Spelunker Organizes Leftists Against Peace Rally

Wait, ...What?

Wait, ...What?Note: This whole thing is getting very confusing. Here’s the synopsis: We will definitely be having an anti-war pro-Assad BBQ on 9/11. There may or may not be a Leftist response.

TradYouth’s foremost frenemy, Spelunker, has taken the time to rally the anti-White troops in response to our “Stand with Syria BBQ“, organizing an “End Muslim and Jewish Hate Coalition” especially for our little shindig.

Today, August 31, 2013, I am formally announcing a challenge to the Traditionalist Youth Networks planned Koran and Talmud BBQ to be held at a yet undisclosed location between Flint and Lansing, Michigan. The challenge will be in the form of a non-violent counter-demonstration titled the, “End Muslim and Jewish Hate Coalition”, made up of a diverse group of unaffiliated Leftist and Civil Rights groups led by myself.

A big problem with this is that we had actually backed off from burning a Koran. No Koran will be burned. This was in response to the Syrian War events which unfolded a couple days after we settled on having a Koran BBQ. We wanted to send a clear message that Islamic terrorism and creeping Sharia will not be tolerated in America. Unfortunately, there’s nothing clear about the “clear message” now, and we feared that a Koran burning at this time could detract from a more important message: We’ve got to stop invading Middle Eastern countries at Israel and the war machine’s behest.

We’ll revisit the whole Koran burning thing at some later date. We’re still super eager to offend loopy Leftists and aggressive Muslim immigrants. They’ve burned thousands of American civilians alive, yet our burning their favorite book in response is supposedly “hate”. It’s a window into the mindset of the Left that they’re eager to team up with a group that’s even more patriarchal, theocratic, and anti-feminist than ourselves…as long as they’re not White.

Our position on Islam and the Middle East is crystal clear: We¬†must stop invading and inviting the world. American soldiers aren’t welcome in Syria, and Syrian Muslims aren’t welcome in America. This position doesn’t really have a home in America’s current political landscape, one where Republicans want to imperially invade traditionally Islamic homelands and where Democrats want our own traditionally Christian homelands invaded by Muslims.¬†Rather than back down from organizing the Leftist mob against us in light of our having flipped the event into a peace rally, Spelunker’s doubled down. He claims to have over 1,000 Leftists prepared to stand in solidarity with Obama’s warmongering.

It was indeed unprofessional of us to virtually invert our event while he was busy putting together this impressive response. For that, I apologize to Spelunker and promise not to do that to him again. As a fellow activist organizer, I respect all the time and energy he put into this. At this point, he’s in the unenviable position of either calling the whole thing off or goading a bunch of Leftists into protesting the burning of a Koran we already decided not to burn. I propose that all of his Leftist allies show up and join us in a united voice against the illegal, immoral, and imperial war the Obama Administration is gearing up for.

Way back in 2005, back before it was cool, I frequently attended and supported anti-war rallies. It was super awkward standing alongside Code Pink types and chanting alongside masked antifa thugs. But I did it, because it was the right thing to do. I was there because these wars are evil. These wars slaughter our bravest young men and women and squander trillions of dollars on behalf of lobbyists and foreign oligarchs. In fact, the first time I met Mmoja Ajabu, Indianapolis’s most vocal Black Power voice, was at a peace rally nearly a decade ago. Spelunker and I disagree on a lot of stuff, but if I can put aside my differences to stand with a former Black Panther on a pivotal moral issue, then I hope Spelunker will consider setting our differences aside and joining TradYouth in a united voice against this impending war.

We’ll be there with our hot dogs, burgers, and Syrian flags, and our message will be a simple one of peace and anti-imperialism. The thousands of people who had been planning to join us are welcome to do so, but we’ll surely need them to pitch in their own burgers, buns, and beverages.



Update (9/1/13):

Spelunker’s latest dispatch is that “The Koran Burning is Off! We Are WINNING!” As is abundantly obvious from the very screenshots and links Spelunker plucked from our page, the Koran Burning was called off several days before we had any idea that there was going to be a Leftist counter-protest.

He completely removed his original post rather than updating it, because he evidently doesn’t know how the Internet works.

Update (9/1/13 afternoon):

Now Spelunker’s claiming “libel”. TradYouth’s in-house staff attorneys have reviewed his allegations, pored over the relevant case law, and advised us that the most appropriate legal strategy to pursue at this time is to double down and milk this episode for even more Marxist butthurt.

