Elysium is an Anti-White Open Borders Propaganda Farce

Elysium: Deport This FilmSometimes you just want to be able to sit down and watch a movie; I didn’t think that was so much to ask.

The hints and whiffs of social justice and anti-white themes were in the trailer for Elysium when I watched them in theaters, but I always try not to jump to conclusions. Without a doubt, our media is organized to systematically shame whites, break down ethnic and cultural ties between different classes, and promote an agenda so far Left that it would have made Marx blush, but I try not to see anti-Tradition behind every corner. If I go down the rabbit hole of looking for symbolism in every horror or sci-fi film then I would lose it. So headed into Elysium I told myself that I would just try to enjoy the movie for the science fiction and explosions, nothing more . . . I couldn’t do it.

I tried, I swear, but Elysium was almost as blatant as a Soviet era propaganda film, . . . perhaps an understatement. Within this film, however, are surprising nuggets of truth and a look at our race and culture’s future if we don’t win.

Tradition is present in everything simply because the Left cannot tell a heroic story or social commentary without at least having Tradition as a villain. The Tradition of our ancestors beats in every heart of the white race, even in those who have betrayed us in favor of destroying everything our ancestors built. That shines through in Elysium. At the very least, director Neill Blomkamp has created a glimpse of the future that Traditionalists can be inspired to fight against.

The film kicks off with our introduction to the future of the world. We land in Los Angeles in 2154 AD, and boy, did the neighborhood get a lot less friendly. The entire globe has been poisoned, looted, and raped by the capitalists, our likely future if current trends continue. The former First World has been overrun with Third World immigrants and now even the former City of Angels has become the city of crime, poverty, and multiculturalism (basically undeniably what Los Angeles will become in about a generation or so.) Part Mad Max, part Mexican barrio, and a slice of Rust Belt all add together to create the global picture that we are presented with.

It may be too optimistic to think that this system will take until 2154 to collapse, as Pat Buchanan asked in his latest book, “Will America survive to 2025?” Social services have collapsed, unemployment is sky high, the few people with jobs work in decaying factories with no labor protections, wages are miniscule, health care is restricted to the few elites with the money to pay for it while the rest of us deal with increasingly limited medical resources, and of course, the genocide of the white race through miscegenation (promoted in the film) and immigration; to say the future is bleak is an understatement.

There are no more nations, only Earthlings versus the elites who have walled themselves off into the space citadel of Elysium. Just as in the present, the elites wish to destroy nations and racial identity as a way to create a permanent slave class that can fill their coffers. Any organized resistance could be based around Faith, folk, or Fatherland, that is why these things must be destroyed. Elysium is just what victory for the elites looks like. Miscegenation, immigration, and destruction of Tradition will result in the world of Elysium, the present course of the entire Occident if we don’t stop the insidious plots of the elites. The main character is romantically involved with a Hispanic, but it didn’t even anger me; I cannot recall seeing a white woman in all of the scenes in Los Angeles. Without societal controls, Tradition, or racial identity, our race will be extinct outside of the gated walls of the elites.

In the modern era, when rich white liberals and Jews are done sucking an area dry, they move into gated communities to allow the pilfering to continue from the protection of gates and guards. In the world of Elysium, the elites have simply decided that instead of building a gated community, they should just build their own space station. While leaving the white world to be enveloped by the brown hordes, the elites jet set from dinner party to croquet match, anything to enjoy their riches built off the sweat and blood of those underneath them.

Our main character Max, played by Leftist Matt Damon, is shown to us as a small child. Surrounded by the misery of a Third World city he is an orphan who is being raised by a group of nuns. In the midst of turmoil and untold suffering we see that the Church is trying its best but that the majority of the people are simply wallowing in their misery. Max and a young girl named Frey become inseparable friends and Max promises his Mexican chiquita that he will one day get the both of them to Elysium. With hope in his eyes, young Max decides he is going to take on the world and join the ranks of the privileged few due to hard work and dedication. If you want to know the result then ask any coal miner’s son from Appalachia, Southern farmer, or factory worker from the Rust Belt: hard work doesn’t get you anywhere when the game is rigged from the very start.

We join Max when he is middle-aged, a multiple felon, and working a dead-end job in a dangerous factory. Outside of his humble home are gangs of roving Mexican criminals and endless lines of poor and sick individuals. Robot police officers and robot parole officers are all part of a system that dehumanizes “the system.” The biggest problem with soldiers and police is that many of them have a conscience, a human empathy for their fellow man which prevents them from following all of the orders of the elites. In order to circumvent this, the elites create robot warriors to do their bidding for them. Drones and robot foot soldiers are everywhere, not beholden to any sort of legal protections for the citizenry. In the age of NDAA, no knock warrants, and Guantanamo Bay, Elysium again provides a very likely future of America in which the government uses militarized robots who have a license to kill anyone who is a “threat” to the Establishment.

