Networking Between Ethno Nationalists

Below is a clip from an interview I recently did on the Brutha Dawah Show in which I discussed how both White and Black nationalists have a great degree of overlap in our views. As two movements and two peoples we can agree in the fundamental principle of the desire for a race to be able to fulfill their God given destiny, free from the cesspool of multiculturalism.

At the end of the interview, I walked away feeling very intrigued by the potential for White and Black nationalists to advance a breakdown of this system in order to create new nations, based on kith and kin, not a failed proposition of egalitarianism.One does not compromise devotion to our race, Faith, and culture with the opening of communication happens with other races. If outreach to Black nationalists was good enough for Commander Rockwell, it is good enough for me. I look forward to more conversations with ethno nationalists and finding ways to advance the interest of our respective peoples.



You’re committing at least one of two argumentation fallacies right now.

False equivalence, or association fallacy. Well, maybe both… Civil War within a tribe of people for the purpose of creating a greater order and unity among those same people is not equivalent to ethnic conflict between two different tribes of people where the end result is the erasure of the other.


Matthew – I don’t believe that we should hand over any States to Africans. I don’t believe that we should hand over any of the South West to Latinos. Why should we? Because that’s what they want? What we need to do is start preparations for Civil War 2. Just as Thomas W. Chittum would call for. No Surrender!!

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