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Stormfront: White Pride Worldwide

Stormfront: White Pride WorldwideThere are moments in ones life that you will never forget, and the Traditionalist Youth Network team that has just returned from the 3rd Annual Practical Politics Seminar hosted by Don Black and the team at Stormfront has just had a weekend full of these moments. I have personally been a longtime Stormfront reader and to a large degree have the work for Don Black, the dedicated moderators at the site, and the legions of white advocates on the forum to thank for my transformation.

Early in High School, I fell into the liberal crowd due to the social pressures. I had always been interested in Fascism, National Socialism, and the white pride movement from my love of history and having frequently watched the History Channel. Before they become the channel of Pawn Stars and American Pickers, they used to actually include historical programs. Although any white advocate was always demonized and belittled, I always was intrigued by what I saw. From videos of German soldiers marching into battle or the glow of a cross being illuminated, the message of white nationalism and Tradition struck a chord deep inside me.

Growing up in a moderate conservative home I did not have any ideological indoctrination in white nationalism or the Church Militant until I began researching on the internet. When one begins to start flirting with Traditionalism and white nationalism, where do you look for answers?

I believe the biggest reason for the lack of involvement of my parents’ generation in the struggle for Tradition was primarily the lack of available information. Before the Internet, the elites were able to control the flow of information to a few selected media outlets. Jewish and Communist control of our school system meant that dissenting opinions were crushed early on in life and without available outlets for Traditional messages to get through. Then the previous generation was easily brought into the fold of the System’s agenda.

When today I want to find a Traditionalist Church I can do a few quick Google searches, in generations past even finding a Traditional Church or a White Nationalist organization was next to impossible. Controlled opposition groups were lined up to make any effective Traditional resistance ineffective and an entire generation of activists were kept waiting on the sidelines. A controlled media, controlled narrative, and the difficulty of communication had kept the Traditionalist movement stuck in political Purgatory for decades.

Then came the internet.

The Internet is one of the most valuable tools of our movement. A few clicks and I can be reading the words of the Church Fathers on the Jews or listening to the sermons of Father Charles Coughlin. When looking for like-minded individuals, I can enter forums and websites to make connections in a quarter of the time that my parents’ generation would spend finding the nearest payphone. News stories from around the globe can go viral without any help from the mainstream media. Music, philosophical discussions, pictures, art, and all forms of intellectual resistance no longer depend upon the permission of the enemy. We have created an alternative media, and at the forefront of this innovation is Stormfront.

White Advocates have always been insightful and able to work with limited resources. While our opponents literally own the banks and mass media, we make the most out of having limited resources. Motivated by a love of kith and kin, white advocates like Don Black and David Duke have been fighting the good fight since long before I was born. Friends from an early age, Don Black and Dr. David Duke broke from the orthodoxy of the time and began to be tireless advocates for the white race. From the picket lines to the polling stations, both of these men sacrificed money, time, and blood for the belief that our race and our culture have a continued right to exist. While many sat on the sidelines, counting their stacks of money and enjoying a middle class lifestyle, Duke and Black were willing to put it all on the line for a cause greater than themselves.

Don Black has long been an innovator within the White Nationalist movement. The foundation that he has helped to build is what we contemporary activists proudly stand upon. In 1995, as the web was first being established, Mr. Black established Stormfront. It would quickly grow into a phenomenon. In his own words Mr. Black described why Stormfront was so important, “The potential of the Net for organizations and movements such as ours is enormous. We’re reaching tens of thousands of people who never before had access to our point of view.”

From the popular Newslinks section (that I read every morning), to discussions on philosophy, to active discussions on how to get “off the grid”, Stormfront has something for everyone. Through reading the materials available, talking with active members, and networking with fellow activists, I have been able to move from being a rather “normal” American youth, to a dedicated activist for my Faith, Folk, and Fatherland. The seeds planted by Stormfront have influenced an entire generation of youth leaders. As Matthew 7:7 says “”Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” As a youth who was looking for answers, I asked for an avenue to gain the insight, knowledge, and friendships to take the step into Traditionalism, and Stormfront was one of the doors that opened.

