FAQ: Islam, Tactics, and Tradition

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked QuestionsThe response to our planned Koran BBQ has been generally positive. Several readers regretfully misread it as “Korean Barbecue”, and will be saddened to learn that there will likely be no delicious thinly sliced bulgogi dishes at the event. A few readers and supporters have raised some frequently asked questions, which I’ll attempt to answer.

1. Wait, isn’t Islam also a Tradition?

Yes, and the Sufi Muslim Rene Guenon is one of the cardinal inspirations for my Radical Traditionalist worldview. I have Islamic friends, and I find a lot to respect and admire in Islamic culture. The riddle here lies at the intersection of tribe and tradition, as advancing one’s folk community and its heritage necessarily entails advancing its specific traditions. In the West, there are primarily three indigenous traditions: skepticism, folk religion, and Christianity.

From Hellenic times, the material and scientific worldview, one which is skeptical of religion altogether, has been present here. It’s perhaps a lowercase “tradition” rather than “Tradition”, but it’s indubitably an indigenous Western phenomenon. Folk religionists often argue that Christianity is, like Islam, an alien tradition brought here by an alien people that’s incompatible with and integrally hostile to our people. I disagree with them on that, as I disagree with skeptics. These are, however, internal matters for us to work out among ourselves. TradYouth has been and will continue to be diplomatic toward and respectful toward our skeptics and folk religionists.

TradYouth will be diplomatic and respectful toward Muslims which aren’t supporting or encouraging our displacement and replacement. Granted, it’s nowhere near the problem here that it is in Europe . . . yet. It is, however, a problem. In Dearborn, the Middle Eastern Islamic invasion is so acute that Christians aren’t allowed to proselytize there. There have been several major Islamic terrorist attacks on American soil, and it’s entirely necessary and appropriate to send a clear message that they’re not welcome to immigrate here and that they’re not welcome to introduce their religion into our communities.

I believe our position is entirely fair and consistent. The only Christians who have any business in traditionally Islamic lands are the indigenous Middle Eastern ones, and Muslims like President Assad the Iranian mullahs are doing the correct thing for their people and traditions by repelling American culture and influence. I do hope for Christianity to take root in their hearts, but I would wish for it to take place in their own hearts, and not through genocidal displacement and replacement. The riddle resolves itself once tribe and tradition are synthesized and promoted as one. Had the Europeans made it vividly clear a generation ago, when their Islamic problem was as mild as ours, they wouldn’t be in the situation they’re now in.

2. You’re playing right into the Zionists’ hands!

Heimbach’s article was clear on this, but the anti-Jewish monomaniacs don’t bother to finish articles. When I write articles on the Jewish problem, I get articles from Southerners complaining that the real problem is Black criminality. When I write articles on Black criminality, I get articles from Southwesterners on how Blacks are stabilizing demographically, committing statistically less crime, and beside the point considering this overwhelming Mexican invasion. Other IT professionals warn me that the real problem is with the insidious increase in East Asian and South Asian cognitive elites. I’m sure somebody in the Alaskan bush would warn against the dreaded Eskimo Problem if he had Internet access.

TradYouth can walk and chew gum at the same time, and has not stopped opposing America’s killing of Muslims in their homelands by our Israeli-led military-industrial complex. While many American (and foreign) Muslims will indeed find our burning of the Koran in protest of their presence and influence offensive and provocative, we believe our “stay on your side of the planet, and we’ll be diplomatic and peaceful” position is more pro-Muslim than the position promoted by both major political parties. Both the Islamophobic Zionist nationalists prominent in Europe and our anti-Zionist critics who imagine that Muslims are our friends because they’re hostile to Jews are mistaken in their approach.

Defending Tribe and Tradition is a complicated problem, but one of the dimensions of our problem is definitely Islamic intrusion and influence.

