Terror in Terre Haute: How to Humiliate Organized Leftists

Tim Wise, Full of Lies

20131009_174123[1]Tim Wise ended up inviting us into the venue. We took our seats in the far back corner of the auditorium, relieved to be sitting for the first time after our ordeal. The air conditioning brought the pepper spray stinging my scraped knuckles down to a mild irritation. The diverse crowd eagerly clapped for the anti-White celebrity as he shuffled up to the podium. We booed, of course, but were drowned out by the vast sea of gullible college kids cheering on White Genocide.

He immediately referenced the brawl, describing it as “some controversy”, and opining wistfully about how he regretted that he was too old and crusty to have joined the radicals who jumped us. He didn’t merely ignore his rough men. He didn’t merely distance himself from them. He didn’t offer a boilerplate denunciation of violence. Tim Wise embraced and praised his radicals. This is in stark contrast to how men of the Right work, with their eagerness to throw their men to the right of them off the sleigh to keep the wolves of mockery at bay.

Up until the event, it had been a bit of a rough week for us. Matthew Heimbach was publicly denounced by the League of the South. A few months earlier, it bestowed on him their most prestigious Nathaniel Bedford Forrest Award. When the Southern Poverty Law Center found a picture of Heimbach hanging out with some klansmen in Kentucky, Michael Cushman, Michael Hill, and other League dignitaries tripped over themselves to appease their overlords, taking turns insulting and attacking the man who had been consistently loyal and courageous.

I’m waiting for the League’s reaction when the SPLC exposes Nathaniel Bedford Forrest’s “links” to the Klan!

That's Right, Spelunker. Scott Terry was there!You never leave a fallen comrade. You choose solidarity with allies over fear of the enemy’s stigma. Tim Wise gets that. Barack Obama gets that. Numerous leaders in our own movement don’t get that, …because they’re dishonorable. They couch their cowardice in lofty tactical and strategic terms, but what deserter doesn’t concoct a plausible excuse? White heritage and identity are in retreat, and our “leaders” are disproportionately the men out in front…the men “leading” the retreat. I’m opposed to Tim Wise and my goals are very similar to the stated goals of the League; but it’s abundantly clear that Tim Wise’s approach when the chips are down is more honorable than the craven and cowardly approach of the League of the South.

I was standing on the busy street corner of the Indiana State campus with one of Thomas Buhls’ awesome signs–signs even Tim Wise grudgingly praised later on in the evening–when three sketchy characters in skinny jeans, hoodies, and other hipster stylings strolled up and claimed to be joining us. One of them asked Thomas for a light, then sucker punched him in the mouth when he reached into his pocket.

Christian RestraintGame on!

I dove into the fight. Predictably, their first target was the defenseless old man who had joined us. In hindsight, I suppose I should have landed a solid punch on the antifa while I was in a position to do so, …but I had no idea what I was doing. I jumped on the guy in the blue shirt, pulling him off the old man and flying to the ground. I was holding him down with me with my right arm while my dominant arm kept trying to punch him in the face. He kept punching the top and back of my head and jabbing it with his elbow but I barely felt it. I just wanted to get a decisive punch to his face but kept striking the side of his head.

My guy suddenly disappeared, Thomas had knocked him clean off of me. I’ll never forget that big bloody smile on his face and the wild look in his eyes as he was standing there over me.

I scrambled up. Our allies from the Knight’s Party had chased off the two other guys, but Heimbach and Thomas were still engaging the poor HARM goon in the middle of the busy street. With impressive Christian restraint, they pinned him to the ground while he was shrieking and spitting and still trying to punch them. We didn’t come there to fight, and we stopped fighting the moment he stopped fighting.

Matt Parrott and Thomas BuhlsUnlike the antifa, we do everything we can to avoid violence. We never threaten or provoke it. Their entire movement orbits around the threat of violence, united in the belief that the final authority in this material realm of theirs is physical force. How awkward for them that these thugs got their asses beat at their own game of beating asses, on their own anti-White campus! Their leaders keep lulling these stupid kids into disastrous boondoggles, burning through their apparently inexhaustible supply of psuedo-intellectual faggots who fall for their vintage Marxist tripe and glossy hipster “scene”.

