Solidarity or Stigma: On My Speaking at an Upcoming NSM Event

Food Fight!
Food Fight!

Food Fight!

Our cause features all the cliquishness, snobbery, and resentment of a middle school cafeteria. And to an extent, that’s okay. I celebrate diversity, after all. I celebrate the diversity of beliefs, cultures, subcultures, personality types, and strategic visions packed into the big White Advocacy tent. While our meaningful differences should be respected and protected, we must also learn to collaborate and communicate on some level if we hope to ever rise above our current milieu of fighting and backbiting factions.

I will be speaking at a national rally for the National Socialist Movement on November 9th in Kansas City. Contrary to what the ADL and SPLC would have you believe, I’m not becoming a big scary “neo-nazi”. The NSM believes that one’s faith is beside the point in our political struggle, while I’ve always been and always will be outspoken about my Christian faith. It will remain front and center. I have several differences with the NSM and its positions, and I won’t be joining the NSM, but it’s an organization with an impressive record of street activism and grassroots organizing on behalf of White working folks.

Why would I retain rabidly leftist journalists and non-White nationalists in my contact list on the one hand, then turn away fellow White Nationalists with my other hand? If I were doing that, I would probably be doing it for the same reason most of our movement does it, the dreaded fear of “stigma”. The Southern Poverty Law Center has built up a lumbering mega-million powerhouse industry out of milking our fear (both as a movement and as a people) of being “associated” with groups and individuals proscribed by the powers that be.

Our enemies don’t fall for this game. When the Republicans accused Obama of palling around with unrepentant Marxist terrorist Bill Ayers, Obama casually shrugged it off. The canonized saint of liberalism, Ted Kennedy, murdered a young woman! Heck, leftist Senator Robert Byrd was a former recruiter for the Ku Klux Klan, an association he was permitted to let slide because he betrayed his racialist and traditionalist views in the service of his new master: Mammon.

St. John Vianney

“Do not try to please everybody. Try to please God, the angels, and the saints – they are your public. “
–St. John Vianney

I’m not playing their game. I’m not going to throw my allies under the bus to achieve “respectability” in their eyes. I would rather be under the bus with Jeff Schoep and numerous other NSM leaders and supporters who’ve put their reputations, careers, and lives on the line in defense of our people than jockeying for a front seat in the busload of anti-White and anti-Traditional scumbags running us all down. If enough of us who are under that bus can learn to come together as a unified force, we’ll have the strength to pick the bus up and throw it aside.

I encourage all Traditionalists to read Matt Parrott’s article–Never Leave a Fallen Comrade–over at Counter-Currents because he is able to sum up very well how throwing others in the movement under the bus is counterproductive. “Superficially, it seems like abandoning a vilified comrade is the more pragmatic choice. He is, after all, something of a liability. Yet, every martial culture and every effective vanguard does exactly the opposite. They never leave a fallen comrade. Even our own decadent and derelict military tradition clings to this in its soldier’s creed, ‘I will never leave a fallen comrade.’”

I’ve already lost a few supporters and allies over my ecumenical stance. The British Integralist Party threw an epic tantrum when we recently reached out to the British Union of Fascists, declaring us all “autistic” and banishing us for life from their lunch table. A handful of “friends” have unfriended me on Facebook over my refusal to denounce or marginalize this or that group. I would rather be “linked” by the SPLC’s Kevin Bacon “Six Degrees of Separation” Game to the proven street activists and their supposed “baggage” than retain the respect of this System and those who never actually threaten it. They’re not my public.

I declare here and now that I will never again leave behind a fallen comrade. From the intellectuals to my brothers and sisters in the White slums of America, I am united in the struggle for White survival. Members of the Church Militant, religious skeptics, Fascists, Traditionalists, Southern Nationalists, Northwest Front members, Monarchists, Skinheads, National Socialists, website commentators, writers, Klansmen, Libertarians, Christian Identity, concerned citizens, soccer moms, and everyone in between must rally together now, for our race is at the Eleventh hour and the fifty ninth minute in the fight for our very existence.

Anyone who supports the 14 Words is an ally of mine in this common struggle.

I do not ask anyone to compromise their beliefs, as I know that I will not, but the crisis facing our people necessitates that we set aside our differences in order to “secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.” No more division comrades, no more infighting. I look forward to marching with my Southern Nationalist comrades in the League of the South in Murfreesboro TN in October, speaking with the NSM in November, attending pro-White intellectual conferences, and working alongside great minds and dedicated White activists of all stripes in this Crusade for our survival.



Inspiring. I agree participating in an NSM event with the understanding there is no requirement to endorse every stance they take is a good idea. Shouldn’t be a matter for controversy.


I don’t agree that Ted Kennedy murdered Kopechne (sp?), but do consider him to have behaved wantonly and recklessly – and selfishly. I don’t respect what he did as a person or politician.

I do agree with the basic concept you’re espousing – of embracing the diversity within the movement, although I personally would balk at appearing publicly with these self-proclaimed neo-nazis (correct me if I’m wrong that they identify with Hitler’s version of the nazi party). For me it’s an issue of what the truth is, and I don’t consider Hitler to have been a leader who did anything productive for his people, if germans were even really his people.

But overall I have a deep admiration for your ‘ecumenical’ approach, Matt, and find it very inspiring. I tried to post a comment under the youtube of your debating with black nationalists, but it got lost…


Bold… 😉 … I consider myself a white advocat, but as a hedonist, I´m usually despised in WN circles. I have always advocated that approach to have only 1 point and that is the continued existence of the White Race. All other questions are secondary and will have to wait until objecitve #1 is attained. So I would be glad if Hembach is serious about the ecumenical approach and can conquer the disgust and accept hedonist in the ranks.

