TradYouth Stands with Assad and Pastor Terry Jones

Pastor Jones Arrested

Pastor Jones ArrestedWe’ve learned that Pastor Terry Jones has been arrested en route to his Koran Burning event. We were going to burn the Koran for different reasons than him. For us, it’s an objection to Islamic immigration and influence in our homelands. Pastor Jones is an open borders evangelical who doesn’t mind being displaced and replaced by foreign invaders, but objects to their remaining Islamic. Either way, Totalitarian Tolerance won’t tolerate his free expression, and has stooped to outright persecution of him and his religious ministry.

The SPLC and the rest of our salaried professional haters are trying to figure out why our message is becoming more radical. The reason is simple: We have no choice. Our allies and ourselves are subjected to an impressive spectrum of soft and hard tyranny in the form of workplace harassment, motivated prosecution, infiltration, subversion, and threats when we attempt to work within the system. I will never forget the gut punch feeling when my attempt to host a conference was thwarted by the Carmel Police Department who expelled us from our hotel venue. My thoughts and prayers are with the friends and comrades who’ve been viciously attacked for attempting to peacefully express themselves. Law enforcement doesn’t investigate, and it doesn’t prosecute.

Even in the Tinley Park incident, law enforcement wouldn’t have raised a finger had the attackers not targeted waitstaff and bystanders as well. Law enforcement also targeted our nationalist attendees with bullshit weapons charges. Daryl Lamont Jenkins and other extremists brag openly about their collusion with the supposedly non-violent SPLC. Matthew Heimbach is accused of being a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews for expressing outrage at the rape of a child…by an organization which actively colludes with an underground violence and terror network. The ARA radicals and their suit-and-tie cohorts in the SPLC insist on “No Platform”, breaking the implied contract and requiring us to either go radical or go home.

We’re not going home.

We made a difficult decision to transition from a Koran Burning to a peace rally a couple weeks back, in response to Obama’s decision to ramp up the war machine against our allies in Syria. Despite our admittedly bungled messaging and confusion, we had several supporters show up from across the country. We enjoyed a positive response from the locals (unsurprising, given how unpopular this war is), and enjoyed hours of cheap pizza, cheap beer, and priceless fellowship after our street action. Spelunker’s army of over one thousand Leftists didn’t materialize. In a surprising twist, it was one of our rare events which passed entirely unopposed.

I’ve been supporting anti-war protests since before Ron Paul made it cool for non-Leftists to do so. In what was perhaps the most ironic moment in my political career, a masked antifa and I took turns taking pictures with each others’ cameras of our respective signs. These rallies which aren’t fueled by Jewish money and propaganda are nowhere near as impressive as the drug-addled astroturf rolled out in the 60’s, but they’re more principled and serious. My opposition to these wars isn’t the product of some vapid pacifism, but rather a principled opposition to colonialism, neo-colonialism, and reverse colonialism.

CIA's Latest Shipment to Al Qaeda

CIA’s Latest Shipment to Al Qaeda

Spelunker will surely chortle about our having less than a dozen supporters. We had more than he predicted, and barely fewer than the two dozen who showed up at a less controversial peace rally in nearby Lansing. What’s truly impressive is that we’re winning despite our small numbers. Both the Democratic and Republican party machines went into overdrive to rally up support for this war. Our Zionist media propped up their false flag hysterics and vomited up paragraph after paragraph of warmongering hysteria. The military-industrial complex’s lobby turned its firehose of soft money and veiled threats on Congress.

TradYouth is just getting started, and we’ve got a tremendous amount of work ahead of us. But we’re already putting the usual suspects in panic mode. That’s because our formula, “tribe and tradition”, is riding a world-historic mega-trend. The bisexual progressives at Indiana University are scratching their half-shaved Skrillex hairstyles in response to history’s recent “progress”. Their vision of a global Matrix rave party of alienated and frustrated raceless, irreligious, and cultureless consumers has been weighed in the balance and found wanting. A new generation of radical traditionalist youths are embracing the true love found in traditional families, the warmth of tribal identity, and the richness of authentic religiosity.

They’re powerless and confounded, pointing and stuttering as the world passes them by. Even if Spelunker actually organizes some Leftists at some point in the future, all they’ll do is point and stutter at us. Even if he manages to somehow stop us, his celebration will be short-lived. What’s happening is bigger than any individuals or any specific group.

