Mourning the Martyrs of the Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn: You Killed the Men, Not the IdeaTraditionalists and White nationalists should never be surprised when blatant double standards are put in place by the System against anyone who strives to support Tribe, Tradition, or the Trinity. The Jewish ordered and Greek government enforced crackdown on Golden Dawn that has been taking place over the past month has proven the utter hypocrisy of the alleged “democratic System that we have in the West. As Gregory Hood wrote in his article over at Counter-Currents:

“Thus, the entire Greek political system has united to destroy the party, including stripping away the funding they are entitled to, arresting Parliament members in the dead of night, and using the kind of eliminationist rhetoric that could be seen as an exaggeration of fascism if it was directed at anyone other than the hard Right. Without a shred of self-awareness, the media portrayed the masked men holding assault rifles as defenders of democracy and the older men in suits as dangerous fascists.”

The Greek government has violated any pretense that is represents the will of the people or that democracy is anything but the most shallow form of soft tyranny. As European nationalists have found time and time again, our ideas are allowed to be expressed to give the illusion of freedom of speech but as soon as they begin to gain real political traction then we are instantly banned and carted off the national scene to protect the safety of the soulless system of Modernity. Any excuse, imagined or not, is enough for the elites to deprive Traditionalists their place at the table of ideas. Fundamentally until we recognize that there is far more long term potential in following through with a total unplugging from the system and the push of secession of White Americans into Northwest Front or Avalonian models, the attempts to live and work within the system will only result in the continual crackdowns by the government.

The reason for the government crackdown on Golden Dawn was primarily launched due to the alleged murder of an antifascist rapper by a Golden Dawn supporter. The “criminal” element of Golden Dawn was somehow complicit in a pub brawl that ended with an antifa getting the rough end of it. The death of the antifascist rapper, Killah P, was not an organized assassination of any kind or deep conspiracy, it was a group of folks getting into an honest fight after a night of drinking. On the flip-side; however, the organized Left has just declared open war on Golden Dawn and all nationalists in Greece.

Despite the government tyranny, media attacks, and increasingly agitated attacks against Golden Dawn by Leftist elements within the nation, supporters of Golden Dawn have remained steadfast in their dedication to their people. When the tactics of intimidation didn’t work on the Party, the Left has decided to turn to terrorism to advance their political goals. In a cowardly attack on November 1st, two men rode up on a motorcycle in front of a Golden Dawn office in Athens and opened fire on the folks gathered outside. With an illegal weapon the shooter “started firing from 15 meters away and finished off his victims at close range.” Instead of fighting with a sense of dignity and honor, the Leftist thugs assassinated two young men Giorgos Fountoulis and Manolis Kapelonis. The murderous cowards fled the scene of the attack and are currently being sought by police.

As the center and political moderates continue to lose support and membership, the polarization of politics means the inevitable radicalization of the populace. The second largest political party in Greece SYRIZA that launched the government thugs on Golden Dawn, has been steadily radicalizing its normal communist rhetoric into calling for the death of Golden Dawn supporters.

It likely would not be hard to draw the links between the shooters and some part of SYRIZA, thereby under the standard set by the killing of Killah P, making SYRIZA a criminal entity and leading to the arrest of its leadership. Of course, the Left does not play by the same rules that we do. The Left has no trouble with Orwellian double=think. A policy of “do as I say, not as I do” is the paramount virtue of the democratic Leftist governments in the United States and Europe. When a Traditionalist throws a piece of trash on the ground it is deemed a Federal offence, when Leftists gun down young men simply because of their politics, it’s nearly ignored.

The fact that the government shows no real interest in finding the murderers and beyond a few phoned in statements, mainstream Greek parties have avoided the issue. When an anti-Greek “antifascist” is killed, the citizenry of Greece was organized to take to the streets, when nationalists are martyred, the only sounds heard are the weeping of two mothers, the shovels digging graves for men years before their time, and the growing murmur of nationalist aggravation.