Mitch Stevens

Very cool. I agree that it is good to try to work with anyone who is genuine about saving our people. Our enemies would like nothing more than to keep us all going in separate directions.

At leftist meetings, they have everyone from regular Obama voters to hardcore Maoist pamphleteers. The reason they have been so successful is that the left always sticks together, all of them.

League Of The South Fears Average Southern Whites Might Be Offended By Neo-Nazi Ties — Warren Throckmorton

[…] In a post on the League of the South Facebook group (also on their public page), it was disclosed that recent League of the South award winner Matthew Heimbach has been banned from the upcoming League protest of “demographic displacement” in Murfreesboro, TN. Heimbach’s offense is that he consorts with neo-Nazis and plans to speak at a National Socialist meeting. […]


Many domains, one overarching function encapsulated in “The 14 Words”.
Hail Victory!
Your efforts are a shinning beacon of solidarity.

Jason Cross

All Whites are brothers. Great call, Matt. People who are serious about pro-White activism will show just how serious they really are by how they react to your stance. Just remember all eyes are upon you. Be safe, Brother.

Stephen E Dalton

Matt, you threw yourself under the bus when you publicly allowed yourself to be seen with the NSM and IKA people. We in the LOS have no desire to be seen with folks who espouse a foreign, totalitarian ideology that’s contrary to the traditions of the South. I too desire the preservation of white people, but Nazism and the modern Klan groups are, IMO, are too disconnected from traditional European cultures to do the job.

Matt Parrott

Well, if you think people who pal around with some neo-nazis and klansmen are therefore neo-nazis and klansmen, then you’ll definitely want to purge your group of any and all card-carrying neo-nazis. Start there.

Stephen E Dalton

Matt, we might have some Neo-Nazi’s in LOS, but as long as they are in the LOS, they must act like LOS members. That means no sieg heils, no Hitler talk, no uniforms, etc. We represent Southron culture, not the so-called Aryan culture of Nazism. The Aryan-Nazi culture is abhorrent to most decent people of all religious and political persuasions, so why would we in the LOS want to be tied up with something like that? It’s hard enough for Southron activists to get our case across to the general public with the stereotypes the MSM smears us with, we don’t need to give them a weapon for them to wound us with. to Since Mr. Heimbach is an Orthodox Christian, I can’t understand why he would want to be seen associating with a group of people who’s predecessors cruelly mistreated the Orthodox Christians in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Robert Lloyd

Are you speaking on behalf of the League of the South and under what authority?

Stephen E Dalton

Robert, I participated in two LOS demonstrations, so I know our policy and I support it. As I have already said, we don’t need to bring the remnants of a failed movement into SN, a movement that is abhorred by millions of people worldwide. If you need confirmation of our policy of using only LOS approved dress and symbols, I suggest you contact Dr. Hill at

Matt Parrott


Matt, we might have some Neo-Nazi’s in LOS, but as long as they are in the LOS, they must act like LOS members.

Nobody’s objecting to the League’s attempt to improve its image and messaging. In fact, we weren’t even objecting to the League’s distancing itself from whatever it wishes to distance itself from. How they went about doing so was vicious, petty, and divisive.

David Pope

THe major problem is this struggle is letting differences come between the different factions and orgs. We welcome your presence brother.

Budy Rumble


On Halloween, the Kansas City, Missouri City Council attempted to give the National Socialist Movement a legal ‘trick’ instead of a holiday treat.

Legislation #: 130873 ( by the Kansas City, Missouri City Council expresses its “unanimous opposition to the…beliefs of the…National Socialist Movement (NSM) and [is] urging Kansas City residents to morally confront those beliefs through their words and actions….”

The City Council’s resolution attempts to defame the NSM by calling it, “a violent white supremacist organization,” by citing the coincidence of the November 9 rally with that of “the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht (the night of broken glass).” However, Section 2 of the resolution may be more problematic. “…the City Council urges all residents to express their moral outrage and morally confront the NSM’s hateful rhetoric through their words and actions on November 9 and every day of the year, but not to physically confront the neo-Nazis which only plays into their hands by generating more publicity for their vile and violent group.”

According to Jeff Schoep, NSM Commander, “I’m cannot provide a legal interpretation to the council’s resolution, but, it seems to me that some could easily misinterpret the stated intent. This would not only jeopardize the First Amendment guarantee for freedom of expression in America, but could generate unanticipated hostilities towards our demonstrators.” Buddy Rumble, the area Regional Director and coordinator for the event has additional concerns. “It puts the Kansas City, Missouri City Council in the position of being part of a potential liability loop if anything happens,” said Rumble. Brian Culpepper, Leader of Stormtroops, wonders if “Perhaps this is why the U.S. Department of Justice has already sent in a federal mediator in an attempt to lessen the effect of any unintentional hostilities created by the council’s resolution.”

According to Commander Schoep, the event WILL take place at 3pm on November 9th for a public rally at the Jackson County Courthouse (415 E 12th St, Kansas City, Missouri), regardless of what misunderstood administrative confusion may be in-progress between the NSM and Kansas City, MO!


Robert Lloyd

I would certainly agree that dress at a League function, event or protest would be a concern. However, whether someone has different (maybe better) politics than you (a neo-con it appears), is certainly none of anyones business when they are not at League events. You have not addressed the many Council of Conservative Citizens within the LoS. You are witch hunting here and are surrounded by good people you actually abhor but don’t know it. Perhaps you are in the wrong organization.

I would suggest you relearn history (get away from Jewish publications) and look for what is called ‘revisionist’ history and its authors. You can find them on the internet with a simple Google search. I would then like to talk to you in one year and see what your thoughts are at that time. I believe you will have a different perspective.

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