and with checking into New nation News, an anti-Multicultural site which documents black on white crime. That was a full year ago now, and I have never really thought of turning back to the mindset I had before. I know that if I had seen those heinous crimes with my own blue eyes I would have rejected the civil rights movement on the spot, if I didn’t go insane. Having a member of your family, or a close friend, getting murdered or raped or both by some Satan-inspired Cushites will turn all but the most determined liberals into civil rights apostates. I am lucky that I only had to read about some people I didn’t know getting killed to wake up. What the civil rights movement goal is is to create a world like Aldous Huxley’s brave new world, only that race and gender are also completely done away with.


I implore you once again Matt Heimbach, free yourself from these people!!!

You were supposed to be a transformative leader of the true White Liberationist movement. You were the first figure to gracefully articulate White common sense. Finally an authentic champion and defender the White middle class had arrived at the eleventh hour.

You are still quite a young man, and some would even say ‘kid.’ There’s plenty of time and room to grow.

But, I cannot help asking, Where have you gone Matt Heimbach, a White Nation turns it’s lonely eyes to you.

Brett Hillman

This was such a pitiful stab at an intellectual discourse on race — really a chore to get through. Can Matt Parrott please write more articles? Thanks, brett.


Thanks for the interesting book report. Imagining alternate pasts and futures is a useful exercise, one benefit of which is imaginatively applying moral and sociological laws we may scarcely be aware of. A different racial picture from Stirling’s may be found in Frederick Turner’s epic poem, The New World. America in the 23rd century consists of aristocratic warring counties and degenerated urban centers referred to as “riots,” which feed off the helpless “burbs.” The main county that we see is eugenicist but not racist. I.e., the author pictures selective breeding run by community leaders (Platonic guardians?) who are willing to mix races to get good genes. If society breaks down, there will be racial allegiances but there will also be cross-racial allegiances based on personal loyalty. Loyalty will be an important basis for survival. Race is one of many bases for loyalty, but not the only one. In our current experience, we might call it a weak gravitational attraction, since the horrible liberal order is primarily the creation and the property of whites. We don’t know how the future will play out or what part racial views will play in it.

The liberal order is the main enemy for a traditionalist, and it must be undermined in every aspect, not only those touching race. Culture, language, media, economy, law, government, education–every facet of life is governed by the liberal order. (See Neopopulism as Counterculture, Dahlberg and Kaardal.) Adherents might usefully picture what facet they want to work on and maintain focus, at the same time as developing an understanding of where their efforts fit in the total picture. Politics can be overemphasized to the neglect of discovering/developing traditionalism in other spheres. With respect to politics, though, organizations in the TYN could create shadow governments at local, state, and national levels to become familiar with the work of government and how practical changes can be made. Practical traditionalist change can peel off allies of the liberal order. We believe that our views are more in sync with human nature, and consequently or more functional that liberalism–which we think is doomed.

While I’m on my soapbox, I have to agree with the proprietors’ election not to suppress the speech of hostiles like “Liberty Lamp.” He/she serves the useful function of showing readers what a lot of the nice liberals they know really think. His/her unadulterated venom is a strong argument against left-liberalism by itself–who wants to join in a tradition, the left-liberal tradition, that will encourage them to think, feel, and speak in that fashion? Who knows why they, LL, for example, spend so much time here. Maybe he/she will switch sides some day. Is that impossible? LL agrees with Mindweapon on the desirability of freeing ourselves from the industrial poisons in our diet. Is that the common germ of a better, more independent, healthier life? If LL could realize that the government-industry complex can’t and won’t deliver good food, but independent self-governing communities can and will, maybe he/she will be less loyal to the liberal leviathan, and start to recognize self-determination as a value.


KQ, regarding Liberty Lamp:

Here are a few lines from a poem listed on his website (sorry to post this, but it gives insight into the mentality of people like him):

“Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

In other words he (and everybody else like him) think they’re part of these “huddled masses” from these “teeming shores”. They think that their ancestors were “oppressed” (by people like us) and consequently that the world owes them something, whether it be a job, or money, or land, or “equality”, or any number of things. They also think that the blacks are their “brothers” who were also “oppressed” by people like us, and thus that they share common cause (against people like us).