If the Greek government is able to ban Golden Dawn and arrest its leadership and get all of the “victories” that the Jews demand, it will not stop the movement of Tribe, Tradition, and Trinity. As the tyrannical globalist democracies continue to tighten the screws on nationalists and Traditionalists, the soft tyranny has become a blatant and open police state.

While it is easy to subdue a population with fast food, secularism, and immorality, when the government tyranny begins impacting everyday citizens’ lives then the Left has lost its biggest tactical advantage, surprise. The movement to destroy nationalist sentiment is most effective when there is the appearance of legitimacy to the System, but increasingly as Golden Dawn is showing the world, we cannot negotiate with the System.

The modern Establishment political System is willing to do whatever it takes to destroy nationalists and Traditionalists, even if that means killing us. When the Federal governments around the Occident are willing to infringe upon the fundamental right of Christians to worship, ban political parties who promote Western values, open the borders of our nations to the rest of the world while spitting on the inheritance and traditions of our ancestors, and organize to systematically replace our people and culture, and even shoot us down in the streets, we cannot escape the fact that we are at war with the System.

This is not a war in which violence is the answer, it is a psychological war. Harriet Tubman said of her underground railroad that she “freed a thousand slaves” but could have “freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” Greeks are waking up en masse to the fact that they are being made a servile people on the plantation of capitalism and International Jewry. Only through throwing off democracy and the current guiding principles of Modernity can we hope to liberate ourselves to fulfill our God-given destiny. While the System will fight us, and even martyr us, they cannot defeat White men and women who are fighting together with a righteous fire in their soul.

White Europeans and Americans are shackled to a government system that is rotten from its very core. As Codreanu said about democracy:

“Democracy serves big business. Because of the expensive, competitive character of the multiparty system, democracy requires ample funds. It therefore naturally becomes the servant of the big international Jewish financiers, who enslave her by paying her. In this manner, a nation’s fate is placed in the hands of a clique of bankers.”

There is no freedom in the soft tyranny of democracy, only misery. The blood of the Greek martyrs and those rotting away in the jail cells in Athens will be vindicated as the Greek people with Gods blessing shall decide they no longer need to vote to control their destiny, but instead seize their destiny on the streets and refuse to be subjugated by outside influences any longer.

The brutality and hypocrisy of the Establishment must awaken the European folk to the plight in front of us. Nationalists are disenfranchised electorally yet still we keep trying. Our ideas are mocked in the media yet still many of us seek approval. Our sons and daughters are bleeding and dying in the streets by the bullets and blades of assassins yet still we have faith in the System. It is time to flip over the table and psychologically and spiritually unplug from the belief in democracy.

Let the martyrdom of the members of Golden Dawn be an inspiration to nationalists around the globe that we all must be willing to die for our Cause and to understand that our enemy shall stop at nothing to stop us. It is time we get our hearts and minds in this fight and put our aspirations not on seats in Parliament but on nations that we control. Our martyrs deserve to be buried with full honors, because it is with their blood and sacrifice that the spirit of nationalism shall be fed. Our martyrs deserve the utmost sacrifice on our part to make the dreams of our fallen come true, they were willing to give all for the Cause of Tradition and nationalism, and to offer less in service to our people would dishonor our fallen comrades.

Mourn the dead, comfort the injured, and take the fight to the enemy. Our Day Will Come.


