Klan Costumes and O’Reilly’s Anti-White Spin

Bill O'Reilly

Bill O'ReillyI am no fan of Halloween, at least in its decadent and commercialized American incarnation. I respect our ancestral folk traditions and I fully embrace and love the Christian celebration of All Hallows’ Eve, but Modernity has poisoned our ancient folk traditions. The modern American form of celebration of October 31st is multi-layered, with the most innocent form of the holiday being neighborhood children coming together with their families to dress up in various costumes to go and trick-or-treat together in a reinforcing tradition of community.

Children normally dress in costumes of folks who they look up to and admire. I remember as a child going as a soldier for the War Between the States, a doctor, a police officer, and other costumes of members of the community and in history who inspired me. Usually this is all well and good but this year both the Liberal and Conservative Establishment are turning on a little seven year old boy named Jackson Black from Virginia for his choice of Halloween costume: the robes and hood of a knight of the Ku Klux Klan.

When I first heard this news story I got a bit of a chuckle because of the astonishing amount of crocodile tears squeezed out by the various social justice media outlets. “We as a society, know better”, crooned one Leftist blogger who suggested that the boy be forced to “watch a movie like White Nights that will not only teach him tolerance and acceptance, but maybe also the cultural value of dance.” Threats have flooded into the home of young Jackson Black over his costume and the Establishment was officially up in arms about the case. While children walk around dressed as harlots, demons, ax murderers, and a whole host of other wretched creatures, all of these pale in comparison to the supposed horror of a young boy dressing as a Christian man who is standing up for his Faith and his Folk.

Various Leftist news agencies descended upon Jackson Black and his mother Jessica to shame them into oblivion. In the modern context, being at all racially aware is the current form of witchcraft. Jessica Black was bombarded with interview requests and she chose to sit down with a local affiliate, while the interviewer probably assumed she would come crying and apologizing, Jessica Black stood her ground.

Jessica Black told the media that the Klan was active in her local area of Craigsville Virginia and that they promoted traditional values. “It’s supposed to be white with white. Black with black. Man with woman and all of that. That’s what the KKK stands for. The KKK every year, raises money to donate to the St. Jude’s,” Black said. After she had received threats to her livelihood, her property, and her family, Jessica Black did something that many supposed racialists never have the courage to do, she stood by her people and her principles. When given the opportunity to stop the harassment and appease both the Liberal and Conservative press, Jessica Black refused to back down an inch when it came to her values.

The value of Tradition is something that most Establishment Conservatives just don’t understand. Values and morals are these pesky things that get in the way of winning elections in the minds of many Establishment GOP cronies. The Republican Party, no matter how often it betrays Traditional values and sells out White Americans, is the White peoples’ party, no matter how hard they fight it. The GOP cannot escape the fact that over ninety percent of its support comes from White Americans, and no amount of outreach or amnesty has any hope of bringing over Third Worlders into the Grand Ole Party’s Big Tent.

The Republican Establishment is unable or unwilling to acknowledge that their base is overwhelmingly White people. A large number of those White folks (despite decades of reconditioning by the System) still hold true to their belief in Faith and Folk. Racial undertones are almost always present throughout the grassroots of the conservative movement, and for good reason. When Tea Party rallies frequently host Confederate battle flags, signs calling Obama a chimpanzee, and everyone remembers the “Put a White back in the White House” media frenzy that started after a Tea Party member wore a shirt saying that to a Romney rally.

The grassroots conservative movement isn’t “racist” out of any hatred or bad feelings, it is racially conscious because these are people who believe in the traditional European worldview of putting family and values over social status. The “two Americas” that both conservatives and liberals have been discussing is entirely an accurate assessment of our current population breakdown. The values and beliefs of those in big cities and “civilized” America are one hundred and eighty degrees different than the folkish and traditional “flyover country.” As long as the Republican elites are catering to the Beltway audience and forming their message around tax credits for the rich and bailouts for banks and the grassroots is fighting over immigration, gun rights, abortion, and other Traditional values, the elites will continue to be embarrassed and to hate their own supporters.

The remaining White Blue Dog Democrats and the Tea Party conservatives are the last holdouts of White racial realism in the political sphere. In order to attempt to get away from the fact that the majority of their base is “racist”, Republicans overreact to any opportunity to attack alleged racial insensitivity in a vain attempt to posture and win those elusive non-White votes.

Yesterday, Bill O’Reilly held a segment on his show about Jessica Black allowing her son to wear the knights’ costume. With spittle flying out of his mouth he denounced Jessica Black and her “horrible” and “stupid” views in front of a global audience. Only a few minutes before Mr. O’Reilly had been featuring a story about an NFL player who has been suspended after saying the dreaded “N-Word” *cue thunder and lighting* to one of his teammates. Bill O’Reilly went off about that too and denounced the player as being “a horrible person” and insulting him nearly non-stop.

The black guest who was brought on to discuss this case had a very level-headed position on it, which seemingly infuriated Mr. O’Reilly. Instead of agreeing with Bill and denouncing the evil racists as cartoon villains, the black commentator said the the case seemed alcohol-induced and we shouldn’t jump to conclusions because the video seemed to show that the words weren’t used in a threatening manner. Bill O’Reilly could not understand why his guest wasn’t right on board with the “hate whitey” montage he had planned on having.

Any White man or woman who did something to violate the mandates of political correctness is instantly labeled a heretic in need of Soviet style mental reconditioning in the eyes of guys like Bill O’Reilly. Bill cannot accept that the majority of his audience is White, folkish, and perhaps even a bit racially conscious. His financial empire is built upon folks that he despises, and that drives him crazy.

