The GOP and their “TEA Party problem”

The TEA Party is headed for this same fate if they continue to back the GOP.

The TEA Party is headed for this same fate if they continue to back the GOP.

As the TEA Party is repeatedly betrayed by the establishment GOP, why do they continue to hold on to the conservative GOP dream?

I came across this photo  the other day.  It shows a black man holding a Confederate battle flag while dressed in a Confederate soldier’s uniform.  For obvious reasons this photo is attention grabbing– why would a black man support the confederacy?  I suppose there are reasons why a black man would support the Confederacy, but let’s not get carried away with ourselves here.  The Confederacy did not exist to make equals of white people and slaves.  If a black man lived comfortably under the Confederacy, it was most certainly not because the welfare of the black man was a primary concern.  It is arguable that black people enjoyed a higher standard of living under the Confederacy, and again later under Jim Crow laws, but I think you’ll be hard pressed to find a black man (other than Uncle Ruckus) who sincerely supports a return to those conditions.

My second thought was how similar this photo is to that of the TEA Party.  the TEA Party is continually betrayed by the GOP, yet they keep coming back for more.  The TEA Party’s infantile beliefs that the GOP serves their interests should have been easily disproved some time ago.

The TEA Party wants lower taxes?

The TEA Party wants a limited government?

The TEA Party wants illegal immigration controlled?

Taxes are going to be higher than ever with the full implementation of ObamaCare (which the GOP has failed to stop), the scope of government as an institution has done nothing but grow over the last couple of years, and controlling illegal immigration isn’t even a blip on the radar right now.  As we head into the 2014 elections, and then into the 2016 election season, you’re fooling yourself if you think that politicians are going to touch the immigration debate with a 10-foot stick.

Ready for some “News from the Future”?  The GOP will not de-fund ObamaCare, the GOP won’t do anything significant to stop illegal immigration, and the GOP programs and policies will not decrease the size of the federal government.

Paul Ryan’s amnesty bill is going to be the Republican alternative to Chuck Schumer’s bill, they’re certainly not going to stop ObamaCare, and they’re not going to decrease the size of the gov’t either.

Truth of the matter is that ObamaCare is too valuable to the GOP to let it “go away.”  With the way that ObamaCare energizes supporters, they’d be retarded to let it go away.

The TEA Party has done a lot to oppose ObamaCare, but what they’re getting in response is “congressional theatre” from the GOP leadership.

The GOP is simply not interested in fulfilling the demands of the TEA Party conservatives, but they will continue to use them as fuel to power the GOP political engine.

[TradYouth recognizes the offensive nature of the word “nigger” in all its variations, and have opted to use it to describe the TEA Party in their relationship with the GOP.  Implied or actual references to other people (white, black, other…) is purely incidental.]

The TEA Party conservatives are drifting into white “Niggerdom.”  TEA Party conservatives might enjoy some benefits for their position from the establishment GOP, but the GOP doesn’t want anything to do with them.  As we come into the 2014 and 2016 election seasons, I would expect to see the serious contenders attempt to distance themselves from the TEA Party.  The TEA Party conservatives are the GOP’s”Niggers.”

The TEA Party is drifting into "white Niggerdom" while the GOP plays to their interests, but satisfies none of their demands.

The TEA Party is drifting into “white Niggerdom” while the GOP plays to their interests, but satisfies none of their demands.

The GOP represents something which the TEA Party conservatives think can make their lives better, or it represents something which they think was the height of American freedom and liberty.  This does not mean that they must continue to support the GOP in its infinite betrayal of their interests.

By now it should be clear that white Americans will see nothing but betrayal from BOTH the Democrats and Republicans, and it doesn’t matter which party we vote for.  During the last big election season there were fears of what would happen if we “split the vote” by casting our lot for a third party candidate.

Please, for all that is good and right– get over those fears.  It doesn’t matter which of the two major parties you cast your vote for, because neither one of them is looking out for the interests of the white race.

Your alternative to this madness is to vote for candidates with an openly White Nationalist platform, or, if you have the time and energy, to enter into a political race yourself.

When White Nationalists run for public offices, it’s almost always big news, and people aren’t afraid of voting for us either.  The easiest way to make some waves is to rock the boat, and nothing makes ripples in the water like when we field our own candidates for office.