Charles Edward Lincoln III

God Bless you, Matthew Heimbach, for this memorial to those patriots senselessly shot down in Athens. Of course, Greece, the original birthplace of Democracy, has in modern times seen more than it’s share of murder and repression. What is particularly tragic is that the modern world is so self-consciously engaged in self-destruction. The Golden Dawn has been an inspiration to all “right thinking Patriots” around the world for it’s success and influence in the marketplace of ideas and the parliamentary democratic process. The Golden Dawn, like the French Front National, provides a template for all of us to follow and emulate. As much as I hate to say so, I fear that you appear to be right: that it is the Israeli and/or Pro-Zionist Press that seems to be leading the charge to suppress the Golden Dawn. And by comparison, the French Front National has largely made peace with these elements, although it appears to be an uneasy truce at times, and how could it be otherwise?
I, for one, believe in pragmatism and compromise, but I cannot see how the Golden Dawn was EVER or could EVER have been a threat to Israel or Israeli interests? On the contrary, it seems to me that Israel has exactly the same self-preservationist interests in minimizing Islamic influence within its territories as Greece does. So why should there be any conflict? Israel supported Apartheid in the Republic of South Africa for obvious reasons. Often, Israel was the only ally that the RSA ever had inside the United Nations. Israel essentially IS a “National Socialist” State. Why do they want to deny to others what they themselves enjoy? This is a major puzzle to me. If they think that they will achieve world domination by destroying the internal integrity of other nations…..they must be brought to account for such arrogance, to use the ancient Greek word, for such tragic “HUBRIS” (“hubris” in ancient Greece, often misunderstood in English, was basically a legal concept: a moral crime of mortal insult to the honor and integrity of another equal).

civil rights apostate

“Our day will come” I hope so. Malcolm X and other villains are praised incessently, whereas anyone who is even mildly opposed to multiculturalism is considered a racist skinhead nazi. I get called a racist whenever I express my true views on race. All I am is a nice ordinary white guy who wants to preserve his people and heritage and can’t put up with heinous torture murders such as the Jonathan Foster murder, the Knoxville Horror, the Wichita massacre, or the brandy duvall murder. We live in an insane world, I think, however, that you, as Christians like me, should remember that saving white heritage is meaningless without Christianity, as only that can save the white soul–or any soul for that matter

civil rights apostate

I don’t want a reichstag fire. I just don’t want anymore Marcia Trimbles or Tiffany Longs to get raped and murdered. If you don’t like this site, why don’t you leave it alone?


“I don’t want a reichstag fire. I just don’t want anymore Marcia Trimbles or Tiffany Longs to get raped and murdered. If you don’t like this site, why don’t you leave it alone?”

So what exactly is the point you are trying to make? Is it that in your mind only Blacks commit murder and rape? Is it that you believe separation of races is the magic fix to all the worlds ills? I’m asking, just trying to figure out what this statement is supposed to mean.

civil rights apostate

no, I’m just explaining that I’m not a nazi or anything like that. I know that all races commit those crimes, and I think that if the races were still on separate continents we would have fewer cases like this. Look up Marcia Trimble, Tiffany Long, and Christina Leann Neal. If one of those was your own little girl, or your sister, cousin, or niece, or even your son’s sweetheart, would you like to have them raped and murdered?What I have said I will say again “If I had a daughter, she would likely look like Marcia.” I bet you’re one of those men who mourns Trayvon “no limit nigger” like a friend but has no compasion on a little white girl who get raped and strangled, and in the case of Tiffany, beaten to death with a board. You call sweet bitter and bitter sweet. Woe to you! But if all the children I mentioned are in Heaven, I envy them in that they died when they did–before this multicult madness broke loose–though not how they did. Good luck, if you decide to reconsider your views.


civil rights apostrophe,

I think I should clarify, the Reichstag fire comment was not aimed at you. The comment was aimed at White Nationalism in general.

Please don’t be silly, I don’t want to see anyone’s children murdered or raped. You are making ridiculous accusations. I would mourn for any child that was killed, under any circumstances.

civil rights apostate

I think you need to define what you mean by WN. That term can refer to anyone who supports white interests, from nice guys like Pat Buchanan, Jared Taylor, and I, to people like the Aryan nations and skinheads. I know that you probably don’t consciously approve of those murders, but you won’t bring them in to account and reconsider your views on integration. The man who killed Marcia was an outright racist who claimed to have killed four or five “blue eyed b*****s” (He calls any girl a b**** and treats them like it too.) I know whites have committed some heinous crimes against non-blacks in the past, but so has every race. Unless you want to flood haiti with whites for the way they murdered the French Haitians, or want to flood Mongolia with Chinese and Russians and Turks because of Tamerlane, you are not consistent in your views. Or do you want to send a bunch of whites, Chinese, and Amerindians into Ethiopia to diversify the place? I don’t–just as I oppose multiculturalism in white countries.

