Not One Iota in North Dakota: Craig Cobb vs. The Regime

Craig Cobb vs. America

Craig Cobb vs. AmericaThe dream of a White Homeland in which our people, principles, and Traditions can survive and thrive has long been the suggested solution to the growing multicultural nightmare that is facing White America. Simply opting out of the System would allow White nationalists, Traditionalists, Christian fundamentalists, National Socialists, Patriot groups, militias, and everyone in between to finally have a piece of land to call their own; land that is not owned by the capitalists and the forces of International Jewry. This land would be a place where the folk could put behind its differences and fratricidal conflicts to forge a new path for the White race on the North American continent. Working to get this Homeland, or even a patch of dirt, is proving increasingly difficult under the current Federal tyranny.

The dream of the 1960’s, after integration was forced down the throats of Southerners, was that we could simply maintain our own communities in the pervasively White suburbs and thereby remain de facto segregated. Private schools, gated communities, and housing division standards were set up in order to maintain a peaceful White separatism in the midst of the ever-rising tide of color. This however, was deemed illegal by Federal authorities. Anyone who tried to opt out of the system and form their own communities were hit with lawsuits, “Civil Rights” violations, and government strong-arming to break up these White enclaves and bring the “value of diversity” to every White community.

Under the current plans of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, diversity must be enforced at all costs. New plans have been issued to find the non-diverse (aka White) areas and find ways to increase diversity. According to a HUD spokesman “HUD will provide data for every neighborhood in the country, detailing the access African American, Latino, Asian, and other communities have to local assets, including schools, jobs, transportation, and other important neighborhood resources that can play a role in helping people move into the middle class.” Lawsuits and the full force of the Federal government are going to be used now in ever-increasing amounts to come into White neighborhoods and break up our traditional communities.

All of these pushes by the government are happening in the backdrop of millions of Third World immigrants, both legal and illegal, flooding into the United States. The Democrat and Republican Parties both look ready to pass an amnesty program that will not only give citizenship to millions of Third World criminals, but also will make a path towards letting in tens of millions of Third Worlders over the next decade.

First, NAFTA sent over ten million industrial jobs overseas, now they’re constructing the NAFTA superhighway, all for “closer bonds” between America and Mexico. It is becoming increasingly clear that the globalists wish to blend together North America into being one super colony for the interests of capitalists and International Jewry. Immigration and the destruction of White communities will break down the potential for resistance and destroy both America and Canada in regards to culture, customs, and their founding stock. The political establishment is moving towards turning a formerly First World nation into a New World Order plantation. Something has to be done to create a safe zone for White’s in North America, and the elites will do anything they can to stop it.

Craig Cobb is a longtime White nationalist who has been in this fight for longer than I have been alive. Recently, he moved to Leith, North Dakota to take the Left up on an often declared challenge “why not just move somewhere and leave us all alone.” Mr. Cobb began buying up properties around Leith, population nineteen, and worked to be able to create a situation in which White nationalists could opt out of the overall American multicultural system and break ground on a new Home for our children. Mr. Cobb generously gave parcels of land to various White nationalist organizations in the push to bring like-minded folks to Leith and legally and democratically take over the town to make it represent the views of White nationalists.

The possibility for White nationalists to move to a town like Leith and create an enclave is a great plan to use the alleged democracy of America against itself. Just as the National Socialists were elected to destroy democracy, White nationalists must find ways on the local and county level to come together and elect ourselves to positions of power to help dismantle the System that is promoting our genocide. A White Nationalist Leith could promote our values, our virtues, and change laws to institutionalize White rule in the town.

If White nationalists could take Leith, we could take the county, and from there our movement could work on seizing ground, ten miles at a time. The White nationalist victory in Leith had to be stopped by the elites, one chink in their armor could be enough to start an avalanche of real world action that this fragile System would not be able to contain. Mr. Cobb described the triumphant entrance to Leith under White nationalist control: “’It would be extraordinarily beautiful when people enter the town, particularly at night, because we will have floodlit flags from both the bottom and the top of all the formerly white nations of the earth.” The White race and all of her mother countries would be honored as the seeds of a new nation were planted, and that was too much for the anti-White Establishment.

As the infamous Boss Tweed once said  “As long as I count the votes, what are you going to do about it?” The “democratically” elected government in Greece arresting duly-elected Parliamentarians and bringing charges against a political party because of the content of their platform sets precedent for Traditionalists around the West. The control held by the elites is so powerful that anyone who rises to question the orthodoxy of their system has the rules of that system twisted and perverted in order to stop them.

Look at the banning of Ron Paul’s delegates at the recent Republican National Convention to the banning of political parties around the West when Right Wing parties are successful. As long as we remain fringe and absurd, the system will allow us to exist, when White nationalists and Traditionalists move to assert themselves legally and honorably to make a real change, the hammer falls. The fact that Craig Cobb had found a way to almost overnight create a true White nationalist community by using the rules of the System meant that for the System, it was time to change the rules.

The first move was made by the National Socialist Movement and NSM Commander Jeff Schoep. The NSM went to Leith to meet with Mr. Cobb and local residents and begin the process of “bringing National Socialism to Leith.” Members of various White nationalist organizations faced off against a deluge of bussed in Indians and liberals to come and complain about White advocates using their God given right to free assembly. Enough White nationalists joined Mr. Cobb to totally change the voting demographics of the town, and that pushed the elites into action.

The local mayor and other locals were pushed by outside groups to find a way to stop Craig Cobb. First, the idea was floated that is Mr. Cobb and other White nationalists were going to take over the town, then the town should be dissolved. In the ultimate “screw you guys, I’m going home”, the leadership of Leith pondered giving up local sovereignty and getting rid of their town infrastructure so that White nationalists would be denied the ability to take it over through one hundred percent legal and legitimate means. While the Mexican/American border is infested with hundreds of towns which are being colonized by Hispanics who are pushing the best interests of their people, the world’s eyes turned to Leith North Dakota to find ways to stop Whites from taking a stand.

