Eyes on Wise: Join our Street Action Against anti-White Hate

Tim Wise

Tim WiseToday is going to be the “Eyes on Wise” protest at Indiana State University In Terre Haute Indiana. Trad Youth is going to be standing against Tim Wise, a professional “anti-racist” who makes a comfortable living off perpetuating White Guilt. Mr. Wise himself is not White, contrary to what his books and speeches entitled “White Like Me” would suggest. The definition of a folk is a people. It is the blood, the culture, the Traditions, the iron bonds of history, and Mr. Wise does not share those with us . . . he is a member of a separate folk.

Although Mr. Wise is Jewish, his entire schtick depends on pretending to be a European and traveling around the world to inform the White public that we must give up our nations, our inheritance, and even our ability to provide for our families through a reparations program of affirmative action, “social justice”, and demographic displacement.

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I ascribe to the Father Coughlin brand of social justice, and am no friend of global capitalism or neo-colonialism. The problem with the Tim Wise model is that his racial egalitarianism and racial reparations can never be accomplished as long as the White race survives. As Mr. Wise wrote in one of his books…

“And let’s just be honest, there is no such place called ‘justice,’ if by that we envision a finish line, or a point at which the battle is won and the need to continue the struggle over with. After all, even when you succeed in obtaining a measure of justice, you’re always forced to mobilize to defend that which you’ve won. There is no looming vacation.”

Although there is a black President, Affirmative Action is here to disenfranchise the White working class, immigration is drowning our nations in the Third World, and the White race is an ever dwindling percentage of the world population, Tim Wise is still not happy.

There can never be enough repayment in the eyes of men like Mr. Wise and the Leftist Establishment to pay for the “sins” of the European race. The issue is not about “justice”, it is about our destruction. In a column announcing the ever-shrinking percentage of Whites in America, Tim Wise said about White Traditionalists “And unlike, say, the bald eagle or some exotic species of muskrat, you are not worth saving.” We are truly endangered as a people and a culture, and Tim Wise is leading the charge alongside other “anti-racists” to poison the minds of the youth with White guilt to make the next generation unable to stand up for themselves as they are quickly become disenfranchised.

This is why we must stand against Tim Wise, this is why organization is key. People need to know who Tim Wise is, what he stands for, and that he is not welcome at our public institutions to spread this message of hatred. We will peacefully gather to oppose Mr. Wise and the entire “anti-racist” racket that milks millions of dollars from White Americans every year through the combination of fear mongering, slick advertising, and a disingenuous proposal of “equality.” Join us at the corner of 7th St. and Cherry St. at 5:45 on the evening of the demo, and then march to the demonstration site outside University Hall.

We will arrive outside University Hall around 6:00pm, and we will demonstrate until dark.

For those who arrive late, you can find us on the 7th St. side of University Hall between the north and south entrances. The ISU Police Dept. has a specific place for us to hold the demonstration, so you can find us there if you arrive late.

Take a stand for your people and the cultural Marxists who invited Tim Wise to their campus. Join us October 9th at ISU and show the world that you are not going to cower in the fact of those who advocate for our displacement.


civil rights apostate

Mr. Wise is only 1 quarter Jewish! The rest is white, which makes it even sadder, because he hates 3/4 of his heritage.


It’s about time someone is doing something to bring attention to this anti-White. He has instilled guilt and fear in many of our people and he deserves the same treatment back.

I will do my best to bring attention in my limited way to this anti-White. He deserves to be shamed.

Paul Lovett

Tim Wise is an anti-Christ Jew who seeks to help eviscerate our people into ignoble extinction. He is driven by a demonic force that thrives on destroying the image of God through disingenuous connivance, which aptly describes the likes of Christ-haters who share his skewed and perverted worldview of our race. He has unabashedly presented himself as an archetypal enemy of European Americans with his call for affirmative action to disenfranchise us to utter political infirmity. He is in league with the Devil for he is one of his many sons who wage war against the followers of Christ among the White race.

civil rights apostate

Ok, maybe he identifies as Jewish in his heart. He does have an awfully high hatred against European whites for a man who identifies as white at heart. Whatever the case, he is a child of the devil and an enemy of all that is right. Will he never stop perverting the ways of the Lord? No Christian with a passable knowledge of church history could ever hate the white race as this evil man does, for White Christians have carried the religion of truth and grace from one end of the world to the other. I hope he gets temporarily blinded while going to an anti-racist conference:)