3. Isn’t this a suicide mission?

If we do get beheaded for expressing our opinions, then perhaps we’ll have made our point about the threat of Islamic intrusion. The very fact that this has been proposed as a realistic outcome confirms the necessity of hurrying up and responding to this growing threat before it overwhelms us. Both Heimbach and I have been warned repeatedly that we’re traipsing into death traps with our street activism. There’s been a brick here and a bottle of urine there, but we’ve found the bark worse than the bite.

We’ll happily append any more questions and answers to this post that may bubble up…



I like Hoffman, but I closed that article without reading it. Long day, and I’m not in the mood for another Islam is our friend argument. I strongly support burning the Qu’ran.


“If we do get beheaded for expressing our opinions, then perhaps we’ll have made our point about the threat of Islamic intrusion.”

Another political leader, in Greece, takes a less blasé attitude toward his own demise and the demise of his followers:

“We will not give them our deaths as a gift. We will undertake a fight, a fight to end them.” -Nikolaos Michaloliakos

It’s important in politics to understand that people are more likely to support the man who signals he’s confident in his fighting ability, and that if anyone tries to attack him it probably won’t end so well for that attacker.

Coming across like you’d let enemies kill you might sometimes work in the field of religion, as it may have for Jesus and the early Christians, but politics is a different animal.

The willingness to risk your life for the cause is admirable, but whatever good you’d do by dying for the cause is very small compared to the good you’d do by killing in self-defense for the cause.

Reputation is important. If American WN had more of the kind of cred Golden Dawn has in Greece, it would be further along by now than it is.

The WSU did very good work standing their ground with those May Day communists. That was a step in the right direction, to say the least, but I see a failure in this article to press home the advantage in terms of how potential physical conflict is being framed.


Last week, I had a falling out with a number of my Reformed friends; I suggested that Iran was more moral of a nation than America, and that, in the absence of American friends and family, and supposing there were no language difficulties, I’d prefer to live there.

Iran’s foreign policy is infinitely better than America’s, as any Ron Paul supporter would know. They only allow abortions in the most extreme cases, and even then, it’s looked down upon. Homosexuality is a major taboo, and on top of all this, there remains a sort of hierarchical social order which many of us (who are infatuated with medievalism) find highly attractive. Further – there is a small population of indigenous white-looking folk, as well as a thriving community of Christians.

While I’d never seriously consider living there, or allying my interest with theirs in such an intimate way – Iran serves as a great rhetorical tool, to help shock some out of their pseudo-nationalism and into a healthy understanding of America’s role in world affairs.

So I fully agree with the article. The traditionalism inherent in some Islamic societies can be beneficial to those of us Western traditionalists.

Catholic JB

Islam is certainly all non-Muslims’ enemy; indeed, it is even Muslims’ enemy. It is totally unjust and false: It does not believe in universal human dignity, in a loving Creator God, in a logical ontology, in free will, in natural law, etc., etc., etc. Islam, with Talmudic Judaism (Zionism), communism, and classical liberalism and its derivatives, must be eradicated. While Islam may seem attractive, what is attractive in it is not intrinsically Islamic but rather religious, cultural, and logical: religious nationalism, Traditionalism, patriarchy, hierarchy, and a love of law and solidarity. If you don’t believe me, just study it hard and look at its “holy” books; even their modern commentaries admit of the necessity of jihad and all the heinous practices surrounding it. Matt hits the nail on the head when he says that the faux-nationalist anti-Islam pro-Israel people are wrong and so are the unstudied anti-Israel pro-Islam people. The fact is that neither of the two (Israel or Islam) are the good guy in the conflict in the Middle East, and the morally depraved, corrupt, communist, Israel-led West certainly is not the good guy either. The good guys, I believe, are the orthodox Christians, Catholics, and Confucians, and the nationalists, traditionalists, and truthers out there who are struggling to survive and get the Truth out there to an ignorant, insane, misled, warring, reprobate world.

Thanks, Matt. As always, I appreciate the good work you put in! I do agree with Luke, too: We need to study and understand Islam better so that we can oppose it on certain grounds with righteous, informed, and unrelenting conviction for the sake of our nation, our folk, and our faith.

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