While dissolving the town is the ultimate plan to stop Craig Cobb, the town has decided to first change zoning regulations to attempt to drive him out. After decades of not having zoning requirements that forced homes to have water and sewer, now the town council has astonishingly [sarcasm] decided that these mandates must be put into place. Russia Today reported that the “Leith City Council approved the construction freeze while it works on an ordinance that would require any new buildings to install water and sewer systems… Another ordinance currently in the works would also prevent tents and campers from being set up on lots for more than 10 consecutive days.”

These rules are being put into place to stop Craig Cobb and other White nationalists from setting up residence in Leith. As the Russia Today article notes “Should the new ordinances fail to convince Cobb to back down, the City Council is also considering a plan that would disband the local government and turn over control to the county.” If the town can’t drive Cobb out, a “nuke it from orbit” option is in place. All of this international media attention and legal wrangling over the idea that White men and women should be able to have one single community of our own. The anti-Whites are putting on display once again the Truth that their battle is not one of “equality” or “tolerance”, it is one of destruction in which every single White community will be eradicated either by immigration, changing demographics, or the boot heel of the State.

Craig Cobb is going to keep fighting the System in Leith and I pray that he is victorious. The System is growing increasingly paranoid that the viewpoints of Tradition and White nationalism are on the rise. More and more people are coming to our way of thinking as mainstream politics and institutions are failing and betraying White America. I encourage all White advocates to look around in their local communities to work to overtly and covertly influence local politics. Revolutions begin one street, one block, and one town at a time. Start local and build your networks, recruit your friends and neighbors, and let’s all aim to plant the seeds of a new future for our people. The tree of liberty and America is rotten from the core and is about to tumble through its own corruption and perversion. Let’s build our communities, families, and folk to prepare them for the coming collapse and have stable homes for the next generation. I salute Craig Cobb, and I call all of us to replicate his heroic efforts.



Matt, I am so happy you wrote this article. White people need to know there is a solution to our dilemma: A White homeland.
I support Mr. Cobb in his quest to create that White homeland for our people and I support the Northwest Imperative, We know that White people have the right to self determination and the only way we will be able to express that right is by having our own homeland (which is why the eltists will try to stop us at every turn).
We need to constantly inform our people that a solution does exist, a White homeland, and we need to support our people who work on making this a reality.

john king

This is one of the best articles every written on the Leith/Cobb debacle. I encourage everyone reading it to post it all over Faceberg, as I am planning to do today. Mr. Cobb is doing his work exactly as described in the new book, NOVA EUROPA, by Arthur Kemp. The way to win political control is to occupy an area as its majority. Political power always falls to a demographic majority. And Mr. Cobb is but a few people away from this goal. Everyone on our side needs to read NOVA EUROPA because it is a textbook on how to create a European Ethnostate. Please read my 5000 word review of it at in the article “Another reader reviews Nova Europa”.


I agree, John, this is an excellent essay. The key point is that Cobb, whether by design or not, has both called and exposed a key anti-white bluff.

As anyone who debates anti-whites knows, they commonly resort to something along the lines of, “Then move to Montana! Good riddance!” This helps them dodge the genocide label.

The hysterical reaction of the anti-whites over Leith has given the lie to that nonsense. The truth is that anti-whites don’t want us controlling our destiny anywhere at all. Frankly, how many communities are more desolate and godforsaken than Leith? Few. Yet the system would deny us even that much.

I remember the phrase, “Well, you can’t expect downtown Manhattan.” Perhaps that needs an update: “…or any habitable place whatsoever, no matter how remote and unappealing to the rest of us.”

They really do want our subjugation and ultimately our genocide. This is not hyperbole. They want us licking their boots so long as a single white lives and breathes. The solution? Well, there are many, but certainly we must develop a complete and idealistic commitment to creating a sovereign white homeland, and agitate for it in every discussion and debate. This homeland must ultimately be big enough to stand on its own two feet, not just a tiny speck of land that is incapable of protecting itself from the anti-whites. Leith, in my view, is proving that we need a lot more than Leith.

No matter what one is arguing, it can’t hurt to inject the homeland idea at least once. I think the mantra types have shown the value of repetition.

Another vital task is the creation of our own informal networks, however modest or humble. I suggest that most of these be under the radar, and I personally like Jack Donovan’s idea of the co-op gym a lot, but there are a million possibilities.

Alex Kinkade

The end game of Cobbsville, and its colonization by white nationalists, is NOT to convince other whites that we can organize and create self-sustaining pro-white habitations and environments. The ruling powers will never allow this to happen. If you fail to understand that, then you are basically useless to the cause of white nationalism, except, perhaps, as a human ATM machine by which to supply needed funds to those who do.

The end game of Craig Cobb’s efforts is to ignite civil disruption on a national scale. To understand, imagine the anti-Vietnam riots of the 60’s (I personally witnessed them) which rippled and convulsed across the nation, fomenting some of the most violent clashes America ever experienced. It is THAT that those on the cutting edge of white nationalism are after. For we must rip to shreds the very matrix of multiculturalism, as Craig Cobb ably demonstrated in Leith – challenging hundreds with but a small counter-force. True, he did not go all the way, by clashing head-on with them. But he did reveal how eager our enemies are to attack and destroy us. And by so doing, they have forfeited any claim to the moral high-ground. Instead, they have basically said: “We give you nothing. We will not compromise. We are chafing at the bit, merely waiting for the order to go for your collective throat.”

And we owe them nothing in return – except rivers of blood. For in the end, unless you are either too stupid or too cowardly to understand, we white nationalists must kill our enemies. Kill the liberals, the Cultural Marxists, the Leftists, the negro-lovers, and all the other aiders and abettors of white civilizations destruction.

