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Denny's: Celebrating 60 Years of White Displacement

Defending our FamiliesAs America’s social and demographic crisis becomes more acute, we can expect the two system parties to disingenuously pander to our concerns in order to keep working class White Americans in the voting booths and fundraising banquets. This process is already well underway, with the GOP having been drug from being a party where Reagan could pass a sweeping amnesty with little opposition to one where even the party’s most treasonous elites are incapable of gathering momentum behind narrow amnesties for cherry-picked college students.

With each iteration, the Republicans promise their constituents they’ll stand firm on social issues, …then break that promise. With each iteration, the Democrats promise their constituents they’ll protect American workers from the global capitalists, …then break that promise. The 2012 election was the first major one where a statistically significant subset of working class White Americans “dropped out” of the electoral process due to disillusion with this process. They may not be ready for our message, yet, but they’ve taken that first necessary step: losing faith in the System’s message.

Both the GOP and DNC are in a state of denial, partying like it’s already 2042 and crowing about their exciting new post-White pandering efforts. It may take a few election cycles before they admit it to themselves, but they still need White folks to clap along with their lies. There’s a Credibility Crisis developing in American politics that will take the Beltway by surprise, and it’s one where long-suppressed undercurrents will surface, hegemonic taboos will be challenged, and the System will scramble to prop up controlled opposition who more aggressively speak to our anxieties as a people, while still delivering the same globalism and treason their paymasters are paying them for.

Anti-White Hate MobThis is the process which gave rise to the original National Socialist German Worker’s Party. Contrary to our moralizing cartoon historiography, the German masses weren’t swept up in racialist or anti-Semitic hysteria when they threw in their lot with the “Nazis”. The German people had attempted in previous election cycles to resolve the threat of Communism and Jewish influence through “reasonable” and “mainstream” parties, to no avail. The Nazis were merely the only ones standing at the end of the Credibility Crisis, the only party which could be credibly entrusted with a resolution to those intolerable crises which the Wiemar Republic proved integrally incapable of addressing.

This is why visible street action, as hopeless as it may seem at this early hour in our struggle, is positively critical. We must be the hipsters of White identity, with an unimpeachable record of fighting and sacrificing for White families and communities before it was cool. We must anticipate the coming Credibility Crisis and demonstrate we’re both sincere and effective. It’s with this in mind that TradYouth has been eager to lead, follow, and support pro-White street action across the organizational, ideological, and subcultural lines which have long impeded White Solidarity.

This isn’t to say that our ideological differences don’t matter; if they didn’t matter then it would behoove us to throw in our lot with another pro-White organization. TradYouth has a unique vision, one which validates our decision to create yet another pro-White organization. NSM’s platform is explicitly indifferent to religious conviction, whereas religion and tradition are cornerstones of TradYouth’s work. We don’t stand with or agree with everything they do or everything they’ve done. But when they’re taking a courageous stand against hundreds of anti-Whites for our sovereignty and identity, TradYouth will stand beside them.

TradYouth is also happy to stand in solidarity with non-racialist Christian and conservative organizations in their fights against abortion, the gay agenda, and a whole host of other issues, but regretfully those organizations are more committed to appeasing their anti-White accusers than they are to solidarity. Trust us, we’ve tried, and we’ll continue working on that front. We’re making some progress with this outreach, but “globalist” and “progressive” Judeo-Christians are dedicated to keeping us pro-White Christians in the catacombs.

Commander Schoep and the rest of the National Socialist Movement team were gracious and accommodating the entire weekend. It’s really difficult to dehumanize and stigmatize men who you’ve had the opportunity to meet in person and learn over beers and barbecues about the real sacrifices they’ve made for their folk…even if they’re “Nazis“.

