Appalachian Action Report

Stop White Genocide

The importance of street level activism cannot be understated in advancing a political message. Allowing the community, both friend and foe, to see your face and see your dedication in standing strong for your message helps embolden those who are sympathetic. It shows the weakness of the opposition. Activism stakes out your territory for all sides to see, and in the the battle between Tradition and modernity, the streets need us now more than ever.

The importance of local activism to the success of our movement is something that has been lost on too many activists. The organized Left has learned that being intimately in their communities is a way of building a power base and expanding influence. My good friend Tom Pierce has been working on this in Tennessee through his Council of Conservative Citizens Chapter and his  “Ten Milers”. Tom is a devoted Christian, a fearless activist, a skilled organizer, and a true friend.

Stop White Genocide

The term “Ten Miler” is generally used as a derogatory term for country folks who never leave ten miles from their birthplace, but the young Christian men of Tennessee are turning it into a battle cry. The Ten Milers are retaking sections of Tennessee through fraternal friendship, community activism, Christian principles, and devoted street action. I was blessed to be able to meet with Tom and some of his members alongside other White advocates to take a stand against the systematic displacement and destruction of our folk and culture.

Gathering in fellowship, several groups of White advocates went out to different locations in the State to bring the message of White genocide to the masses. We gathered on a busy overpass and presented our banner to rush hour traffic. We carried with us two Celtic Cross flags, a Confederate battle flag, a Trans-Mississippi battle flag, a banner on White genocide, and some signs. I was ecstatic about the reception we received from both traffic passing us on the street and those on the highway below us.

Stop White GenocideOver the course of our activism, our group had hundreds of honks of support. Being a veteran activist I have experienced plenty of angry honks and middle fingers in my day, but this past weekend we received nothing but support from the locals. Guys and gals loaded into pickup trucks, bikers, big rig drivers, soccer moms, and everyone in between honked in support to our message, gave thumbs up, and even pulled off the interstate just to talk to us. TradYouth gained prospective members from young men and women who were thrilled to see some of them for the first time, White men and women who were willing to stand up for our race.

When the sheriff’s department rolled up to tell us to move off the overpass, locals actually stopped their vehicles to argue with the cops about our right to protest. One man began shouting “1st Amendment! Freedom of Speech” while others took a stand on our message. The cops looked embarrassed as they moved our group, including several combat veterans, off the bridge, which we did immediately when asked. While the System that the police support is corrupt and anti-White, most police officers are normal working class White men and women who are sympathetic to our cause. In Greece where over fifty percent of Greek cops voted for Golden Dawn, we have to be mindful of their pivotal role in all this.

Moving from the bridge, our group went to the Knoxville courthouse and enjoyed more local support. Folks out attending supper and headed to the bar took time out of their Friday night to interact with us. Thumbs up, supportive horn honking, and interest in our message was the overwhelming response, even in a big city.

For only a few hours of our time, we reached thousands of folks with our message of White Pride and opposition to White Genocide. Those who pick up a flag or a banner to stand up for our people are not scary looking or full of hate, we are moved by love and a sense of Christian stewardship for our people and our nation. When our different groups join together from different activism project, I began to understand the depth of Codreanu’s Legionnaire philosophy. During the weekend we attended Church together, ate together, enjoyed street action together, and shared in hours of fellowship. Although our group involved White advocates from different generations and different perspectives, we were united in our message.

With the values of Traditionalism and the courage of our ancestors, our group helped embolden the youth of Tennessee with our vision. Our Day Will Come, and our people shall rise up together, ten miles at a time.


Matt Parrott

We count “under forty” as youth, so “youths” were the majority of our event.

Game. Set. Match.

Aitch Dee

Is “spelunker” your euphemism for “troglodyte”?

Emerge from your cave of ignorance into the bright sunshine of understanding.

The Sleeping White Titan is awakening to the fact that anti-whites like yourself are carrying out a program of White Genocide by massive immigration and forced assimilation in all White countries.

You say you’re anti-racist. What you are is anti-WHITE.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.


Really? I say I’m Anti-Racist? What I really am is a troglodyte! Don’t be an Aitch-hole. Hahahahahahahahaha

Aitch Dee

No, Troglodyte, you’re an ANTI-WHITE.

