Let’s Take Back Halloween

We're a Culture, Not a Costume

We're a Culture, Not a CostumeAll Hallow’s Eve is upon us, a time of year that for the European people has been one to celebrate and honor for countless generations. Stemming from our pagan harvest festivals to the introduction of Christendom and the honoring of the Saints of the Church, October 31st is a day of celebration for all members of the folk. What used to be treated as a sacred holiday has now become one reflective of a sick and dying culture. Our present culture is one that mocks the honoring of our ancestors and parades around the youth of America in a degenerate display of unbridled debauchery.

The traditions of Halloween that are found in Europe and North America reflect our unique cultural spirit and our devotion to the Christian faith. What we now call “trick-or-treating” used to be a Christian practice of “souling” in which young children would go throughout the town collecting soul cakes in remembrance of the souls of those who had died. The community would come together to attend Mass and pray for the souls of the departed. Many parishes would display relics of Saints who had been martyred as a reminder and inspiration to the community to be spiritually renewed and to pray for those who had died and honor the Saints of the Church. The importance of repentance, honoring of our ancestors, community Faith building, and a rededication to Christ were the cornerstones of All Hallow’s Eve for European nations for centuries, unfortunately many of these traditions and points of deep significance have been perverted (as with all of our other national institutions) by an increasingly secular world that is demanding that everything must revolve around personal satisfaction and pleasure.

Church Fathers acknowledge and openly discussed the fact that on this day the separation between the spirit world and the corporeal realm was at its shortest point of the year. Witchcraft, Satanic sacrifices, and demonic activity all rise during Halloween because of the opportunity for Satan’s forces to commune with one another and be strengthened on this dark and dangerous night. On the other side of the spiritual battle however, stories of increased displays of angelic and Christ related experiences and the closeness for believers with the Godly realm is also reported. Halloween is not a night for Satan, but simply a day in which the spiritual  battle that rages all around us every single day gets a chance to be more exposed to our limited senses on this day.

The push of hyper sexualized costumes is one of the most clear ways that what used to be a Christian and folk holiday has become a perversion of tradition. Children’s costumes are even being made “sexy” in order to kids to dress just like their older siblings and parents. While costume making used to be a homemade experience between families, now store bought costumes revolve around sexualiizing everything from Rosie the Riveter to Frank Grimes of The Walking Dead. From the littles elementary school girl to grown adults, women are told as the film Mean Girls says “Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” Concerns about modesty are thrown out the window so that women can dress in trashy clothes that dehumanize them to be little more than sex objects. A large percentage of men in our culture do not help this problem by telling women to embrace this Satanic trend and by encouraging women, whom we should honor and respect as we do the Blessed Virgin, to act like common prostitutes. The trend in the sexualization of costumes is a display of the death of modesty and of natural and healthy Christian sexuality, instead being replaced by a vapid and empty hedonist orgy every October 31st.

One additional trend in costumes is the increased level of political correctness and double standards being enforced. Several years ago the “We’re A Culture, Not a Costume” movement took off on college campuses around the nation in which students were told not to belittle cultures or groups of people with stereotypes with their costumes. Just this week a group of High School coaches from California wore blackface to dress as the cast of the Jamaican bobsledding movie Cool Runnings as a Halloween costume were hit by the NAACP, ADL, and their own school district for being “offensive” and that the coaches were told “this type of insensitivity won’t be tolerated.” Minority pressure groups have been able to get stores to remove costumes deemed “offensive” to their people, even when the costumes were not derogatory. Around the country the message of diversity and respect are being preached in the media and at colleges. “The University of Colorado at Boulder has cautioned students against dressing up as hillbillies, Asian nerds, cowboys, Native Americans, ghetto characters, and other racial or ethnic stereotypes.” The cultural zeitgeist is that all cultures should be protected, unless it is European culture.

Any awake White advocate knows that our enemies have no interest in playing fair or treating White’s equally. Equality is simply a bludgeon to allow special treatment for non-Whites and to demean and destroy the very Christian White culture that built this nation. The rules of not offending racial and religious groups do not apply to Christians or White’s because the System has no interest in what we think or feel, it only is striving to quickly and quietly displace us and our culture as fast as possible.

