TradYouth’s Pivotal Role in a Post-Colonial Multi-Polar World

A Potential Ally of American Ethno-Patriots
Fantasy, ...Meet Reality

Fantasy, …Meet Reality

The Jewish oligarchs and their blue-blooded Yankee helpmeets who control the West’s government, academic institutions, and media outlets have never been more vulnerable and exposed than they are right now. Like a castrated man straining to open a pickle jar, they attempted to oust Bashir al-Assad’s tiny government and failed. The Judaeo-Masonic elite definitely remains the world’s greatest power bloc, but it’s sliding inexorably into being merely a bloc among blocs in a global patchwork of power players.

To some extent, this was inevitable. A nation with the population and potential of China was bound to regain its prominence sooner or later. The Russian bloc was bound to rebound from the ruins of the Soviet Union. The West’s relative decline was a necessary and predictable product of geopolitical mega-trends. However, the West’s absolute decline is the product of its avoidable errors, internal contradictions, and unsustainable processes. While the other power blocs are erected on solid foundations of tribe and tradition, ours is almost exclusively an opportunistic mercantile alliance. America, Britain, France, and other nations within its orbit are categorically conceived as economic confederations devoid of coherent identities, cultures, or even languages.

We’re already seeing how even the most mild economic setbacks and moderate austerity initiatives in Greece and other nations unlock a mummy’s tomb of tribal and tradition counter-currents they presumed to have overcome. According to their Progressive narrative, humanity’s bound to continue “progressing” toward a raceless, cultureless, and irreligious Utopia of interchangeable consumers in a global economy. The recent global mega-trends confirm what the reactionaries and “fascists” of yesteryear have been predicting all along: Humanity’s instinctive yearning for tribe and tradition, for fellowship and faith, can only be suppressed under a pile of bribery and blackmail for so long.

The Gods of the Copybook Headings with terror and slaughter return!

TradYouth and its allies occupy a pivotal position in the grand scheme of things, as militant opponents of the West’s decadent elites in its own backyard. Globally, we White American and Western Europeans seem to be interchangeable with the oligarchy. After all, when they see “America”, they see our military power projection, our Hollywood cultural garbage, our coastal elite tourists, and our Beltway apparatchiks. Americans of yesteryear saw “Russia” and “Russians” as synonymous, yet it was actually the unified will of “Russians” against that particular oligarchy controlling “Russia” which brought the Soviet Union to an end. Likewise, the best hope for defeating this corrupt and reckless “America” lies with us “Americans”.

A Potential Ally of American Ethno-Patriots

A Potential Ally of American Ethno-Patriots

Vladimir Putin’s recent op-ed, “A Plea for Caution from Russia“, is an attempt to dig his finger into the growing gulf between Americans and their overlords. Putin cloaks his parochial and regional stake in preserving Syria’s status quo in abstract and universal terms, breezily posturing as a sober and neutral voice of reason against the gaggle of vain and fumbling fools at the helm of our military-industrial complex. Putin’s a shrewd autocrat whose interests are in promoting the agenda of the post-Soviet former-KGB deep state. He’s not the mythical Prester John redeemer figure some American radicals yearn for, but there remains an unmistakable strategic confluence between our interests and his.

Putin’s goal isn’t necessarily one in which identity and tradition prevail over money as the cardinal global organizing principles. That’s a historical process greater than any one man or organized cabal of men. But as a shrewd politician, he’s surfing that wave to achieving his goals not only in the old Soviet satellites, but in the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. By allying with tribalist and traditionalist regimes in Iran, Venezuela, Syria, and elsewhere which have managed to stand firm against the West’s Modernity, Putin has assembled a scrappy Moneyball team capable of confounding Western imperialism.

China’s only beginning to find its geopolitical voice, but we’re likely to find opportunities there, as well. China’s throwing its hat in the ring with a network we should actively court. Russia Today’s already helped popularize positions and voices of ours the local media prefers to silence. Even the Muslim Brotherhood’s Al Jazeera and Iran’s PressTV have some overlap with our interests. While we can’t afford to waste precious time and energy on international pet projects, we’ll suffer even more if we fail to integrate our work into the overarching geopolitical context. There’s a risk of wiping out if we attempt to catch the wave, but that calculated risk is superior to the certain failure we face if we don’t even surf.

If we’re to carve out a future and a future homeland for our own folk and our own faith, we must also catch that wave. The age of White Supremacy has passed, hopefully for good. Both old school White Supremacy in the form of slavery and colonialism, and new school White Supremacy must be expurgated in favor of a pan-nationalist vision in which White Americans work their way into becoming a humble nation (or perhaps nations) among the world’s nations. It will be a massive step down from the omnipotent world-straddling behemoth of yesteryear, but a massive improvement over the future we’ll inherit if we continue riding the Judeo-Masonic train all the way to its final destination of absolute alienation and forced integration.

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Matt Parrott

While I don’t know Matt personally, I have formed a sense of him from observing youtube speeches and debates, and find the above allegations ridiculous.

Our opponents positively require the myth that we’re nasty hateful people in our daily lives. Whether or not we are, they’ll stick with that belief.

When I first encountered White Liberation as a movement, the biggest misconception that was cleared up by its adherents was that it involved white supremacist beliefs.

Once again, they’ll insist that I think I’m better than foreigners and minorities. They need that. They’ll argue that I’m evil, stupid, petty, or fat or whatever. Whatever they can change the subject to, rather than directly addressing the merits of our arguments.

Our desire to leave minorities alone entirely is the absolute polar opposite of supremacy or colonialism, but haters gonna hate.

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