In the Land of the Blind: In Praise of Mayor Rob Ford

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Toronto Mayor Rob FordToronto Mayor Rob Ford has become a source of controversy, humor, outrage, and Internet fame in recent months. He’s has been accused of (and admitted to) prior arrest for DUI and drug possession, public drunkenness, reading a book while driving, trying to procure prostitutes, knocking down staffers, smoking crack cocaine, making racial slurs, and on many occasions said amazingly outrageous (and often hilarious) comments during press conferences. Mayor Ford has by all standards been part of multiple instances of conduct that should remove him from office, but is perhaps one of the best politicians we’ve got.

In comparison to former New York City Mayor Bloomberg or President Barack Obama, Rob Ford is a true leader. I’d take goofy over homicidal and deranged despotism any day of the week. This isn’t a fringe position. According to the latest polls, Rob Ford “managed to get a 42 percent approval rating from Toronto voters beating Obama’s rating of 40 percent.” The voting public has spoken, a leader who routinely falls into self described “drunken stupors” but is willingly to be honest about it is more popular than one who lies to your face when it comes to protecting your civil liberties or if you are going to be able to keep your healthcare.

The idea that a crack smoking mayor is somehow a better steward of his people and upholding moral virtues is purely a testament to the decadence of the modern age in regards to political and social leaders. The decay of organic folk leadership and the values of our supposed leaders has been occurring for centuries, but the final push into total corruption to serving the forces of modernity. In the era of rapidly inflating fiat currency, institutionalized destruction of morals, and Third World invasions to every White nation, smoking crack seems to be small potatoes compared to the sins of most elected politicians and civil leaders.

The political elite that has been chosen among the Western world is one that is entirely dedicated to the cultural and demographic destruction of the nations and cities that were put in their charge. The sorry state of politics in America has been called “Congressional Stagnation” due to the fact that over ninety percent of incumbents stay in office every single term. Regardless of the discontent among the voting public due to corruption, voter fraud, voter apathy, and the increasing inability for normal people to run for office due to financial constraints.

Rob Ford publicly endorsed candidates dedicated to breaking the deadlock of the political class for over a decade now, declaring that “We just need to get rid of these life-long politicians that just give out money to special interest groups and don’t serve the community.” Few politicians make a push to end the system of “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours”, but Rob Ford did. The elected class from local legislatures to the Presidency or Prime Ministership is a “pay to play” agreement that ensures only proper “kosherized” candidates are able to run legitimate campaigns. While Rob Ford is far from perfect, at least he tried to make the elected officials more accountable to the people they were supposed to represent.

Even after decades of networking and building an amazing grassroots network, Dr. Ron Paul’s 2012 run for office showed that if you do not have the proper blessing of the banking  and capitalist elite you do not have the financial capabilities to run the bread and circuses campaigns of the modern era. At the end of the day, substance, ideas, and the actual representation of public values and virtues is irrelevant; accepting marching orders from the elites is the defining red or green light on a politician. If you do not kiss the Wailing Wall then you will surely not Pass Go or collect the millions needed to run a proper campaign.

Congress is limping along with a nine percent approval rating, yet ninety percent of the Congressmen are returned to office every election cycle. This indicates that the vast majority of people elected to office are not representing the actual desires and principles of their constituents. The System has been created so that lobby groups and the other elites are the ones who pull the levers of power with politicians, so as long as a politician toes the proper line, success is nearly guaranteed.

Issues that have little or no relevance to the mainstream public but are pet causes of the elites are generally given precedent over the real needs of the community. His lack of support for city funds being used for AIDS “prevention” where he noted that “If you are not doing needles and you are not gay, you wouldn’t get AIDS probably, that’s bottom line…those are the facts” keeps it real. While there are many tragic cases in which AIDS is transmitted through blood transfusions or a person who contracts it from a partner who was previously involved in either the homosexual or drug scene, Ford recognized that the average working man and woman had little care for AIDS because it was a disease that primarily impacted a community engaging in hedonistic and self destructive behavior.

With tax funds as limited as they are, pensioners going without heat in the winter, scores of wounded veterans returning home, and infrastructure falling apart, the spread of disease among those engaged in perverse behaviors don’t need more government money to solve the issue, they need Christ and a strong society to help pull them out of the tar pit of Modernity and put them on the right path. If behaviors such as drug addiction and homosexuality were treated as they should be, as disorders in need of spiritual and emotional support instead of “lifestyle choices” that need millions of taxpayer dollars, the AIDS rate would be lower and society at large would be healthier.

While most politicians would balk at ever taking this stand, Rob Ford did.

The actions of those who are allowed to jump through the various hurdles are ones that are entirely devoted to advancing a specific agenda. Republicans, Democrats, and political factions around the Occident are all promoting a message of globalism, Modernity, and secularism. Ideas of stewardship are long gone from the vocabulary of those living in the ivory tower of the political class. When he was a lowly politician, all the way to mayor however, Rob Ford made it an important part of his duty as an elected official to give out his personal contact information so that his constituents would be able to directly get a hold of him. While most political class flunkies treat constituents like they were lepers, Rob Ford openly reached out to people of different economic and social brackets to be able to best serve them.

Ideas that are not politically correct are almost never witnessed being said by politicians from any nation…enter Mayor Rob Ford. In the culture of bribes and easy living for elected officials, Rob Ford made it a crusade of his days as a Councillor and then as mayor to cut down on government waste. Ford said that “if we wiped out the perks for council members, we’d save $100 million easy” and worked to cut government perks instead of giving the citizenry an even tougher tax burden.