The Shakespearean line “the lady doth protest too much” truly does sum up the Republican elites feelings on racially conscious members. Conservatism is Ethno-Nationalism Light. The biggest issue for real ethno-nationalists is that conservatism is an inherently reactionary political force instead of a revolutionary one. But even in the most handicapped and reactionary way, modern conservatism is based almost entirely on racial identity and traditional values. From Jessica Black letting her young son wear the outfit of a group that violates the norms of political correctness, to a Tea Party member wearing a Confederate flag to an event, or a football player shooting his mouth off while drunk, Republican elites are eager to throw all of these people under the bus in order to get a pat on the head from organized Cultural Marxism.

I would far rather vote for Jessica Black in office than John Boehner or John McCain, unlike those two men, Jessica sticks by her values. The Left is always going to hate those who love their family, folk, and Faith while the Conservative Establishment is going to throw anyone under the bus who attempts to stand up for these fundamental principles. The Two Party System is nothing but One Party Rule in which the enemy has control of the levers of power. It is time for conservatives and liberals alike to stop following the marching orders of the Party bosses and instead break free from these chains and stand up for something, Jessica already has.



Well if anyone knows anything about the Klan it’s Matthew, after all you demonstrated with a “proud Knight and Recruiter” Daniel Wilson, against Tim Wise. Daniel is doing his very best to reinforce the popular perception of what the Klan was and still is, racist, by calling despicable people like Oprah Winfrey a “sub-human”. That’s the word Daniel likes to use instead of the N-word. It’s a good thing you guys don’t work with hate groups! Yep, that’s love right there, calling Oprah Winfrey a N-word. I think that calling someone of a different race (for no apparent reason) a sub-human is plenty enough evidence for me to define someone as racist, that they look down on another so much as to not even recognize they are equal to you. Yep, that’s the glory of Christianity there.

john king

Spelunker, I think you are a “sub human”. I don’t care what color you are. You come in here and you criticize this person or that. But you stay behind a fake name. Why not be a man and tell us what your real name is. You seem to support disenfranchising a segment of humanity due to their lack of pigmentation. You have no problem with non-white organizing, do you. That’s a yes/no question. If we wish to drop out of this so-called “multicultural” society and go on our own, in a European Ethnostate, why are you preventing our exit. I call you a communist because the so called “anti-racist” movement has been demonstrated to be a project of the Communist Movement. You wonder why I don’t come and meet you, your family, your friends and co-workers? It’s because you are a coward hiding behind a pseudonym. I really would like to meet your family. Compared to people like Matthew Heimbach who go out on the streets and sacrifice creature comforts for principle, YOU are a Subhuman. If I was to guess your species, I would go with Weasel.

Suzanne Ducote



Most of the celtic regions syncretized pagan worship with Christian during their conversion period.


Well written article, everyone will hate it because it’s not politically correct.
The fact is as far as anyone is concerned to be politically correct…a white Christian are the only racists. Black panthers, brown berets, LaRaza,etc ,college professors, are daily out in public. Main stream media following them around? MSM writing about these groups, what they stand for? One race! LaRaza gets millions of our tax dollars to fight for Latinos and only one race. Illegals they fight for to saturate our already bloated job market. Where is the MSM with these stories. These groups walk around daily in their uniforms, colors etc., in your face with their cause. MSM latch onto a little boy dressed for Halloween. Most of those kids, certainly the country wouldn’t know what it was. The night would of passed without traumatizing a small boy, challenging parenting choices of his mother, because I know we are all perfect enough to criticize another. The country and the MSM made this the mess it is. It’s time MSM takes credit for the news they don’t cover and the news they do cover. What do you think was happening in your government that MSM was ignoring to cover a little boy’s costume. Wake up people, reverse racism is not okay. Being called racist is not the end of the world. Every race, every culture out there is allowed to announce proudly their love of it, EXCEPT white. We are not racist if we are proud of our race. Tolerance of race and religion goes both ways. Got that weak MSM !

civil rights apostate

Didn’t the Klan used to be more violent? all the same, even a klansman is better than a harlot or an ax murderer, especially if they do good things now.


I can never understand why people still believe in separation of the races. We are all human and there is no need for this type of behavior. Having differing cultural values and being proud of your heritage is one thing. Being racist and saying that you should only associate with people who look like you makes no sense. We can all learn things from each other and love and respect one another.

While you are praising Christianity, know that Jesus was about eliminating separations and bringing people together. If Jesus Christ brought Jews and Gentiles together, why are you against Blacks and Whites being together?

Matt Parrott

I can never understand why people still believe in separation of the races.

I’m not for separating the races, I’m merely opting out of the Global Humanity™ project. By analogy, imagine that all the families in town were super excited about a “child exchange” program where we each got to raise other peoples’ children. Knock yourself and your children out with it. As for me and my family, we’re not interested.

Having differing cultural values and being proud of your heritage is one thing. Being racist and saying that you should only associate with people who look like you makes no sense.

Translation: I will tolerate your having token festival pride in an impotent sort of way that will peter out within a few generations. Just don’t take steps to preserve and perpetuate what you’re proud of; that’s racist!

We can all learn things from each other and love and respect one another.

Indeed. We can definitely learn and enjoy things from different races and cultures. I’m all for that. I’m just not for enjoying procreation, identity, or sovereignty with them.

blah blah blah…Jesus was a globalist anti-White activist…blah blah blah…


civil rights apostate

Revelation 22:2 teaches that races and national identity will in some form still be meaningful in Heaven. If I shall be a white American with that identity for all Eternity, why can’t I have it on earth. Jesus had to be a true Israelite of David’s line. Gentiles did not have to give up being Greek or Celtic or Roman to become Christians. And honestly, Jesus said very little about “racism” either way. He certainly did not support open borders or anything like that.

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