Caricature of Evil


Femi-NazisTo justify one’s actions and even existence, you must have a purpose. As a Christian, my purpose is to help others, fight for my folk, and worship my God. A coal miner works hard to feed his family, puts his life on the line to help provide a comfortable life for others, and provides a necessary service through his commitment. Any number of professions or groups have purpose, all except one. The Left has no purpose other than to destroy: Destroy the family, destroy Tradition, destroy the sanctity of life, and destroy the white race, if it is good then it is something that Leftists want to destroy.

The organized Left just wants to come down and destroy all of us simple-minded Traditionalists who believe in Faith, Folk, and Fatherland. There is no room for compromise in the Leftist mindset, only total victory. The total destruction of Western Christian civilization should be something to galvanize the masses against the pilfering capitalists, conniving Jews, and Third Worlders who want to swamp our nations. The people should be marching in the streets with torches and guns and a militant spirit, but  . . . they aren’t.

While the Left dismantles and destroys, conservatism sits in the corner like an old dog and whimpers in disapproval. Conservatism’s teeth are dull, eyesight bad, and it has a stiff back, not exactly an able defender of Tradition. This frustrates the Left because it is only human to desire having a worthy foe. A boxer doesn’t enter the ring with a cripple and proceed to beat the helpless individual to a pulp, there is no honor in that. While the Left is soulless and evil, deep down they still desire to have an opponent who actually fights back. No matter how hard the Left pokes and prods Conservative, Inc. to fight back, conservatism just lays there looking pathetic. This is why the Left must create a foe, to justify its existence.

One quick look on the mainstream media and you see nothing but blaring alarms 24/7 telling us that “Racism is Rising”, “Are Nazis Secretly Your Kids’ Teacher?”, and “Hate Crimes Surge!” we all must be on the lookout for the evil and dreaded “racist.” No one really knows what one is or what he looks like, but according to the media he has fangs, likes to beat up interracial couples, and he is fueled entirely by hate. According to the media, “racists” hate everything from black people to mom’s homemade chocolate chip pancakes. Of course they cannot actually portray any of us in an open venue; that gives us the dangerous ability to prove that the media’s caricature is a false narrative. That is why most times they must indoctrinate people through film, music, and video games. Giving real white advocates and Traditionalists a platform is too risky, so the only solution is invent their opponents.

The media loves to talk about race, racists (anyone who has that crazy idea that white people deserve to exist), and Traditionalists of all sorts. Through creating characters that are caricatures of real life, the media aims to attack and discredit their opponents. Fortunately, a lot of it seems to be backfiring lately.

The message of white advocacy and Tradition is so strong that any time the Left wants to portray us as a caricature they end up bringing part of our message to the masses. Our message is waxing, despite our shoestring budgets and pervasive censorship, while conservatism’s ideas are waning despite billions to throw around and a vast infrastructure to prop their message up.

In the midst of demonization by the entire organized system of elites, our movement is growing and gaining ground. As the dying dog of conservatism sits waiting for the end, Traditionalists are on the attack on all fronts; this is why the Left is so scared of us.

"Short Bus" LiberalsTraditionalists are not looking for a fat paycheck or comfort, we are looking to totally overturn this system. Traditionalists are willing to die for our Cause and our people while most mainstream conservatives would even trade their friends for a pat of approval by the very same people they oppose. Just ask Rand Paul and Jack Hunter what happens when the Left decides to start asking tough questions. Conservative, Inc. has no loyalty to its hardest and most dedicated workers, its base, our race, our Faith, or our traditions; only itself. This is the reason that conservatism will fail: selfishness. As Traditionalists are willing to fight and die for others, conservatives will never lift a finger for anything that might inconvenience their lives.

While the Traditionalist movement remains in its infancy, the Left has to concoct villains for itself to fight. The SPLC needed to make its millions of dollars a year, the ADL needed Nazis to fight, and the mainstream Left needed racists to justify a few more fundraising drives. Ironically, it is through many of these invented foes that the seeds were planted in the minds of many a Millennial, myself included. On cable television, in movies, and in video games, our views are brought out to be mocked, yet this plan only implants the message of Tradition deep into the subconscious mind, where Traditionalism clicks.