There was a surreal moment during our dinner at Denny’s after the rally when a husband and wife brought their young son up to the private room we were eating in to speak with us briefly. She explained that her son had expressed apprehension about there being evil Nazis in the restaurant and she and her husband decided to take the initiative to seize a “teachable moment” to humanize us. I sat there, quietly observing from the back as the friendly dialogues played out.

The woman almost certainly isn’t a White advocate and may well not even be conservative, but she understands something about people and political differences that escapes the teeming masses of bigoted Leftists mindlessly barking at us earlier in the day. The converse, of course, is that non-White and Leftist humans are fully human, too…a proposition I’ve always endorsed without hesitation. This struggle isn’t about our asserting our racial superiority over less human humans, it’s about ensuring a voice and a future for our own extended family of White American folks.

In essence, our struggle is about the insert on my table at Denny’s, one which celebrated “60 years” in business with a before-and-after shot of a beaming White family which belongs to the past smiling over at a racially ambiguous American family of the future. During my brief speech, I highlighted this theme, reminding the audience that the impressive limestone buildings surrounding us were built by and for our people, as our inheritance for our progeny. This nation wasn’t built for Mexicans, Chinese investors, or Jewish financiers.

Denny's: Celebrating 60 Years of White DisplacementIt’s our sacred task to not be the broken link in a chain from generation to generation since before recorded history. This point was lost on the frothing mad protesters with their deliberately genocidal signs scribbled with heartwarming messages like, “We’ll continue breeding until the White race no longer exists”, “death to the white devils”, “death to…” this and that. The handful of masked antifa kept waving for us to come over and fight them, cognizant of the absurdity of attempting to breech the swarm of horse-mounted police officers loaded up with tear gas who stood between us.

A few weeks ago, the antifa had their chance to take us on with no police in sight, and were relieved when the police showed up to rescue them from their own failed attempt at a bash and dash. Even if they do “bash” us, they won’t stop us unless they kill us. And if they kill us, they won’t kill the ideas we champion. Their vapid and childish ideology of violence in opposition to “fascism” will never accomplish anything but serving as a convenient foil for our ongoing work and ensuring that our street activists are of the more committed and courageous sort. The financiers and Zionists who are actually promoting the sort of “fascism” (oppression and dehumanization) they think they’re fighting walk the streets with impunity and sleep like babies in their gated communities.

Heimbach offered the audience a history lesson, reminding not only our opposition but our own side as well that there’s a larger historical picture than what’s immediately obvious in today’s society. A nation’s not the sum of its institutions and their dogmas. Governments and their political fads come and go, but the kinship and faith of a true ethnic nation has the power to transcend that. This regime’s plan to displace and replace our people with a more malleable assortment of opportunistic invaders will land in history’s dustbin along with the rest of the twentieth century’s dystopian schemes.

He wasn’t above taunting the crowd, teasing the “Anonymous” posse for wearing the mask of a monarchical traditionalist Catholic made in China by sweatshop laborers. To a man, they all awkwardly removed their masks, presumably because they learned something new during their confrontation with us. Perhaps with a bit more self-education, they’ll put the masks back on, embracing the radical traditionalism Guy Fawkes lived and died for.

Craig Cobb was there, and we enjoyed learning more about his ongoing project in Leith, North Dakota and about the frantic efforts to deny us one single refuge from their forced integration project. During Cobb’s speech, he denounced this regime’s social engineering experiment on us for what it is: a genocidal and dehumanizing crime against humanity. Captain Culpepper reminded the liberal audience just how comprehensively betrayed their laborers and labor unions were by their liberal and Democratic politicians. Several women (including several delightsome young women) were there, including one who spoke forcefully against the real haters. The crowd grew especially agitated as she spoke, infuriated by an intelligent woman’s standing in solidarity with her heritage and identity.