Reading Stormfront for years and getting to know a large amount of active Stormfront members has been a crucial part of my development as an activist. This history with the website and my huge amount of respect for Don Black left me incredibly excited to get to attend this year’s conference. Instead of preaching to the choir, the conference was dedicated to discussing paths forward for our movement. From the hard work of the BUGsters like Horus the Avenger who use the internet to raise awareness of white genocide to the work of my comrade Matt Parrott. The lineup was one great speaker after another.

I was greatly honored by getting to meet many of my heroes for the first time. Shaking the hand of Dr. David Duke and having him praise my activism was one of the proudest moments of my life. I was greatly humbled by being asked by Don Black to take the the podium at the conference. Getting to share the stage with the great minds of our movement was exciting and a huge honor. One of my personal inspirations, Mr. Sam Dickson (one of my absolute favorite and personally inspiring voice within the movement), had a phenomenal speech at the conference and I greatly enjoyed getting to pick his brain over the course of the weekend.

The torch is being passed to the next generation, myself included, and a great part of this weekend was seeing multiple generations of activists coming together and working together. The oft-lamented infighting within the White Nationalist community is subsiding. As the real activists stand together, the naysayers and provocateurs are increasingly ignored. The purpose of every speech was geared towards forging a path forward, not living in the past. The call for youth organization, a dedication to Tradition, and a move towards real world activism solidified for me personally that our movement is ready for a group like the Traditionalist Youth Network.

I am a proud Southerner and an active member of the League of the South and was able to rub elbows with secessionists from all over the nation. The rhetoric of “taking America back” is thankfully fading. As my ancestors decided 152 years ago, getting out of the Federal empire is the only solution to the survival of our culture and our race. The Enlightenment ideas of Jefferson and the deist Founders can only end in cultural, religious, and racial suicide.

White Advocates are coming to terms with throwing away the Masonic dishrag with fifty stars, and pledging allegiance to Tradition and a new future for our people. White Separatism, respectful of regional and cultural differences, is the only path forward. The Constitution is an anchor tied around the neck of Europeans on this continent, yet so many of us have been clinging to it as a life raft. The talk of Stormfront was not “should we secede” but “when, where, and how we should secede.”

I am increasingly confident that the bickering of the past is on its way out as our situation grows increasingly dire. White Advocates from California who want to carve out a racial enclave from the multicultural quagmire are standing side-by-side with Southern Nationalists. Young and old are united together through our similarities, while putting differences aside. The foundation has been built, the activists are ready, and the new dawn is beginning to rise.

The torch is being passed, the time is right, and Trad Youth is here to be the vanguard of the youth movement for the folk. With resources like Stormfront and great intellectual minds like Sam Dickson, Don Black, Dr. David Duke, and legions of dedicated activists, the future belongs to us. Years of grinding away and sacrifice have led to this moment, the moment in which the pieces are beginning to fall into place. While victory is a long way away and will be paved with blood, sweat, tears, and martyrs, we truly now have a chance to not only restore our race and our Tradition, but to become triumphant.

I had an amazing time at Stormfront 2013, as I know all of the TradYouth team did. The fire has been lit, the time is now, onward to victory comrades. The blood and sacrifice of our ancestors flows in our veins, our movement is united, and the situation of the present is a call to arms for all who love our race and our Traditions.

Tomorrow is always too late, time to hit the streets. See you on the picket line.




You hit the nail on the head regarding secession being the only way. But we do not need multiple enclaves in far flung regions. We need a new nation, and that nation will be in the pacific northwest. It is the only viable geographic area.

I am disappointed, though not surprised that Harold Covington’s name is not mentioned once in your article. I am sure you received negative feedback from the Stormfront crowd regarding his past. But the accusations do not hold up to critical analysis. In any event, Mr. Covington is not the focus, but rather the Northwest Imperative which dates back to Pastor Robert Miles during the 1970’s. It is about the idea of an independent White homeland in the Pacific Northwest.