At some point, perhaps the kids they throw into the meat grinder will wise up to Tim Wise, but I’m not holding my breath.

The Global Left is learning the hard way in its overseas campaigns against jihadis that all their dollars and goons are powerless against a handful of men and women united by a transcendent vision. Right here at home, they’re beginning to learn the hard way that our Christian crusader mentality is just as immune to their social and material threats and temptations. We don’t answer to their money and we don’t bend to their force. They’ve thrown their ADL, their SPLC, their most vicious thugs, and their most eloquent bullshitters at TradYouth and we’re standing our ground.

They’ve surely got more persecution and harassment planned for us, but it’s already too late. The Knights Party members, Thomas, Heimbach, and our anonymous donors have already inspired thousands more with their example of selfless courage and sacrifice in defense of tribe, tradition, and trinity. Neither photo bombs nor actual bombs will stop us. I’m proud to be “linked” to the men who fought alongside us yesterday.

The Loyal OppositionOther groups can carry on with their supposedly clever strategies of trying to reach “normal” people by pretending to be normal. The contemporary American norm favors appearance over substance, respect over honor, and compromise over principles. May those groups which have chosen to stand in solidarity with the men attacking us achieve all the “respectability” and “reputation” the Left has to offer them. Godspeed and good riddance.

As Thomas and I enjoyed cigarettes we had knocked out of our opponents’ tight little pockets that evening, I reflected on how Tim Wise had teased us about our meager numbers. “Five guys!”, he chortled repeatedly. We handily won the rhetorical fight against his army of counter-protesters, we ripped apart his arguments in the Q&A, and we had Tim Wise’s own thugs whimpering for mercy (mercy we extended, mind you) in a puddle of their own snot and tears. If we can achieve that with our modest vanguard, imagine how quickly we’ll have them on the run when the rest of the Right musters up some courage and solidarity.

Matthew Heimbach, Undaunted


Jamara Newell

Good fight Sir! I would join the NOI or NBPP tommorow if I thought there was the slightest chance some antifa fools would run up on me. Really the idea of those bums running up on Farrakhan amuses me in it self.
it’s a shame the LoS is distancing themselves from Heimbach, do they have a skilled youthful replacement? I think at this point they are a bunch of nostalgic old men who prefer looking at the old days more than actually getting things done or building a strong organization.


Years ago I saw on the History Channel(aka the Hitlery Channel) a show on the american ‘neo nazi’ movement. A group of these alleged ‘neo-nazis’ were staging a fairly small, peaceful protest in DC. What struck me was how violent and hateful the counter-protesters were; they said they did not respect the right of the white men to protest and would take up violence both verbal and physical to stop them. I think the cops had to hold them back.

It was a wake up call in a way. I’d always been told these ‘white nationalist types’ were the violent ones but right before my eyes I saw just the opposite; a bunch of rabid anti-whites seemed to feel they could take away other citizens’ rights to peacefully demonstrate. The white men were peaceful and the anti-whites engaged in physical attacks to try to silence them.

Many things happened for me to come to a consciousness of what it is to be White in America, and while I can’t place that show in the scheme of things time-wise, I do recall that it changed my perspective dramatically. The media and government had been lying to me, most especially about the anti-whites who were nothing but tyrannical hateful thugs who knew their own ‘arguments’ couldn’t sway a ham sandwich.

Thank you for making a stand for White people in America. In a nation of Whites who seem to only cower when a White soldier is stabbed to death for being White, at least there are some who will dare to be counted – and apparently assaulted.


A very sincere and hearty Thank you to each of you. I want to say that through the years I have been involved in our struggle, I have seen too few actually show up and “do”. You fellows always show up and do what you say you are going to do. Bravo! I too have been one a few that show up at events such as these.
We need to join our forces and fight as one.

You have emerged into a shining example and you are exactly what whites need to represent our cause. I thank you Gentlemen; you are the Best of the Best.


