Greg Johnson Interviews Matt Parrott on Street Activism, Press Engagement, & Craig Cobb

cc-podcastGreg Johnson interviews Matt Parrott on:

  • The need for street activism
  • The Traditionalist Youth Network protest of Boxcar Books in Bloomington
  • The TYN protest of Tim Wise in Terre Haute
  • Liason work with Klan groups, Skinhead groups, and the National Socialist Movement
  • The National Policy Institute Conference
  • The media kerfuffle about Craig Cobb’s DNA test
  • The limits of DNA testing
  • Genetic purity and white identity
  • The rationale for talking to the SPLC and the mainstream media, including 20/20

Source: Counter-Currents Radio


The Liberty Lamp

That image looks like a microphone swallowed a plate…..

“Blackadder : What are you wearing around your neck?

Percy : Ah! It’s my new ruff!

Blackadder : You look like a bird who’s swallowed a plate.

Percy : It’s the latest fashion actually and as a matter of fact it makes me look rather sexy!

Blackadder : To another plate swallowing bird perhaps. If it was blind and hadn’t had it in months”

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