Craig Cobb: The Black White Supremacist?

article-2493491-194B663A00000578-295_634x449Is Craig Cobb- a BLACK white supremacist?

As part of Trisha Goddard‘s Race in America series, Craig Cobb submitted himself to a DNA test to allow examination of his genetic profile.  The results were surprising, but only if you buy into the “junk science” that supports these kinds of spotty tests.  The DNA test results purport that Cobb is 14% sub-Saharan African, and when the anti-white activist community heard about this they went off the deep end about how he’s “not white.”

The margin of error in ancestry profiling can be as high as 15%.  Unlike the anti-white community, let’s not take these things too seriously.      

Robert Estes of explains this in more detail,

“Results were reported within confidence bands, which indicate a range of percentages that might actually be accurate. This is shown above by the bands surrounding the red dot which shows the “most likely” result. The margin of error is often as high as 15%. Typically, there is no dispute over the majority ancestral type. However, minority types are apparently much more difficult to discern. Because of the wide and sometimes surprising range of results, this test was often considered unreliable, but the degree of unreliability sometimes was determined by how pleased the tester was with their results.”

The only thing stranger than Trisha Goddard trying to “fist bump” Cobb and symbolically welcome him into “tha’ brothahood” is how the left suddenly decides that race is not a social construct anymore.  Ta-Nehisi Coats, writing for The Atlantic, was unequivocally clear when he articulated that “race is a social construct.”

“Indeed. Race does not need biology. Race only requires some good guys with big guns looking for a reason.”

I suppose this was Coats’ way of slamming racial sensibilities by tangent of “guns = violence”, which is an easy argument to make for The Atlantic’s audience, but wait– because it gets better.  He references one of his favored blogs and praises author Freddie Deboer’s view as exemplar of how we should be approaching the question of race.

Quoting Deboer, Coats writes,

“The problem with people who argue for inherent racial inferiority is not that they lie about the results of IQ tests, but that they are credulous about those tests and others like them when they shouldn’t be; that they misunderstand the implications of what those tests would indicate even if they were credible; and that they fail to find the moral, analytic, and political response to questions of race and intelligence.”

Let’s read that quote again, but we’ll replace “racial inferiority” with “racial equality”, and “IQ tests” with “DNA tests.”

“The problem with people who argue for inherent racial equality is not that they lie about the results of DNA tests, but that they are credulous about those tests and others like them when they shouldn’t be; that they misunderstand the implications of what those tests would indicate even if they were credible; and that they fail to find the moral, analytic, and political response to questions of race and intelligence.”

Let that roll around in your head for a moment…  Got it?

That, folks, is what the proper response would be to the crowd which talks about how all humans are “99.9% the same.”  In effect, what happened among the anti-whites after hearing the results of Craig Cobb’s DNA test was that they suddenly decided that race DOES exist, and that it’s no longer a social construct.  Well, not exactly, but what really happened is the anti-white community decided that “black” is a race after all, and that “one drop” really is enough.  Even if that drop was squeezed out of a spotty DNA test.  The queer thing is that It doesn’t seem to register as inconsistent with them to simultaneously maintain that there’s no such thing as a “white” race.

The funniest part about this entire episode of Cobb’s DNA test is not the results of the test itself, rather it’s how the anti-white community reacted to it.

If the anti-white community decided that Cobb is black, then why would they continue to malign him as an evil white supremacist naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews?

The answer is clearer than you think. It doesn’t matter what race Cobb is.  The anti-white community’s problem with Cobb is what he stands for.  In the extremely unlikely event that the DNA test was accurate, it still wouldn’t matter.  Cobb could be a black white supremacist, and he would still have to deal with protesters being bussed in from Indian reservations, fly-by-night vandals, and a corrupt town council which pulls every trick in the book to make life impossible for him.

Anyone who has been in the white nationalist movement for any amount of time, or who has gone to a street protest, will have heard our opposition telling us to “get out of my town!”, or “No hate, not in my town!”  A man can do exactly that; he can “get out of town” by going to one of the most remote and unimproved portions of America– and still not be far enough away.

What the DNA test revealed had nothing to do with Craig Cobb’s ancestry, rather it revealed the depths of anti-white hatred and institutionalized contempt for white unity and solidarity.

We didn’t need a DNA test to know that Craig Cobb is a warrior.  He acts white, he thinks white, and he fights white, and that alone is enough to earn the scorn of an entire nation of anti-white activists.  His embattled efforts to peacefully establish a white community in a sparsely populated part of the country should send a clear signal.  When we seek to establish a white community we must expect resistance at every step, and the solution is unity and solidarity.



It’s very frustrating talking to people who think like Goddard. It’s schizophrenic, and they can’t see the obvious contradictions.

Good piece Tom.

civil rights apostate

I agree with this, even though I disagree strongly with Mr. Cobb’s opposition of Christianity and his overboard Anti-Semitism (though I, too, oppose the Jewish religion). I say this as a full-blooded White European Aryan male of the Nordic Type, although I am not quite a racial purist. (I consider quasi Europeans such as Armenians, Persians, and Quarter-Asians whites if they want to be, as well as Christians of Ashkenazi or Sephardic Jewish descent.) If someone is mostly white, looks white, acts white, lives as white, and identifies as white, he is white.

Matt Parrott

I hope Craig Cobb follows up with this and is donated the resources to plumb the depths of this whole DNA panel farce. The Left is really excited about these things, and have been begging all of us to take them. It needs to be leveraged as an opportunity to state a “tribal” rather than “supremacist”/”purity” framing when raised and the more specious results (like these) need to be challenged in the name of scientific probity.

I also wish to add that his anti-Christian “Creativity” thing is not something I endorse…at all.

civil rights apostate

it’s a good thing Mr. Cobb has Christian pro-white friends like you. Hopefully you can lead him to the faith someday.


this is silly, was this from a geraldo episode? cmon.. a brief survey or inventory of american ethno-nationalism reveals a tragicomedy of errors, bloopers and boners as against very few precious victories.. the route of religious gimmick, personality cults, legal trickery, kamikaze politicking, and real-estate shenanigging, all mirror reflections of the spirit of their times and thus flighty, ad-hoc, ephemeral, smacking of hasty desperation, should be officially discarded. a definitive and heavy-hearted divorce with the erstwhile intellectual and political vanguard of the 80s vintage must be effected immediately in the minds of future ethno-nationalists for they only heralded the most abject of failures.. the foundations of a winning strategy lie in the eternal, the tried and tested, the traditional, in short, with proven methods of *organization*.. my 2¢

john king

Why do you call yourself “Liberty Lamp” while you bear a communist sign. The last time I check more than 100 million people were murdered by communists in the 20th century. I see your snide comments but can you explain what YOU believe in? Also since you know that we’re all white — actually I’m an Afro-European with a possible black ancestor despite my blond hair — what ethnicity to you claim and I wasn’t talking about your species. Everyone here admits to being of the species Homo sapiens. Yes there is “human species” but no “human race”. That kind of semitic Boas agitprop gets no rise here.

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