Death Before Dishonor: On the Rainbow Confederates

Rainbow Confederates

Rainbow ConfederatesThe old saying, “Heritage Not Hate”, is one that I grew up with as a child. Whenever a Southerner would put up a battle flag or talk well of the Confederate dead or our heroes, without missing a beat he or she would whisper  “It is just about the History.” A long conversation about the legions of black, Jewish, asian, one legged, etc, legions of minorities who have been left out of the history who served in the Confederate army just proves how racist and evil the North was.

Just like how modern Republicans like to complain that the Klan and other pro-White organizations were all Democrats (you know, the party of States Rights and White voters until the Republicans cooked up the explicitly White Southern Strategy). It just rings disingenuous.

The truth is simple, while most of our ancestors were not slaveholders, they rejected the racial egalitarianism that Lincoln and the Northern capitalists represented. Poor White men suffered unknowable misery, White women faced loneliness, starvation, and becoming widows by the thousands for the belief that our people, White Southerners, deserved a nation of our own. The Confederate Army was not a force of wishy-washy Rainbow Confederates, they were the first White nationalists on this continent, the vanguard of Tradition, and true believers in the same view as the modern League of the South, a free Homeland for Southerners, by Southerners.

The Left is right about something. Even a broken clock is right a couple times a day. Our symbols are White nationalist symbols and our Confederate ancestors so many years ago fought for a White nation, not some Ron Paul Constitutional republic that their pretty, yet hollow, narrative tells us. Rainbow Confederates tell us a false tale of multiracial solidarity standing against an evil and wicked racist Yankee empire, while I one hundred percent believe that the leadership of the Yankee regime was evil, our men in Confederate grey sure weren’t fighting for the likes of Martin Luther King Jr or Jesse Jackson.

For a long time, I fell into the trap of the Rainbow Confederates; it seems so easy to do. As Southerners, we love our symbols, we venerate our heroes, and we honor our fallen Confederate dead, but we seek to avoid conflict. To attempt to placate the ravenous anti-Tradition media, a group of Southerners has decided to swallow the multicultural agenda hook line and sinker. In a bizarre form of Orwellian doublethink, Rainbow Confederates believe that Southerners were racial egalitarians, generations ahead of those hate filled Yankees, and our nation was secretly going to be formed based upon a multicultural roadmap to equality and unicorns.

The average Southern soldier was fighting to defend his home, and his traditions, not pick up where the Jacobins left off. Southern White men and women believed in maintaining our form of society and government, which included the superiority of the White race in all affairs.

I myself am a firm believer in the role of slavery being cruel to both the black population and the White underclass. When those charged with leading and guiding our society were willing to put money over race, we planted the seeds of strife that would have plagued the Southern nation even if we had won. Colonization was the only hope to avoid racial strife and to allow both the White and black populations to fulfill their God-given destinies, but it was the struggle of White Southerners to fight for their right to determine how to best solve our “peculiar institution.”

One of the great tragedies of the War Between the States is that most Union men were fighting to maintain White supremacy and were tricked into invading Dixie over the false claims of the South wishing to export slavery to all the States. States like Indiana which included sections in their Constitutions forbidding the residency of negroes, were dragged at bayonet point to invade the Southland. White men in grey and blue faced off in a struggle costing nearly a million lives, and causing the true decline of the White race’s hold on the North American continent.

Rainbow Confederates like to point out times in which the Union army enforced White rule in order to somehow portray the Southern cause in a multicultural light. The cultural zeitgeist of modern America dictates the worthiness of one’s cause by how much you embrace racial equality, gender equality, religious toleration, and bowing to the gods of Leftism. This is why Rainbow Confederate websites and authors give sprawling tributes to non-White Confederate soldiers, spend millions on memorials to individuals while entire divisions of Southerners remain unrecognized, and attack anyone who simply suggests that the Southern Cause had anything to do with race.

