The Multiplier Effect of Street Activism

Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White
Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White

Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White

Rocking the status quo of the System is easier than most would imagine. The Book of Matthew speaks of “a foolish man who built his house on sand. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.” The Biblical passage acknowledges the fact that those who build their lives upon something sturdy, it will survive the trials and tribulations of time, those who decide to build upon sand however will be faced with a tragic, but not unexpected fate. Our Modern System is built entirely on sand, and that is why it is so easy to chip away at it. Even with control of the politicians, billions of dollars, the entire media, and legions of hired thugs, the System is still vulnerable because of the fact that by its very nature, it has been built upon a lie.

Recently the power of grassroots White Advocates and Traditionalists has shown through in the controlled media. A group of BUGS activists went to the top of a bridge in Oregon and placed a sign that stated “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White” in full view of oncoming traffic. Finishing the display was a Celtic Cross flag; I am a huge fan of the Celtic Cross flag.

This activism project took a small amount of money, tiny amount of time, and a few hardy activists, and the results were spectacular. Instantly after the BUGS activists had left the bridge to return home to friends and family, the System went into DEFCON 1.

Within hours of the sign being up, the media had reported the story throughout the local and State media. In the usual treatment, a simple statement that simply identifies that those who pretend to be “anti-racist” are in fact dedicated to the genocide of the European folk, turned into a press madhouse. The local NAACP was called in and said that the banner “was speaking against multiculturalism and I think multiculturalism is a strength of our country,” A large amount of comments from locals, not involved with the pro-White movement prior to this however, saw through this ruse. While the sign may have taken only a small amount of money and effort, the mantra was given tens of thousands of dollars of advertising by the overreaction of the media, and this victory is not an isolated victory, it is how the System always overreacts to White advocates.

Adopt a HighwayVarious Ku Klux Klan groups have proven that no matter what the message that you put out, the System will call you names and attack anyone who stands up for the best interests of White people. A quick google search turns up that not a week goes by that flyer distribution of a few pieces of paper causing hysterics within the media. Earlier this year in Connecticut, fifty flyers were distributed by a Klan organization and it caused such a crisis in the Establishment, the governor came out to condemn it. At the average printing cost of ten cents a page at the local Fedex, White advocates putting out five dollars worth of flyers were able to cause the System to bring together a press conference and rallies to denounce “racism.” Standing side-by-side with Governor Malloy were the NAACP, professional “anti-racists”, and the epitome of decadent and non-Traditional “Christianity, a female priestess of the Episcopal Church.

In that moment on a stage in Connecticut, our enemies assembled. Those who have betrayed and perverted the Faith do not stand for Christ but instead to worship at the altar of multiculturalism, politicians who betrayed those who elected them, non-White advocacy groups whose main mission is to destroy pro-White sentiment (not help their people), and self-hating Whites all came together to denounce White men and women standing up for their very right to exist. The female and Leftist priestess told the crowd that she “was shocked to hear that things like this are still going on in this day and age.”

Traitors of every stripe were forced to join together in this horrific Frankenstein monster of organized Marxism and thereby with only a five dollar investment and some guts, White advocates made the enemy tip their hand to reveal their united front to advocate for our genocide.

The System in its attempt to make White Advocates fear being “outed” has created a play book in which they feature our events and activism to attempt to make us back down. The System seemingly however has not realized that even when they attack us and attempt to make us fear them, Traditionalists are no longer falling for the tactics of the previous generation. There is nothing to be ashamed of when you advocate for your tribe and Tradition. No matter how many times the enemy holds press conferences to denounce these “horrible and racist” ideas, more and more members of the populace come to our side.

The Left has played the same game for generations here in America and the West, and people are tired of the incessant Big Brother propaganda that is fed to them. Normal people are realizing that the System is corrupt and does not speak for the common White man and woman in the West. The values of degeneracy, secularism, and White guilt do not align with the common man, and the more the System promotes these narratives, the more people tune them out. Grassroots activism is a way to force the System to confront our ideas and through their denunciation of Tradition, more people who before were apathetic or simply anti-System, come to our way of thinking.

More and more parents taking their kids out of schools to homeschool them, larger movements of folks using alternative currencies such as Bitcoin, survivalists and patriots who unplug from the grid, and White Advocates standing strong in ever growing numbers are a result of our ideas becoming increasingly dispersed within our society. Through the Internet and grassroots on the ground activism, like a wildfire we see that even in the past few years, our people are becoming more bold. There is nothing left to conserve in the decadent and soulless entity that calls itself the “American Dream.” Every time a flyer or a meme makes it to the eyes of an average person, they are given a window into a world in with the honoring and advancement of Tribe, Tradition, Trinity are healthy and an attainable goal. Enlightening the masses begins in our communities, our streets, and our Church, and we have the power to totally and peacefully dismantle this System by having the people simply “opt out” of being a part of the American experience.

I encourage all White advocates and Traditionalists to make flyer distribution and street level activism an important part of being an activist. Scripture commands us to “go into all the world and preach the Gospel” and that is exactly what we should do. Every hysterical push by the System to stop the spread of our ideas will only make them more popular. Showing our faces to the community that we are normal and healthy White men and women who simply love our folk and Tradition chips away at the Leftist media narrative of frothing lunatics. Our ideas are right, our values are true, and we should never be afraid to bring these messages to our people.

Keep up the good work everyone, victory is coming.


Paul Lovett

The old ‘racist” epithet has lost its punch, and the enemies of Christ and freedom are in a shrill state of sanctimonious fervor. The “Old Guard” of multiculturalism are a feeble bunch of Leftist reactionaries, and I am extremely encouraged by their feckless response to the resurgence of pride in our White Christian heritage as we ambush them through targeted street activism.


If you go to there is a guy from Connecticut that talks about the flyer drop talked about in this article. He and two other guys call a few news stations in the area asking them why they blew up the flyer drop and not reporting on an incident that involved six black guys beating a white guy that occurred in the same area. The episode is LVIII, at 1:07:00 they mention the media coverage of the events and at the 1:17:00 mark they finally call the first news station.

Maureen Martin, Aryan Street

Rumor has it some folks passed out 200 fliers in the wee hours of the morning in CA a couple weeks ago. They dropped them off at the doorsteps of homes and if the day’s paper was waiting at the end of the driveway, the paper was brought up to the door with the flier (a nice touch, “n’est-ce pas?)

This was a low risk activity for new activists to do. It was less public than a rally and reached more people.

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