Indiana University’s Dirty Little Secret: Christianophobia

Crosses representing the 915 abortions commuted by Planned Parenthood each day.

Crosses representing the 915 abortions commuted by Planned Parenthood each day.

Situated in south central Indiana, Bloomington is an idyllic place to visit, live and learn– but only if you don’t mind brazen Christianophobia.

Students for Life at Indiana University held a demonstration in Dunn Meadow as part of Students for Life of America‘s nationally organized Planned Parenthood Project tour.  As is par for the course in IU-Bloomington, some Christianophobic behavior was quickly encountered.  Two unidentified Christophobes, who are suspected to be IU-Bloomington students, confronted SFL students on Wednesday afternoon, and after a brief but tense exchange, one later returned to vandalize the demonstration site.

“You are in conflict with the world that I want, which is where all your churches burn, and all your trash fucking possible,” one Christianophobe threatened.

The President of Students for Life at Indiana University Theresa McHugh confirmed in an Email statement that Students for Life is a secular organization, and that their demonstration was not a religious expression.

“We are a secular group and some of us have Christian faiths but others may not. The crosses represented the number of abortions [Planned Parenthood] performs each day and were not representing Christianity itself.”

The fact that Students for Life at Indiana University is publicly a secular organization was of no consequence to the as of yet unidentified Christianophobes.  This kind of Christianophobic behavior is a textbook example of what the naked Communist or Marxist will do if given the opportunity.  It is also a perfect example of what Italian philosopher Julius Evola would call “left-wing totalitarianism,” more specifically describing it as how, ”[Communists] and socialists find it useful and agreeable to brand anybody and anything that does not agree with their ideology with the label of ‘fascism … ‘”

The student whom vandalized the Students for Life demonstration site didn’t need to know whether or not the organization was religious or secular, because the truth of the matter was inconsequential.  Because Students for Life represented something which he despises, then they must have been evil, oppressive and fascist Christians.

It is the same with the other unidentified student whom harassed the SFL students.  In the student’s own words, it doesn’t matter whether or not Students for Life had any religious convictions.

“You are in conflict with the world that I want, which is where all your churches burn." -unknown Christianophobe

“You are in conflict with the world that I want, which is where all your churches burn.” -unknown Christianophobe

“I don’t give a fuck about what you’re saying, it’s clear enough what you’re doing.  I’m saying that I’m in conflict with you, and that a lot of people are in conflict with you, and that if we can, if we’re strong enough we will stop you from doing this shit, because this is fucked up.”

The liberal and individual spirit of atheism, Marxism, and Communism are perpetually at the root of social degeneracy.  They are also the driving forces behind the rejection of any responsibility outside of the self, and the refusal to accept any hierarchical lifestyle or system of authority.  Just in case anyone missed the first half of the article, this also includes a total rejection of Christianity and Christian values.

Evola succinctly describes the matter, specifically stating the fact that, “… not only ideally, but historically too, liberalism and individualism are at the beginning and at the origin of the various interconnected forms of modern subversion.  The person who becomes an individual, by ceasing to have an organic meaning and by refusing to acknowledge any principle of authority, is nothing more than a number, a unit in the pack; his usurpation evokes a fatal collectivist limitation against himself.”

Spouting off at the mouth with non-specific and generalized desires to have churches burned is bit off-putting to most people, but I suppose there are worse ways to defend Christianophobic attitudes.  It just seems like it’s all been done before, you know?  Maybe that’s why I couldn’t help but think of the barefoot-jogging atheist who decided to make a scene at U.C. Berkley earlier this year.  For the longest time, nobody could figure out whether not that other incident was an elaborate joke.

YouTube video of the incident at Indiana University was uploaded at the “StudentsForLife” YouTube channel, and viewer Linda Flowers wasn’t taking this most recent incident very seriously either.

“lol, atheist pro-lifers FTW. Know what’s ‘fucked-up’? A world where 3,500+ children every day in my country alone are killed and thrown away as if they were liposuction byproduct. I am PROUD to be ‘in conflict’ with this douchetard.”

The liberal-progressive dream which IU-Bloomington’s professors inculcate and breed in the minds of Indiana’s youth is exactly that– a dream.  In the words of George Carlin, you’d have to be asleep to believe it.  The militant Christianophobes responsible for harrassing the SFL students, and vandalizing their demonstration site are two of those sleeping dreamers, and their sweet dreams of burning churches are interrupted when groups like Students for Life come on campus to rock the boat.

Though Students for Life is publicly a secular organization, the defense of life is in direct conflict with the degenerate lifestyles of secular Marxists, Atheists, and Christianophobes.

Liberalism is ultimately unsustainable, and because there is no true political force in its various manifestations of atheism, Marxism and communism, those who slumber under the dead sleep of Liberalism cannot legitimately respond to any instance in which Traditionalist values are publicly asserted.  That is the power of a Traditionalist lifestyle and defending Traditionalist values; it will wake up the dead.

To the unidentified Christianophobes who wish to stop Christians and burn our churches: you will never be strong enough to stop Traditionalism, no matter how many come to your assistance.  You will never win, because we are stronger, and we are already beating you.