It was a very successful event. As always, the fellowship and networking we enjoyed before, during, and after the political action itself made the trip worthwhile. Step-by-step, incrementally, our message and mission of humble solidarity keeps paying dividends. During our interview with the SPLC last week, the reporters were frustrated by how indifferent we are about the danger of being “linked” by working at arm’s length with other organizations and individuals. Even if the risks of picking up “stigma” are as real as they imagine, our cause doesn’t have a choice. TradYouth is and always will be “linked” in White Solidarity with the organizations which are doing good work on behalf of our folk.



Great write up; great job again.

I don’t understand why NSM uses the symbols and uniforms when they could make the same points wearing Brooks or other attire. But on substance, at least in the bits of process of their material that I have seen, I have found them to be right on substance if not style.


I always advocated just a black or navy polo shirt and khaki pants, maybe a small emblem embroidered. Kind of looks odd wearing militant uniforms when you have no power. But, major respect to them for standing.
I heard you guys had a nice sign there. 😉

Matt Parrott

I’m still looking for media of us with our epic banner. We couldn’t get into the “No Man’s Land” for a good shot, so we’re relying on antis for a good shot.

The Liberty Lamp

Because the antis know how to take pictures, and you guys have no graphics or artistic skills what so ever…tsk tsk…still relying on “Jews” for decent art work?

Matt Parrott

I think there being a veritable wall of uniformed officers lugging around tear gas canisters between me and where I needed to be for the optimal shot is a valid excuse.


“Because the antis know how to take pictures, and you guys have no graphics or artistic skills what so ever…”

FTR, Tim Wise complimented us on our demo signs from the ISU event. “Achievement unlocked.”

David Pope

@TheLibertyLamp, You must not be up to date with NSM media. Allow me to introduce myself as the guy who will make you doubt your every thought.

Jimmy Marr

I’m pleased to see Traditionalist Youth taking this approach. It marks a change and a force multiplier.

I prefer to stand behind the swastika rather than the cross because the visual message of the former is the revolutionary variation of the latter.

In your case, I’m happy to judge the tree by it’s fruit.

Well done.

civil rights apostate

The white race will probably never disappear. five thousand years ago, it was promised they would inherit the tents of Shem. However, it is not the white race in the abstract that I am concerned about as much as white people. If there is a purgatory, I could spend a hundred million years there so that all whites could get to heaven. What I want is for whites to be able to dwell in peace and safety, rather than have to worry about getting murdered or raped. When I have children, I want them to have a safe place to live and work. I don’t want them to end up like Jonathan Foster, Kelli O’Laughlin, Kevin Shiflett, and Emily Haddock, let alone Marcia Trimble or Esme Kenney, and certainly not like Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. It was crimes like these which got me going against the so called CRM, even though I remain essentially what the liberals would call a coset racist.

Matt Parrott

You tried employment discrimination, and that just gave me the nudge I need to become an entrepreneur.

You tried intimidation and thuggery, and now I (amusingly) have some unlikely street fighter cred.

You tried the SPLC linking and doxxing games, but that’s only helping raise awareness and publicity.

I suppose the next level in this live-action role-playing video game will be legal harassment or entrapment of some kind.

(NSFW – Language)


Matt Parrott

Right right right. All you did was the “linking” and “doxxing” part.

You guys are more specialized and compartmentalized like that. You’ve got the media guy, the tech guy, the polemics guy, the research guy, the street protest guy, the punching guy, and so on.

We here at TradYouth perform all our own stunts.

civil rights apostate

It’s best to ignore Mr. Spelunker. He is an all-out egalitarian who said he would gladly “diversify” Ethiopia, Haiti, and Mongolia.

The Liberty Lamp

Matt Matt Matt…playing patty cakes with Craig Cobb? How the mighty have fallen.
BTW, so….how was the rally? Usually an “action report” is about the “action.
So did Lonesome Rhodes Heimbach speak at the dress up gig or at the BBQ family fun night after party with the flaming Swazzie?

We are all waiting for the juicy details!