Billy Roper’s race for governor of Arkansas attracted a lot of attention, and others attracted a lot of attention in 2012.  We’re hopeful to see more of the same in the 2014 and 2016 elections, so who knows what will happen?  Maybe we’ll even see Heimbach in a race for the state legislature some time soon…

We need to stop fooling ourselves into thinking that the GOP is going to look out for white people, because they aren’t.  You aren’t going to throw away your vote with a third party, because it’s already wasted on either of the two major parties.

During the 2014 and 2016 election seasons, tell the establishment that you’re not their nigger anymore.  Vote for candidates with openly White Nationalist platforms, and demand an answer from candidates on whether or not they will help protect white interests.  But, above all else, don’t throw away your vote with the GOP or the Democrats.


Leslie H. Higgins

In my commonwealth’s 2013 Senate special election, as a long time Republican voter I had the pleasure of denying sexual bolshevist/pro-amnesty Republican Gabriel Gomez my vote in the special election, instead choosing kook candidate Richard Heos. Somehow or other, we must show the party elites the level of our dissatisfaction.

Though voters in Italy and the Czech Republic recently passed up good opportunities of voting good traditionalists-fascists into office, I greatly envy their support for voter dissatisfaction parties which, even if their platforms are a bit anarchic and confused, refuse to cooperate with the pigs elected from the other parties.

The Liberty Lamp

The tea party was always a GOP astroturf group, brought to you direct from the policy groups FreedomWorks, Tea Party Nation, Tea Party Patriots (also a FreedomWorks group) and other 501c3 scam artists.

Perhaps you should try a little solid research before you attempt to write an article.

It was about collecting names for direct mailing lists and fundraising for various PACs.

Also, the Ron Paul campaign was just a scam to funnel dollars into his Campaign for Liberty, so while all those suckers thought they were voting and supporting someone against the GOP, Ron Paul was giving all their money back to the GOP and the tea party scam as well as Morton Blackwell’s Leadership Institute and other GOP support groups and campaigns.

Hope this sheds a little reality into your world…


Coming from the person who has never posted an original thought on his own blog, I’ll take your critique under consideration.

If you’re a regular reader then you should notice that I took a jab at FreedomWorks (and Young Americans for Liberty) last week. We’re both opposed to groups like FreedomWorks, but I think it’s for different reasons. Either way, TEA Party groups are being used by the GOP, and don’t think that they’re ever going to get what they really want by cleaving to the GOP.

The Liberty Lamp

Oh gee Tom, you just go on believing that the tea party is a grassroots group that will change the country and not puppet theater for the GOP. *DERP*

Again, your ignorance is our greatest asset…


Ignorance is our/your greatest asset? You seem to have the corner on the market for brain impairment.

Is there anything on your own blog that isn’t a re-blog from somewhere else, and consists of more than 500 words of original thought? Just keep telling yourself that you’re “winning the argument.”


Heimbach in a political race? What ever happened to the system is broken and can’t be fixed? Are you sure this is not a Comedy Central blog?

The Liberty Lamp

Well, if anything they are using him to ID supporters and if they are smart they will try to build a direct mail list to sell to the GOP for their targeted racist demographic.
That is what the whole Minutemen anti-immigration astroturf was about.

Heimbach doesn’t have s snowball chance in hell in getting elected dog catcher, we know that, and they even know that.
But, as Ron Paul as proved, running a fringe loon candidate has it’s own booty in other ways.

Leslie H. Higgins

As you should have read above, the idea would be to make shock waves and generate additional attention. Winning has got nothing to do with it.


I don’t expect you to “like” my articles. Besides that, you aren’t in the audience which I’m aiming for. But, thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment.

Bill Yancey

Nothing to do with the TParty but a little background on the “black Confederate”. The photo is of H. K. Edgerton, an NAACP member who paraded around like this for the LOS back in their rainbow days. I hear they’ve ditched the rainbow in order to appeal to whites. Alas they’ve also ditched the Confederate flag for the same reason. They’ll never learn.

Keep up the great work, TradYouth!


I’ve just watched one of the Traditional Youth Hours…Tom’s interview was featured…

I’ll just repeat my mantra in response to it, and to this article: Whites need to rally behind the issues that are direct expressions of their rights as *whites.*

It seems that TYN and too many pro-Whites feel this need to wed white civil rights to deeper essences of how they conceive whiteness. I am not a christian, although I was raised a catholic. I come to ‘white rights’ as a function of being an anglo-celt in a country and world that hates my tribe.

I just don’t get this need to ground the experience and identity of whiteness in religion. I recognize the primacy of one’s tribal bonds, and of the racial commonalities in experience that flow from those, and think pro-Whites should focus on the struggle all whites face in their clash with Diversity’s hatred of us.