You’re going to need to rephrase your question…

First, because this article isn’t about “women’s reproductive rights,” and second, because your question is poorly phrased.


Niemca: Typical leftist dishonest conflation tactics. Just because you don’t think anyone has a right to kill an infant, doesn’t mean you oppose women having sex. But I’ll humor and answer. Yes, I support celibacy until marriage.


I’ll let you know if I hear anything else about it, but the Students for Life group didn’t file a police report on the incident. The IU police dept. did not receive any complaints from other students either.

Unless the university administration takes a more public position on the culture of anti-Christian bias within the student body, I don’t think that events like this will be taken as seriously as other incidents of intimidation or violence which get significantly greater attention. More on this later.


Jared, I am not a dishonest leftist conflating things intentionally. On the contrary, I’m a passionate white liberationist who just happens to believe that women have the right to control their own bodies.

Often those who are anti-choice are also iffy on birth control, so I thought I’d ask the question. Birth control is also not always 100% reliable.

Further I don’t believe christianity offers much to white liberation. Most whites who would be sympathetic to ‘white rights’ aren’t that deeply religious, and besides, the catholic church is a main agent of immigrant flooding of our country. I detest the entire institution, having been raised a catholic and having survived attending one of their universities. They are as corrupt as it gets, and as anti-white as it gets.


I’m inclined to doubt you; your language is leftist: “abortion = women’s reproductive rights” or “pro-abortion = pro-choice” are leftist euphemisms. And the JIDF has been known to pepper their leftism with nationalist or traditionalist ideas with their own in order to make it more palatable.

Matt Parrott


I believe you’re sincerely pro-White and you’re sincerely welcome to participate in the conversation.

Women are actively encouraged to participate, contribute, and lead in every aspect of the TradYouth project. And they already do. I sympathize with a lot of the concerns from thoughtful women about women’s rights and roles. That doesn’t translate to endorsing Leftist feminist boilerplate. Traditionalism doesn’t necessarily entail “turning back the clock” or endorsing (small-t) traditions relating to gender roles which are largely obsolete in the current socioeconomic context.

Endorsing something as horrific as abortion, in the name of female outreach or expediency or any other reason, is not and never will be on the table.


I strongly disagree with you that to endorse violating a woman’s right to control her own body in the name of any kind of outreach should be on the table.

My view is that White rights shouldn’t be dragged down into endless arguments about abortion. Most white people are pro-choice, so making an issue of abortion when you so virulently oppose it seems counterproductive to galvanizing white people behind the cause.


Conflation…schmaflation. A woman’s body is not her own, it’s her husbands; ie, the one she had intercourse with and produced a baby in her womb. The canard that a woman has a right to do what she wants with her own body is just a code phrase for her worship of the ancient caananite idol of Moloch, which today is called the “convenience” idol. “I can’t have a baby right now because it’s not convenient”. It’s an excuse to avoid the consequences of behavior. Yes, and “fetus” is also a code word invented by cultural Marxism, like a lot of their other abominations such as “gay” for queer/fag sodomite perverts. The deception of inventing new words to avoid the onus of responsibility is a satanic jew specialty.


All too familiar behaviour. The now-“secular” university I attended in South Africa was a Christian Institution built up from scratch by Afrikaner Calvinists. Five years ago the then new rector (and first black one) decided it was time to do away with the “narrow notion” of a Calvinist God and time for “free-thinking”. Five years on, it is clear that by “free-thinking” he meant the institutionalization of his anti-Christian and anti-white ideas.


Uh, hello out there? Traditional Youth Network, if your pretty bright ideas and activism isn’t taking off as quickly or as much as they might, that may be because you actually are okay with someone saying a woman’s body is her husband’s.

Please understand that you set the cause of white liberation back with allowing this on your site. In fact, what you do is totally disable it.


Okay, I’ll bite. What should the message of white liberation look like?


I won’t bite; it’s not up to me to dictate to you what the message of white liberation should look like. I was merely pointing out that endorsing, or appearing to endorse, the idea that a woman’s body belongs to her husband is outrageous and will repel most women.

I’m constantly amazed at how much white men in this movement seem to have this notion that they have to be the leaders. The european white nationalist movements are starting to truly thrive and yet they feature numerous women leaders. I myself feel passionate devotions to my white people, particularly the anglo celts, in part because of how peacefully most of the white men who raised me were with women. None exhibited this apish need to dominate. In fact, it’s what I’m proudest of in all the fine traits I celebrate in my tribe, along with our incredible industriousness.

kennewick man

1 Corinthians 7:4
The wife does not have authority over her own body but yields it to her husband. In the same way, the husband does not have authority over his own body but yields it to his wife.

Anti-modern, anti-individualist, but there are things more important than pleasure,convenience, and popularity.


As a student of Indiana University, I think it may be a little to generalized to say that christianophobia is a University-wide problem. This incident only expresses the views of maybe a handful of students at most.


Incidents like the one I wrote about here may only represent a handful of students, but you won’t read about them in the IDS, nor will IU’s Diversity Office come out and publicly condemn this behavior either. That is why Christianophobia is IU’s best kept secret.


A woman’s uterus is most definitely part of her body. Only she has the right to her own body.

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