The film Cabaret from the early 1970’s encourages all sorts of decadence, promiscuity, and degenerate behavior. Perhaps the most striking scene however is not of Leftist debauchery, but young German men and women rising up together in the street to sing the wonderful song “Tomorrow Belongs to Me.” The clean-cut white men and women rising up to defend their homes and race are stunning and seem far superior to the Jews, homosexuals, and perverts that make up the rest of the film. While trying to make a joke out of nationalism and racial awareness, the media could not hide the truth behind the strength and purity of the Cause of Tradition. Compared with any sleazy transsexual or money grubbing Jew, I am sure that most normal people sympathize more with the young German boy wearing a Hitler Jugend uniform than with the ideals of the Left. Deep down, people respect and love Tradition no matter how hard the Left tries to bury this fact. Behind advertisements, the mass media, trickery, and confusion the Left still cannot put out the eternal flame of Tradition, much to their sorrow.

American History X is another example example of how their attempts to demonize Traditionalist views can backfire. Even though the film was marketed as a film against “racism”, it is hard to come away without thinking that the main character had a lot of really good points about race in America.

The main character, Derek Vinyard, is played by Leftist Edward Norton. In this film, the character is supposed to go through a dramatic character arc in which he loses his father to black gang-bangers, becomes a Nazi, goes to jail, is betrayed by the movement, and turns his back on racism. Such a nice story I am surprised that Hollywood hasn’t already done a dozen movies like that . . . nevermind, they have.

From speaking on immigration, interracial relationships, or white solidarity, Derek Vinyard is a tough and articulate example of what a true white man looks and sounds like. His “conversion” seems half hearted and is only because the movement betrayed its key principles by putting money ahead of race.

Throughout the entire film, Vinyard’s character conveys the message of white solidarity and the cause of defending the folk so well that the Leftist agenda seems hastily tacked on. The movie that is supposed to destroy the idea of white identity only reinforces it time after time. This fact was noted after its release by Roger Ebert in his review of the film, in which he stated: “There is one imbalance in the film. Edward Norton is so effective in the rhetoric that he uses to support the white supremacist point of view, and the other points of view in the movie are all kind of ineffectual or soft or nerdy or never really made very well. I mean, actually when you look at this movie it is the racist stuff that comes off most strongly.” I heartily agree with Ebert’s assessment of this film as being one that actually promotes white nationalism rather than attacks it.

Derek Vinyard Breaking Bad Before it was Cool

In the video game Bioshock: Infinite we are shown two factions are war for the soul of the floating city of Columbia. On one side are the Founders, the Left’s dream (and mine) of how Traditionalists act. The Founders are protectionist, militant, devoutly Christian, armed, anti-Semitic, white nationalists, and ready to die for their cause. On the other hand are a group of communists and anarchists called the Vox Populi who fight for equality and against racism. Throughout the game once again I found myself (and a lot of the “normal” friends I have agreeing with me) that the Founders were far preferable to the egalitarian communist swine of the Vox Populi. The Left wishes we would be as militant as the Founders and actually fight them, but even when portraying this exaggerated version of us, our message still dwarfs the Leftist narrative. The Founders are strong, cool, and admirable while the multiracial, multicultural communists just come off as weak and pathetic, even to people who aren’t involved in the white nationalist or Traditionalist movement.

Bioshock: Infinite Traditionalism

The Left is in a bind, understandable given the fact that their position goes against God, nature, and history. They have all the lawyers, guns, and money, but they’re still on the defensive. They have used boots and guns, propaganda and trickery, and now tools of the mass media, yet their machine’s not working. Whether it’s in their latest attempted coup against the sovereign nation of Syria, or in their ongoing retreat as illiterate goat herdsmen drive them out of the Orient, or in their confrontations with us radicals here at home, they’ve lost their mojo.

Whenever they give a white advocate a microphone they end up broadcasting a message that impacts scores of people towards breaking from the Leftist Orthodoxy. When they try to stay away from allowing actual people to speak, they invent characters that they can totally control, but even this backfires. The defenders of race and Tradition come off as strong, persuasive, and very much out of step with the message the Left is trying to promote. The Left cannot win because you cannot change the human heart. At root, every man, woman, and child loves their race, culture, and home and no amount of propaganda can change that. When Traditionalists are presented to be booed by the audience, a growing segment of the public reacts with sympathy and approval no matter how hard the elites try.

We as Traditionalists have a primary calling, get the message out to as many people as possible. Through writing, social media, street activism, and the other countless forms of communication we are given a pulpit from which to preach our message. Each time a person hears the message of Tradition, another crack appears in the dam of Cultural Marxism. The Jews and capitalists cannot forever stop the flood of revival that is coming, no matter how many fingers they put in the holes of the dam. Their worst caricatures and jokes speak to us, our modern age gives us an ability to disseminate ideas like none other, and the time is right.