You’re an anti-white who supports White Genocide.


I live near Knoxville; I wish I had known y’all were going to be there; I know exactly where that overpass is and of course the courthouse. I would have loved to have met you, Matt.


Same here I live nearby and worked the night shift so I could’ve joined.


I think you should take it up to 80, that way you can get a bus load of geriatrics from the nursing home on the way. The beauty of that is you won’t even have to disguise things for them, they won’t know what’s going on anyway. Old person: “What are we rallying against? Huh? Speak up, I can’t hear you.” TYN Member: “Take your pills maw maw, pills are good.” Hahahahahahaha, yokes on you.

Troll Cross


Have you noticed that the Traditionalist Youth Network Facebook group page continues to grow? Can you not deny that their influence is increasing?

You should be worried that the WN Right’s power continues to grow in this country. I can think of six million reasons you should be scared.


I don’t count preaching to the converted as continuing to grow but you are welcome to if it makes you feel better. Have a great day and a wonderful tomorrow!


You wouldn’t spend so much time antagonizing your foes on here if you weren’t scared of them – and of the masses of Whites in America who are waking up to the reality that their federal government hates them.


Have you heard Spelunkers “new mantra”, it’s only 2 words, so it’s much easier than the old mantra, “Lick Deez”

Aitch Dee

Troglodyte, don’t try to hide your personal disgusting fantasies or realities by misspelling Morris Dees’ last name.

It’s of no interest to us what twisted yearnings and nauseating pleasures motivate you.

You’re just another cookie cutter anti-white who supports White Genocide.


I wish I had known that Trad Youth was going to be in Knoxville; I live in that area and would have loved to have met Matt Heimbach. I knew exactly where that overpass was the minute I saw the photo of it.


I wish they would bring some of their activism to a location closer to where I live. There are lots of white people in the tri-state area who suffer in silence and fear of the anti-White occupiers of our government.

Henry Davenport

ALL White countries and ONLY White countries are being flooded with third world non-whites, and Whites are forced by law to integrate with them so as to “assimilate,” i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence.

Massive immigration and forced assimilation is called genocide when it’s done to Tibetans in Tibet.

When it’s done to Whites in White countries, it’s called “diversity” and “multiculturalism.”

It’s genocide by UN Convention:

“Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.”

The enforcers of White Genocide say they’re anti-racist. What they are is anti-WHITE!

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.


White is a code word for… nevermind, it just means White. Hahahahahahahaha

Aitch Dee

Troglodyte, you need to practice until you can get it right:


Aitch Dee

Here, Troglodyte, these ladies will teach you “anti-racist is a code word for anti-white” in short bites that will fit in between your giggle fits.


Sorry, I was basing that off of the thumbnail, I didn’t realize it was a video chock full of Hooters gals, hot! Have they ever thought about trying to infiltrate The Chive? Just sayin’.

H Barca

Questions for you anti-white white genocide deniers:

When blacks defend themselves as a group, do you tell them “race doesn’t matter” and call them “racists”?

Can you name anyone who explicitly speaks on behalf of whites that you don’t call a “racist’?

Did you know that denying white people a group defense is a crime under international law?

Why are you denying that forcing ALL & ONLY white countries to “assimilate” w/ a global herd of 3rd-worlders is White GENOCIDE?

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

The Liberty Lamp

“When blacks defend themselves as a group, do you tell them “race doesn’t matter” and call them “racists”?”

Yes, when they are black nationalists

“Can you name anyone who explicitly speaks on behalf of whites that you don’t call a “racist’?”


“Did you know that denying white people a group defense is a crime under international law?”

Good, then stop whining like a silly little child and call interpol

“Why are you denying that forcing ALL & ONLY white countries to “assimilate” w/ a global herd of 3rd-worlders is White GENOCIDE?”

Yes, armed with our big bad blogs we control the world’s immigration….right?

“Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”

Anti-racist is code word for anti-burnt orange (or chartreuse!)

Hope this helps, Sparky ….

Aitch Dee

Oh really, Tyranny Lamp? Please direct us to your postings on black nationalist sites where you’ve called black nationalists “racists.”