While we won’t remove the post or even revise it, we’ll admit here in this update that Spelunker likely got excited and confused, and wasn’t actually trying to target a peace rally. Since even his own copy-pastes confirmed that we had already turned the event into a peace rally before he did all that work, I doubt Spelunker v. TradYouth is going to find its way to the Supreme Court any time soon.



I must say, I can’t see how having Koran burning makes any sense. It reinforces the stereotype of the ‘uneducated racist’ American conservative without sending any clear message about Sharia or Muslims. Glad to see it has become something more constructive.

john king

Why can’t we replace “Burn a Koran Day” with “Burn a Talmud Day”? I can assure you that the contents of the Talmud have done more injury to Western Civilization than the Koran. The Talmud was the inspiration for The Communist Manifesto. It is the inspiration for all the multiculturalism forced on our nominally white countries. The problem with the Talmud is it is a collection of books, more like the Encyclopedia Luciferica. Maybe we could just take some trashy novel and paper it over with a cover saying the Talmud.


In reply to the poster John, who questions burning Korans and “enforcing” stereotypes:

I wonder at your marketing savvy.

Remember Pastor Terry Jones? You may not recognize his name, but you remember a pastor in Florida sparked national controversy and outrage for the mere *threat* of burning Korans.

Imagine if Pastor Jones had a sophisticated traditionalist philosophy and PR strategy behind his little stunt? That national (and international) media attention would have been much better used.

Do you have any suggestions for the how the Trad Youth could, in one fell swoop, (and with as little effort and monetary input) gain that level of national attention? If you did, you’d have probably suggested it to the group in your initial post.

When it comes to dealing with the media and the potential “enforcing” of stereotypes, I think the reality is always different than the caricature presented by the producers. Semi-famous internet Christian Matt Slick, for example, was goaded onto Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” by very kind phone interviews from producers…only to have his anti-homosexual position ridiculed and lampooned via shifty editing techniques. Nevertheless, it was obvious that Slick, given his tone of voice, demeanor, and self-presentation, was far different than how they were trying to show him.

People aren’t stupid, even though they seem like it most of the time – and further, the P.C. hegemony is crashing down all around us. Pop-culture sheeple (popples, I call them), aren’t buying these caricatures anymore.

They’re the ones who need to change, not us. They’re the ones who need to be ashamed of their sick views, not us. They’re the ones who need to be ashamed of their caricatures, not us.


Concerning that coward “Spelunker” …

Who among us actually thought he would show up at the head of an army of leftists? There aren’t enough skinny jeans and low-top converse in all of the upper mid-west to clothe that many effeminate white boys.

This pathetic excuse of a blogger spends his free time ogling Stormfront and waving his hands in feigned dismay whenever someone makes a post there.

Show up and let us see his face, and possibly learn his name???? Never. His ilk are more comfortable in the dark, scummy realm of internet anonymity, where they can quickly scatter away from any hint of light.

Matt Parrott

We supposedly had a few thousand descending on us at Boxcar Books, which manifested as approximately 50 people.

Our side is at a semi-permanent disadvantage with numbers, as there’s societal reward for going along with the Zeitgeist and an impressive array of penalties for defying it. They can bark all they want to about “cops and klan go hand in hand”, and speculate that we’re likely FBI provocateurs all they want to. The bottom line is that losing jobs and contracts, receiving threats of death and violence, and being served bullshit legal harassment by institutional attorneys is our routine daily life.

Folks are welcome and encouraged to attend our events, but I don’t sweat the numbers like I used to. I don’t encourage men with families or women with safety concerns to participate like I used to. Our side is exclusively comprised of men and women prepared to risk the worst sort of ritual public shaming, prepared to take real physical risks, and prepared to stand their ground. I strongly suspect that if our opponents were held to a similar standard, the numbers would be pretty even.

Robert Pinkerton

Does the State of Michigan have the anti-masking laws that many mid-western States enacted during the recrudescence of the Ku Klux Klan? If it does, use those laws when the occasion arises, against that left-wing Klan that calls itself “antifa” or some other mendacity.

Leslie H. Higgins

Sad the Qu’ran BBQ has been cancelled. Was looking forward to watching it online; would have been a great attention grabber.

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