We are introduced to government official Jessica Delacourt, whose job it is to prevent Earthbound refugees from setting foot on Elysium. I wish that white countries had the sort of immigration policy that Ms. Delacourt put in place. Refugees were warned, and if they did not abort their attempt to infiltrate Elysium, they were then shot out of the sky or detained and instantly sent back. While I am no fan of the workings of the capitalist elites, when whites create our new Homeland we must ensure our immigration policy is as strident as the policy of the elites in Elysium.

If we truly are compassionate then we must ensure the safety of our families and our folk. When white countries were sovereign we were able to take care of our own and then take our inventions and medical advancements to the rest of the globe to help alleviate untold amounts of suffering and death. The only Christian and loving thing to do is to ensure the purity of white nations and then with a kind and compassionate heart venture into the wilderness to help care for those who cannot take care of themselves. Just as too many people in a lifeboat will capsize it, allowing the Third World into white nations is not compassion for refugees, it is simply assuring that our children and grandchildren will be denied a safe place to grow up and a prosperous society to live in.

Throughout the course of the film we deal with traitorous and evil South African mercenaries (even a generation after apartheid nothing says evil in Hollywood like a white South African), valiant black and Hispanic heroes, and one pissed off Matt Damon.

It quickly becomes clear that the film is made to insult white privilege, mock non-whites who are “Uncle Toms,” and heavily work towards the Leftist view of amnesty for non-white illegal invaders in America and Europe. The Leftist social justice mantra is poured on so thick that it could easily cover a plate of IHOP’s best pancakes. Towards the end of the film, one of the Hispanic protagonists declares that Elysium is for everyone, a not-so-subtle nod to the belief of the Left that all white countries belong to the globe, not the indigenous population and its children. The people of Elysium at first come off as being modern liberals and elitists but quickly they become a group I sympathize with.

Sitting and thinking in the film I realized the classic bait and switch performed by the director and Hollywood. Success and privilege are always synonyms for whiteness. This film was not being critical of capitalism (I would have no problem with that), it simply was a run of the mill anti-white diatribe. I grew disappointed as the minutes ticked by and it became clearer and clearer that the director thought he was a lot smarter than he actually was. Instead of some profound and subtle propaganda, the film became nothing more than advocating for unchecked immigration and whites joining alongside the races of the Earth to destroy their own people, as well as a commentary on the mindset of the Jewish Hollywood elite. I felt let down once again by Hollywood. I prefer my propaganda more subtle; Elysium just started bashing the hammer of multiculturalism and white genocide over my head so hard that by the end of the film my ears were ringing.

The narrative of rich elites is simply one used by the various Reds (as they do in modern times) as a codeword for being at war with the white race. Elysium is increasingly put into perspective as being the last white outpost in the universe. The reason why the residents of Elysium don’t want immigrants is because of the fact that resources are so limited. The harshness with which they maintain their borders is due to the fact that any laxity would swamp and destroy everything that they have worked to protect. Citizenship must be limited in order to protect the citizenry in the face of limited resources. The biggest problem with the film is that the director refuses to acknowledge that supplies are not unlimited. When the multicultural alliance defeats the evil white racists, medical supplies and food are shipped to Earth to help the poor Third World of the entire globe. Earth is still broken, agriculture is still destroyed, the environment is poison; giving these people all of the resources of Elysium has only doomed the people of Earth to a slower death and then cast the children of Elysium into the same slow decline.

The film concludes with Matt Damon giving his life as some pathetic white Savior so that every Third Worlder is given citizenship to Elysium. With a smile the Hispanic protagonist proclaiming, “Elysium belongs to us,” and the white enclave is inevitably overrun and destroyed.

Elysium is propaganda at its worst. Leaving the screening I was at, one of the male viewers of the film remarked, “I still don’t want amnesty for the Mexicans.” Every day white Americans see how heavy handed the Left has become in advocating for our genocide and cultural destruction. The awakening is beginning. I hope more films like this are trotted out, further alienating white America. The goal of white advocates must be the creation of our own Elysium. A white enclave, for us, by us, and a home that we are willing to die for and kill for. Elysium is a dream that I hope we can achieve within my lifetime, not among the stars but right here in North America. If not, I will strive to give it to future generations. Our people deserve a safe home to exist in, away from the Third World invaders. Elysium, here we come.