This is the time to build up communities so that we will have the necessary manpower for the future Northwest American Republic. Please consider including a link to in your future posts and spread the word among your friends and followers that this is the one and only chance for the survival of the White race.

It cannot be the South, where spics are now jockeying for numerical advantages over the niggers, and it cannot be mexifornia. But in the Pacific Northwest, the land the God created for OUR people, there is still a very advantageous White majority, a long deep-water coastline necessary for future trade and travel, large geographic areas suitable for arable farming, extensive forested areas needed for building the future nation and for heating, and a rich history of our people with heroes such as Sam and Vicky Weaver, Bob Miles and others.

14/88 and God Bless!



I’d rather die fighting in Texas than move to the northwest.

You should get some radiation detection equipment and let us know how fukushima is raping you.

April Gaede

If people want to remain where they are then we certainly support that decision. There are though many good white people who live in areas that have become intolerable to them. They might have children, be elderly or are just tired of hearing foreign languages spoken and tired of seeing a sea of brown faces everywhere they go. For these people who wish to relocate the Pacific Northwest and the Northwest Imperative is a viable solution. Rather than moving to an area where they dont know anyone they can move to an area with a thriving and growing WN community. Added to this is the benefit of living in a beautiful land, in a climate that is natural for our people and living around people with similar attitudes and belief systems.

April Gaede
Pioneer Little Europe Kalispell

its Pctshow

We`ve still got many good places along northern Texas where nigs and beaners are not welcome, and haven`t settled there because we don´t let them!


Whites should move up here! I didn’t see a black man until high school! Most of Eastern Washington is still white, discounting the Indian Reserves, but they keep to themselves. North Idaho has almost no blacks at all. I think they’re still scared to move there due to kkk. As they probably should be, a lot of white supremacists seem to be popping up their once again. And most people in this area are pro-white, even if they don’t discuss it in public. While there has been a few non- whites moving here they can be easily removed. They seem hostile and unhappy most of the time, and they probably know nobody wants them around.

We have the most beautiful areas in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. Western Montana is the same. It’s a highly wooded area, with beautiful mountains and lakes. We could easily be self-sustainable if you include the oil field below Montana. Very low crime rates. The crime that does happen seems to be committed by the odd non-white. The only exception would be Spokane. I think that city is around only 80% white now. You can tell by how it’s slowly going to hell.

Any whites who want to live with whites should move here as soon as they can 😀

Aitch Dee

I just posted the following at SF:

Hm. Well I just subscribed to the The Traditionalist Youth Network that he (?) and Matt Parrott formed, and will start paying more attention.

In the SF conference video, I didn’t hear [Matthew] say “White Genocide,” but I did hear him say “Jew.”

That does not fill me with hope, despite his high abilities.

I hope he’s not going to be another huge talent lost to the same old same old.

Aitch Dee

I just posted this at SF:

Keeping up with what Matthew has to say is the same as reading a completely engrossing autobiography as it happens. Part of his charm is that he’s so very open and sharing of whatever his current state of development is.

What he presents is essentially himself and his growth. To wish that he’d adopt some promising “technique” seems akin to wishing that a cheetah would adopt the hunting practices of a leopard.

He’s powerful though; after reading the above, I momentarily felt like joining a church, which I’ve never felt before in my life!

If I’m allowed to post at the website the video is at (I have my post above here on SF awaiting moderation there, and will probably add this one), I’ll hope to exert some influence on him to include more Mantra, as he used to do (maybe he generally still does for all I know), but it seems silly to attempt anything more.



The Northwest Front advocates LIVING and WORKING for a White homeland. And since Texas is now a colony of Mexico, why would you fight for it, let alone die for it?

The Northwest is the most beautiful part of the US…That you would rather “die in Texas” than even MOVE to the northwest shows an odd mindset, to say the least. Unless you have an ulterior motive.


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