Street Activism Matters

Michael Collins, Irish revolutionary leader, addressing a crowd in Cork
Michael Collins, Irish revolutionary leader, addressing a crowd in Cork

“Our army, if it exists for honorable purposes only, will draw to it honorable men. It will call to it the best men of our race- men of skill and culture. It will not be recruited as so many modern nations are, from those who are industrially useless.” -Michael Collins

Hitting the streets to advance a political agenda is something that the modern person views as relevant as the Pony Express. In generations past, men and women took their grievances to the street to demand change. From my own ancestors who gave life and limb to fight for sovereignty of the Southland, to the Appalachian miners of West Virginia who rose up against the hired guns of the bosses to fight for a living wage, the fiery spirit of the folk has led the people into the streets to fight for change. This spirit, however, has been weakening from generation to generation.

We are facing the literal genocide of our race from the land that we won with the blood, sweat, and tears of countless thousands of martyrs yet most cannot pull themselves off of the couch to do anything about it. Demographic displacement, cultural destruction, and the ever rising number of murders and violent acts committed against whites is somehow is not as important as the latest sport score. Years of complacency has made the white race as a whole do almost nothing to fight its own decline. This phenomenon however, is beginning to change where it matters most, on the streets.

As a young activist, brimming with fiery passion for the Cause, I looked around for a movement to join. The Left had frequent protests, pickets, poetry slams, parties, and a whole host of other activities for activists to participate in. They Left builds fellowship with one another, aggressively advancing their agenda. On the Right, the Republicans are about as useful as an ejector seat in a helicopter. Most White Advocacy organizations struggle to actively participate in their communities. College campuses, cities, and many areas were simply written off and abandoned by the White Right as “No-Go” zones for activism.

Moms Protesting Forced IntegrationThis frustrated me because–being a student of history–I knew the only way to be victorious in a war was actually to engage the enemy on his territory. If we lose this fight there is no place to retreat to, there is no recall election; It means total victory for the enemy . . . and the total destruction of our people. The inheritance given to us by our ancestors will be ground into dust and be left only in history books.

For generations, many of those who claimed to be defenders of kith and kin retreated from the public sphere. Together countless books, conferences, and pamphlets were passed around to the ever-shrinking numbers of the faithful in the hopes that sitting and doing nothing would somehow turn everything around. Economic terrorism by the Left and the danger of losing a job or a comfortable place in society made entire generations of activists sit on their hands. The enemy has been running almost entirely unopposed.

The plight that is facing our people is one so severe that concerns about our own individual economic success or creature comforts are the ultimate selfishness. Those who keep their affiliations hidden have a duty and an obligation to donate financially to activists on the street, support organizations with volunteered time and supplies, and to retain (however privately) a Revolutionary mindset.

My desire for real world activism pushed me to join Youth for Western Civilization in my sophomore year of college. I wanted to take the fight to those who were calling for the genocide of my people where they were. The Left has spent so much time dominating universities and the streets, they do not really remember what having an opponent is like. Although like clockwork calls go out every year by groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center that there are Klansmen behind every shrub and the next Hitler is on the rise, the Left has totally dominated our society since the last breath of State sovereignty was crushed in 1954.

Rockwell's Notorious Hate BusFacing off against those calling for our demise is crucial to any hope for actual victory. Movements are made by the sacrifice of the few brave enough to lead the charge. Mahatma Gandhi was entirely correct when he said “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Activists must deal with being ignored by the media even after countless hours of hard work, being mocked and ostracized by society (perhaps even family and friends), and then finally be willing to give up everything for their Cause. Being an activist is not always fun and glamorous, but it is entirely necessary for there to ever be real change.

People need to see activists in the streets, on the radio, and in local media standing strong and proud for their values. There’s a silent army of citizens among us who are too afraid to “out” themselves as believing anything other than the Cultural Marxist Orthodoxy that is viewed as acceptable in mainstream society. Showing “normal people” that folks with our views are unafraid to proclaim to the world this is what we believe and that we ourselves are normal is the best way to break the Left’s stranglehold on telling the public that we are a bunch of cranks.

