Father Coughlin, The Radio Priest

Charles Coughlin, the Radio Priest

Charles Coughlin, the Radio PriestThe spirit of American Traditionalism has been alive since the beginning, the System however has always been biased against Christendom, Tradition, and organic folk ties. Although it hurts many “conservatives” to admit, many of the Founders based their entire worldview upon an economic and egalitarian mindset that resulted in the fratricidal conflict of the War Between the States, wars against our racial kinsmen in Europe, and the slow but sure shredding of Traditionalism that is the very spirit of our folk. The systematic dismantling of our Churches and our values is due to the poison that has been pumped through the very veins of our people since the first meeting of the Continental government. Resistance however on a true moral and ideological level has been growing since the inception of this vile system, and one of the loudest voices for Tradition in the early 20th century was found in a Catholic priest, Father Charles Coughlin: the radio priest.

Charles Coughlin was born in October of 1891 to an Catholic Irish family in Canada. His family came from a long line of devoutly Traditionalist believers, and those values quickly found root in the mind of the young Charles Coughlin as he grew up in an age of transformation. The West in the late 1890’s was beginning the next wave of secularism and liberalism that would further eradicate a true and militant form of racial pride, true social justice, and Traditional values in the culture of the people of America, Canada, and Europe.

Charles Coughlin found his calling early, entering St. Basil’s Seminary shortly after graduating from the University of Toronto. He was ordained at 25. As a seminarian and a young priest, Father Coughlin was known for his devotion to fighting the forces of International Bolshevism and his God-given ability to move the laity. Father Coughlin founded his theological beliefs in true Traditionalism, not the compromises with Modernity found in the Establishment-minded members of the Catholic hierarchy.

Father Coughlin understood why many Americans and Europeans were moving towards communism: a failure on the part of the Church and society to take care of those in need. The role of usury, money lending for interest, was one of the main ways that he identified how global capitalists and International Jewry were able to hijack the political and social institutions of the West. Jews and capitalists were able to become “fat and wealthy, praised and deified, because they have perpetuated the ancient crime of usury under the modern racket of statesmanship.” Father Coughlin understood that the majority of people did not wish to become communists or adopt socialism, they were being bribed into abandoning their Traditions, just as the government and Church were not fulfilling their roles as caretakers. Populism and Tradition in which the common man is lifted up within

The identification of how the Church had a moral responsibility to care for the poor, sick, and solidify the communities ties that had held together European civilization became known as “social justice.” One must not confuse the modern Leftist version of social justice with the true and Christian belief in fulfilling our God given responsibility to our families, our neighbors, and our folk. Christian Social Justice is the belief that  capitalists do not have a right in a Christian nation to trample upon the citizenry, the rulers do not have the right to sell out their people to the globalists, money changers should not have the right to make profits off the toil of the working class through usury, and that a people should be unified regardless of social class or other distinctions as a people.

The first step in Father Coughlin’s ministry beyond his parish was taking to the local radio. In the beginning of his time on the air, Father Coughlin spoke of Scripture and local issues that impacted the people of Michigan. In 1932 Father Coughlin made the mistake that almost all Christians do, believing in the Two Party System. In his belief to helping the working class, Father Coughlin heartily endorsed FDR in his run for President in the hope that FDR would hold true to his promises and principles. Just as America found out with President Obama, the campaign trail promises are nothing but meaningless words come November 9th.

Traditionalist Catholicism is by its very nature a Faith that can only be properly expressed in a Christian fascist structure or a monarchy. Father Coughlin believed that FDR was going to stand against both the capitalists and the communists in a struggle for Americans to be a free and Christian people, he was wrong. Almost immediately the FDR administration began cozying up to Big Business, political insiders, and eventually even the mass murdering Jewish controlled Soviet Union.

Father Coughlin decided that the Democrats and the Republicans both had betrayed the people of America through a combination of greed and sinfulness. While the FDR administration promised reform and help to the American worker, the elites grew richer and more powerful while the common men and women of the nation were ground under the bootheel of soulless regulation. Increasingly in radio addresses Father Coughlin turned on FDR and the political machine that ran America “The great betrayer and liar, Franklin D. Roosevelt, who promised to drive the money changers from the temple, had succeeded [only] in driving the farmers from their homesteads and the citizens from their homes in the cities. . . I ask you to purge the man who claims to be a Democrat, from the Democratic Party, and I mean Franklin Double-Crossing Roosevelt.”

