Keystone United Honors Leif Ericson

Keystone United with TradYouth

Keystone United with TradYouthMatthew Heimbach and I joined several dozen men and women from several groups who were united with Keystone United’s annual celebration of the Viking explorer Leif Ericson’s historic European discovery of the Americas. Despite being confronted by hundreds of anti-White hecklers menacing us with improvised weapons and poorly fitting drag lingerie, we broke through their barricade, marched up to Leif Ericson’s memorial, and honored his legacy with several memorable speeches.

Lacking a fact-based victory narrative, the anti-White blogosphere have taken to fishing for still shots of us staring off blankly at the beginning of the ordeal and claiming that we were sad and defeated or something. There’s plenty of other media from the event, including “objective” media reports confirming that we were lively, in good spirits, and perfectly capable of achieving a successful event despite being outnumbered.

Quality over quantity.

Tellingly, their shots are exclusively from the ten minute period before the Keystone leadership decided to cut through the Leftist formation, causing them to scatter and resort to obnoxiously barking threats and insults and blowing air horns as we went about our business. But don’t take our word for it, check out their own footage of the event. We broke their first human barricade at around 34:00, causing them to panic and beg the police to intervene. Moments later, we broke their next barricade around the statue.

We came. We saw. We commemorated. Your move, anti-Whites.

While routing anti-White mobs is a reward in itself, the point of the event was honoring our forefathers. We weren’t there to shout “White Power!” or threaten Philly’s AIDS-infested post-apocalyptic swarm of degenerates. The event wasn’t about them. Despite an impressive effort on their part to make it about them, and to make it about them opposing our supposed “White Supremacism” and evil “Nazism”, our event was about us, and it was about our people.

In debate after debate, anti-Whites strike a pose, alleging that they’re totally cool with our celebrating our heritage, but uncomfortable with our secret plot to genocide the non-Whites. A common refrain of ours is that we’re about “Heritage, Not Hate”. For the anti-Whites, it’s about hating our heritage. They’re the ones with the explicit stated policy of racial genocide, something they freely admitted repeatedly during the crowd banter. Anti-Whites eagerly await the day when Whites no longer exist as a people, and our doing nothing more than honoring our ancestors sends them into a hysterical tantrum.

Calling them the “real” genocidal hatemongers isn’t some clever attempt to flip the script, it’s right there in the open for anybody to see for themselves.

Leif Ericson’s legendary voyage opened up a vast new world for European peoples, a world which is now under siege. It’s under siege because we’ve lost the virility, spirit of adventure, and sense of a shared purpose and destiny which he and his people took for granted. Honoring Leif Ericson’s legacy is the first step toward becoming the kind of men and women capable of leaving a legacy worthy of remembering 1,000 years from now. Keystone United have taken that first step and have broken through the enemy lines. Every year, more and more of us are joining their annual tradition.

Can they count on you to stand united with them next year?



I think it might have been nice if you had indicated where this took place. Thanks for bringing my attention to something I didn’t even know existed. I’m about as viking-looking a person as there is and would have liked to know about an opportunity to honor my people’s heritage.

Leslie H. Higgins

Glad yo decided to show up. I am sure Matt with welcome you with a big bear hug when you decide to cross over and join TYN.


…I mean … if these irrational degenerates want to play the “post bad photos” game, … we can play as well.

They’re not as secluded (behind their monitors) as they think…

We’re just too imbibed with good form to sink to that sort of scumbaggery. Far better for cowards to revel in their cowardice; it makes a public statement of the sort that no literature, talking point, or promotional poster from our side could hope to achieve.

The Liberty Lamp

Shane- stop acting so emo. Nobody posted any bad photos of anyone. I think my photo is a better photo of Matt than the one he posted with him and Heimbach and Smith. He should use it as an avatar!

Do you cry yourself to sleep every night about all those enemies out to get you?


I’m not Shane (unless you’re making some esoteric comparison between me and the mythical gunslinger … in which case, I don’t understand, but I do appreciate it).

And, “emo” is responding with overly-harsh, unfriendly rhetoric at the mere mention of having your photo publicly exposed (in the same manner that ours frequently are by your ilk). I hope you were consistent with your egalitarianism and wetted the entirety of your panties equally.

