Identity and Labor: Divided We Fall

The American Twins
"A people becomes aware of its existence when it becomes aware of its entirety, not only of its component parts and their individual interests." -Corneliu Codreanu

“A people becomes aware of its existence when it becomes aware of its entirety, not only of its component parts and their individual interests.” -Corneliu Codreanu

Organized labor has become a dirty word among the conservative rank and file over the past two generations. How quickly the conservatives throw the men and women who built this nation and work in its factories, mines, and farms under the bus when it becomes time to ship in some more cheap Third World labor or pass another Free Trade Agreement.

Conservatism, Inc. is not based around protecting its base, advocating for the best interests of the nation, or advancing Traditional values. It is more interested in tagging along behind the progressive agenda and looking for ways to pad its own pockets. Those who identify as conservatives openly acknowledge that the Republican leadership has betrayed the Middle and lower classes on every single issue that matters, especially when it comes to class warfare.

Free markets and the entrepreneurial spirit within a society are like a burning campfire. These impulses can help the community, increase the standard of living, and be a positive influence to help uplift the folk. Capitalism however is what happens when you take this fire and release it. When the worship of money and profit is higher than your faith or loyalty to the folk, the fire of greed runs amok.

Comedian Bill Hicks described of capitalists when they return home after a long day and their wife asks them what they did on an average day at the office, “Oh, we made ah, we made ah, arsenic ah, childhood food now, goodnight. Yeah, we just said you know is your baby really too loud? You know?”

When profit is king, the people are the ones who suffer. A society is most likely to crumble in the face of the Left when the aristocracy and financial elites have forgotten their duty of noblesse oblige. It is the duty of the stewards to take care of those in lesser levels of society. When the monarchy of France and Russia turned more to profit than stewardship, the Left was able to destroy centuries of Tradition and Christian civilization. The leadership of a nation must always have the best interests of their people first, not the temporary windfall of selling one’s soul to the Jewish banksters and capitalist oligarchs.

The organization of labor is a key component of true Right Wing and Traditionalist societies. The checks and balances upon organized capital are a way to ensure a living wage for workers and that the best interests of the folk and nation are put ahead of profits. Workers also have checks and balances. They negotiate a common ground with their employers, checking the profit motive against the needs of faith and folk. In the modern context we can see a dramatic need for this harmony being introduced. On one hand, no you do not deserve a $15 dollar an hour pay to flip burgers. On the other hand, what CEO truly “earns” hundreds of millions?

Labor and capital must work together, not be in competition with one another. In a human body, you have many different parts that fulfill many different roles and just as how a body would not be healthy if the heart and the brain were at war with one another, the economy cannot function in a fair and Christian context without the cooperation of all sides of the labor dispute.

Today’s walkout of the forty thousand man strong Long shore and Warehouse Union from its long standing alliance with the AFL-CIO demonstrates the failure of organized labor to truly advocate for the best interests of its base and to demonstrate how corrupt the major labor organizations have become. This split was due to the fact that the AFL-CIO, an organization with strong ties to Establishment politics and the Obama administration is actively supporting Obamacare. Alongside the AFL-CIO advocating for more immigration, more “inclusion” and working with the Obama administration, it is no wonder that any authentically blue-collar force of organized labor would want to get far away from this organization.

It is undeniable that Obamacare is going to be a tax and a weight on the backs of the working class, but the largest union organization in the nation has remained steadfast behind it regardless of the cost to the very people that the union is supposed to be protecting. Long shore and Warehouse Union President Robert McEllrath wrote that “We feel the Federation has done a great disservice to the labor movement and all working people by going along to get along.” McEllrath has learned a lesson that the labor movement forgot a long time ago: You cannot try to negotiate and hope for a crumb off the master’s table when those at the top want to destroy you.

In disputes where there’s a debate between labor and capital, the Church and the government can help promote a peaceful and tranquil return to productivity. Neither capital nor labor can ever be given the whip hand. Human desires must be balanced by the needs of the common good. Thus a spirit of free markets under the watchful eye and bootheel of the Church Militant, guided by a partnership between labor and capital can result in an abundant economic success story that helps all of the citizens of a nation and abides by Christian principles.

The need for organized labor as both a social and political force is more important now than anytime in the past fifty years. The current system in which capitalists can use Free Trade Agreements, open borders, immigration (legal and illegal), and outsourcing as tools to persecute the American White working class is an immoral and insidious plot by the oligarchs of the world. The destruction of America’s industrial base, creating a Rust Belt throughout the formerly prosperous Midwest is just one example of the war on the White working class. Destroying the middle and lower class of White America is beneficial for the elite on multiple fronts.