And then explain to us how charges of “racism” against Blacks are used to cloak a worldwide program to remove Blacks from the face of the earth.

“Anti-racism” is the lie behind which millions of non-whites are being flooded into White countries worldwide, and Whites are forced by law to assimilate with those non-whites and be blended out of existence.

“Anti-racism” is ENTIRELY a program directed against WHITES, and against WHITES ALONE, for the purpose of accomplishing WHITE GENOCIDE.

You say you’re “anti-racist.” What you are is ANTI-WHITE.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

The Liberty Lamp

Actually, we have an article about a certain black nationalist in the works, we are just collecting more info on him before we put him on high blast.

BTW, do that have medication for that turrets problem? Cuz, if your goal is to continue making the WN movement look as loony as possible, let me tell you that you are doing a bang up job!

I mean there are many others, but you are really holding up the loon factor brilliantly *applause”

Aitch Dee

Aside from frightening donors out of their money, you and your anti-white organization have one principal goal:

White Genocide.

Your organization supports the flooding of white countries with millions of non-whites, and supports laws that force Whites to assimilate with them and be blended out of existence.

Whatever you may do to try to hide that fact, you are anti-whites.

H Barca

“Yes, when they are black nationalists”

So when blacks defend themselves specifically as blacks, you don’t target them by screaming “race doesn’t matter” and calling them “racists”, you only do that if they can be identified as “black nationalists”? LMFAO!

Who’s Frasier? He’s the one and only person on earth who explicitly speaks on behalf for Whites who you don’t call a “racist”? LOL!

Are you lying thru your teeth anti-white?

The rest of your post childish drivel and everybody sees that.

Aitch Dee

Both of you are silly anti-whites who can’t even articulate your support for White Genocide.

I’ll help you:

“Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for EVERYBODY”

The Liberty Lamp

White is not a color, it’s the far end value of the gray scale. I have nothing against it, it is very useful in adding light to an image.

So, one can be anti-racist and not necessarily “anti-white”. Your statement is inaccurate!

Chartreuse ….on the other hand…cannot stand it…so…I guess I would say: “anti-racist means anti-chartreuse” ?

(Trying to find accuracy in the madness)

Aitch Dee

Back on planet Earth,

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

No one is flooding Asian countries with non-Asians and forcing Asians by law to integrate with them so as to “assimilate,” i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence, and then mounting “anti-racism” campaigns against all Asians who protest that genocide of their race.

That’s only being done to Whites in White countries.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

The Liberty Lamp

Poor Alitch- you’ve never been to Hong Kong, or Tokyo.. but you can recite a silly montra on a comment section and feel like a big activists….I, for one, am impressed!

Aitch Dee

Poor you, Tyranny Lamp, because you’re so comfortable in your own shallow thoughts that you can’t see the difference between sprinkling a little salt in your food and dumping the entire shaker on it.

Once again….(we have to repeat things for people who have never formed the habit of thinking)…No one is flooding Asian countries…(just read the comment above).

Once you’ve conquered your innumeracy, move to the next stage and think about this:

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

The Liberty Lamp

Altch- you repeat things because you have poor communication skills and desperately drowning in your losing battle to win people over to your idiocy.

I watched the video, btw, last time I saw so much fake beached hair there were dollars in g-strings involved.

Aitch Dee

I’m glad you enjoyed the video, Tyranny Torch. Many of the ladies’ remarks are incorporated into this prospective “petition” for the White House petition site, where we put several STOP WHITE GENOCIDE “petitions” on public display to Whites all over the world each month.

You’re welcome to add your initials to October’s “petitions” when the shutdown is over, and to this “petition” if we run it later:

Grant Excellence in Education Award to Ladies’ Video, “Anti-racist is a Codeword for Anti-white”

Ladies’ video:

Nobody says that a black neighborhood needs more “diversity”.

Nobody says that an Asian neighborhood needs “diversity”.

Only White neighborhoods are said to need more “diversity”.

Black pride is seen as good, and healthy, and normal.

Asian pride is seen as good, and healthy, and normal.

But if I show pride in my race, the White race…

I am said to be a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

If a black woman wants to date inside her race…

that’s acceptable.