Great job TYN! Thank you for standing up for Whites! All of your hard work is much appreciated! (My donation is coming soon)
Last May bags of urine thrown at you guys, yesterday maced, what’s next? Stay strong and the White race is worth fighting for!

Preston wiginton

Pussies. Christian restraint from violence hahaha. . Russian skin heads don’t restrain from violence ..but they don’t have any problems with Antifa either…I don’t ever have any problems with Antifa.

Leslie H. Higgins

More like he’s pretending to be the dude that invited Jared Taylor to Texas A&M. The real Wiginton is a gracious gentleman with a couth vocabulary.


Matt Parrott: ‘When the Southern Poverty Law Center found a picture of Heimbach hanging out with some klansmen in Kentucky, Michael Cushman, Michael Hill, and other League dignitaries tripped over themselves to appease their overlords, taking turns insulting and attacking the man who had been consistently loyal and courageous.’

This is untrue. I do not wish to debate this issue because I do not want to contribute to more divisiveness, hurt feelings and anger. But since this article promotes disinformation I will say that I have only remarked how it was necessary for the League to distance itself from those who associate with Nazis. The SPLC is not our overlords. And I have not insulted or attacked Matthew. Look up my comments on Facebook if you would like. They are anything but how you have described them.

Jamara Newell: ‘it’s a shame the LoS is distancing themselves from Heimbach, do they have a skilled youthful replacement? I think at this point they are a bunch of nostalgic old men who prefer looking at the old days more than actually getting things done or building a strong organization.’

This too is untrue. The do-nothing attitude of the old guard in the League and Southern nationalism in general (which prevailed in the 2000s) has largely been replaced. We are essentially starting over after years of our movement being held back by such people. Our activists now are overwhelmingly young, as anyone who was with us in Uvalda and Vidalia, GA knows or as those doing SN activism in Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville know. Tomorrow morning I’m getting up and driving 6 hours to meet up with SNs in Middle Tennessee for major demonstrations this weekend in Murfreesboro and Shelbyville against Third World immigration. Our demonstrations have made numerous newspapers and we’ve been attacked viciously by the ADL and SPLC, as one might expect. These demonstrations are part of an on-going activist campaign. The League is nothing like how you have described it.

Leslie H. Higgins

I wasn’t there, but I’ve seen the pictures, and the Murfreesboro rally looked great. Keep up the good work.

I appreciate your good-natured response, and have faith that even if the League and TYN go their separate ways, both will continue to be integral parts of the resistance to cultural Marxism and demographic genocide.


Matthew. Would you guys know the name of the guy arrested for the padlock-in-a-sock assault?

This is important. Similar to the Tinley Park 5 incident.

Please reply.

Karl Ramstrom

I think this “Palmetto Patriot” character should be banned from this forum, since he’s both a liar and a Jewish-influenced apologist. Matt and the other Matt™ are a double-barreled shotgun blast of YOUTH into the faces of all the old codgers and duddy-fuddies of the white advocacy movement (otherwise known as WAM!®) and we need to keep them front and center.

Great job wasting that WISE-ass, guys!

Leslie H. Higgins

Stop trying to divide us, (Mr. Kendall?) We can disagree with the League, but Cushman (Palmetto Patriot) is a fine activist who’s done a ton of good for the Southern nationalist movement. He’s a born leader; let’s not burn our bridges over a quibble.

Deo Vindice!


There’s a point at which SN and the whole scene down there needs to be held responsible for denying the truth, which is that Ramstrom is not the ilk of people who are dividing us whites.


I find that your comments often lean toward conservatism. If you don’t mind my asking, what form of conservative are you? Paleo? Civic nationalist? Color-blind constitutionalist? Just curious.

Stop trying to divide us, (Mr. Kendall?) We can disagree with the League, but Cushman (Palmetto Patriot) is a fine activist who’s done a ton of good for the Southern nationalist movement. He’s a born leader; let’s not burn our bridges over a quibble.

Are you familiar with Connie Chastain’s attacks on LOS’s new direction? If so, what is the difference in principle between Mr. Cushman’s actions toward MH and Connie Chastain’s actions toward Mr. Cushman?