civil rights apostate

“I know whites have committed heinous crimes against non-blacks but so has every race”–sorry I meant “I know whites have committed heinous crimes against non-whites, but every race has committed heinous crimes against different races”


civil rights apoplexy:

This game of having to define everything is silly. I’ve found that no matter how I define something, that when I am in the company of those who I am attempting to define, they just claim my definition is not the definition of what they are. It’s kind of redundant really. Myself, I prefer to give examples. You did hold out Jared Taylor as a nice guy though. I’ve never met Jared Taylor. I’ve actually read many times that he seems to be a nice guy, that’s both from Left and Right sources. I find Matt Parrott to be somewhat of a nice guy too. Just because someone seems to be a nice guy does not mean they are. I am not saying Jared Taylor and Matt Parrott aren’t nice guys. What I am saying is that i have found things that they have said publicly that paint a somewhat different picture of what type of people they truly are. Jared Taylor for instance once told Chad Chapman of the Chad Factor that, “If I were an employer and I had to make some kind of employment decision and all I knew was that one of the employees was say Asian and one of the employees was black and one of the employees was white, I would make a decision on the basis of race and it would be a very sensible decision to make.” To me, a statement like that is inconsistent with something a “nice” guy would say. In addition, to say you would pick an employee based on their race doesn’t really seem to back up the argument that it’s not about one race being superior to another. Someone that would make a decision soley based on race would be by default stereotyping another and not judging that person based on their individual qualities. I cannot respect a person that would do that.

I did find it interesting though that you lumped skinheads into a different group than Jared Taylor and yourself. Yourself and Taylor being in the nice guy column and I’m assuming the skinheads are in the not so nice guy column. I can’t help but wonder why? Does that mean you think it’s a bad idea for Trad Youth to be networking with skinheads?

civil rights apostate

Well, you didn’t answer my questions about diversity. I don’t like skinheads, but If you throw everyone who has friends you don’t like under the bus, you throw almost everyone under the bus after a while. You cannot treat everyone exactly the same. If you treated every girl in the world as if she was your wife or girlfriend, you would be the world’s wickedest man. I actually agree with Mr. Taylor–Just as if I had two employees who were exactly the same in their abilities and one was my family member and the other wasn’t and I could only keep one, I would keep my family member. I want you to answer my question–Do you or do you not favor the diversification of Haiti, Mongolia, and Ethiopia? If you do not, you should not support the diversification of White nations either.


civil rights appendectomy,

I will try to answer your question about diversity. I believe you’re referring to this?

” I know that you probably don’t consciously approve of those murders, but you won’t bring them in to account and reconsider your views on integration. ”

I don’t approve of those murders. I also haven’t yet seen any evidence that they were committed by opposition to Golden Dawn. (Please note, I did not just say that Golden Dawn murdered their own people although, it is a possibility). As best I know right now, no ones been arrested in connection, am I wrong? There are all sorts of scenarios I can speculate on, but I’m just going to wait for now.

As far as my giving a second thought to integration. I have. I’ve grown up in an integrated world since birth, and guess what? I’m doing just fine. I see no reason for society to not be integrated. Regardless if someone is part of my “tribe” or not, if you’re doing me, my family and society at large no harm, I’ve got no beef with you. An integrated world is all that I know. I don’t find the multicultural world we live in to be failing really. Are the murders and rapes you pointed out unfortunate? Yes. There are a lot of unfortunate things that happen in our world, daily. I don’t have exact numbers in front of me, but if you think that 11 or 12 thousand murders a year in a country of 300 million is evidence of a failing multicultural society, you’re insane. It’s not a great number, but it’s certainly not evidence that different people can’t get along. The rest of the world does it every day, you WN’s should try it sometime.