The Swastika was the BBQ, see I’ve got this all figured out, “BBQ” is code for burning Crosses, Swastikas, Life Runes…

Hahahaha, BBQ and Corn on Craig Cobb

The Liberty Lamp

Spelukie- I never got the flaming swazzie thing…I mean, how does that go with hotdogs and potato salad?
Do they toast marshmallows on it and make smores?

Matt Parrott

My response still stands.

This is about folk and fellowship, not about Aryan purity.

If Craig Cobb looks White, acts White, and fights White, then he’s White.

The Liberty Lamp

Hey, Matt, how convenient, making a guy who is not really white… a white guy… because your wave your magic opinion and make him white.

Heck, he might even be related to DLJ, now wouldn’t that be a kick? LOL!

Matt Parrott

I think a scientific challenge is on the way which could negate this entire conversation about Craig Cobb. Time will tell on that one, but we don’t need that little stunt to know that not all White Americans are 100% pure Nordic stock.

It’s not like Cobb would have ever been anything other than White to you and this system, anyway. My loyalty and work isn’t for markers and alleles, it’s for an extended family of real people, …some of whom have a Cherokee great-grandma or Blackamoor in the woodpile.


Which one of the two Matt’s has a connection with the surname Gomez?

john king

I have long suspected that despite my blond hair and blue eyes that I might be part African. I usually eat watermelon every day when it is in season. And if you try to take my watermelon from me I can turn as mad as a junkyard dog. I feel totally at ease with my suspected ancestry eating seedless melons because it was black Africans who first cultivated the watermelon but it was white genius that made it seedless. Also have you guys ever heard me rap?

Coronet Blue

Teaming up with costume Nazis has been done to death. The KKK teamed up with them twenty years ago. They accomplished nothing. Even the old National Alliance, under the purview of Membership Coordinator Billy Roper, entangled themselves with the costume Nazis, all to universal scorn and abject failure. Others, too, came running to leap into the fire with them: Bill White (now a federal convict) as well as that inimitable gay-boy of the WN scene Von…Von…Von Bluvens!

The problem here (apparently – albeit mysteriously) is that MP and MH refuse to use a search engine to discover and explore the musty corridors of costume Nazism, all stretching back, back, back to the dim and shadowy efforts of George Lincoln Rockwell – well over half a century ago. If they had, they would’ve discovered that EVERYTHING they are now doing has-already-been-done.

And none of it worked.

The answer is out there, but Traditional Youth hasn’t found it. Desperately, they’re retracing the very path that others have already trod, thinking they’re “blazing new trails”. In truth, and in such an obviously misguided way that it makes one want to cry out in anguish, they are not. For, once again, they’re teaming up with a house burglar only in it for the shits and giggles and the profits to be scammed, as well as a shaggy-haired weirdo recently exposed as having Negro blood, while representing WN on national television.

Can it get any stupider? Because this crazy concoction of Jeebus worshippers, Neo-Nazis, and mixed-race hippies from Leith, North Dakota is so side-splittingly funny that I can’t stop laughing.

And that, MH and MP, is why YOU two are helping kill whites off quicker than the SPLC ever could. Wise up before you end up in a cage next to Bill White – or worse – Matt Hale.

Matt Parrott

With the right optics, any subculture including tens of thousands of people can and will look sketchy. I’ve put my time into the ADL and SPLC’s “intelligence” files, and I understand that there are some very real problems and very genuine risks. We get that.

And none of it worked.

Some groups got burned. Other groups won millions out of the gamble. It’s all complicated, and it’s unlikely that the “solidarity vs. purity” question being answered incorrectly was what’s been holding back the cause one way or another. Plenty of groups have studiously avoided it, and have been every bit as stigmatized and have just as much to show for their efforts.

We don’t think we have a grand master plan here, or that solidarity itself is the master switch nobody’s ever bothered to flip. The class and subcultural barriers to solidarity are very real and very problematic, though. And we’re doing our level best to sort through them.