Decades before the Ron Paul movement, Father Coughlin was preaching against the Federal Reserve and the control of the American financial system by the elites. Father Coughlin understood that allowing private bankers, mostly Jews, to run the printing of money in America meant that America was simply a colony of the bankers without any sovereignty over its own land.
The union between capitalists and communists is one that can only be understood through a spiritual understanding of the struggle facing Western civilization. Jews and greedy Gentiles can unite to subvert Tribe, Tradition, and the Trinity in order to fatten their pockets and more completely control the nations of the world. Father Coughlin told millions of listeners every week that to defend our way of life and to honor our God that we must understand the Satanic influences of both capitalism and communism. When the Church understands and identifies the role of capitalists, Jews, communists, and traitorous elites, the Church Militant can work to uproot and destroy these parasites in our midst. In our especially fiery sermon Father Coughlin told his audience that “”On this earth you must belong to the church militant or get the hell out of it. That’s the right word. You’re either with me or against me. There is no middle ground in this battle between Christ and the anti-Christ. If you step out of (the battle), you’re worse than those boys who ran off to Norway, Sweden, those boys who deserted the government. You’re deserters, rotten deserters.” The Church Militant must march forward to destroy the enemies of Christ, every Christian man, woman, and child is called be be a warrior in God’s army and Father Coughlin was rallying the troops.

The issue of the Jews and Jewish influence on the international level was a crucial issue of discussion for Father Coughlin due to the impending war in Europe that he correctly identified as having the entire Western world dragged into on behalf of the Jews “Must the entire world go to war for 600,000 Jews in Germany who are neither American, nor French, nor English citizens, but citizens of Germany?” The role of the “money changers” in banking, business, and the media was undeniably Jewish and Father Coughlin identified the problem as being one not only in America, but around the world. The policies of the National Socialist government in Germany were strongly condemned by the American government but Father Coughlin rightly pointed out that “Jewish persecution only followed after Christians first were persecuted.” In the Biblical sense of “ye reap what ye sow” Father Coughlin identified that Christians only take a stand against organized Jewry when the Jews have launched the first salvo in attempting to persecute or subvert Christian civilization. From the founding of the Soviet Union to the anti-Christian messages from Hollywood, Father Coughlin was identifying the problems that White nationalists and Traditionalists of the modern era are still fighting against.

The growing American Church Militant and fascist movement of the early 20th century was one who was ahead of its time. From the nativist Ku Klux Klan of the 1920’s to the Silver Shirts under William Dudley Pelley, American fascism was beating in the hearts of the average American. Father Coughlin and Louisiana Governor and then Senator Huey Long represented a true populist uprising in American politics with fascist leanings. Governor Huey Long took the same approach as Father Coughlin in standing strong on his principles and taking the fight to the enemy, even if that meant the administration of the President and the leadership of both political parties. Long famously said that one should “always take the offensive — the defensive ain’t worth a damn.”

Huey Long supported dismantling the Federal Reserve, advocating for the interests of working class folks, stopping foreign intervention that would drain the coffers of America, and stopping capitalists from looting the wealth and productivity of the American public through corruption and insidious backroom deals with one another and the government. Governor Long understood the Christian form of Social Justice that was preached by Father Coughlin of taking care of the poor and following the commandments of God “We are either going to apply the laws which were given from Heaven, or our country is not going to last.” The union between a Northern priest and a Southern populist was one that began to make a real political revolution in America, and that is why it had to be destroyed. In 1935 Huey Long was killed by a Jewish assassin the very Statehouse that the Governor had built and the Roosevelt administration was looking to stop Father Coughlin at all costs.

The rise of American patriot Charles Lindbergh and the America First Committee alongside the preaching of Father Coughlin was a rallying cry for Americans to attempt to stay out of the war in Europe and put the interests of our people first. This move caused FDR to begin putting severe amounts of pressure on the Vatican and liberal bishops in America to attempt to silence Father Coughlin while spreading rumors about Charles Lindbergh and attempting to stifle all dissent to the FDR administrations war mongering.