Craig Cobb understands this.

So do I.

The big question is: do you?

The Liberty Lamp

Really, Ward? Do you know what kind of liability you are to your little cause? It’s bad enough you doxxx’d Cobb’s old boss and shopped it on photos of him and hustled all over the Nazi sites. We were happy to inform him of all this, BTW, and to provide him with your information as well.

But, now here you go and made terrorist style death threats…what a nice screen shot this makes…and who can we send this to, hmmmm…well we will look through the old rolodex and set up a nice little e-contact list of all kinds who will want to know about this and who you are.

Cobb is a mentally ill schizophrenic, he as been diagnosed as such. If you want to follow the clinically mentally ill into the barren frozen wasteland with no electricity, so sewer, no water…well, you deserve what you get.

Anyone in need can get a hud house. It takes paperwork and lots of red tape, but hey, it’s cheap so then do it.

Nobody has an issue if you want to set up a little white neighborhood. April did it, she doesn’t have a huge community but there are people there including Robert Spencer. Aside from some guff from her neighbors she actually has electricity, a nice place, water and a comfortable life. Why? Well, as much as I don’t like April’s ideals I have to hand it to her that she is NOT INSANE!

She hasn’t attracted people who wander around drunk through the streets with shot guns and interrupting meetings trashed and flinging insults at people. She has not posed herself as a real threat, she has not posted a call for terrorism, and she hasn’t even shoved racist images at the public.

She simply though she found a nice spot to live, and other like minds would like to join her, and some have.

All Cobb has done is enforce the image that white nationalists are loons and drunken trash, and on a national scale.

He might as well star in a graphic novel written by the SPLC.

At any rate, Ward Kendall, thank you for this interesting and entertaining screen shot, now to make sure it ends up in the right hands.

Maybe next time you’ll know to put your mental derangement in check!

Matt Parrott


Kill the liberals, the Cultural Marxists, the Leftists, the negro-lovers, and all the other aiders and abettors of white civilizations destruction.

This sort of unhinged rhetoric isn’t welcome here. And if you actually are Ward Kendall, then you know that you personally are not welcome here.


Since the’doctors’ can’t produce any medical, scientific evidence of this epidemic of so-called ‘mental illness’ isn’t is sort of obvious the label is merely a tool to pathologize dissidents, as well as the oppressed in general? Schizophrenia and manic depression are brain disorders that are caused by genes. Yet the ‘doctors’ refuse to provide the same kind of empirical proof of these illnesses which would be required for any other ‘diagnosis,’ even though we can map the neanderthal genome.

You clearly don’t like Cobb’s politics, Liberty, and are afraid of simply admitting that, probably because there’s nothing immoral about them. So you just hurl silly names, dressed up as ‘science.’

All groups but Whites are allowed to live around one another and form independent communities in various forms. But they don’t get tagged with these histrionic labels. Increasingly Whites who report enduring attacks at the hands of other races are being labeled mentally ill, while ‘of color’ and especially black perpetrators of these racially motivated hate crimes are also being categorized as such.

Don’t think Whites buy into this absurdity, anymore than they believe pedophilia is simply an orientation, not an evil, as the APA has apparently recently asserted.

The Liberty Lamp

“Niemca” – Mental health records, especially military mental health records are not open for the public. But, as most people who are close to the movement know, Cobb has mental issues from both incidents related to his military experience as well concerns about his mental health before he served in the military.

Anyone who takes a look at Cobb in under five minutes can figure out that he is severely mentally unbalanced and reeks of schizoid behaviors.

This has nothing to do with me agreeing or not agreeing with his idiocy. I disagree with many people, but I know they are not mentally ill. I even used the example of April Gaede as someone who did exactly what Cobb is claiming to aspire to do, but she did it with a fraction of the drama and aside from a few meetings against her from the locals around her, there has been very little to no incidents involved.

Cobb is a mental case, no doubt, and if holding him up as a hero in the movement is your goal, then hahahaha, have at it.

Cobb is a live wire, a media village idiot, and constant fresh meat for groups like the SPLC to raise all kinds of dosh from because he provides them with fresh material every time he opens his lunatic mouth.

If you want to follow him, then go ahead, you can pack up your tacky floral crockery and pioneer out to the frozen wasteland and be like Wendy of the lost boys in the tundra. Nobody is stopping you, in fact I am encouraging you.

But to try to deny that Cobb isn’t mentally ill is an insult to everyone’s intelligence, who the hell to you think you are fooling?

Time to grow up, Wendy!


Who is ‘Wendy?’ You’re calling this Craig Cobb person paranoid?!

As for your other non-sequitur, the fact that you have no access to Cobb’s military ‘mental health’ records doesn’t solve the problem that no mental health records offer proof of physiological illness. The brain is like any other organ in the human body; it doesn’t become ‘ill’ at any higher rate than one’s heart, lungs, etc. The sheer fact that actual schizophrenia and manic depression manifest in one’s late teens or twenties pretty much proves that they are genetic disorders which occur in a very minute percentage of the population. If human beings brains became psychotic – meaning incapable of discerning concrete, material reality – under stress than we would have never survived, given that external stress is the norm and in fact one engine of evolution.

So, when someone exhibits real psychosis, or a ‘doctor’ shows me empirical scientific proof of a physiological illness, similar to the threshold required for real biological illnesses, then I’ll concur that individual might have a brain disorder.

Until then, I’m calling calling people with whom you disagree ‘mentally ill’ an act of hysterical denunciation to compensate for lack of convincing argumentation.

The Liberty Lamp

The “Wendy” was a Peter Pan reference, but then again, why does this strike such a chord with you? (hmmmm…?)

I am not going to get into a roundabout with you on Cobb’s obvious mental health issues.