Most people in America (of all races) are Liberty Lamps. He himself may be somewhat more extreme than most, but the difference is one of degree, not one of kind. Like Matthew Heimbach said, this country is a proposition nation built by these people, for these people, not for people like us.

Consequently, Liberty Lamp is not interested in serious dialogue with us. He is interested in interfering with and disrupting whatever he perceives as a threat to the American social experiment. That means us. That is why he must be removed from this website.


Thanks for your reply. I agree with most of what you wrote. I’m not saying LL is interested in serious dialogue. I am saying the benefits of having him/her expose the liberal tradition outweigh the risk that he/she will be persuasive to readers here, which I think is nil.

Respecting serious dialogue: In the neopopulist philosophy, there is no dialogue between different traditions, which each have their own accounts of reason, their own morality, and their own traditions of language use. That is why leftists seem like insane traitors to patriotic traditionalists, and vice-versa. Persuasion across tradition boundaries does not happen. Rather, existentially and pragmatically, a tradition begins to seem false to an individual based on experience and the burden of inauthenticity the tradition begins to impose. The old saying that a conservative is a liberal that’s been mugged reflects how conversion actually happens. We won’t persuade LL and he/she won’t persuade us. But he/she could experience a paradigm shift and realize that the traditionalist account of reality fits experience better and does not require as elaborate an effort of self-persuasion.

Hopefully LL won’t simply be converted to big government national socialism, which we already have. If NSMers think that big government is competent to do everything they imagine, they are deluded. Self-determination within a practical framework for intergovernmental cooperation, not national socialism, is the traditionalist political ideal.

Liberals and libertarians think that the present social and political order has a permanence and stability that will survive any degree of manipulation or change of external circumstances. They don’t understand how fragile culture, values, and institutions are. Traditionalists understand the investment in human capital required for anything worthwhile and how human capital has been squandered by liberalism. Traditionalists are like Marxists in understanding that we came from somewhere and are going somewhere. Even though Marxists are deluded about human nature and history, at least they understand that there is a critical temporal dimension. Both recognize struggle as inherent to human destiny.


So rather than a white minority being bred out or destroyed by a colored majority as in the African colonies or in India, we instead may be whittled down to a fine point.

IMO this is the most intelligent article I have seen come out of Tradyouth in some time. I think there is a good deal of truth to it, even though I don’t agree with all of your article’s fine details about exactly how this will happen and who exactly will survive. For one thing, the “old money WASPS” got where they got largely not through merit but because they benefited from the liberal social order created by the various liberal revolutions that swept across Anglo-American society, also they don’t constitute an “American aristocracy”. But that of course is beside the main point I think you are trying to make.

When it comes to white-Europeans in Africa, it’s not true actually that they’ve all been “bred out or destroyed by a colored majority”. There are still thriving European communities in Africa such as Orania. They are tough people and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. This fact supports your main point.

Like you seem to, I too wish that things could have been different, but due to the modernist mind and the incredibly seductive power of liberalism, Marxism, and egalitarianism upon that mind, that doesn’t look likely to happen.

However (as you seem to realize) none of that means that there is going to be no more European race or that Marxism or liberalism are fated to conquer the globe.

On the other hand, ever since the Chernobyl incident which ultimately brought down the Marxist Soviet Union, it has become increasingly clear that Marxism has failed. (Chernobyl was caused by incompetents who knew nothing about nuclear chemistry getting nuclear power plant jobs through Communist Party favoritism and causing a horrible accident which killed people and filled some of the Soviet Union’s best farmland with contaminants that are going to last for thousands if not millions of years)

In our own case here in the “Soft-Marxist” West, all we’re waiting for is for some “affirmative action hire” to be responsible for a Chernobyl type incident, and at that point it will become clear that the Western “soft” variant of Marxism has failed just as surely as the Eastern “hard” variant. At that point, at least the Rightist portions of society will get truly serious about forming a new society based on traditionalist and “archaeo-futurist” principles, because at that point it will be a clear undeniable matter of survival.

civil rights apostate

It’s possible that the white race this time will simply be saved by God or nature. Tamerlane would have conquered Europe–if he hadn’t died of natural causes while invading Russia.

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