Liar’s Poker: Israel Lectures Iran on Honesty

Hassan Rouhani Against the Machine

Hassan Rouhani Against the MachineBeing called a liar when speaking the truth is one of the more infuriating experiences. If your girlfriend gets in her mind that you have been up to no good, no amount of showing her your phone, receipts, GPS logs, signed affidavits, or the voice of God himself is going to dissuade her. Even if all the evidence points to the fact you aren’t doing what you are being accused of, the refrain “You know you were thinking it” has a chance of being passed around. This is Iran’s experience with Israel and its Western puppets.

Iran can protest that an offensive nuclear strike with its purported nuclear weaponry would be suicidal. It can elect moderates in free and fair elections. It can encourage and support diplomacy and negotiations all day long. Israel still “knows” that Iran is gearing up for nuclear war with the Zionist State.

Israel and its proxies believe only a few “chosen” nations, and a few chosen by the chosen, should have access to nuclear technology. It is easy to remain the bully on the regional block when you are the only nation who has the ability to wipe out cities with the push of a single button. Incursions and bombings in other sovereign countries would almost assuredly be less likely if those nations were allowed to protect themselves or have a nuclear deterrent to create a stalemate in the region.

As the saying goes “an armed society is a polite society” and having Mutually Assured Destruction in the Middle East could significantly lessen Israel’s regional ambitions to systematically destabilize every defiant regime. From Mossad kidnappings of “opponents” of Israel in clear violation of international law to using white phosphorous on civilian populations, Israel needs to be reigned in, Iran possessing nuclear weapons would be a step towards peace and a rebalancing of the geopolitical landscape.

The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign PolicyIsrael has long focused on destabilizing all of her neighbors for the best interests of “the tribe.” It is no question why Egypt, Libya, and Iraq all had to have forcible regime changes in which America was used as the ATM and the force to do Israel’s bidding. Israel has realized that through political advocacy groups like AIPAC, it can advance an agenda that exploits and betrays the American people. With a huge bankroll to influence campaigns and the near-universal level of Zionist control over the mass media, dissenting views are quickly squashed.

Both political parties are forced to bow and kiss the Wailing Wall if they have any hopes of making it in mainstream American politics. If the United States had elected President Romney back in November of last year our government would be acting the exact same way in regards to foreign policy. Regardless of what letter they have next to their name, politicians all must toe the Zionist line.

American treasure, American blood, and American lives are all meaningless to the internationalists who use these three resources to advance their agenda. Suffering of young Christian men and women is irrelevant as long as the political objectives of the elites can be accomplished. Media deception and manipulation, control of the political class, espionage, and brute force, …America has become the bully club of the globalist agenda. From our principal foundations as a Christian people, European Americans have gone from being “One nation under God” to “one nation under ZOG.”

Israel has now stated that “Assad must go” and is doing everything they can to stop the Syrian people and their President Assad from having their sovereignty. The plot against President Assad however plays into the greater scheme of the Israeli government to destroy any allies of Iran in the region. For the small nation of Israel to retain the utmost control of politics in the region, all who oppose Israel must fall, both as an example to other countries and to punish those who dare act in their own people’s best interests.

While I was no fan of Saddam, he did protect the Christian minority and was a relatively tolerant ruler who helped keep ethnic and religious tensions at bay. He was allowed to rule as long as Iraq was at war with Iran (funded by America), but as soon as peace reigned the Israelis pushed America and the international community to sanction Iraq. These sanctions killed tens of thousands of children, starved millions, and drove the Iraqi people to their knees. At the nation of Iraq’s lowest point, Israel pushed America to invade Iraq and punish Saddam for standing against the Zionist regime. Like dominoes, we have witnessed false “peoples revolutions” and American intervention to advance the Jewish agenda, Iran is simply the latest domino that Israel has chosen to knock down.

The nation of Iran is no friend to Christians, no friend to the West, and no friend of mine, but I truly believe that they have a right to exist as a distinct people without being dominated by a foreign power. Iran has declared time and time again that they are striving to be an Islamic republic at peace with the region, but that is too much for Israel. Those who do not buy into the global banking system or who push for too much of the interest of sovereignty are instantly blacklisted. Both the Bush and Obama administration have pushed the rhetoric of warmongering, “Standing with Israel as our greatest ally” (just ask the crew of the USS Liberty how that worked out), and pushing fear on the American people about the Iranian regime. While by no accounts should we be friends with Iran, they do not pose a threat to us as a people. Iran however does threaten to check Isreali ambitions, and that is why World War III may happen very soon.

The recent election of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has thrown a monkey wrench in the plans of the elites. President Rouhani, a moderate, has spoken about opening in diplomatic channels between the West and Iran and has stated that Iran will not seek nuclear weapons. In a recent interview, President Rouhani said that his government will only pursue nuclear energy because “To us, mastering the atomic fuel cycle and generating nuclear power is as much about diversifying our energy resources as it is about who Iranians are as a nation, our demand for dignity and respect and our consequent place in the world,” This is a fair argument and one that is irrelevant to Israel and her lapdog, America.

Tradition refuses to submit to the small and arrogant oligarchy of those who merely happen to be walking around.

“Tradition refuses to submit to the small and arrogant oligarchy of those who merely happen to be walking around.”
– G.K. Chesterton

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office released a statement saying that “One must not be fooled by the Iranian president’s fraudulent words,” Regardless of what the Iranians do, what they say, how many inspectors they allow into their nation, it will never be enough for Israel. The purpose of the war is not to even stop Iran from gaining nuclear weapons, it is to destroy a regime that poses a political opponent in the Middle East. If it weren’t nuclear weapons, it would be “human rights”, or some other fabricated excuse to rally the American people to go and die or at least be a protective lookout for Israel’s dirty business. The world is turning against Israel and the Jewish people because at the end of the day, no amount of money can stop God’s judgment upon those who persecute his true Chosen People, the Church.

A global war is coming; it is inevitable. On one side we have nationalists who seek to stand against a one world government and promote Tradition, on the other are the mercantile forces of capital and greed. With Mother Russia leading the global Church, nations like Iran and Syria uniting against the forces of globalism, and the surge in Traditionalists in the West, this is becoming a global struggle. As Southern Nationalists assert their identity in Dixie, Western Europeans throw off the shackles of cultural Marxism, new White identities sprout throughout North America, and Tradition arises from her slumber, this upcoming conflict will not be nation against nation, but neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend, family against family.

I don’t stand with Iran out of a love of their faith or their treatment of my Christian brothers and sisters, but because the government stands for its people and her sovereignty. Traditionalists are a broad coalition, with many different ideas, but we all must support self determination and fairness across the globe for all the peoples of the Earth. I will pray for the conversion of Iran to the one true Faith, I will condemn her treatment of Christians, but she does not need to get permission from Israel and America to fulfill her God-given destiny. United we stand against the globalists, divided we become slaves on their worldwide plantations.

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