I have news for you. Jews are part of our American tribe, as are blacks and long-established Mexicans. However, many among these minorities hate and fear the white members of the tribe and, together with the white liberals, work to belittle and impoverish them. So whites have to stand up for themselves against their colored fellow citizens and white liberals. But I question the whole WN framework. The inherited liberty and community responsibility of Americans are good for everyone — anyone who doesn’t like them can go elsewhere, or simply suffer the consequences of living under an unappetizing social system. The WN framework excludes the few potential allies in the hostile groups, and the large bodies of born followers in the hostile groups, especially Jews, who will adapt to whatever culture prevails. More importantly, the WN framework is impractical. If a solid traditionalist movement develops, it is not going to go in the direction of deporting or exterminating non-whites and liberal enemies, but of closing the borders and incorporating everyone in a traditionalist American social order, i.e., self-government without without government-enforced integration and racial spoils, government-enforced sexual morality, and government-enforced pauperization. (Economically, national capitalism is the ticket, not national socialism.) The WN framework creates a record of race hatred which will be an unwanted burden if and when traditionalists have the opportunity to govern communities that include the non-whites and Jews. I may be groping, I may be wrong, but in my mind it behooves Americans to foster race realism in their hearts and minds while working to create a political force based on traditionalist, populist patriotism, broadly Christian, broadly libertarian, and broadly communitarian, without any overt hatreds.


I am excited to hear how things went, and edified to see Whites stand up for their rights (as opposed to just talking on the internet). I am also realizing as time goes on that we need a new term for our Whiteness, one that jewish people cannot appropriate or co-opt. It’s harder to get people out than it is to simply move oneself. I think we need a new term for ourselves. I am an anglo celt, a northwestern european, and while my tribe endures the most focused attacks by Diversity Cult in America I recognize that the other european ethnicities, particularly the middle europeans, also suffer greatly here in the US for being…what shall we call ourselves? Jews will never allow us the peace to name our own european, as opposed to middle eastern, race…they feel they can separate from us and that to do so is holy while any celebration of our european heritage is somehow an attack against their Chosen-ness.

I believe we’d benefit as a movement if we could come up with a term that only expresses our identity, not non-europeans’. Something short for indigenous europeans? Native europeans?


I have news for you. Jews are part of our American tribe,

Is it really necessary to be so condescending? You come across like you look down on people who tell the truth about jews.

Your observations about WNsm are comical and amount attacking straw man positions. It doesn’t make you stupid, necessarily, but it does quite clearly show that you operate under the influence of Politically Correct liberalism. You accept their premises.

I have news for you, ignoramus. Jews define themselves as separate and apart from gentile peoples and cultures, and they always have. Why do you think organizations such as the adl, world jewish congress, and the American jewish committee exist? They see a need for advocacy groups to further what they perceive to be theirdistinct jewish interests.

It is a matter of blunt fact that Jews are deeply involved in every activity that is harmful to white and white Christian civilization. Jews have long spat on you Christians. Why do you defend them?

I do not understand why Christians would ever seek alignment with the very people who rejected Christ from the beginning. It was the Jews themselves who drove the wedge between Jews and Christians 2000 years ago. Many Christians seem to forget this.

Your comments do not show what’s wrong with the WNst framework. They expose severe potential weaknesses in the Traditionalist one.

You are free to label this cluster of ideas as “Traditionalist” if you want to. In fact, your version of Traditionalism is just repackaged paleo-conservatism, culturally conservative libertarianism, and color-blind American civic nationalism placed under a new label. And in the context of post-WW2 struggles for survival by white folks and white Christians against their competitors, those intellectual frames have a long record of failure. You do a real disservice to white folks and to white Christians by promoting them.

Side Note

If there would be significant differences between certain (not all) of Traditionalist and paleo-conservative ideas in practice (not theory), I’m not on clear on what they would be. Certain descriptions and explanations (not all) of Traditionalism look a lot like paleo-conservatism with a new label.


