Fighting White “Prividge” at ISU

tumblr_mh5y19e1XE1rwuqpbo1_500Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of the year again.

It’s the fall semester at universities around the country, and that means it’s time for the globalists, secularists, modernists, communists, and other garden variety loons of the left to invade our campuses and work doubly hard at separating people from their tribe and tradition.  Special appearances from “diversity” speakers and other college mandated classes on race, identity and religion are a given, but we’ve got something special coming up, folks.

Over the weekend my “anti-racist radar” started picking up a few blips, and then after verifying that there was indeed a whopper closing in– I found the source of the disturbance.  Brace yourselves, because the man himself is coming to Indiana State University…  Tim Wise will speak as part of ISU’s 2013 – 2014 “Eye on Diversity” for the Fall and Spring semesters.

ISU's Diversity Office sponsoring a "WHITE PRIVIDGE - SPECIAL PRESENTATION."

ISU’s Diversity Office sponsoring a “WHITE PRIVIDGE [sic]- SPECIAL PRESENTATION.”

The ISU Diversity Office created a Facebook event page for Tim Wise’s October visit, and they seem to be confused.  Perhaps they should have spent more time studying basic spelling and grammar instead of “fighting racism.”  As it  turns out, the ISU Diversity Office is hosting a “WHITE PRIVIDGE [sic] – SPECIAL PRESENTATION.”  Unless something truly groundbreaking happened in the White Nationalist movement over the summer, aside from the creation of the Traditionalist Youth Network, it seems that the Diversity Office forgot how to spell the “privilege” in “white privilege.”

The Traditionalist Youth Network is assembling a diverse network of activists from a four state area, and we will be there to show that anti-white racism will not be granted a stage without resistance.

The Traditionalist Youth Network leadership will be leading this demonstration, and we will also be available for questions and answers from students who are interested in starting a Traditionalist Youth Network chapter at ISU.  We are the people you have been waiting for, and we have the leadership, knowledge, and experience to show you how to get active in your community and campus.

To the students of ISU, the Traditionalist Youth Network is your alternative to the aggressive anti-white racism and cultural Marxism responsible for defaming your identity and tradition.  We will teach you the Traditionalist school of thought and how to apply those principles in your daily life.  Do not accept the anti-white Blood Libel and perpetuity of guilt which the Communist and Marxist communities thrust into your school.

To the Marxists and Communists at ISU, we are the people your liberal professors warned you about.  However, it’s not too late.  Read our blog, and educate yourselves on the dangers of Communism, secularism and modernity.  Do something original and choose to support the only true source of revolution– Tradition.

To the ISU Diversity Office, when you learn how to spell privilege correctly, let’ get together and have a public discussion about the reality of white privilege.  Nothing says “white privilege” like being systematically targeted by black mobs.  Nothing says “white privilege” like being the target of anti-white “Revenge for Trayvon” attacks.  Nothing says “white privilege” like being ambushed and beheaded by Muslims.  Keep us on your short list, and let us know when you’re prepared to candidly speak about the reality of race and identity in America.

To Tim Wise– just expect us.



Which five states are included? When is the protest, if that’s what it’s planned as, going to happen?

I have interest in trying to encourage my state university to start a White Student Union, as an alum who recently was ignored by a jewish chair in my major’s department when I asked him why my White ethnicity’s history is being totally repressed. He has yet to respond…

Someone might ask Tim Wise about Blonde Gynocide, and whether jewish women really know what it is to be White as they walk the streets of America.


We have confirmations from activists in Arkansas, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. If you’d like to throw in on this also, message us here ( and tell us who you’re bringing and how many we should expect.

Time and location for the demonstration against Tim Wise will be announced as the date nears, but expect to meet in the near vicinity of Wise’s speaking location on ISU campus.

Please contact us here ( for more details and information about how you can start your own TradYouth chapter.

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