You want to play queen of the river of denial? Then keep giving yourself a swirly in the commode that dumps feces into it and call it your crown.

And keep propping Cobb up, he has done wonders for recruitment for all kinds of anti-racist and unity organizing, especially in the North Dakota area.

The actual smart people (and there are one or two) in the WN movement cringe every time Cobb does another public stunt.

I, for one, am waiting for the next Cobb related public embarrassment, we at the Lamp aren’t going to write it up, but it does give us LULZ, and LULZ is what makes the battle all the more sweeter.


It’s interesting that you perceive my critique of the ‘mental illness’ hysteria to be a way to ‘prop up’ Cobb. I am not overly familiar with him and don’t have a set opinion of him or his actions in Leith. Since you consider his presence a boon for your recruitment efforts, I’d think you’d be happy to let his actions speak for themselves.

The Liberty Lamp

Nice back peddle, “Wendy”… as I have stated, we at the Lamp have not jumped on the Cobb publicity-whore anti-racist panic bandwagon.
He is self destructive and dwelling on him as a threat is moronic because we all know his quest was doomed from the beginning.
Unless he or one of the losers whom he has attracted to join him decides to go postal and actually harm innocent people, which is always a possibility.

Also, we aren’t fundraising, so we don’t need to dramatize a joke like his utopia of crazy to beg for bucks.

As far as sitting back and letting Cobb’s drama work for our cause, that is exactly what we are doing … but because of his mental instability and the like kind he is attracting we are still keeping a watchful eye on them.


Keep us posted 🙂

You strike a snide and sneering tone, Liberty. One of the things that attracted me to White Nationalism, besides the obvious war against White people and freedom in general that is being waged in the US and Europe, was how poised and serenely confident in their values WN’s were, especially compared to their antagonists in your camp.

Nothing in all your spamming really explains to me why you find White LIberation so threatening, or why you labor under this compulsion to maintain such vigilance over Whites who only desire separation.

If you aren’t on the Zio payroll, I wish you peace. You may just be a misbegot solider,

The Liberty Lamp

“Wendy”- You have no idea what you are dealing with nor are you anyone to claim higher values than anyone.

No, I am not on any payroll, not your imaginary Zio boogiemen, or the SPLC, the ADL ect… nor is our collective begging for bucks like shysters Alex Linder, Don Black or the JTTF fail honeypot: Hal Turner.

We are also not batting at shiny objects, we fight those who really might cause harm and work hard to prevent people from getting hurt.

We are not misbegotten soldiers, we are info nerds, the Francis Walsinghams, we are the eyes and ears….


That’s just it, Liberty, I wasn’t claiming ‘higher values than anyone,’ just that all my people, and I, really desire is peace, and that I wished you might understand that.

I haven’t intended to patronize you here. The ADL and it’s ilk are Zionists. I am not imagining that.

Soldier, info nerd…what’s at issue is what’s in one’s heart and spirit, and I just don’t get why such seeming contempt for my people fills yours.

I used to be a semi-devout Lefty, even campaigned determinedly for some of the more authentically progressive leftist national and regional candidates. I still think some of them were good people, and held decent values.



Nah, just the ‘eyes and ears’ type…

You still haven’t answered my question. Why is the idea of Whites separating so offensive?

The Liberty Lamp

It is offensive on many levels, but not that big of a deal to me.

My concern is when there are big caches of weapons or explosives, or potential for threats and harm to the public involved due to unstable behavior from those involved. I have never gone after April Gaede, or even Harold Covington for that matter, both who have attempted to quest for a white wonderland of sorts.

Again, the Lamp hasn’t even written up about Cobbville, there is not one article about it, because it’s a tabloid level story and we aren’t interested in Cobb making huge attentional whore ass out of himself

The only time we actually wrote up about Cobb was when he was on the lamb in Canada and we were reaching out to our Canadian comrades to a. not to get violent with the guy if they found him because he is mentally ill and b. if they did find him to get him to a mental health hospital to get him an updated evaluation and a new meds adjustment.

You want to start up white fairylands, go ahead,but, I don’t think they can really work.

As long as they don’t turn into communes that are places to cater to child molesters or men who want to beat women or dangerous militia domestic terrorist cells, I don’t really care.


The Soviets were big into drugging dissidents too.

If you ‘don’t really care’ about White separatism and nationalism, why do you come here and hector people? Do you think TYN is promoting child molestation, woman-beating, and domestic terrorism? Has someone appointed you an authority to decide when those terms apply?

The Liberty Lamp

I’m not a Soviet and the cold war is over.

I come on here to add the opinion of the other side.

If you paid attention, I wasn’t even attacking the idea of a white wonderland, but providing a perspective of Cobb’s mental health that was not being discussed or disclosed.

I told Matt Parrott that I would stop coming on here if he asked me, so far I don’t think he finds my posts that offensive.

Matt P is more of a policy nerd, and policy nerds actually like sitting down with those of opposite sides of issues and have a spar. We are of the same mind in that way, and there have been more that one person from our collective on here posting comments.

I am sure he is catching flack for it, and to even up the score, I am sure there are those on our side who are pissy about us being on here and being a civil as we are.

Personally, I think this is the best way to solve some of the issues that divide our two sides. I prefer solutions over color war games.


You wanted Cobb medicated as he disagrees with your ‘side,’ which you keep avoiding defining. I’m just sincerely white-wondering what your side is. You claim to prefer solutions over color war games, yet mostly all you do on here is hurl personal invective.

I’m still trying to figure out what your side is, what your actual policy issues are with TYN, and what solutions you promote.

The Liberty Lamp

No, Wendy, I want Cobb to get mental help because he has mental health issues.

If he receives the medication he needs it could mean saving the lives of innocent people by preventing him from going postal and shooting up a public venue or planting an explosive device like what happened at a MLK march in Seattle a few years ago. There was some speculation that he could have been involved with that.