Southern Nationalists: Honoring our Heritage while Securing our Future

Southern Nationalists: Honoring our Heritage while Securing our Future

It is an insult to history and to our gallant ancestors to attempt to rewrite who they were and what they were fighting for by burning a pinch of incense to gods of Political Correctness. Groups like the Daughters of the Confederacy cower in fear at displaying symbols deemed controversial, heritage groups betray their charge to defend the heritage by any means necessary, and towns and States one-by-one allow our monuments to crumble into ruins because of a fear of the System disapproving of our actions.

White Southerners and White Northerners had a very similar worldview in the how they believed society was supposed to be organized, with our race at the top of the hierarchy. Many Free Soilers strove to keep slavery out of Western States not out of egalitarianism, but because they wanted to live in States that were entirely for White men and women. Regarding race, I find that generally the rank and file of both armies were striving for the same thing, but being manipulated by greater forces. While Southern aristocracy wanted to continue the slave trade to deepen their pockets and White Northern capitalists and war mongers sought to destroy State sovereignty and enslave the South, hundreds of thousands of men and boys had to die. The rank and file of the Southern army was made of Southerners, White men who came from a unique culture and made up a distinct people, not an integrated army like Rainbow Confederates like to portray.

Traditional Southern culture involves a lot of ways to help folks save face and to avoid hurt feelings. The classic refrain of “bless his heart” to help soften an insult or the development of clear social cues and rules harkens back to our European forefathers. The excuses of apologizing for our symbols, attempting to assuage the “hurt feelings” of the Left, and the overall lack of tenacity in defense of our Traditions is perhaps going to be the Southern people’s undoing. There is no need to apologize for our symbols, craft new historical narratives that promote the modern Leftist agenda, or bow our heads and refuse to fight back.

Our people chose Death before Dishonor, maybe we should learn from their example.

In a White society, the culture generally strives to become a series of symbiotic relationships while the bonds of family, community, Church, and State all mesh together to form a united and coherent identity for a people. Southerners have an identity that was forged in blood, but Southerners must identify who a Southerner really is.

A Southerner is a man or woman who has a blood tie to our land and our people. A Hispanic, black, Asian, or Jew just does not have the ability to be a true Southerner: They are not of our folk. I respect the services rendered in the War Between the States by black men who died alongside their masters on the battlefield, but I also cannot with a clear conscience say that they are part of my people. A people is a race, an identity, language, customs, united heroes, and sacrifice. Blacks who live in the South to this day understand that the Confederate battle flag is a White symbol, they reject the naming of streets and schools after Confederate heroes, and they do not want a part of a true Southern identity. Blacks who live in the South understand they are a separate people who may have lived alongside White Southerners for centuries, but Whites and blacks are two different peoples with two different cultures and two different destinies.

The NAACP and other black organizations are not able to field thousands of black activists into the streets to tear down our flags and protest our Traditions out of some grand conspiracy. Blacks who live in the South simply do not identify with…and actually hate…Southern culture. There is no compromise or amount of apologies that can get black residents of the South to love our symbols, honor our dead, or truly consider themselves, Southerners. Blacks in Dixie know that they are a distinct people who are set apart from Southern culture.

Sparrows and crows can share the same habitat from the beginning of the Creation until Judgment Day, but it is impossible for them to be the same; nature does not permit it. No matter how many multicultural rallies and articles are written by Rainbow Confederates, the truth is that Southerners are White, Christian, and share a distinct heritage, something a non-White resident of Dixie never can truly be a part of.

The eternal battle within a corrupt system of the modern American Babylon is choosing to do the honorable and correct thing or to choose the comfort of approval. Even on its face, when our people say that they reject this system, they undeniable have been Reconstructed. They play within the rules of this System.

The System does not care about what is historically accurate, what is best for groups of people, or what is true to God given human nature, they care about continuing to grind White men and women under their boot heel. With soothing voices, they whisper in our ears about how we can achieve financial success and cultural approval as they stab our people in the back. Every time Southerners compromise by removing a flag, throwing comrades under the bus because of supposed misdeeds, or retreat an inch on issues such as demographic displacement, we take another step towards our total destruction. There is no need to compromise and no reason to, it is a betrayal of our inheritance. As the late John C. Calhoun said “If we do not defend ourselves none will defend us; if we yield we will be more and more pressed as we recede; and if we submit we will be trampled underfoot.”