President Obama believes in stewardship so much he has signed the National Defense Authorization Act that allows the government to intern American citizens without trial indefinitely. President Obama has also increased the use of wiretapping of the American populace, arming political opponents to advance Zionist interests, and even killed American citizens without a trial. Obama seems to find no reason why his ability to work to dismantle the God-given right of self defense through our Second Amendment or destroy the sanctity of Christian marriage through promoting homosexual perversion are issues for the American people. He is a leader who stands against any form of Tradition and is willing to intern or even kill politician dissidents.

Lower levels of leadership in America in most cases are committing sins on a level with the despotic Obama administration. From Mayors and Governors ordering “sanctuary cities” to hordes of illegal immigrants to government officials openly breaking the Constitution, there seems no end to the abuses of power that the American public must suffer under from the political elites.

Mayor Bloomberg is one example of a man who puts his city and its people on the back burner in order to push an Orwellian police state on the Big Apple. From banning large sodas, promoting Agenda 21, imposing tyrannical taxes on everyday legal products, leading the charge to attack Christianity in the public sphere, and turning New York into one large CCTV monitored prison complete with unconstitutional stop-and-frisk programs demonstrates that Bloomberg has no concept of serving his constituents. The sins of this despotic “leader” are numerous, and his desire to push a pro-immigration, pro-gay marriage, and anti-Second Amendment agenda beyond the confines of his liberal fiefdom shows that he and other members of the political class have no desire to stop at their borders: their agenda will be first nationalized and then globalized.

Around the Western world even the local beat cop has been made into a villain through a desire for power and ego satisfaction. The idea of “peace officers” is one that goes back to Europe in which those charged with upholding the law were meant to ensure society was peaceful. “Law Enforcement” is a term that is growing to be associated with NKVD-style oppression of the public that they are charged to serve and protect. Countless stories of cops gunning down innocent men, women, children, and pets fill the news waves on a weekly basis. Seemingly immune from prosecution, the police have moved from serving the community to being the bully boys of the elites. Armed with military-style vehicles, weapons, and training, the public is no longer looked upon as someone to serve, the public has become the enemy of the police.

The leadership of Mayor Rob Ford’s own nation of Canada is equally despicable. Canadians have continued the draconian practice of violating the free speech of Canadians through various ‘hate speech” laws. The current Prime Minister of Canada, Mr. Stephen Harper, is a career politician who is doing everything he can to drive Canada over the social, economic, and demographic cliff. Stephen Harper is an unashamed lap dog of the Israel Lobby.

While American White nationalists may think our politicians have sold out to the Jews, American sellouts can barely hold a candle to men like Stephen Harper. From blaming all of the deaths of the Israel-Lebanon conflict on Hezbollah (ya know, even the civilians killed by Israel with weapons that are banned by international law) to declaring that he would have Canada support Israel unconditionally, regardless of the cost. Under the Harper government, Canada has been moved into multiple Free Trade Agreements that have worked to destabilize the industrial base and White working class of Canada while enriching the political and economic elites. Immigration of Asian and other Third World immigrants is continued unabated under the Harper administration and over the past several years. Canada is dying, and the supposed “conservatives” like Stephen Harper are captains of the ship, driving her straight toward the rocks of utter destruction.

As Corneliu Codreanu said of the problem in Romanian politics “the problem facing the Romanian people today, on which all others depend, is the substitution of this fake elite with a real national one based on virtue, love and sacrifice for country, justice and love for the people, honesty, work, order, discipline, honest dealing, and honor.” The elite in government and civil service throughout the Occident have been poisoned with the cancer of Modernity, but there’s still an innocence and sincerity in Rob Ford’s leadership (if not his personal life!) which sets him apart.

Rob Ford may be a crack smoking, mildly deranged, and most certainly hilarious character, but he is far from the worst politician out there. While democracy is a farce from the very beginning, a corrupt institution in which the masses can be manipulated and cajoled into the wishes of the elites by the bread and circuses, a politician who is simply insane is far preferable to the alternative.

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. While Rob Ford isn’t a role model for good Christian behavior or stewardship, I’d take him as leader of any nation over the Zionist lapdogs we currently have in office. The fact that Rob Ford despite all of his flaws is a far better leader than most shows truly how far the elites have fallen from greatness and how far we have let our society collapse. Time for new leaders and a new society, or the Rob Ford’s of the world will be the best we can hope for.


Bill Yancey

A man like this used to be called “a loose cannon”, having both positive and negative traits but generally welcomed as a respite from the drone of hypocrisy. Thanks for pointing out his good traits.


Rob Ford’s dirty secrets come out because he is crossing powerful people. It’s pretty well documented that Obama is a closet homo and a drug abuser judging from testimonies during his time in Chicago.

At least now we know probably what is the worst to know about this guy. What do we know about the pedophiles and degenerates that tow the party line, or the Jews that have them by the balls via blackmail? What do Jewish democrats like Barney Frank confess to their psychologists (allegedly, some stomach turning allegations of child-sex abuse). I would recommend people look up the story of the kidnapped child Johnny Gosch, who years later emerged as Jeff Gannon (a gay escort) and was given night time access to the White House during the George W. Bush years.


Codreanu’s observation resonates with truth far beyond the borders of Romania.

Harper’s Canada is one of the NSAs “Five Eyes” in their global surveillance gulag. The “Five Eyes” are the Anglo diaspora nations: the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. There is something especially rotten about Anglo elites.

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