Maybe if you if you stopped focusing your sorry attempt to try to spin everything to fool yourself into thinking you are winning some kind of idea war ( and you really are not good at it, sorry) you’d understand what our posts are about on here.

Use your brain, Wendy, not your reactionary emotions, and the answers will be clear to you if you choose to see them.


“Maybe if you if you stopped focusing your sorry attempt to try to spin everything to fool yourself into thinking you are winning some kind of idea war ( and you really are not good at it, sorry) you’d understand what our posts are about on here.”

Seems like you just like to….do whatever it is that you do here. None of which really involves solving issues. You can’t seem to even name an issue. Let’s see…people you don’t like are mentally ill yet there is no medical evidence of this alleged ‘illness’…Matt Heimbach speaks in ‘mumbo-jumbo’ and Tom punched himself at the Tim Wise protest or something…

I got it! You’re in love with Matt Parrott!

The Liberty Lamp

Yes, that is it, Wendy, I’m in love with Matt Parrott!

We are going to run off and have a honeymoon in the world of Minecraft, split a box of Hot Pockets, and then spend the rest of our lives arguing strategy and who has the ugliest brown ties.

Well, Wendy, thank you for showing everyone how smart you are. I bet “the movement” can breath a huge sigh of relief knowing you are here to solve all the esoteric mysteries of a comment section!


Don’t knock it…I kinda have a thing for him too, but hear he’s taken. And I wouldn’t want to be put on the ‘Needs Meds’ list for professing white heterosexual attraction.


Very gracious of you…now if your ‘side’ could just stop calling me ‘cis’ gendered…

The Liberty Lamp

Maybe staying away from the14 yr old brats onTumblr could remedy that situation for you? And BTW, I don’t consider them on my side. FYI, I don’t consider them anything but problems for their own parents.


Amazing! You actually engaged an ‘issue.’

I’ve only encountered adult transsexuals, and can hardly tweet much less tumble. But I take it you don’t support the army of transmentals who crashed TYN’s Leif Erickson Day.

The Liberty Lamp

I support trans rights 100%.

The guys in dresses at the Leif Ericsson rally were not trans folks, they were trolls who are part of some silly Ron Paul/Adam Kokesh weed smoking group who put on dresses to troll the skinheads.

They also ended up insulting a lot of people on our side as well.

So, no, they were not trans people and they were not even with our people.

They were trolls who jumped into the plans one week before the event and tried to co-opt it.


The trans define themselves as transgenders, so according to them one need not be a transsexual to be ‘trans.’ They also take the cis label quite seriously. Some even express real violence towards the idea that nature produces men and women, and this includes people well into their twenties in my experience.

I met with a group in my lefty days who ascribed an ‘aggressive’ innate nature to lesbians, and advocated for government to mandate insurance for their cosmetic surgery. In California a boy can compete against girls in sports simply if he’s feeling…I guess girly.

I was a state ranked female athlete in high school. When Y chromosomes compete against X’s in sports, maybe with a few exceptions like *women’s* figure skating, women’s sports will cease to be about women.

I find it incredible that you accuse me of believing in fairytales and consider Craig Cobb ‘mentally ill’ while vowing 100% support for ‘trans rights.’

The Liberty Lamp

Well, I have been hetro all my life and am also around trans people for work and some of the lefty circles I run in and I have never been called a “cis”.

The only place I have witnessed that kind of petty banter is on Tumblr, because we have a collective member who insists on having a Tumblr account.

Most of that petty nonsense on Tumblr seems to be coming from confused children who are trying to make some kind of teeny-bobber statement.

Most of the trans people I know are adults who are trying to get through their transformations with the hormones, the pricy operations, and the legalities of name and gender changes on their identifications. Not to mention all the drama that is involved with family members and job situations.

They are happy to have anyone around them who will be there for them in friendship, no matter their orientation, and don’t insult or alienate their support base.

If any of them were as uncontrollably combative or have potential to go postal as Cobb is, yes I would put them in the same camp as Cobb.


It’s fanciful thinking, a ‘fairytale wonderland’ if you will, to try to deny that there is such a thing as Y and X chromosomes, men and women. Or, for those receiving paychecks through the psych establishment’s racket, it should be termed an emotional illness. You call me in denial?

I was cyber harassed for days by a college age lesbian activist for pointing out that trans surgery is cosmetic, and that it therefore should not be covered by insurance. I also heard complaints from other lesbians and people in general, that the transsexuals were known to become irrationally and uncontrollably combative. A male’s body is not wired for an onslaught of female hormones, and vice versa.

Your ‘side’s inability to countenance it’s own contradictions is mind-boggling. The left says gender is a social construct, but then swears that to change one’s sexual characteristics is to change one’s ‘gender.’ So gender is real, and aligns with one’s sex?

Cosmetic surgeons told a friend of mine she couldn’t have a nose job until she was mature, I believe 17 may have been the age of consent. But now we’re allowing children to decide if they want extensive cosmetic surgery that can impact actual bodily functions?

The left is truly imploding…women of color claim a half white/half jewish woman’s (Eve Ensler) account of being raped isn’t her own, feminists in general are being forced to ‘admit’ that gender innately aligns with one’s sex, and that lesbians really are just aggressive violent wannabe men (I’m thinking Sparkles Lindsay here).

At least the transsexuals can validate one axiom of liberalism – whiteness is evil. Every trans activist I’ve ever met agrees wholeheartedly on that front.

Soon there won’t be any whites in the ‘Left,’ save a few self-loathing malcontents, so I suppose it doesn’t matter.

The Liberty Lamp

Sorry, I hit the wrong reply button so feel free to delete the double in the wrong thread:

Well, as we support equality of gender issues, the primary function of our collective is to collect info and report on the happenings of dangerous fascist movements.