With the US government gearing up for war with our racial kin across the Atlantic, the listing of all opposition groups as subversive was a key component of the FDR administrations plans. By 1940 Father Coughlin’s organization, the Christian Front and himself had over 25% of Americans claiming they supported “most of or all” of the ideas of the movement. Father Coughlin was receiving more personal mail than the President himself and was being hailed as a “voice of the people.” About one in three Americans was regularly tuning in to Father Coughlin’s radio sermons and his paper, Social Justice, had close to one million readers across the nation. This was too much power and too much support from the American public for FDR and his globalist handlers to allow. Social Justice

The first attack on Father Coughlin came when the FBI kicked down the doors of the Christian Front and claimed the organization was subversive and planning a revolt. Anyone who has tuned in to the lies that the FBI and other Federal organizations do to tar and feather their opponents should not be surprised at this “by the book” takedown of an organization. Next came the FDR administration claiming that the First Amendment did not apply to broadcasting and pressuring stations to take Father Coughlin off the air. Social Justice was banned by the United States Postal Service from being mailed because the First Amendment was said not to apply to the written word. In what was an unconstitutional and tyrannical power grab, FDR silenced Father Coughlin and threatened the Catholic Church into ordering America’s “Radio Priest” into silence.

Overnight the voice of millions of Americans who spoke on a message of Christian Social Justice, a platform of peace, and a strong stance in favor of Christian values, was cut off by the moneyed elites. With Huey Long lying in his grave, Charles Lindbergh being framed as a “Nazi”, William Dudley Pelley rotting in prison, and now Father Coughlin silenced, the organized Right had all of its leading members silenced by the globalists and their willing accomplices in the White House.

After being forced off the air, Father Coughlin did what any priest would do, take care of his parish. For the next thirty years Father Coughlin would tend to the poor, help the sick, comfort the dying, baptize new believers, hear confessions, and do everything that a normal priest would do in service to Christ and to the people of his community. In true Christian humility Father Coughlin willingly went from being one of the most famous men in America to nurturing a small Catholic community in Michigan almost overnight, and he did so with a heart of compassion for all those he came into contact with. At his death at the age of 88 Father Coughlin was unrepentant of his strong stance for righteousness, Social Justice, and the Christian faith. Father Coughlin rightly told the American people that “America has been led to a crossroads. One leads to Communism, the other to Fascism. I take the road to Fascism” and with that he summed up the choice of the 20th century, which road would America take? The road to unity, community, and Christendom or the road to debt, depravity, and Godlessness? Father Coughlin was right in 1940, and he is right today. We as White Americans have a choice between turning towards Christ and a system of government that will glorify our Holy Father and raise our folk out of the ashes of decades of decadence, or we can continue the road to multiculturalism and destruction. The choice is ours, and I choose to stand with Father Coughlin.


Paul Lovett

Don’t forget Gerald L.K. Smith for his Christian Nationalist Crusade. He was targeted by the Communists as their number one enemy. Father Coughlin and Smith both supported the United States Constitution despite its classical liberal orientation. The Christian Right have been in bed with the Zionists since the Reagan years when the neoconservatives took over the GOP, which led to the Trotskyist democratic revolution through the unconstititional wars for the corporations, banks, and Israel. We need a anti-Zionist Christian movement to take our country back from the political grip of the Israeli Lobby, which the two major parties are answerable in servile deference. Unity is needed more then ever among those of the same folk and faith here in America.

Clement Pulaski

Thank you for writings about the heroes of America’s past, it’s a very important subject.
Here is a good resource for those who want to learn more about Smith:

And while some of the founding fathers had an egalitarian economic mindset, there was much more the foundation of the country. It’s important to emphasize the traditionalist aspects of the founding fathers, especially their interest in the Classical tradition and their Anglo-Saxon heritage:

Dr. Carlos Diaz Lujan

Fr. Charles Edward Coughlin – A Great Canadian-American Patriot.

In response to criticisms hurled against Fr. Charles E. Coughlin by his anti-Catholic detractors, the great Archbishop Amleto Giovanni Cicognani, Apostolic Delegate to the United States from 1933 to 1959, was quoted as saying: “What the Holy Father teaches, Father Coughlin preaches.”

Fr. Coughlin’s detractors within the Church knew that only his superior, Detroit Bishop Michael Gallagher, had the canonical authority to silence him, but Gallagher ardently supported the “Radio Priest” because of his unquestionable fidelity to Catholic moral and social teachings. Due to this firm support of Coughlin by leading Catholic churchmen, Coughlin’s detractors could do nothing but cringe.

Long live Fr. Coughlin!

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