Is TradYouth Breaking Bad?

Nazis and Klansmen and Homophobes, Oh My!

Nazis and Klansmen and Homophobes, Oh My!The SPLC, the self-appointed hall monitors of taboo opinion in America, are now shrieking that “Former Racist Student Leader Moves Into Neo-Nazism.

According to them . . .

A little over a year ago, Matthew Heimbach was annoying fellow students at Towson University with juvenile stunts like chalking “White Pride” and “White Guilt is Over” on sidewalks of the Maryland campus.

But in the last few months, since graduating at the end of the spring semester, Heimbach has been turning into a full-fledged neo-Nazi.

Since its not-so-humble beginnings as a clever fear-mongering shakedown scheme created by renowned mail-order marketing kingpin Morris Dees over forty years ago, the SPLC has been howling and crying that genocidal Nazis and marauding Klansmen are on the march. These Hollywood villains–apparitions of their fevered imaginations–never seem to materialize. If it weren’t for ex-convicts who are loosely affiliated with White prison gangs, they wouldn’t have much of anything tangible to report on.

But finally, the manic media-savvy firebrand Matthew Heimbach has come out of the closet as a genocidal Nazi! And his Traditionalist Youth Network is a genocidal and marauding Nazi and Klan organization hellbent on imposing full-on White Supremacy!

Not really…

There was an amusing episode for me during our recent protest of Boxcar Books at Indiana University where a member of the angry mob following us shouted “You guys are Nazis!” as we walked past him. Rather than taking offense or confirming it, we chattered among ourselves about our ideological affinities with and differences with the historical National Socialist German Worker’s Party, responding to the furious college student with a tepid “Not really…”, “More like Golden Dawn or Iron Guard, actually…”

TradYouth isn’t a neo-Nazi organization or a Klan Klavern. TradYouth is an entirely new thing. We aren’t neo-Nazis, we’re 21st Century American advocates for our tribe and our traditions. The SPLC’s more intelligent and worldly sister organization, the ADL, came a bit closer to summing us up with their assertion that,

The serv­ing of pork at the bar­be­cue is an exam­ple of the TYN copy­ing the tac­tics of the French far-right polit­i­cal party Bloc Iden­ti­taire (BI). BI focuses on tak­ing direct action to intim­i­date the Mus­lim com­mu­nity; for exam­ple BI hosts bar­be­ques in pre­dom­i­nately Mus­lim areas of French cities where the group serves pork and wine, both for­bid­den in the Islamic faith.  TYN is mod­eled after BI’s youth move­ment, Gen­er­a­tion Iden­ti­taire (GI).

Morris Dees' Trophy Wife

The SPLC kingpin’s home features an indoor-outdoor luxury swimming pool, purchased with “anti-racist” fundraising $$$

Morris Dees and his minions are still stuck in a 70’s retro frame, and can’t really envision an opposition which fails to fit neatly into their “Nazis and Klansmen” paradigm. In the 42 years that the SPLC’s thinking on racial issues has been locked in a time capsule, a new generation of resistance to multiculturalism, global capitalism, internationalism, Marxism, and Modernity has emerged, one with different principles, strategies, and ideals.

Golden Dawn, Generation Identitaire, Dugin’s Eurasianist movements, and an array of non-aligned nations like Libya, Syria, Iran, and Venezuela have converged on a unified vision of a multi-polar geopolitical landscape wherein the West’s cannibal capitalists and Jewish oligarchs yield to the global patchwork of authentic identities and traditions.

The more obvious and uncontroversial expression of this resistance lies in anti-colonialism and anti-Zionism. The less obvious and more controversial dimension of this struggle is defeating them here at home; in their Anglo-American and Western European back yard. Contrary to popular belief, the American, Canadian, British, French and other peoples who’ve hosted these parasites are as victimized as the stereotypical targets in the Indies and the Congo.

The rich natural resources of West Virginia have been stripped away by the oligarchs, leaving the indigenous populations destitute. Monsanto and other vile conglomerates have raped America’s heartland and steamrolled its folks and their traditional folkways. The SPLC and ADL snarl at the natives beneath them, searching for and rooting out potential rebellions and uprisings with the zeal of an arrogant colonial Governor-General.

Over the coming decades, White Americans will become acutely aware of the vast gulf between themselves and their “leaders”. Even the veneer of consanguinity with our elites is cracking, as Israeli dual-citizens and hostile third world imports within the power elite grow increasingly comfortable in increasingly prominent roles. Following the maturation of the Chinese economy, there will be no greater fool for their financial pyramid schemes. With the dropping of the Baby Boomers off the demographic cliff and the ascent of America’s vast pool of third world immigrants, our systematic replacement and displacement will become viscerally unmistakable.

People falsely presume that TradYouth is trying to stir up social unrest and racial strife. This isn’t actually the case. We’re aware of the demographic and economic mega-trends. We’re familiar with the historical precedents. We’re in contact with sister organizations around the world who were once in situations similar to our own. We’re assembling a nationwide network or men and women who are prepared to be leaders and stewards for our people when this system’s lies have been exposed, its promises have been discredited, and its true face has been unmasked.

The SPLC can call us whatever it wants to. Unlike most Americans (and a startling subset of White Nationalists), my lodestar of respect doesn’t lie in this system or in its attack dogs in Birmingham. I answer to my God, my forefathers, and my future generations. I’m proud to be called a “Nazi” by the SPLC, despite my quibbles and differences with the historical party around which the mythical bogeyman epithet “Nazi!” is fabricated. What they’re really trying to say when they call us “Nazis!” is that we’re a threat to them and what they stand for.

We’re not a pale reflection of bygone historical phenomena in distant lands. We’re a far greater threat to them than neo-Nazis could hope to be. We’re not getting more violent or hateful. We’re getting more organized and effective. We’re not “breaking bad”, we’re breaking new ground in charting a clear and promising direction for our faith and folk.


Paul Lovett

Excellent indictment on the sloppy generalization given by the SPLC on identifying your nationalist group as “Nazi.” Do not be surprised over the increased vilization of nationalism, considering the fact that the last Bilderberg attendees regarded the movement as problematic to their push for global governance. Your cultural emphasis of openly challenging Islam, by thumbing your nose at the sanctimonious apologetics of Islamic cultural inclusion from Cultural Marxists, contributes to the liberation of our people by encouraging us to stand our ground in the culture war. Keep up the fight because only an assertive and confident affirmation of our traditions and heritage can be effective in accomplishing the shared goal among nationalist to smash Cultural Marxism.


Glad to hear it. I must say, I am wary of WN 1.0 types because I saw so many get set up by the feds, and they did things that made it easier for them.

But you guys know the drill, right? I don’t have to tell you how to avoid getting set up by an informant in a conspiracy, or sucked into a “bombmaking class” offered by your friendly FBI federal agent or some shit like that.

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