As far as Jared Taylor, you are incorrect, he did not state equal people of different races. He didn’t mention their equality at all. I believe if you will re-read, he only mentioned that he would base his decision on race alone.

“Do you or do you not favor the diversification of Haiti, Mongolia, and Ethiopia?”

I am in favor of a diverse world with no boundaries or borders. I’m cool with it if you don’t agree.

john king

Spelunker, whose rectum have you been spelunking? Doesn’t spelunking mean an infatuation with ‘exploring’ caves? As in a man cave, lol 🙂 When that so-called “anti-racist” rapper got the short end of a shank I said that I was happy. Even you have to appreciate my honesty. All anti-whites working for white genocide will get their day as will you. Can you take your head out of that cave du jour and be honest and tell us that you are happy about those two Golden Dawn guys being shot? After all, your communist comrades have already beaten you to the celebration. Every dog has his day. And this dog hasn’t even started to bark, not to mention, bite.


John, or would you prefer Alice Foster or Adrienne Collins? While it may seem a rational move to threaten me publicly, I can assure you, I’m having my day, every day, and I am enjoying it. As for your rejoicing in the death of someone you’ve never met, it speaks volumes as to how your savage mind works. I don’t take pleasure in the death of the two men in Greece, I’m certainly sorry for you if you think less of me for that. I don’t take pleasure in anyone’s death. This violence and back and forth retaliation, if that is indeed what is happening, is stupid and I say for myself and myself alone, it’s not helping to fix any problems. There will be those on all sides that won’t agree with me and I don’t really care. John, when I watch your videos, that is what gives me great pleasure, in watching a man so obviously, completely mentally unhinged performing for all the world. It’s like a reality show only your delusion is real. I really loved seeing you throw that bottle or whatever it was you threw in your moment of contrived anger. Especially pleasing, was how the tape cuts there, obviously you had to piece it together because you failed so miserably at being spontaneous and sincere. How many takes was that to get it not even close to right? Between that and the Matt Parrott Shuffle, I don’t know which video was funnier.
John, what is this Communist comrades nonsense you’re speaking of? Have you ever met my family, friends or co-workers? I doubt you have as I don’t think many, if any at all would associate themselves with being, as you say, Communists. No John, I don’t think you really know much about anything at all really. Hey John, shouldn’t you be on Amazon reviewing Murdering Multiculturalism by critically acclaimed author Joseph Adams. You know, the book that’s only been reviewed by people who work for, or are guests on The White Voice? I take that back, Sheila reviewed it to, you know Sheila don’t you? She’s the fine, upstanding caller who said that the only good Black person is a dead Black person. John, I’ll let you get back to you videos now, run along little feller.

The Liberty Lamp

HAHHAAHA [email protected] Alice Foster, Spelunkie. Good catch!

TY much for the Adrienne Collins!

Notice they always want to dress up as women when they do their sock puppeteer?

It is either because they want to make it appear like they have women in their sausage club, or they are struggling with some kind of gender identity….

Always good for a LULZ!


Great article Matthew, really inspiring. You can be as intelligent and witty as can be, but only someone with a good soul will support nationalism. That’s the difference between Us and Them I’d rather die honoring my people and heritage than give up my soul to modernity.

James Bulls

The Golden Fawn are no saints. They’re a politically-recognized organization of overtly racist direct-action activists with criminal records among the highest levels of leadership known for beating or killing critics and opposition members as well as forming street gangs and vigilante mobs to enforce violence against non-Greeks and disrupt political and social functions of other parties. If you count their probable ties to the massacre at Srebrenica and widely suspected cooperation with corrupt law enforcement agents, they look worse all the time.

You complain that their opponents are breaking the rule of law to suppress their activities, yet you seem to have no difficulty accepting the same (and worse) behavior from the
Golden Dawn.

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