If you want to get into a gender discussion I am sure there are plenty of other groups/blogs/forums you can talk about these kinds of things with.

If you were cyber-stalked or bullied, you should file a report with your local FBI office.

I don’t care if insurance companies pay for trans operations, nose jobs, liposuctions or penis enlargements.
I don’t even care if people get these things on government medicaid, why?
Because I just don’t care what people chose to do with their bodies and I don’t care where the money comes from.

I guess there are other things I find more interesting than caring about what other people consider gender.

I have a penis, and it remains happy, therefore, I am happy.

How other people want to play with what is between their legs is none of my business.

Now, If they want to burn crosses, plant bombs, or start lynching people, …. let me know…..


Cool, maybe we agree on something besides that it’s fun to follow Matt Parrott around. You don’t care if insurance companies pay for trans operations (and hormone ‘therapy’) so you feel no compulsion to force middle class white, or any other color, people to pay for them. Knock your 100% pro-trans score down to about…10%.

You also don’t care what people choose to do with their bodies…so you’re at least rating around 80% on the White Liberation scale.

Your penis is of no consequence to me, and I’m neither impressed nor bullied by your vulgar reference to it. This forum isn’t for 14 year olds as you so aptly point out.

When you have authentic concern about women getting beaten, raped and lynched…let me know…

The Liberty Lamp

I am not here to impress you or to rank up points on your imaginary score card.

Our collective is about one thing and one thing only….figure it out!

About following Matt Parrott around, meh, to be honest with you, I had no idea he was going to show up at Leif Ericsson. When our vid cam 3 guy came down from the hill and showed us the first footage he took, we were shocked that both he and Heimbach were there.
I was involved very little with being at NPI in person, so if he never came out of the Reagan building for a smoke, D never would have gotten the video interview with him. Mind you, that footage is not going anywhere soon, and has only been viewed by us.

The only reason why Parrott is on our radar is because he is playing with boneheads, and he knows this.

If he was just the C of CC guy he used to be, with a little newsletter and publishing we wouldn’t care.

He’s jumped into the vortex, so now he has our attention, how does it feel to be this loved? Eh?

civil rights apostate

Mr. Parrott, why do you allow guys like Mr. Lamp to post material talking about unmentionable organs which has no substance to the topic?


I’m undecided on that. It’s tedious, but useful, to tease out the logical fallacies and hypocrisies of the left, and Liberty Lamp performs the heavy lifting to that end. He’s concerned about women getting beaten apparently, except if they’re lesbians it seems, or only as long as feminism can seem at all cogent, which is for about another five minutes. He’s deeply concerned about those suffering from mental illness but doesn’t consider the delusion that a male is a female to be one, and has no problem with allowing doctors to mutilate the children he also professes concern for. Last, he exposes the viciousness of the ‘mental health’ establishment with his hideous conflation of character sicknesses and mental/genetic brain illness by ghettoizing the sufferers of them with violent criminals. Statistics and reality don’t support his self-serving, vile contention.

The Liberty Lamp

I talked about mutilating children? Where? And where am I not concerned about lesbians being beaten up?

I always suspected you might be a lesbian, and I would never let anyone beat you up, even though you are kind of loony.

Spin the way you like. You have some emotional issues, I hope you are in therapy for them.

The Liberty Lamp

Although, if you are Matt P or another TYN in sock puppet drag, and you don’t want me posting on here, just shoot me an email an ask me not to post on here anymore. No, prob bro, I respect your space.

But, it would be funny that if this is a TYN sock, and you spend so much time crying about gender confusion while posting as a chick????….talk about the lulziest irony ever!!!



We were making such progress! Now we’re back at every challenge to your dogma is ‘loony.’

I’m flattered you’ve ‘always suspected’ …something…of me. I’m still not as cool as Matt P though I take it.

Transsexual surgery and hormone ‘therapy’ is being practiced on children as young as 11 and 12; that is what I’m referring to.

You voice concern over women getting beaten – except if they’re white. I assume you’re familiar with the black on white rape rate? Ever heard of Melissa McLaughlin and Blonde Gynocide?

Whites are getting hate-crime murdered, aka ‘lynched,’ every week in the US yet you obsess over non-existent cross-burning and Unabomber sightings.

Again, your concern just comes across as saccharine and contrived. Last, for now, calling lesbians crazy is simply outre, not to mention outrageously misogynist, which is not to confirm your paranoid ‘suspicion.’ You collectivists claim sexual orientation should be irrelevant, and I feel no need to parry your exhibitionist tendencies, so ‘suspect’ anything you want…


The Liberty Lamp

“Transsexual surgery and hormone ‘therapy’ is being practiced on children as young as 11 and 12; that is what I’m referring to.” <— no I don't agree with this.

Yes, I get mad when all women are beaten on, of any color or orientation.

I was even mad when I saw the video of MattP getting beaten on, even though he isn't really a woman, unless you're him as a sock (lol!)

But, seriously, that situation of what happened to Matt bothered a lot of people, but, I am not going to get into the details….


Lamp, a number of points:

As to the issue of mental illness, I would say that white nationalists and anti-whites probably do appear to be “insane” to one another. You personally have assumed a smug but sane posture, but many anti-whites are out of control crazy, dripping with vitriolic hate. They really ARE as the media falsely portrays us to be, and exhibit a level of bloodthirsty hatred that can even surprise a dissident type like myself. Some, but comparatively few on our side are like that.

Our worldviews are so utterly at odds that we often cannot agree on even the most basic aspects of reality. As to the issue of Craig’s sanity in a legitimate clinical sense, obviously I have no idea whatsoever. But let’s be honest: system elements aren’t teaming up against Craig on that basis. The gist of the headlines aren’t “Mentally ill man tries to take over Leith!” The headlines are “White Supremacist Naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews tries to take over Leith!”