Our symbols will always be racist, our heroes will always be traitors, and our folk will always deserve to be the eyes of this System. No amount of groveling or apologies can get the approval of the System, so stop looking for that approval. Proudly declare that our symbols and ancestors were traitors to this evil system which promotes our slavery and genocide. Have no apologies about the fact that the Confederacy was founded on the belief of a nation for the White race, by the White race. And never, ever, back down to try and get approval from those who wish to displace us.

General Stonewall Jackson told us how to fight a war for the survival of our people. “Give the enemy the black flag.” I feel that those words ring true to this day. This is not a political struggle, but a struggle for survival, and survive we shall. Rainbow Confederates are traitors, they are cowards, and they have no place in our new nation. They grovel and lick the boots of the NAACP, ADL, SPLC, and other organizations who are our people’s true opponents in the hopes they will get a pat on the head and a crust of bread off the table of multiculturalism. Proud White men do not grovel, they do not beg, and they do not ask for permission to exist, they stand strong and unapologetic, the way a warrior should.

In a truly intriguing move it is clear that White Northerners have also picked up Confederate symbols as a form of a solid and new White identity that is set against the modern multicultural America and her symbols. You can find country folks, middle class kids, and racially conscious White men and women bearing the Confederate battle flag from upstate New York to Oregon.

The culture of Dixie has traveled with our people as they left a destroyed and decimated Dixie, but in the modern era our cultural exchange has continued beyond the reaches of our people. The battle flag is a middle finger to political correctness and the System that is worn by those who feel disaffected and alienated from the modern American culture. Articles and books written by Leftists discuss how the South may have lost the war, but won the cultural battle. The hollowness of the modern American experience has left millions of White Northerners and Westerners with a distinct lack of a cultural identity. A lack of acceptable forms of ethnic pride has turned millions who do not have the blood tie to Dixie to honoring her dead, her valiant struggle, and wishing for a resurrection of a movement that would break the bonds of tyranny that our race is now suffering.

America is a failed proposition nation, it is a genocidal and evil monstrosity that given enough time will destroy the White race on this continent, and do its best to destabilize all of Western civilization in the continuation of the global oligarchs’ desire for a one world government. Only through dismantling this leviathan can our race and our culture hope to survive. Ethnic secessionist movements from the Pacific Northwest, to Middle America, to Dixie all must reject the apologies of Rainbow Confederates and looks toward a future that includes honoring the true Cause of the Confederacy, the survival of a White culture and a White people. While on this massive continent there are many different peoples, the White race shares a common ancestry in Europe. This is why Southern nationalists must work with other ethno-nationalists in a united front to disrupt and break apart this unholy system. If we lose this battle, our entire race is done for. The rising tide of color will slowly swallow us up in the tar pit of multiculturalism. Our children and grandchildren will not have a inch of dirt in which to grow up that is not infested with the sickness and perversion of modernity. We cannot allow this to happen, and we must begin by stopping those within our ranks who wish to play into the System’s game.

Rainbow Confederates have no place in the Southern nationalist movement, just as other White nationalist organizations must throw off the shackles of the old guard who desire a return to the “good ol’ days.” We are not a movement looking to turn back the clock, but strive to reach a new future for the White race on this continent. We must never apologize for our ancestors, never compromise with our foes, and never forget the importance of our struggle: the very survival of our race.

As General Patrick Cleburne said, “If this cause, that is dear to my heart, is doomed to fail, I pray Heaven may let me fail with it, while my face is toward the enemy and my arm battling for that which I know is right.” With this battle cry we must raise our battle flags, put up our banners of secession, and join hand in hand with other White men and women who are unapologetic in the defense of our folk. No longer shall the fratricidal wars of the past divide us, a shared future awaits all of us, we must simply quiet the voices of dissent and betrayal and march towards a glorious and new dawn.