Even if Barack Obama and his Al CIAda mercenaries prevail over the Assad regime and manage to win that battle against sovereignty, identity, and tradition, their money, patience, and credibility is wearing thin at home and abroad. A new global order, currently headed by Vladimir Putin’s Russia, is rising in opposition to the faltering Western Judeo-Masonic juggernaut. It actually delivers sovereignty and identity to the Third World. Spelunker’s allies only offer the Third World promises about opposing “White Supremacy” while delivering neo-colonial warfare, multinational corporate exploitation, gay marriage, and Hollywood’s degenerate mind poison. In time, we’ll also deliver sovereignty and identity in America and Europe…in Zionist neo-colonialism’s back yard.

Femen are flashing their boobs, Miley Cyrus is twerking her butt, Lockheed Martin is dropping its bombs, Ben Bernanke is printing his money, and Spelunker’s hammering out his hit pieces. But it’s not working. The thousands of cars passing us by on Corunna Avenue honked in solidarity with us. Within a few years, they’ll also honk in solidarity with the parts of our message they’re not yet ready for. We don’t need the thousands of street activists Spelunker claims to have at his disposal. All we need are the torchbearers who stood in solidarity with us yesterday. That’s all we need to ignite the wildfire they’ll be powerless to stop.

In time, the SPLC will wish the only thing burning were some books.


Matt Parrott

As a substitute until that fine day, we’ll get the Conspiracy Hours rolling again within the next few weeks.


The war propaganda didn’t work this time. I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised. I’m not a gambling man, and betting against AIPAC is not something I would have done two weeks ago. They’ll be back though. Great essay.


A new global order, currently headed by Vladimir Putin’s Russia, is rising in opposition to the faltering Western Judeo-Masonic juggernaut

Wince. He ain’t on our side or any other traditional peoples’ side! Maybe a debate for another day if you’re open to it.

Matt Parrott

I’ll have a post up within the next week or so that will more directly engage that matter.

It would be an excellent platform for that conversation.

And, of course, you have an open invitation to set your humility aside and contribute an article staking out your differing opinion.


Well, Putin’s words and deeds do give a person inclined to make a case against him as a kind of anti-traditionalist a lot to work with. The question is, where to begin? I don’t yet understand what you see in him. As recently as yesterday, Putin appealed to the “all men are equal” principle in the New York Times.


Hey, you guys have given me profound inspiration and your incipient activism here creates greater ripple effect than you even know. I managed to help bring along a more moderate semi-aware friend in the last year of Trayvongate and Shamnesty, Syrial Murdering etc…although mostly our occupied federal government convinced her, I just tagged along. Anyway, after sending her many related links and finally one about the DOJ in the Zimmerman case and of Matt’s Towson WSU reincarnated with TYN, she went out on Facebook and endorsed the new WSU in Atlanta in front of her 100 or so friends. It was a public endorsement from one of the moderates, who will not be cowed or bullied with threats of employment displacement, who are our most powerful allies for those of us standing here in the 100% committed category. From her networks on FB with an international pro-justice/anti-wrongful convictions site, came a type of endorsement for the new WSU from one of the founders of Injustice Anywhere, who posted that WSU’s should be considered legitimate.

One interesting tie to note is how many lower class whites are wrongfully imprisoned, having been mostly framed by US Law Enforcement, all across the country. It’s almost impossible to find a black who was framed by the system(as opposed to perhaps his or her own associates), and in spearheading a movement to fight these wrongful convictions both here and abroad, one of the founders had to face the fact that racism – towards whites – is impossible to ignore along that journey. I noticed in the forum that the Zimmerman case profoundly altered the landscape and pushed many unaware whites into a place of awakening.

It’s just one story you may not have heard, and it’s only one finite iteration of the kindling you young leaders provide for what will inevitably be that wildfire. Keep lighting that fuse, after a start that seemed over-intellectualized and abstracted you’ve managed to really light the fire. I love your articles, devotion and bravery. Keep leading the way.


Do you know if that White Student Union is still operating? I went to their website that was linked through Tradyouth and it was down.


It’s now being called the Atlanta Area Student Union and it moved to a different URL.

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