2013 Amnesty Bill: No Help for Americans

2_photoLines on a map do not a people make, nor do walls and fences promote and advance the identity of a people.  This is why Chuck Schumer’s “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act” (herein, “amnesty proposal”) will not help America.

A city without borders is a city in peril, but walls by themselves can only make a jail.  The debate on state-sponsored demographic displacement (read: illegal immigration) of European-Americans, legal or otherwise, continues to center itself on economic and capitalist arguments, and is under-girded by social justice memes concerning morality, happiness, and egalitarianism.  Schumer’s amnesty proposal is focused almost exclusively on promoting and protecting economic interests with an aftertaste of “do it for the children” social-justice sentiment.

The Hispanic people obviously understand the value of tribe, tradition and nationalism, and their nation has been encroaching on American soil at a steady pace.  Clearly, these people understand the value of uniting in support of nationalist organizations such as the National Council of La Raza.  Talking about immigration in terms of economic health is an argument in favor of capitalism. Until we understand that state-sponsored demographic displacement is a capitalist tool for the creation of cheap, expendable and exploitable labor– you will continue to be stuck arguing in favor of how aggressively that same program will be implemented.

I cannot emphasize this strongly enough.  If your only objection to immigration is because of economic concerns, you will lose every argument in favor of controlling immigration.

As most of TradYouth’s readers already know, nationalism isn’t just for Hispanics, and we here at TradYouth are out and out advocates for one or another form of national socialism or a return to monarchy.  Anyone who regularly reads my posts also knows that I am partial to the writings of G.K. Chesterton, so I’ll let Chesterton spell out why nationalism is the only sustainable lifestyle.

“The Nationalists were the only minority that ever succeeded in twisting the whole British Parliament sharply out of its path.  The Irish peasants are the only poor men in these islands who have forced their masters to disgorge.  These people who we call priest-ridden, are the only Britons who will not be squire-ridden.”


The number of Irish Republican Army nationalists continues to grow and is significantly larger than originally thought.

If I was one of the Irish Nationalists which Chesterton was referring, you would find me saying to the British parliament, “My priests trump your parliament, and I’ll raise you one revolution.”  The Irish Republican Army continues to hold Derry, Ireland as a free state outside of the authority of the British Crown and parliament, and their identity and tradition continue in spite of the Crown’s assertion that they are British subjects.

It must be the same in America as it is with the Irish.  Nationalism is the only answer, but it must be an American nationalism.  We are not members of the IRA.  We are not a remnant of the German National Socialists, nor an extension of the Russian nationalism which is so popular as of late, nor are we a rebirth of Franco’s nationalist element.  We are Americans, and our nationalist movement must be comprised of Americans who have a vision for a uniquely American future.

A physical barrier or wall between Mexico and America is a good start, but unless it is built for the express reason of protecting and preserving national identity and advancing the interests of the American people, it is the start of an open-air jail.

Writing for Policy Mic, writer Gabriel Grand says that Schumer’s amnesty bill will, among other things, turn our border into a military zone, and also increase the restrictions on travel and employment.  While a militarized zone on the US-Mexico border might be a nice change from having a drug cartel war zone, the end effect is that America and Americans will be more aggressively policed by the federal government.  Increased restrictions on travel and employment may prove to be a deterrent to illegal immigration, but it will do nothing to stop large corporations from importing their own labor under state-sponsored programs.  No matter what, Americans will lose freedom and liberty under Schumer’s amnesty bill.  Shall we venture a guess at who will win with this bill?

Instead of making an abstract reference to multinational corporations exploiting people and destroying identities in favor of a profit margin, I’ll give you something a little more concrete.  Tyson Chicken of Murfreesboro, TN is a participant in state-sponsored demographic displacement programs.

The people of Tennessee are damned pissed, and they aren’t taking it anymore.

The League of the South is taking the fight to Tyson Chicken on October 12th, and this is what an American nationalist movement should look like.  The League of the South has a vision for an American future in which Americans are the first and only priority.  The League of the South knows first hand that physical barriers and walls between America and Mexico does not stop corporations from using state-sponsored slavery (H-1B work visa program) to find cheap labor.

The only way to stop demographic displacement is to understand first that we are members of a wider diaspora of white people, and that we must put the interests of our tribe, tradition and identity before that of corporate profit margins and other capitalist interests.

The walls which protect our freedom and identity are the eternal pillars of Tradition and Orthodoxy.  When the Church Militant rises to battle, walls and ramparts are of no necessity to guard the nation.  We will not face the problems of demographic displacement when it is understood that the only way to advance and protect the interests of our own is through the disenfranchisement and forced removal of outsiders.

Partial as I am to the writings of G.K. Chesterton, I feel that H.P. Lovecraft more succinctly expresses my sentiment saying,

“When the interloper seeks a voice in our councils, and subtly endeavours to mould the national feeling in accordance with his own standards — among which latter is a cynical disregard of our sentiments and cherished loyalties, visible in bolshevistic Trotskys and iconoclastic Ben Hechts — there is only one possible answer from the unemasculated sons of the honest roast-beef Englishmen and rawboned Yankees who made this nation; and that answer is just this — ‘You go to Hell.'”

The Church Militant will lead this fight, and it will not happen on a foreign battleground or as an ambiguous and disembodied conflict on the nightly news.  The revolution will happen in your own city and state, it will charge the steps of degeneracy, fighting a domestic enemy, and it will be fought by Americans.

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Aitch Dee

Hats off to everyone who’s taking the message to the streets, which HAS to be done.

Please also take a few minutes each month, preferably on the FIRST of each month, to help our STOP WHITE GENOCIDE propaganda campaign that the White House is broadcasting internationally for us, by adding initials to our messages.

These month’s messages, followed by their short URL’s:

(Sep #1 of 3) Allow Whites to vote “Yes” or “No” on WHITE GENOCIDE!
(Sep #2 of 3) Censure anti-whites for inciting the hatred that murdered Christopher Lane.
(#3 of 3) Have President Obama state publicly, “If my grandfather were still alive, he would look like Delbert Belton.”

#1 http://wh.gov/l4jAv
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