I guess I’m partly saying we might benefit from taking the attacks against us as the starting point to then work back from that edge as our uniting experience, while TYN seems to work from the opposite direction.

The only thing that unites us is that edge. Whiteness is too diverse and diffuse as an identity to try to unite white people through adjunct identities like religion, etc.

Blacks and other racial identity groups unite when it comes to any clash with whites’ civil rights, no matter how divided they are on some axis of related identity. This is why they’ve been so successful in dispossessing us. Until we learn to unite the same way, we’ll continue to be defeated by them.


Good analysis by Niemca. Whites have historical traditional communities as Englishmen, Frenchman, Americans, and as Russians, Cossacks, Armenians, and Chechens. Historically northern whites were not sure that Spanish, Italians, and Greeks were really white. Thus welding diverse and antagonistic white communities into a “white community” based on race and/or religion is a tough sell, though “white Americans” and “white Westerners” have sufficient commonality of culture and experience to self-identify as communities. Niemca argues for taking the present and recent past as the basis for unity: we are under attack, and we know who is being attacked, and we think we know who’s attacking. It is possible to identify anti-white policy and culture without getting mixed up in the complexities of ethnicity, race, and religion. Our enemies don’t care about those. It’s really quite like the situation of imported Africans. The manifold tribes were distinct, hostile, complexly interrelated peoples, right? But white society didn’t care about that and made them all black or one of the subdivisions of black. They came to understand that their differences were minor compared to their treatment by white society. Whites today can similarly realize that their differences don’t matter, “anti-racism” is dispossessing them bit by bit, neighborhood by neighborhood, job by job, med. school place by med. school place, etc., etc. I’m very attached to 3,000 years of Western heritage, which is white Western civilization. But I can see Niemca’s point that we’re being shoved aside based on the color of our skin today regardless of which little provinces of that civilization we identify with.

This is a challenge to the concept of Traditionalism, which would like to see itself as something positive and grounded in the past. But is it more truthful to think that the past counts for little compared to present oppression? A people does need a language to describe itself and justify its actions, and Traditionalism provides a lot of material. But whites have not figured out they’re being oppressed as a class. That’s because the oppression is pretty widely distributed. Which brings me back to the question: isn’t a non-racial patriotic movement more American, and more salable, and more based in the obvious reality of the impoverishment of all non-elite Americans for the benefit of the government-Wall Street complex?

Thank you for your consideration.



isn’t a non-racial patriotic movement more American, and more salable, and more based in the obvious reality of the impoverishment of all non-elite Americans for the benefit of the government-Wall Street complex?

History shows non-whites make their decisions based on collective interests not abstract propositions. Thus, non-racial movements will never work for white folks because other groups don’t think in “non-racial” ways. Are you aware of any evidence of any ethnic group collectively behaving “non-racially” in struggles for power or in resource competition with other groups? I am not aware of any.

Non-elite, non-whites will never give up the benefits they derive from anti-white policy. Why would they ever do this when, in your evocative description, the “bit-by-bit,” “neighborhood-by-neighborhood” dispossession means more power and a bigger piece of the pie for them and less for us?

An implication in your comment seems to be that non-elite, non-whites share common economic interests with non-elite American whites. While this is certainly true, it’s just as true their interests are in conflict with each other when it comes to every anti-white policy that redounds to their benefit including quotas, housing, admissions, job opportunities and other things. I suspect the “obvious reality” from their POV is more pie for them and less for us and ours. They have no reason to give that up.

A non-racial movement can’t solve white dispossession when the non-elite, non-whites you propose to include in the movement concretely benefit in numerous ways from that same dispossession.


I am a conservative Republican. While I agree with the stated goals and principles of the Tea Party – what conservative could not? – I find the Tea Party’s actions consistently counterproductive. Every time it stabs the GOP leadership in the back, Republicans are divided and Obama wins. This is a problem with any populist movement – it is guided by emotion rather than a rational strategy. As an intellectual, I will always be wary of populist movements.

Blaming the GOP for failing to overturn Obamacare is ridiculous. Every Republican legislator has voted against Obamacare at every opportunity. As long as Harry Reid is running the Senate, the Republicans do not have the ability to overturn Obamacare. This is the fault of the electorate, not the GOP leadership.

Orthodox Mike

Unfortunately, republican and democrat are two sides of the same post-Enlightenment Classical Liberal coin.

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