Matt Parrott

Brad sticks to writing under his real name (or his popular pseudonym, Hunter Wallace) nowadays.


Yeah, I didn’t really think it was him, I was just having déjà vu.

john king

Historical re-enactors in Nazi, Rebel and other suits of the past must give up this non-sense. I agree with the principles of the NSM but I will never be photographed with them as long as they don’t wear NORMAL professional clothing. The white shirt and tie must be the ecunemical public activism outfit of all pro-whites (men), suit jacket optional. If we can’t agree on ideology, can’t we agree on a common dress code in public? The last time I checked, the REAL nazis lost the biggest and baddest war in our history. Didn’t their Fuhrer put a gun barrel in his mouth and pull the trigger? I’m not attacking the principles of national socialism. I’m attacking the wardrobe malfunction and I will not back down. Dress for success!


I like how Nation of Islam does it. They created a signature look, the bow tie and suit, sometimes in slightly odd colors and cuts, that does not look out of place in conventional society.

Spelunker and LL need to be asked to leave or banned.

Jimmy Marr

I think an image of uniformity is strengthening, and I think the black BDUs are a good choice. When I examine the photographic contrast between Matt’s attire and that of the man behind him, I feel the black BDU is the more powerful of the two.

The issue for me is therefore not one of attire, but of the character of the men wearing it.

As Matt has pointed out up-thread, we are in the very early stages of a social revolution, and because of this, the more disenfranchised social strata are the first and most deeply drawn in by the use of radical revolutionary symbolism.

This, to me, is understandable. It doesn’t mean I like it, but it’s understandable, and I cannot in good conscience withdraw from association with the most desperate of my racial kinfolk in the time of their greatest social need.

I’m grateful for the willingness of Traditionalist Youth to feel and do likewise.


I completely disagree with this article. Fraternizing with neo-Nazis and the like is never a good idea. I’m getting disturbed at the way TradYouth seems to have gravitated towards these people recently.

Also, I really think “street action” in and of itself (let alone involving neo-Nazi clowns) has proven itself to be futile. In a previous age there might have been some argument for it, but not anymore. We live in an age where anybody can go onto the internet and read pages upon pages upon pages of material from both us and our opponents. People can easily access all the information they need to make an informed decision as to which side they want to support if they want to take a side. Ultimately, at this point it is their responsibility to get informed and to make an informed decision.

If our side is much less popular than the other, that’s simply a testament to the seductive pull of egalitarianism as well as Marxism’s promises of something-for-nothing upon the modern mind. Unlike the other side, we cannot promise egalitarianism nor something for nothing. That’s ultimately why our numbers are much less than the other side, not lack of enough “street activism” or media exposure.

In other words, we have what numbers we are going to get; the time for words is over and the time for action is now.

In my opinion, the best chance we (rightists) have is to move out of the cities and suburbs into the rural area. It does not, and should not, be to one specific place. It should be to whatever rural area is most convenient for each of us personally. If Marxism/globalism/modernism/multiculturalism is going to lose, it will lose because of things like attrition and resource scarcity/shortfalls which will happen as it tries to stretch itself out farther and farther from its core base of support in the urban centers.


Better do something quick guys, the vultures are starting to circle the carcass. Maybe more Swastikas? Yes?

Matt Parrott


I’m getting disturbed at the way TradYouth seems to have gravitated towards these people recently.

A lot of that’s optics. We attend fancy events, we do mainstream outreach. We’ve got some other more mainstreamish shenanigans in the works. Networking with more stigmatized groups has been and will remain a part of a healthy and balanced diet of outreach and solidarity.

Also, I really think “street action” in and of itself (let alone involving neo-Nazi clowns) has proven itself to be futile.

You’re off base on the primate politics. Our willingness and ability to stand out on the street and publicly advocate our message is psychologically pivotal. If we remain a cause which nobody can dare speak up for in public for fear of being attacked or overwhelmed, then a huge subset of Whites will simply stop at that.