Which is simply to say that Craig is being attacked on the basis of his racial views, not anything else. That’s what is at issue.

To most people, Craig probably *looks* like a burned out hippy. He certainly doesn’t look like a Nazi stormtrooper or Klan Kleagle. He doesn’t look like (or talk like) people expect such a man to look, and I’d say that’s good for our side too, even if only at a subconscious level.

Another point is that many, not just the proverbial one or two, white nationalists are cringing over this episode. Craig has gone about this in pretty much the exact opposite way that I would have recommended.

However, Craig is a doer and not just a “recommender.” Whether by design or not, he’s made some important points. As I mentioned above, he called and exposed a key system bluff, making it easier for us to make the genocide label stick in the future. I’ve already used this as a debating point, to good effect. Score one for the Leith “debacle.”

We’re going to force the anti-whites to come out openly supporting genocide, and Leith will be at least a small part of that process. It’s getting close. In fact, it appears that some anti-whites are already crossing the line and beginning to own the logic of their own views. That’s important, and will constitute a serious victory for our side once it develops further. Leith just helps the process move along.

Also, while I can’t prove it, I think Craig has had an even more powerful effect on the subconscious of many. He is one standing against many, and I suspect at a very deep level, almost everyone understands that this is happening to him because of his pro-white political views, not just because he has crazy hair or has said intemperate things. This is not the usual Say Something Politically Incorrect, Then Grovel and Apologize Shuffle that most white Americans are very familiar with by now, and that has so demoralized us for decades. That hippy burnout will not apologize! He won’t grovel!

In other words, Craig may not be winning any popularity contests, but it’s likely that you are unjustified if you see this as an unqualified success for your side and an unqualified disaster for ours. It’s far from that. This situation speaks to things deep and primal, difficult to quantify.

It’s a hard call, but as things stand now, I’ll take the points that Cobb (wittingly or not) has made over any losses. Let’s face it, the “losses” are nothing new, as we’ve been portrayed as goofballs and crazies for decades. The public is already used to that. But the Leith incident has made different points in a different way, and as things stand today, it’s probably a net gain for us. Time will tell.

The Liberty Lamp

Trainspotter- Although I actually do like sparring with you, your posts are usually not as rabid loon as others, I think if you take some time to read my comments you will see I have already addressed the issues you point out.

I am not about getting on the repeat merry-go-round, sorry….

civil rights apostate

the anti-racist thing is not about treating other races as human but as treating non-whites as more valuable as whites. The anti-racist activist would be more upset about someone like me calling the black man who kidnapped, raped and strangled twelve-year-old white girl Christina Leann Neal a nigger or calling the amerindian who did the same to eleven year old white Canadian Allison Parrot,–(is she a relative of Matt’s?)– an injun than the crime. The idea is that whites are space aliens or something like that or that blacks and indians are gods. I think you should put pictures of white victims of colored crime–alive, of course– and write how they died on some of your signs so that people will know how monstrous the multicult is.


So I was reading a Nazi thread where WN supporters of Craig Cobb were pondering the “jewishness” of UnityND member Scott Garman. Yet, none of the Nazis stopped to consider the “jewishness” of the surname Cobb, which is postulated by some historians and genealogists to derive from the surname Jacobb/Jacob or Yakub. Perhaps someone (Cobb perhaps?) is overcompensating for himself or running from something, because some of his latest posts seem to have to do with proving his white roots as a German and Irishman. Suggestion to Nazis.. look into Mr. (Ja)Cobb’s family tree and see what sort of fruit shakes loose.

Even more so…in light of the fact that the name Cobb is possibly a derivative of a Jewish surname. We hereby challenge Criag Cobb to a DNA challenge. We will pay the cost of the test, to be sent to the DNA genealogy company, DNA Tribes, to prove his Aryan lineage. The test checks both the Y and mitochondrial DNA. We can do the test in public and seal the envelopes so we would have no tampering. Will you accept Mr. Cobb? Are you certain about what it would show? Would you let us share the results with your colleagues in the WN movement once we have them? Awaiting your answer if you have the intestinal fortitude to accept.

civil rights apostate

Cobb is an English-Norman name. There’s nothing Jewish about it. I looked it up just now.

Craig Cobb

DNA Tribes (ref: Along the same lines, yet another company DNA Tribes identifies the indigenous and diaspora populations in which an individual’s autosomal STR profile is most common – and ‘…most STR analysis examines markers chosen for their high intra-group variation, the utility of these particular STR markers to access inter-group relationships may be greatly diminished’.) )…like DNAbyAncestry, , is a company dedicated to anti-racism (i.e. anti-White) and deep ancestry ‘Out of Africa’. The latter tests for just 176 SNP’s (ref: ‘AncestrybyDNA’s autosomal DNA test examines 176 autosomal SNPs…’ ) out of a possible 682,000! Further, far flung population groups can have the same SNP’s.

I have to agree with David C and Carmella on this one – TOTAL FRAUD. They purposely picked a name that is real close to a legitimate company. Like myself, most people think they are getting’s “AncestryDNA” test ( 682,000 SNPs) when in fact you are getting a test from “AncestrybyDNA” (176 autosomal STRs). Comparing 176 DNA markers to 682,000 DNA markers = BIG DIFFERENCE!! The test by AncestrybyDNA is no where near as detailed as the AncestryDNA test yet they are relatively the same price; $97 for AncestrybyDNA and $99 for AncestryDNA. Google reviews for AncestrybyDNA and you will get a ton of negative reviews and complaints. Yes, David these people are probably going to see a class action lawsuit in their future for misleading advertising.
…That is to say, the 5% Native American affiliation type, on a European background, is systematically obtained for Greeks, meaning it is seen for most individuals of this group. Other affiliation types on other backgrounds are characteristic signatures for other ethnic groups. This section of the website is designed to give you a feel for these signatures.