If an Asian woman wants to date inside her race…

that’s acceptable.

But if I want to date and marry within my race, the White race…

I am called the “R-word”.

Those destroying the White race and its heritage say they’re anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

The Liberty Lamp

Altch- date within your race? Hell! I’d be impressed if you can get a date at all!!

Good luck with that! (pssst…I hear chicks don’t really dig the bi-polar elements of a personality, so you might want to get a handle on it)

Aitch Dee

Good night, Torch Mob for Tolerance.

And you and Troglodyte keep practicing until you get it right:


Aitch Dee

The two anti-whites on this thread, Torch Mob for Tolerance and Troglodyte the Anti-White, want to hear the R-word repeated over and over until White Genocide is accomplished.

They can start getting used to the term “anti-white” instead.

Anti-whites like them are going to be hearing the term “anti-white” a lot in the years ahead.

Aitch Dee

Recently a TV personality being interviewed by another interrupted himself to say,

“I’m not being racist, am I?”

Won’t it be a better world when a TV personality interrupts himself to say,

“I’m not being anti-white, am I?”


God bless these guys with the guts to protest our GeNOcide in these anti-White times.
I almost cry with pride when I see brave people like this working for our people.
I myself will be out in the street in just over a week marching for the cause.

Anti-Whites are scum of the Earth, may they rot in hell.
I prey my family and I stay free from anti-White destruction, and that anti-Whites are left behind to fester in their multi-cult hell holes

Anti-racist is code for anti-White


To our radically egalitarian guests:

I’ve never heard your ilk produce anything more than hipster-inspired insults or, at best, (during the rare attempts to intellectually defend this incoherent worldview of yours), a few pseudo-intellectual, arbitrary, and inconsistent talking points.

When confronted with frothing, spittle-flinging, egalitarians like yourselves, I’m often reminded of Psalms 2…

“The kings of the Earth set themselves, and the rulers take council together against the Lord and against His anointed. Let us break their bands asunder and cast away their cords from us.

But He that sitteth in Heaven laughs, and holds their plans in derision.”


They are two jews. But they will always deny they are Jewish. Just like Whiskey the “Scots-Irish” internet personality. Or Lilly over at heartiste dot com. Most non-jews who disagree with this site wouldn’t be posting here or they would just post once or twice and then leave. It’s jews who are the most persistent race haters and anti Euro-caucasian bigots.


Good work guys. I love it!!!

But I think you should consider NOT using ‘White Supremacist’ type flags and confederate symbolism because it plays right into people’s (wrong) but stereotyped response to who ‘those’ people are and what they are really about.

If you post and display the Mantra on its own without that baggage people have no preconceptions to react to.

It just sinks in on its own.

Something I wish a lot more pro-whites would consider. Don’t display the other symbols. It just gives people an excuse to shut off their minds.

Logic and Reason

The slogan “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white” is a “mantra” used by Swarmfront. Swarmfront, for those who are not aware is a subforum on Stormfront dedicated to the spread of white supremist/neo-nazi/hate propaganda on the internet.
The mentioned slogan is white supremist hate propaganda in it’s purest form which is basically their modernized recruition tactic.

These retards are never going to get anywhere, as logical people of all races understand that no genocide is occurring (look at white population growth even in the most diverse places like the US). Rather, this is just neo-nazis playing victim to spread an agenda based on hate and ethnic cleansing.



When Tibet is full of Chinese it’s genocide – When White places are full of non-Whites it’s DIVERSITY???

You’re trying too hard to deny genocide. Your anti-White pals simply just deny we exist (before blaming us for all the world’s evils as a race, of course).


The use of terms like “stormfront” and “nazi” is the giveaway that the poster is jewish. This is the constant buzzwords that Jews use. Especially describing all Europeans caucasian people who have an ethnic and racial identity as “nazis”. “Nazi” is just a jewish synonym for European caucasian.


Awesome story. White people have a moral obligation to secure a future for our children and future generations. Wish I could have been with y’all. I comment using “The Mantra” almost everyday on and The Daily Caller, the message is working, the number of likes per comment is amazing. Look for my comments under username WilliamWallace. Keep fighting the good fight, we are going to prevail in this struggle!

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