Tradition-minded men and women are far more in line with the values our beliefs than the legions of sodomites, feminists, Islamists, and anti-Whites who fill the ranks of the Left. Simply presenting the two sides to the public will push many of the average folks in our communities onto our side. A soccer mom or blue-collar worker who is confronted by a proud white person who stands for faith and family versus a degenerate communist or effeminate homosexual, I am willing to bet dollars to donuts the normal person will be far more sympathetic to our side.

Conservative, Inc, the Left, and Libertarians are all hobbled by the logical inconsistencies of their ideology. Through a true and pure belief in Traditionalism, sovereignty, and honor, we can appeal to the hearts and minds of our people. We do not need to come off as used car or snake oil salesman like the Establishment political system does. We don’t need to sneak in through the back door, or stoop to sleazy Saul Alinsky tactics. We can tell the public simple Truths that will bring them to our side. With dignity and humility we can open the eyes of the masses by simply taking that step forward from the crowd and standing strong for the Cause.

Saga, Fighting Back with MusicCreation of songs, propaganda, stories, articles, and other media sources can encourage the faithful, educate new recruits, and expand our message to an ever growing number of the public. People are tired of the lies of the Establishment and they are growing restless. We must be there to help lead them along to the right path.

Facing down the enemy is psychologically crucial for ourselves and our opponents. Through public demonstrations like the recent League of the South protest in Uvalda Georgia and the Traditionalist Youth Network picket of Boxcar Books, we take the fight to the enemy we show the Left that we are no longer afraid. Although the Left literally has a bankroll, support of the government, and vast armies of activists, as French poet Victor Hugo famously wrote “There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.” This is the age of the activist, the men and women who will stand side-by-side to fight for a future for our people.

I am putting out a call for all activists to rally together and take to the streets. We are facing down another invasion of the Middle East by the Federal Government, continued demographic displacement, and a war against our Traditions. I myself will be attending the “Stand With Syria BBQ” here in Owosso Michigan on September 11th and Murfreesboro, TN Demonstration Against Southern Demographic Displacement to be held on October 12th and is hosted by the League of the South. The time to act is now comrades, not sit on the sidelines. With a little time, a little money, and a good dose of courage we all can stand and fight together against our common foes. None of us want to look at our grandchildren and tell them as we huddle in a Third World Hellhole that we didn’t do everything we could to prevent this. Future generations are calling all of us to action, I hope to see everyone on the picket lines.


Charles Edward Lincoln III

I applaud your for your “Stand with Syria BBQ.” As the saying goes, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” After attacking Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, Syria was the next obvious, weakest target, right? Building up to IRAN. I cannot understand how the left stands by Obama, who has broken all his promises and shows himself the impotent puppet of the International Banking Cartel which is so consistently, strangely, downright mysteriously, pro-Zionist and pro-Israeli—for no possibly valid ECONOMIC reason. Could the real reasons be “race and ethnicity as the definition of the extended family?” A friend and colleague in England wrote earlier today, after the historic vote in Parliament:
“Just occasionally the Great British Public’s voice is heard above the political and diplomatic babble. We don’t want to fire another shot from the hip at another Arab despot whose behaviour our often mistaken leaders say they can’t stomach. Who else remembers our fearless quivering leaders’ guarantees that there were weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq that weren’t there and never had been? We don’t accept the ‘findings of the security community’ as justification for intervening in somebody else’s war. We don’t do gun-boats any more or buy into the ‘judgement calls’ of an over-zealous Cabinet. We think the grand ole US of A can please its bloody self, kill some putative terrorists and regret its actions later – or not. We are separated by more than a common language from their culture, their obsession with Israel and their lack of perspective on most important issues.”


No valid economic reason? Petrodollar. Rumor has it that Iran wants to start trading oil for gold, instead of US$. That would be a very economic reason for the US to start something with Iran. The thing with Syria is just one more attempt to provoke Iran into a military conflict because the US wants to keep all oil trading in US$.