1) Ms. Chastain has made dubious attacks on Mr. Cushman for supposedly leading LOS toward “racism”;

2) Now, Mr. Cushman has made a dubious disavowal (to put it charitably) of MH for supposedly associating LOS with “Nazism.”

It looks the same to me.


Thanks for this report. Important principles are at issue here. For a long time now, American society has relied on “the rule of law” to defend its internal enemies, by which is meant the delegation of legislation, investigation, prosecution, adjudication, and retribution and/or punishment and/or deterrence to paid agents of political entities. Such delegation results in certain illusions. One is that it is exclusive, I.e., the people do not retain any of these functions. Another is that it is irrevocable, i.e., the people can’t resume these functions. Most important, for this discussion, that it is effective, I.e., that the institutional procedures are adequate to the circumstances.

The delegation of legal powers, however, is NOT effective in dealing with civil strife, either organized or spontaneous. First, the justice system is entirely oriented to addressing crimes on an individual basis. Rightly, individuals are protected from judicial punishment in the absence of evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. As a result, collective crimes are not judicially punished. Only the individual actions, not the collective action, are subject to judicial prosecution. The collective actor gets off scot free every time.

Second, the information is not available to prosecute collective crimes against social order. There are too many people involved in too many places and it happens too fast for information to be gathered after the fact. There are also political motivations on the part of sympathizers not to provide information against rioters or vandals, etc.

Which leads to the third reason that delegation of law enforcement fails to address civil unrest, which is that elected and hired officials are unable or unwilling to identify collective crimes truthfully and pursue them.

Which leads to this conclusion: only the people, collectively exercising their non-delegable rights and duties as defenders of social order, on the spot, in the street, can effectively confront civil disorder. If you and your colleagues, Matthew, had relied on delegation, your injuries would have been greater and the malefactors would have gone unpunished. Only by responding on the spot were you effectively able to counter the lawlessness of the fascist anti-fascists and the racist anti-racists.

This lesson has broad application. When we see the proliferation of no-go zones in France, we see how delegation can lead to the surrender of territory to the social enemy. Then we look at “white flight” in the mirror, and see Americans’ willingness to cede territory to the criminal classes and their captives/supporters. (Of course, blacks and Mexicans flee black and Mexican criminality too, if they can afford to.) Americans need to recall their natural rights and duties as trustees of the social order and exercise their non-delegable duties in the face of civil unrest.

More specifically, leftists have exploited civil society’s addiction to delegation for decades. On the universities, leftists have shouted down speakers and stolen publications with impunity. Those are actions against the social order that can only be addressed on the spot by collective action. They should have been; they were not. Similarly, there was no on the spot collective retaliation for the murder of Reginald Denny. There has been no on the spot collective actions to redress collective racist stompings or wildings. Such crimes against civil order are not adequately addressed by delegation, and to hide behind delegation, mistakenly denominated “rule of law,” is an abdication of our duties as citizens.


PS. There is a Christian, natural law basis for you and all your supporters to defend themselves and our country. No one has to look towards dubious foreign sources for justification.


Matthew – Great job of standing your ground. I would like for you to purchase an Everlast Heavy bag, a speed bag, and gloves.Start practicing. It will help you in conflicts like this. Also, start weight lifting and find a way to stop smoking. I will be donating soon. You guys are all the best! Tim Wise is about as Slimy and Underhanded as they come. I’m sure that Richard Spencer and Jared Taylor hold the same view of him.
PS – An old Steve Martin Joke: “My doctor says that I need to smoke more cigarettes”….. “He says that I’m not getting enough TAR”


So after years of ridiculing the terminology and tactics of BUGS, even the “white nationalists” are starting to slowyyyylllly adopt it, like with the term ‘White Genocide’.

Well good I guess. Not the quickest on the uptake but at least some are finally get it in snippets. Through a glass darkly I suppose. Each according to his ability.

Matt Parrott

We’ve been borrowing the useful stuff from day one, and discarding the useless stuff, like the snotty and pushy attitude of mantra moonies like yourself.

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