Increasing globalization allows not only increased market share for the monopolies of the world, but an increase in labor supply. When the US government was protectionist and our industries were strong, American workers had true opportunities. Now that we are in the age of the global free for all, slave labor in India and China is far more cost effective than American workers. Without the labor struggle of the 19th and 20th century that American workers had, Third World laborers have no wage or safety protections, only economic slavery. This new globalism allows the capitalists to loot every people of this planet and pit the working class throughout the world against one another for an ever-shrinking pool of jobs.

The destruction of the traditional American economy has forced the American White working class to turn against one another in a struggle for a job in an economy where unions have betrayed the worker, wages are going down, safety protections are rarely enforced, and the overhanging Sword of Damocles of outsourcing keeps labor from organizing. Increased immigration and high non-White birth rates are driving up the supply of workers while globalization and outsourcing creates an apocalyptic job forecast. There is a storm coming, and it is almost here. White men and women are forced to take government welfare and subsidies because there are not jobs for them to work that can support themselves and their families.

What better way for the elites to gain control than to make everyone who could rise up become a pawn in the system? White Americans who come from the upper part of society are able to gain jobs as mid level management in this tyrannical system while you watch your own kith and kin be pillaged by the internationalists. On the lower end of the spectrum, aka about ninety percent of us, we are forced into a nonstop struggle with one another or pushed onto a life of government subsidies. As Churches are persecuted for their beliefs and have less ability to help the poor, the Establishment has a near monopoly on power.

This dire and threatening situation is exactly why on Labor Day we should look at one another and proclaim that we will work together for our race and our class. This capitalist system has been built from the very beginning to give the sweat of our brows and the sacrifices of our people to make profits for the very few. Sitting in ivory towers, whites who betray our folk are given  pieces of the pie while the Jewish elites find new and inventive ways to get more out of us goyim. If we ever want to be free from this oppression we must throw the bosses and the banksters off our backs.

The labor movement leadership in the modern era may be made up of  mostly community organizers, organized crime members,  and communists, but it wasn’t always that way. The current blue collar workforce is very much the same stock that worked the rail lines and factory floors in generations past. Hardy European American folks with devout Christian beliefs, strong families, a sense of Tradition, and the belief that for a days hard work they deserve a living wage. The communists have claimed for over a century that they will help the working class put bread on their tables, but instead they have repaid the trust the working class gave them with gulags, burial trenches, and untold misery.

The Left has spent generations attempting to “help” the worker by dancing to the tune of the Jewish elites. Playing within this system is a betrayal of the folk because we can never win this rigged game. Like Christ, we must flip over the table and drive out the moneylenders and traitors among our ranks. Only a revival of the Church Militant and an organic and fully European nation can hope to free ourselves from the tendrils of usury and capitalism.

We owe it to our children, our grandchildren, and the memory of our ancestors to break these chains of economic slavery. The white race must unite bravely in the face of overwhelming odds just like the brave workers of the Logan County Coal War (the beginning of the term redneck) and march towards eternal victory. The working class needs to come to terms with how we are doomed economically, socially, and racially within the Establishment’s system and that there is no chance for reform through political means.

Revolution is the only answer to our plight. The work ahead will be hard, it will be tiresome, and many of us will not make it to see the promised land, but we must not waver. Our ancestors fought against the scabs, bosses, capitalists, and Jews all to make a better future for their children, now we must do the same.  On this Labor Day we should come together with our fellow white brothers and sisters to begin a slow and steady march forward to a new dawn for our race. The White working class is ready, time to express our solidarity with one another and finally throw the bosses off our backs.


Paul Lovett

We need to confidently organize politically as White Christians and make our voices heard. The duopoly could care less about our interest because the corrupt politicians answer to the Israeli Lobby. A modern-day Gerald L.K. Smith is needed to help unite the anti-Zionist White Christians to fight against the enemies of Christ who support the policy of enslavement under Zionist tyranny. Christian Zionists and neoconservatives support this tyranny, and we need to call them out as traitors. Excellent essay on the need of our people to have a voice in labor so as to honor Christ and our nation, not filthy lucre.

Walt Bialkowski

Thank you so much for this excellent essay, Matt. You made many good points. I believe, as I think many of us here do, that unless the core the core of our white population becomes activated as a unit, there is no way to turn this situation around. But it can be turned around if we whites can get together once more and act as we should – that is, as a people – and a Christian people at that. We shouldn’t underestimate the importance of the Traditionalist Youth Network and organizations like the American Freedom Party. The potential is so great – winning the white working class is the key to our success. If they can be brought in to this movement, there is no way we will be rolled back. I’m inspired by what God, through St. Paul, says in Romans 13:11-14 “Now is high time to awake out of sleep: …… Let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and put on the armour of light. …..”, The whole passage speaks to our situation. God bless you folks for all you are doing ~! 🙂

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