The mockery of all things Christian and European has made an increased presence in American Halloween costumes in the past few years. Costumes mocking Christ, the Virgin Mother, the clergy, and nuns are not even taboo or outlandish anymore, they are encouraged and easily available for purchase. Blasphemy against sacramental rites and Christian symbols are accepted with barely a protest from mainstream Christian organizations. If Muslims are willing to riot when a picture of their prophet is displayed, why are Christians so afraid to fight back against the open mocking of their Savior and the Virgin Mary? Cowardice grips the hearts of Christians and White people for the same reason, a desire to not put social status and cultural acceptance at risk for standing up for unpopular beliefs.

Stereotyping and demeaning European folk culture is on the rise as it becomes increasingly socially acceptable to attack White culture and history. Costumes mocking rural Whites as “trailer trash”, “meth heads”, “wife beaters”, and other stereotypes are designed to reinforce the Hollywood pushed idea that folks outside of cities are uneducated, drug addicted, and violent. Stereotyping and sexualization of White female roles such as maids, waitresses, and nurses attack the professions of hard working White women but also work to dehumanize majority White professions. Mocking of Ancient Greece and other heroic European nations is acceptable and even encouraged. Scandinavians are portrayed as being violent thugs in horned helmets while knights whom were the force of chivalry, honor, and integrity in the Middle Ages are mocked and the position of being a knight is make to be a laughing stock. The anti Western bias of the university system, mass media, and overall apathy of the White public to the indoctrination of our youth to hate their own people and heritage leads to the phenomenon of Halloween being just another tool of the elites to attack normal White Christian America.

Halloween is one of the days that holds a spiritual and cultural significance to the Western world. Today let us not fall into the trap of eating disgusting mounds of processed sugar, let us honor our Faith and our ancestors as past generations of Europeans did. Let us take our children and friends to Church to pray for our people, both past and present. When offered the chance to watch Satanic films why don’t we come together as a community and celebrate the bountiful harvest that has been provided to us and spend time in fellowship with one another? And when the anti-White System tricks our fellow citizens into insulting and demeaning the things we hold so dear why don’t we finally stand up for ourselves and tell them simply and clearly “We’re A Culture, Not A Costume.”



Dumb and irrelevant comment… Did you even read the article? Where in there did you see saying no to spanking someone in a nun outfit? That’s completely besides the point.

Leslie H. Higgins

Masochism is a degenerate subculture that has flourished in the West under Judeo-Marxist rule. Were he alive today, I suspect Nietzsche would be impressed that, while he advocated a move beyond Good and Evil, debauched elites have successfully blurred the distinction between Good and Bad, and Pleasure and Pain.


Things have gotten so bad that just a couple of years ago, I went out to bar hop and then eventually join a Halloween party with a couple of friends in Pa, and the women were so scantily clad and so clearly competitive in the contest to bare all that I got called a lesbian by some men just because I wore jeans and a Patagonia pullover. I was prepared to be called a bore for not dressing up, but was shocked to be branded for some sort of gender treachery just because I didn’t use the opportunity to ‘show it off,’ as they say.

I guess I’m lecturing both women and men here. I shouldn’t have to commodify my own sexuality to appease male or female insecurity complexes. I also want to state that I support lesbian rights, but resented being categorized as anything based on the failure to signify to men that I crave their approval sexually.

It’s unfortunate that Halloween has degenerated into such a hollow, corrupted ritual. I think it was always viewed by some women as an excuse to seduce, or titillate, but at some point in my adult life time it became only about that. We have become a society devoid of rituals that express any meaning about our group and tribal identity – because consumerism, egotism and quick fix hedonism are the only collective experiences we cultivate.

Paul Lovett

I don’t like what Halloween has become because it lacks the redemptive spirit found in such holidays as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.

Alex Kinkade

The guy who wants to be “spanked” by a sluttish “nun” is himself a degenerate. My answer to him would be a 2 x 4 across the back of the head and a boot up his ass.

Obviously, you think with your dick – all 4½ of it.


I don’t understand the point of the BSDM nun either. I don’t find anything clever about that image. It trivializes Catholicism and seems to play to stereotypes of Catholics as lascivious but closeted pervs.

James Bulls

This article wasn’t anything different than what you can find at any of ten dozen other right-wing Christian fundamentalist media sources, so I’m not surprised at the message given the author’s perspective, but I thought the most confusing statement made by the author was the comparison was between Muslims and Christians and the question why Muslims are willing to fight but Christians are not? I mean, it seems really inconsistent that TradYouth and others of the same cloth are in one breath going to paint Muslims as violent barbarians with no respect for the rule of law, yet in the next breath say that Christians ought to be rising up the same way in response to secular appropriation of Christian cultural images.

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