American Despotism and the Affordable Care Act

1_photoThe Affordable Care Act (herein “ObamaCare”) has been around since March, 2010, but it hasn’t been a significant problem until now.

The 2013 Continuing Resolution has been the only thing which has managed to fund the government since September, 2012 to present, and then everything came to a crashing halt on October 1 when congress could not agree on the Continuing Resolution which would fund the current fiscal year.  The major hang-up on passing this newest bill was the part which would fund ObamaCare.

Whether or not the Democrats or the Republicans had made any backroom deals or “compromised” on the portions which would have removed funding for ObamaCare, the fact remains that one group of politicians is insisting on keeping ObamaCare, and everything else be damned.  It does not seem to concern those interested parties whether the federal government stays shutdown for an extended period of time, they just want and demand that ObamaCare receive funding and that its implementation not be delayed.

The Gang of Three, Obama/Pelosi/Reid, have compared the GOP’s disagreement with the “clean” bill as a “failure to compromise” where the GOP is “holding a gun to their head.”  Meanwhile, the GOP says that the Democrats are the ones who are not only failing to compromise but are demanding more and more concessions from the GOP.

You can believe either story you want, or even both of them if it suits your fancy.  Either way, it’s all bullshit, and it all stinks.  The Democrats are bent on delivering ObamaCare to the people right now, in spite of the complete mess that the online enrollment has become.

The behavior we’ve seen on Capitol Hill is not just typical for American politics, but it’s also exemplary of something called Bonapartism.  This is a kind of totalitarianism which is the natural consequence of Democracy, as opposed to its perversion.

I know, I know– how could the dream of our infallible Constitution and the God-given perfection that is representative democracy get so twisted up?

Bonapartism is something that Italian philosopher and esotericist Julius Evola describes as “… a consequence that the democratic principle of popular representation (namely, the political criterion of majority and of the brute masses) may generate in given circumstances.”

The key phrase here is “… may generate in given circumstances.”  What exactly is being generated, and under what circumstances is it being generated?  Given that Democracy lends itself to a complete abuse of power, it shouldn’t be hard to guess what kinds of things are being produced.

How about the Gang of Eight, or the Gang of 12, or a handful of politicians who are able to force their favored legislation through congress against the mythic “will of the people?”  We could look at those as specific instances of things which is produced.  Concentration of authority into the hands of a few, and the abuse of authority under the pretense of obeying the voting masses is not a perversion of democracy, it is, as Evola explains, the natural consequence of Democracy.

“… once the principle of representation is legitimized, Bonapartism may be regarded as the extreme consequence of, rather than the antithesis of of democracy.  Bonapartism represents a despotism based on a democratic view, which it denies de facto while fulfilling it in theory.”

Evola describes this natural consequence as one in which totalitarianism is the only possible result.  Not only that, but also that “despite formal institutions and democratic doctrines, the effective power in democracies themselves ends up in the hands of a minority, or of a small group that will become more or less independent from the masses after gaining power.”

Does this sound familiar?  It ought to.  I want everyone to think about something that happened in the not-too-distant past. Obama wanted to get us into a war in Syria despite the fact that an overwhelmingly high number of Americans were opposed to it.

That’s what Bonapartism looks like, and it was a miracle that we didn’t wind up in another conflict in the Middle East.  The looming war was diverted at the last minute through intervention and political maneuvering by Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin, but don’t think this means we won’t face the very real prospect of Obama (or perhaps another future president) trying to force us into another war somewhere else.

But, let’s not get off topic…  We’re talking about ObamaCare and a government shutdown, not Obama’s most recent failure to get us tangled in war in the Middle East.

In short, if we had the ideal of Democracy which we all hope for it to be, then we wouldn’t be in a government shutdown right now because of the Democrats’ demand to keep ObamaCare in the Continuing Resolution.  As part of the resistance that the Democrats are receiving from the GOP on passing their (un)Affordable Care Act, he’s taking it out Americans.

Everything from federal parks, to war monuments, and even the ocean are being shut down as a consequence of this failure of Democracy.  All of these things are being closed or “shut down” just to make it painful for Americans.  Remember, this is all happening because the Democrats can’t get what they want, and they are insistent on forcing it on America regardless of the consequences.

We all know that Democracy is failing to work for Americans, but let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that our political system can be rehabilitated.  Let’s all agree to call it the same thing, “American Despotism.”  When we can all agree that our dream of Democracy died a long time ago, then it shouldn’t take long for us agree on the final solution.

Let’s call this final solution revolution.  You see, I, too, believe in a government care program, and the government doesn’t get to opt out of this care plan. The prescription is revolution, and unlike ObamaCare it is completely free and does not require funding from the Continuing Resolution.

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