And, while it is difficult to get a bad picture of us guys (we’re strapping young, traditionally-minded bucks, after all), the effort to negatively “expose” our friends is not lost. It’s the thought that counts – not your poor execution.

At any rate, even badly written, foaming-at-the-mouth, publicity, is good publicity.

Let us know how many of your young, reasonably attractive, female readers are interested in coming to our side. 🙂 (That’s the danger of posting our pics).

The Liberty Lamp

Okay fine, Scott Terry then (I can’t tell the difference between you two), this whole routine of being Duck Dynasty trying to pretend you are Ashley Wilkes is really a laughable joke.
Get over yourself!
I like the photo we posted, the one in THIS article boring and lacks any kind of interesting composition, while ours has an interesting bounce of light off the left side of Matt’s jaw line.

But…meh…everyone’s a critic….

Matt Parrott

Well, the actual round-up of “sad faces” I was referring to was over at the Philly Antifa blog.

I linked to the one of me because I lost track of the other link and, well, …it was of me! And I agree that it sort of looked badass.

I have no way of knowing which of you was Spelunker and which of you was Lamp. I’m going to go ahead and assume that the chubby blond guy who I spoke with briefly about the perils of fat shaming on the walk back is Lamp, and that the guy on the crutches with the red mask I bickered with extensively is Spelunker. I kept thinking about South Park’s Jimmy while he was leaning on his crutches and looking up at me menacingly.

I have no way of knowing, of course. But I like to have mental images of people I’m communicating with, and that will do for now.


What’s wrong with the name “Shotgun”? That’s my internet persona. But, you like “exposing” us mean ol’ anti-Egalitarians, don’t you?

Just remember what I said above on that score, Mr. “Liberty Lamp”.

Oh, and thanks for visiting the Trad Youth blog and giving us a chance to interact with you. It’s always fun to publicly demonstrate the incoherencies and fallacies in our opponents worldviews. On the streets, they’re too busy shouting and hurling urine to have decent conversations.

The Liberty Lamp

I never said anything about “Shotgun”. We report and inform. You, young man, have done a bang up job of exposing yourself in front of the whole world at CPAC, thank you for being so entertaining and doing our work for us.


You were confused about how to refer to me, so I asked … “why not Shotgun?”.

But I repeat, (and probably for the last time), I’m glad you like exposure and openness. If that’s the game you want to play…

The Liberty Lamp

IDK…”shotgun” sounds like a bad spaghetti western, but if you prefer it then okay, it’s this site is your territory and I am but a guest…

Matt Parrott

Lamp & Spelunker,

Could one of you confirm for me that the lady in the blue wig was in fact a lady?

A lot’s at stake here, so we need an honest answer.

Brien james

See Matt, they didn’t answer you about the guy in the blue wig. I’m telling you it was a dude with a boob job and duct tape. Only respectable drag queen there. Poor ugly half-ass bastards. Also, I don’t which anti’s I am speaking to, but do you guys realize that you are the only ones who think you are victorious in these attempts to stop us from doing what we came to do? We don’t set out against you. This event has nothing to do with you or your causes. YOU come out to where we are at, and make all of these proclamations about how you will stop us or smash us etc… then we break through your stupid “red rover” human chains and we go down the hill and we come back up and leave and you don’t do a damn thing about it. There were maybe a dozen cops there to contain 200+ people. You had all of the opportunity in the world. You are an annoyance and a joke and everyone from the cops who were there, to the people watching the news, saw it. It won’t matter if there are 2000 of you next year. You wont do shit. And if you do we will use the opportunity to beat you into the ground… legally. Oh I can only pray to every god imaginable 🙂

Matt Parrott


I have it from a reliable source in private contact that the individual in the blue wig is indeed a female.

I haven’t managed to obtain her number. I’m still working on that.

The Liberty Lamp

Matt…Matt …Matt…you’re supposed to be a married man with traditional values and all that good stuff, and here you are trying to get phone #’s of hot long legged Libertarian girlies. Is this okay by your Julie Evola ?

Poor Brien, you’re a Vindlander and you’re coming after us “legally” because you really believe the powers that be are on your side?

Do you really think the alphabet soups who were there were looking at us or looking at all the gang symbols on your jackets?

Silly silly fool, your ignorance is our greatest asset.

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