Kenny the Kinist Unikorn

Um, … I seriously object to my people being villified in this article.

It may be popular to group multiculturalism, rainbows, and unicorns together…but this is a vile slur against my race!

Detestable, sir! Detestable!


Where does a proud White yankee fit into this schema?

Only a populist uprising of Whites will awaken and galvanize the yankees, whose ethos has permeated most areas outside of the South. Funny that I wanted to send Towson’s WSU a Union flag at one point. I’d be proud to stand behind both flags. Most white men fought in the Civil War for their freedom from an overbearing, tyrannical government.

I am a daughter and inheritor of the struggle for Whites to live freely in a homeland of their own. I just hope that we can unite after all these years and amidst all the lies told to divide us, to preserve some decent way of life for ourselves and for our children. When I think of the transcendant bond between Whites of the South and the North, Willie Nelson comes to mind, “You were always on my mind.”

He’s way too dated for the younger set of southerners, I suspect, but he sang the songs of my youth and rest assured, of my own northern White people.


Very nice article, Matt. As a native of the South, I agree completely with your perspective.

The rainbows are certainly deserving of special contempt. How do you celebrate our Confederate ancestors while condemning their most fundamental values? The rainbows “honor” these men by lying about and misrepresenting them, which is really just a form of spitting on their graves.

I have a personal story that, to my mind, is a perfect example of this extreme version of rainbow nuttiness. It took place some years ago at a mainstream function in Virginia in which a Confederate heritage group made a showing. I think, but am not certain, that it was the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

In any event, a black I know was talking to one of the higher ups in this group. Now, as it happens, this black is very conservative, and while he’s not exactly looking to go back to the old days, and I’m not expecting his assistance in creating a new white nation, he’s absolutely stunned at what whites are doing to themselves. He is sensible enough to understand that the collapse of whites into degeneracy spells the ultimate destruction of his people as well. Indeed, in many ways it already has, at least in terms of the black moral order. He bitterly resents this.

But of course our rainbow Confederate didn’t know that, and just assumed that he needed to pander to a black, and pander he most certainly did. He glowingly and proudly told him that his daughter has children by a black man, and how much he loves his mixed grandchildren. He was simply beaming with enthusiasm as he related his appalling tale. I’m sure he couldn’t understand the growing look of disgust on the faces of his listeners…including the object of his pandering.

So this clown, a true rainbow’s rainbow, actually imagines himself to be celebrating his Confederate heritage, when in fact he celebrates the literal destruction of that heritage. He celebrates the very thing those men dreaded the most, namely amalgamation of their people into the African morass. Orwell couldn’t have scripted it better.

Make no mistake, such people aren’t just slightly misguided. They are bona fide nuts. Crazier, in their own way, than the lowest leftist street scum.

In any event, our people have a destiny that is in front of us. We must embrace that future while honoring what is true in us, and find a meaningful path forward. The rainbows can have nothing to do with this, and in fact are implacably hostile to it. They must be ostracized, and cannot be allowed anything to do with the coming white nation. Parrott has referred to conservatives as short bus liberals. If there is an even shorter bus out there, perhaps a clown car, the rainbows must be in it.


Speaking of hate, I just found out about the attack on some group of WN’s at Tinley Park. Five perpetrators, all white, have been prosecuted and are in prison. Is there anything known about what motivated them? Some wonder if they were paid off and/or struck deals with LE for other criminal records, even though reports claim they had none before the attack. What does TYN know about them?


No, the Southern rebellion of 1861-1865 was not a conservative counterrevolution against the forces of political modernity. It was not designed to turn mankind away from democracy and republicanism back towards the thrones and altars of kings and gods, as a true conservative counterrevolution against political modernity would have been. It was merely a civil war within democratic-republicanism which was designed to determine whether democratic-republicanism was to contain slaves or not.

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