Revolution and revival is coming comrades, we just have to keep up the pressure and the dam will soon break.


Leslie H. Higgins

We should leave comments to this effect on YouTube posts about these games and movies. I am far from a gamer myself, so I was surprised: Is that banner really from Bioshock?

Our message will resonate, so let’s troll YouTube and replace the conservatives as the source of opposition in all ‘Net venues.

Leslie H. Higgins

Also, although not appropriate in every instance, let’s try to substitute luscious bishōjō anime Nazi girls like the above wherever the Left tries to perpetuate the Hollywood Nazi stereotype. Buys will be like:

“You’re asking me–to oppose THEM?? They’re frikkin’ HAWT!


Great post, but I wish you wouldn’t lump all Jews and capitalists together as the enemy. Our Protestant ancestors had Hebrew names and cherished to ancient Hebrews. Many of us revere Mary and her son. It seems ungrateful to disparage all Jews. Isn’t it enough to fight Leftists of all ethnicities? And keep Leftists of ethnicities from immigrating?


I wish you wouldn’t lump all Jews and capitalists together as the enemy. Our Protestant ancestors had Hebrew names and cherished to ancient Hebrews. Many of us revere Mary and her son. It seems ungrateful to disparage all Jews. Isn’t it enough to fight Leftists of all ethnicities? And keep Leftists of ethnicities from immigrating?

Yes; they’re all alike, er, “leftists.”

OK; 3/10. You got me to respond. Now, enough with the Austerite parody trolling.

Next, you’ll be saying we did it to ourselves…

John Galt

Matt — Could you tell me what you think about objectivism? You know that’s all Bioshock Infinite is, right? It’s a big thought experiment exploring Ayn Rand’s (a Jew!) moral philosophy (see Atlas Shrugged). If you want to use Bioshock as an example of the left inadvertently promoting Traditionalism, I would expect more than a shallow treatment of the characters as “stronger, cooler, and more admirable” than the intended good guys. Surely there’s more. I’m genuinely interested to hear what you think.


White power. Black power. So…no interracial genetic mixing? You must hate our president…not for the socialist/progressive constitution-shredding, but the fact that he’s only half-white. Hitler must have really dissappointed with the whole half-Jewish thing…so hypocritical, right? I assume that you don’t really think whites are better, persay, just a birds-of-a-feather’s only natural. If you were black you’ld celebrate the panthers, right. OMG- what if God put your soul into a Jewish body instead? Would you then be an Israeli supporter?…or just struggle with self-loathing? Thank Him He made you just the way you are…better than all the others.

Matt Parrott

So…no interracial genetic mixing? You must hate our president…not for the socialist/progressive constitution-shredding, but the fact that he’s only half-white.

We discourage interracial and even intercultural marriage because we believe the children are born and raised without a coherent culture or identity, because we believe that the diverse identities are worth preserving, and because we’re resisting the globalist plot to dissolve all identities and traditions to clear the way for their utopian vision of a new global anti-identity and anti-tradition firmly under their control.

No disrespect to the products of interracial marriage. We love them and encourage them to discover their own identities and traditions. Albeit, it’s a more difficult task for them, but not impossible. While we’re not “universalists” in the way our opponents are, our message is universal.

Hitler must have really dissappointed with the whole half-Jewish thing

This statement is triply offensive. It’s offensive to neo-nazis, it’s offensive to Jewish people, and it’s incorrect.

OMG- what if God put your soul into a Jewish body instead? Would you then be an Israeli supporter?…or just struggle with self-loathing?

I’m not even Jewish and I support the existence of the state of Israel. All I ask is that they stop prosecuting their neighbors and persecuting their minorities. There are Jews who also think this way. If I were a Jew, I would try to be like that…firmly proud of and protective of my identity, while striving to be neighborly and humble.

Thank Him He made you just the way you are…better than all the others.

Why are you all so stuck on our being supremacists?

Wait. Don’t answer. I know why. Without that charge, you have no coherent moral argument against us.


I don’t think anyone agrees with you on Bioshock Infinite. I agree with the idea of making our own city to live, work, and play in to show the Left the how successful we can be. But I don’t think anyone really likes the Founders in the game.

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