You get any support from Syria, Iran, or Hezbollah lately? Activism tips, organizing tips, money? Moral support? Anything? Assad’s strongest supporter in the world, the Iranian government, recently denounced white Americans for racism over the outcome of the Trayvon Martin trial.

Matt Parrott


Opposing US intervention is directly advocating for our folk, and we’re not proposing that we actively support Assad as an ally. As such, I don’t think our position on the Syrian situation is relevant to your critique.

That being said, we’ve got to start somewhere. We’ve got to elbow our way into a geopolitical context, and it’s no secret that we’re starting from square one. We’ve seen things like Spencer and Yeoman appearing on Russia Today. We’ve seen encouraging signs from Dugin and others luminaries. These countries have also reached out to David Duke and Merlin Miller.

I think the lesson is that they’ll use the nearest stick to beat the dog, and I think it’s pessimistic to presume ourselves incapable of identifying and leveraging geopolitical synergies.


There are only two sides: opposing the US would seem to put you on the Assad/Shia side by default. I don’t think you’re incapable. I’d rather put it terms of this reader not being convinced, yet, of the value of adding a geo-political dimension to the fight.

I was set to rethink my views on the geo-political angle until the Iranian government when out of its way to endorse the Trayvon Martin narrative. Iran saw a chance for a propaganda shot against the US, and they didn’t care that it came at the expense of Duke’s white American countrymen.

Matt Parrott

Your position seems to be predicated on the proposition that there’s some Plan B to pursue if all the geopolitical grapes turn out to be sour. There’s reason to believe they’re not sour. Perhaps I’m being a Pollyanna here, but Iran’s position on the Trayvon thing really drives home just how eager competing elites are to meddle in domestic affairs.


Or maybe I’m being too pessemistic as you said. I would be less skeptical IF a noteworthy leader somewhere in the world would just make visible statements of moral support in our favor. I don’t think that’s a lot to ask when various white dissidents across the globe do it for them, and do it pretty often.

On an unrelated note, can I ask what are your thoughts on anonymous readers like myself voicing objections like this? Do you see it as generally counter-productive and unhelpful, something that doesn’t matter, or situational depending on how a given objection is broached? I sometimes wonder if it would be for the best ust to stay quiet when I run across something I disagree with by activists/opinion leaders rather than be a possible nuisance.

Matt Parrott


On an unrelated note, can I ask what are your thoughts on anonymous readers like myself voicing objections like this? Do you see it as generally counter-productive and unhelpful, something that doesn’t matter, or situational depending on how a given objection is broached? I sometimes wonder if it would be for the best just to stay quiet when I run across something I disagree with by activists/opinion leaders rather than be a possible nuisance.

I haven’t met anybody who agrees with me, but I personally love the open exchange of completely frank critique, and I think it makes us better activists. I don’t necessarily always agree with it or think it’s intelligent, but even when it’s not, it’s good to know how people are responding to one’s ideas. While a lot of it’s surely junk, some of the most profound insights and useful tips have arrived from comments.

Cid Campeador

Isn’t it interesting that the US just invades another country and “removes” it’s leader. e.g Iraq, Libya, yet we don’t remove Zuma (S. Africa) nor Mugabe- (Zimbabwe), both of whom are presiding over the genocide against White farmers? The situation in S.A. is hideous. Farm families are massacred, the women and little girls are gang raped and then disemboweled, Infants are set afire and their savage murderers cheer while the baby screams in agony. I’ve seen the images. Where is our esteemed POTUS during all this? Now here in the US Whites are becoming the targets of an unofficial genocide program consisting of beat downs, shooting, gang rape and pretty much some of the same atrocities being perpetrated against the Afrikaners.
America slams it’s door on the Afrikaners who seek asylum here. Why? Because they’re White.
The threshold of tolerance on the part of White Americans is quickly being reached and this pot will soon boil over.

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