The Faithful Atheist

St George and the DragonAtheists are a dedicated and compassionate bunch with an impressively complex (yet nihilistic) faith.

The Facebook group “Virgin Mary Should’ve Aborted” created quite a buzz earlier this week, and was met with an even stronger response.  The atheist’s nihilistic faith in the eternal “nothingness” of the world is technically not a religion, but it is a faith community nonetheless.  Their Facebook page challenges Christianity and argues that the world would be better off if Mary had aborted Jesus, but what would be of the world if secularism had the day?

The Catholic advocacy organization America Needs Fatima has created a petition to Mark Zuckerberg to remove “Virgin Mary Should’ve Aborted,” and with more than 17,000 signatures it appears to have worked.  In an unexpected and comedic turn of events, “Virgin Mary Should’ve Aborted” was itself aborted by Facebook on August 7.  Proving that even Facebook pages have life after death, a replacement page was quickly created.  The moderators of “Virgin Mary STILL Should’ve Aborted” boasted about the late page functioning on Facebook for more than a year before being shut down this week, and are now limping along with a second page.

The moderators of VMSA are a dedicated bunch alright, and I hesitate to say that they are people without faith or conviction.  They do not attack Christianity because of an excess of religious convictions and thoughts, rather it is because of their scientific and materialist convictions.  I suppose there are worse ways to go about defending atheism, but no matter which route they take the result is the same.  The only conclusion for an atheist is that man is utterly alone in the world.

“In their doubt of Miracles there was a faith in a fixed and godless fate; a deep and sincere faith in the incurable routine of the cosmos,” Christian writer G.K. Chesterton said.

What a lonely universe it would be if there was nothing in the world greater than ourselves, but that’s exactly what the atheist community seeks to prove.  Would they find religion and enlightenment within themselves rather than from without?  Not simply that, but they seek to make a god of themselves.  If the atheist was content to simply worship himself, then it is possible that he might get along quite well.  It is not enough for the atheist to be alone and without a god to worship, but he must take away religion and holy things from all others as well.

Christians and atheists alike make quests in defense of their faith, if we can call atheists faithful, so there is nothing unique in that respect.  However, it is the purpose and goal of each camp’s quest that makes them different.  As many suspect, and many more know, Christianity is truly unique in the world because of what its faithful are called upon to do while pursuing the faith.

“But only we of Christendom have said that we should hunt God like an eagle upon the mountains: and we have killed all monsters in the chase,” Chesterton said.

The atheist says that there is no eagle on the mountain because of the abundance of monsters in the valley.  Rather than climb the mountain to prove whether or not that eagle is there now or ever was before, the atheist shows how much more easily he can find monsters in the valley.  It is surely easier to find and raise monsters than it is to destroy them, and far easier yet than applying the principles of tradition and religion in daily life.

Degeneracy and secularism are easy, faith requires energy and commitment.  Faith requires that monsters be slain, and that mountains be climbed.  Faith is the only thing that saves man from the slow death of secularism.

“Men who begin to fight the Church for the sake of freedom and humanity end by flinging away freedom and humanity if only they may fight the Church,” Chesterton said.  “They burned their own corn to set fire to the Church; they smashed their own tools to smash it; any stick was good enough to beat it with, though it were the last stick of their own dismembered furniture.”

It is all the more curious that an atheist would choose to create an abundance of monsters as an attack on Christianity.  An abundance of monsters does not profane God or disprove the validity of Christianity, it merely profanes and debilitates the world around us.

“The secularists have not wrecked divine things; but the secularists have wrecked secular things, if that is any comfort to them.  The Titans did not scale heaven; but they laid waste to the world,” Chesterton said.

As Chesterton observed, secularists don’t improve the world by defiling Christianity in the minds of men, they can only make the rest of mankind as miserable and lost as themselves in their nihilistic faith of disbelief.

The only conclusion for an atheist is that man is utterly alone in the world, and that we are to be kept company by only the monsters of degeneracy.

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I am going to have to quit calling myself as atheist and switch to agnostic or skeptic because of morons like the ones who started that group. They seem to really believe that atheism is precisely synonymous with cultural liberalism and hatred of Christianity. They are so ignorant it burns, and I for one do not want to be associated with them.

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