Walt Bialkowski

When I see or hear of anti-white behavior by fellow whites, I try to remember that we whites have been subjected to what amounts to psychological warfare for many years now. I think it must be more pervasive than the propaganda that the Russian people were subjected to during the Soviet era. Not just TV shows and movies, but even commercials constantly portray whites, especially white males, as villians or hopelessly inept fools. This is opposed to minority males and females of all races, who are generally portrayed as intelligent, admirable people. The next time you watch a show or a commercial, see if you agree. This campaign is constant, very deliberate, and, if the truth be told, nothing less than genocidal. Our younger people have seen virtually nothing else. White students at a university break into applause when then President Clinton announces that whites will no longer be the majority in this country ~ how can you explain that except as the result of years of brain-washing? This movie is the latest in a long, long string of anti-white presentations by the moguls of Hollywood.


“At the very least, director Neill Blomkamp has created a glimpse of the future that Traditionalists can be inspired to fight against.”
I haven’t seen the film myself, but are you sure quite sure that wasn’t the point? Imagine if he tried to make a movie that was clearly about the danger of massive third-world immigration and about how the wealthy upper class is selling out the rest of us, all without hiding under the Marxist storyline. Do you think it would have gotten any funding from Hollywood? Of course not. It would have been censored. I dunno, maybe I’m giving him too much credit.


Neill Blomkamp’s great film District 9 as I remember correctly, was critical of Blacks and showed many images of the devestating impact of Black majority rule in South Africa. There was some of the “Evil White South African” element in District 9. Overall, I was impressed with it. However, I will take Mattew’s advice and avoid Elysium. I can’t stand Matt Damon. I would also like to know what Mattew’s opinion of “The Butler” is. Maybe he will not bother to waste his money on that film. I refuse to see it. Never did like talking in the theater will a movie is running.

Paul Lovett

Matt, excellent essay. Hollywood is certainly cranking a bunch of anti-White propaganda movies.I would include that movie The Butler. The sanctimonious civil rights message, which is repackaged communism for American consumption, is very much in your face just from the trailers on television, I am so disgusted with the message of these movies that I cannot bring myself to pay for ticket. Back in college in the early 80’s I remember being given a anti-apartheid booklet. Even as a college student I didn’t trust the motives of those pushing the propaganda. Today I know that it was communism, and I know that it is still communism, which is anti-Christ at its core. Therefore, a White Christian cannot help but be an anti-communist.

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I could not agree more. It is chic now to be anti-white. Have white elites caused destruction in the world and suffering for poor people? Of course, but so has any other race of elites in any empire. When you look at the Persian empires, the Chinese and Mongols, African tribes, you will find a long list of oppression, inter-ethnic warfare, and suffering. I reject this notion that if somehow the brown peoples of the global south, had they gained technological advantage and the roles of empire were reversed, that they would be these loving, benevolent rulers caring for white people. What a load of crap. Look at how many cultures in the third world STILL treat even their own people!! If anything, the civility of Northern Europeans is most likely the better alternative. I have always been against wars and I don’t have a racist bone in my body. I wish peoples of every race well and no harm. But the reality is what it is now and there are hundreds of millions of whites on this earth who need to start thinking about protecting ourselves. Why are we allowing the elites to keep fingering Russia with missiles in Eastern Europe? Why aren’t we reaching out to then before the Chinese get their hooks into them deeper? We have millions of our white brothers and sisters in Eastern Europe suffering and nobody cares. Some poor black kid in Africa needs a meal and everyone brings out their checkbook and has a good cry. A beautiful white Ukranian teenage girl gets human trafficked into sex slavery and nobody bats an eye, oh well, Liam Neeson will save her I guess. We need to start thinking about our solidarity, because ethnic groups all over the world, evens ones which have a history of conflict, are starting to come together. We need to build our own solidarity and global community not to build some new empire filled with plundering and subjugating the poor suffering people of whatever, but to preserve our own culture which has a rich and beautiful history. One that is worth defending.


I too hate the war against rich strait whites and Christians in present day America. It’s been nearly 8 years since the last white president. I think that needs to change, but at least it wasn’t a woman! I dream of the days strait men will no longer be prosecuted by their peers, regardless of their so called “equality.” I hope one day the rich retain real power, maybe even the power to buy, I’m sorry, FINANCE elections! And don’t get me started about the war on Jesus. One day, maybe people will be able to wear symbols of their religion, perhaps around their necks? And, I could be dreaming here, but maybe there will be a Christian white strait rich male president? Maybe 43 of them in a row!

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