This isn’t just a rhetorical game, it’s a fight for our neighborhoods and our communities, for our streets and sidewalks. If that’s not your thing, then there’s plenty of less confrontational and even anonymous work to do and I support your doing that. But don’t pretend to yourself that we can inspire or lead our people if our cause is one which can’t be openly advocated for in public.

In my opinion, the best chance we (rightists) have is to move out of the cities and suburbs into the rural area.

No. Alienated and politically castrated Whites can’t merely head for the hills to solve their problems. That will merely delay their problems. When a critical mass of White folks start taking this stuff seriously enough to start coming together into rural enclaves, then that will be great. But it must be as a social movement, not an anti-social retreat.

Matt Parrott


Better do something quick guys, the vultures are starting to circle the carcass. Maybe more Swastikas? Yes?

I’m an analyst by trade. Our fundraising, networking, group incubation, traffic, and mentor feedback metrics are all on the uptick. I do seriously take into account the critique and feedback received from hostiles, but your narrative’s not squaring up with the numbers on my desk.

Matt Parrott

Jimmy Page raped a child. Barack Obama’s mentor did some terrorist bombing. A guy Matt Parrott was spotted in a crowd with said some authentically offensive shit on the Internet. *yawn*


Matt, you’re forgetting that right-wing street activism has been done to death for decades, long before we were ever born, by both mainstream conservatives and those of us on the far right. None of it has been able to stop America’s long slide into leftism and socialism.

What you don’t seem to appreciate is the incredibly seductive power of Marxism’s promises of something for nothing upon the modern mind. We as rightists cannot honestly promise anything comparable to what leftists can promise to the masses (because unlike them we’re unwilling to promise things that can’t exist). As a fellow rightist said, we are offering chores and vegetables at home while they are offering vanloads of free candy. Which one of those things do you think modern people are going to go for? One look at the waistline of the average American provides the answer.

I don’t believe that “heading for the hills” (as you phrase it) means giving up. It simply means acknowledging reality. It can indeed be done in groups if you happen to know a bunch of other people with similar beliefs who would be willing to do this. But it can also be done alone for those of us who don’t have a group, and that person can meet friendly people in their new rural destination that might be willing to help.

That will merely delay their problems.

No, I don’t think so. Modern people, including the “multiculture” which is invading us right now, are fundamentally very lazy. We are not talking about the Mongol and Moorish hordes of days long gone by here. It’s very difficult to scratch out a living in the rural area, especially nowadays. As for these guys, they want their handouts. They want their welfare. They want their EBT. They want their liquor stores and other stores where they can spend all of the above in. This is why they’re fundamantally gravitating towards America’s megacities. Census data bears this out.

The fall of Detroit is proof positive that the cities (the traditional base of Marxism and everything else we are against) can be starved of tax revenue and consumer spending revenue. Fundamentally I believe that the way to deal with Marxism is to hit Marxism’s traditional base where it really hurts. I have yet to hear another viable alternative plan of action from other rightists.

Matt Parrott

Matt, you’re forgetting that right-wing street activism has been done to death for decades, long before we were ever born

Doing pro-White activism in pants has been done to death for decades. It’s time for us as a movement to consider trying it without pants.

What you don’t seem to appreciate is the incredibly seductive power of Marxism’s promises of something for nothing upon the modern mind.

I get that. I’ve written extensively about that. We’ve all got our own ideas about how the economy and austerity will play out. Spreading our ideas, organizing, and advocating seems needful regardless of the timeline.

It’s very difficult to scratch out a living in the rural area, especially nowadays.

If there’s enough of us to form a sustainable long-term community, there’s enough of us to attract minorities. Refusing to have communities is definitely one way to ensure that nobody intrudes on our communities. You’re correct that we White folks are sort of uniquely inclined to opt out of community altogether, but I don’t think that’s really a complete solution.

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