These tests are designed to tell what percentage Native American, European, East Asian, and African a person is. These tests are controversial –their validity has not been independently confirmed — and the results are often disputed…. How does it have any meaning to assign Indian people to some proportion of European (which sometimes appears intended to equal “Caucasian”) ancestry and some proportion of East Asian ancestry?

One company (AncestryByDNA) describes these four ethnic groups as follows:

Native American: Populations that migrated from Asia to inhabit North, South and Central America.
European: European, Middle Eastern and South Asian populations from the Indian subcontinent, including India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
East Asian: Japanese, Chinese, Mongolian, Korean, Southeast Asian and Pacific Islander populations, including populations native to the Philippines.
African: Populations from Sub-Saharan Africa such as Nigeria and Congo region.

I’ll give you a counter offer. Rather than these two poorly calculating companies above, DNA Tribes and DNAbyAncestry, you pay for either the National Geographic DNA test or the test. I’ll pay for the one you don’t select. You can film me taking it and sealing the test in front of the post office before mailing. Deal?

-Craig Cobb


It isn’t the jews, it is the corporate elite and the muslims. The rest of the article was well written. The Muslims are the ones who have flat out stated they are going to take over the world and that Americans need to die. It was not the Jews who said that. Please at least focus on the right groups.

civil rights apostate

I looked up Mr. Cobb–and found out he is an anti-Christian member of the Creativity movement! Are you sure you want to be yoked with this unbeliever?

Matt Parrott

We’re not “yoked”.

TradYouth is committed to being supportive of Christians who aren’t outright hostile to White Nationalism and of White Nationalists who aren’t outright hostile to Christianity. We’re well aware of the backstories and baggage. Most Christians are historically hostile to White Nationalism and most White Nationalists are historically hostile to Christianity, but solidarity has to start somewhere, right?

civil rights apostate

I see. Historically, though, the vast majority of Christians would be on our side. Most Christians believe in the so called civil rights movement because they have been taught that anti-racism is a biblical value or because it is assumed that southern segregation was pure evil in this culture. Many white nationalists are opposed to Christianity because the churches have been calling Marchin’ Lootin’ King and Rosa Parks the “pro choice” communist devout Christians. But Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms were also devout Christians, and If I understand correctly, the Wichita victims were all practicing Catholics, while the Knoxville victims and emily Haddock were baptists. Trayvon, Emett Til, and Rodney King could not be called Christians seriously, because of the ways they lived. It is Christians who fought the CRM, and it is Christians who were victimized. Only Christianity can save the white race–and Mr. Cobb should know that. And by the way, are you related to Allison Parrott, the Canadian girl who got murdered by the Indian in 1986?

Craig Cobb

AncestrybyDNA’s anti-racist (anti-White) statement in their DNA manual:

Statement on Race:
Race is a defining issue of modern times in the US, Europe, and many other parts of the world. The impact of the European colonial period that started more than 500 years ago has set the tone for the interactions among diverse populations of the world. Colonization, Genocide, Slavery, Legalized Segregation, Apartheid, Jim Crow Laws and Concentration Camps are but a few of the atrocities that are the history of our civilized world and every culture has its own list to be ashamed of. Given the enormity of these events, their long-term consequences will take generations to overcome. Modern conceptions of Race, Racism, and Racialization are some of the fallout of these events.
Part of our mission at DNAPrint is to work towards the abolition of these misconceptions and the social injustice that result from Racism and Racialization. In this light, we are dedicating considerable internal resources to education regarding the different perspectives (Sociocultural, Political, and Biological) on race and the meaning of populations in light of genomic science and biomedical research.
1) Race is not a biological concept. There is not enough genetic differentiation among human populations to consider them zoological races.
2) Race is a social construct. This means that these classifications (black, white, Hispanic, Jewish) are defined (and redefined) by the prevailing sociopolitical structure.
a. Race is often a great amalgamation of many diverse populations and ethnicities.
b. Race is often ascribed only to the minority populations.
c. In the US, any minority population ancestry is dominant and the person is completely of
the minority group (e.g. “the one-drop rule”).
3) Despite the veracity of points one and two above, since there is a correspondence amongst broad
racial categories and populations, the conclusion that there are no average biological differences
amongst any racially described groups may not be true.
4) Racism continues. “In some places, and for some people, overt racism has given way to implicit
racialization and “Colorblind Racism” a term coined by Dr. Eduardo Bonilla-Silva (Stanford
5) Race should not be used as a surrogate for population. Doing so may lead to over generalization
and unfounded stereotypes. A population is the unit of evolution and refers to a group of persons
who generally select mates from within the group.
6) Being respectful is the first important step in not having a racialized perspective.
a. Each person is a human being first and foremost. It is disrespectful, at any level, on the street, in the lab, or in the clinic, to consider his or her population group first.
b. Populations should be described (not defined) in precise language that members of the community would use.
7) We believe that the physical and cultural diversity of the world’s peoples should be embraced as a valuable and even sacred resource. Indeed, the genomic variation both within and amongst populations is in many ways our Human Biodiversity and will provide important clues as to the origins, our physiological construction, and the possible futures of our fragile species.


Betcha ya can’t guess who said this: “can you tell me why Leith is a bonehead move?”
“Why? Ill-conceived, poorly planned, no foresight to likely consequences, etc. He is getting blown out of the water. Not one of the parties that he “donated” a property to will take residence. GD likely told him to go blow. If he is carrying these with mortgages, he is shit out of luck. Lastly, and this is removed from your question, personally as an Ethno Nationalist and not a White Nationalist I have no choice but to back the Lakota Nation. The only org that cozied up was the NSM. Wow! Congratulations, Mr. Cobb!”

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