Thanks for your reply. I was not being condescending, but expressing impatience. Jews have been our friends and neighbors, participating in many, many walks of life alongside the rest of us, for 200+ years. A political movement based on hating them will go nowhere. The fact that the organizations you name exist and pursue their nefarious work does not change that. The organizations exist as part of the corrupt and complex web of current social life. They are inimical, but focusing on their enmity is not the basis for a rebirth of the USA. In my opinion, a successful political movement has to be positive, populist, and optimistic about restoring self-government for everyone. That means successfully restoring traditional white Christian culture as the dominant culture, without special favors for minorities or capitalists. The restoration has to weed out, not Jews, but forms of economic, cultural, and political liberalism that have been permitted to destroy national and local communities.

I won’t dispute that my thinking is limited in all kinds of ways. I could doubtless learn from you and anyone else posting here. I just don’t want young patriots to paint themselves into a corner by espousing hatred instead of benevolence as their message, which will prevent them from obtaining the power they need for their great work.

I certainly don’t want to put a damper on anyone’s motivation for visible political action. I just think anti-Semitism is un-American and doomed to failure. It is unbecoming of a patriot. I’d rather see young patriots as Sons of Liberty, not brownshirts.


PS. Lew: I would add that white Christians, just as much as Jews, “are deeply involved in every activity that is harmful to whites and white Christian civilization.” We might well have ended up where we are today even without the influx of resentful Irish, Germans, Italians, Russians, Poles, Greeks, and Jews. We had plenty of pro-Jacobin WASPs in the early Republic, and the state-level established churches were voted out everywhere before the non-British waves of immigrants changed our demographic complexion. By which I mean to say that, as attractive as it is to blame others for our current diseases, we have carried them ourselves all along.


Rather than talk past each other, before I respond, can I just start by asking where do you get information on WNsm? Which sources convinced you that WNsm is fundamentally about race hatred?


PS. Lew: I would add that white Christians, just as much as Jews, “are deeply involved in every action …”

Why do you feel the need to say this? I haven’t said otherwise. I said Jews are involved not that only Jews are involved.

civil rights apostate

we’re simply discussing the religion-right? While I disaprove of the Jewish religion, I think we should remember that Jewish people can and do get saved through Christ.

Matt Parrott

Jews most certainly can and do. And with that comes the dissolution of their white hot hatred of European Christianity and world humanity. The Final Solution to the Jewish Question is their willing and sincere acceptance of Christ.

Even then, they still belong to a separate tribe, belong somewhere else, and have no temporal or spiritual right to join our nation.


Thanks for your patience. My work duties ballooned so I wasn’t able to get back to you when I wanted to. In response to your first question, I don’t pretend to be a scholar of WN. However, a regular reader of AR, a frequent reader of Mindweapons, an occasional reader of SBPDL and Toiletnation, and a rare reader of stormfront and resist.com, will see that a fair number of our race-conscious fellow citizens are boiling with racial hatred expressed in such epithets as groids, Bantus, mud people, YKW, Joos, and so on. There is an apparent emotional intensity in the use of such expressions that suggests that the emotional core of WN for such commenters is hatred of non-whites, not love of whites and white virtues and accomplishments. In my view, people that talk and feel that way will have trouble leading others in a positive direction for this country. I suggest that people seething with hatred should try thinking to themselves, we’re good people and they’re good people too, we’re just not compatible for coexisting beyond a certain degree.

Your other question was, “Why bother to say that white Christians do just as bad stuff to white civilization as Jews do”? The reason is this. If white Christian liberals and Jewish liberals do the same bad things, it’s not the Jewishness of the Jewish liberals that is killing us, but their liberal beliefs, commitments, and political actions. So why burden yourself and your political activity with rhetoric that both falsely identifies the enemy and the causes of our ills, and turns off Jewish allies and white Christian allies who have Jewish friends? It seems like a perverse, self-defeating obsession.

Speaking of which–this Hitler worship that surfaces here and there is just crazy. (All the 88’s on resist.com.) I am sorry to see our fellow citizens so wrought up by OUR VERY REAL PROBLEMS and THE VERY REAL BETRAYAL OF OUR CITIZENS AT ALL LEVELS, that they turn to a self-destructive drug like Naziism. It was a near-complete fraud, delivering satisfying rhetoric and extremely destructive substance. It turned out to be a recipe for national suicide as surely as Leninism was for the USSR. I recommend Richard Evans’ recent trilogy, Rise of the Third Reich, Third Reich in Power, and Third Reich at War for a state of the art, very detailed description of the national catastrophe that was Naziism.


Tim Wise is David Duke! Collusion is no illusion is state murder! You can’t walk into church a sinner and walk out a saint! Down with USA!

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