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True Blood
Pop culture reflects the values and thoughts being pushed by the elites. Without fail, nearly every movie and television show will somehow reflect the values and principles of the Jewish elite and their minions to an unsuspecting audience. From the normalizing of interracial relationships with Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner to homosexuality with Will and Grace, the media is always pushing an agenda that is against tradition and against the white race. One of the most effective tools of the left is humor and insults. Through belittling the ideas of their opponents, the Left can steer many supporters of movements that are not kosher away from tradition and into the arms of modernism. One example of using fiction and humor to push an agenda is the Showtime television show True Blood. From the original novels written by Charlaine Harris to the television adaptation, True Blood has been a pop culture sensation, with an insidious anti-traditional agenda.

Representing the homosexual movement, Jews, and other racial minorities, vampires are used as an umbrella metaphor for all social justice causes. While the group they are representing may change depending on the episode, the defenders of tradition are almost always Christian, white, and laughable. White men and women are portrayed as either being ignorant or religious fundamentalists who just “don’t understand” the undead or are filled with hate. This of course is contrasted to the good-looking, humorous, promiscuous, drug-taking, nicely-dressed, and suave vampires and their supporters. Tradition is portrayed as uncool, hateful, and backwards, while orgies, drugs, violence against defenders of tradition, and destroying the folkish culture is the right and hip thing to do. True Blood does not just touch on being anti-traditional or attempt to make the message subtle; supporting the death of white Christian civilization is one of the clearly stated points of the show.

The premise of True Blood is that Japanese scientists have created a blood substitute in their laboratories. This would revolutionize the medical field and is being hailed as perhaps one of the greatest scientific achievements of the past century. Rather unexpectedly however, vampires from all around the world “come out of the coffin” to a surprised and frightened world. Now that they have a substitute for killing humans and drinking their blood, they can join us living folks side by side as normal, albeit undead, members of the community. In the opening episode of the series, a spokeswoman for the American Vampire League is questioned about the centuries of murder and parasitism of vampires upon the living. She responds with false indignation: “Show me the documentation; it doesn’t exist. Number two, doesn’t your race have a history of exploitation? We never owned slaves, Bill, or detonated nuclear weapons, and most importantly, now that the Japanese have perfected synthetic blood which satisfies all of our nutritional needs, there is no reason for anyone to fear us.” Just as Leftists do all the time, vampires avoid the question, make false comparisons, and then go on the attack. It is without question that the vampire race has blood on its hands, literally, yet with a few well-groomed spokespeople and access to the media, all of those sins are washed away in the public perception. It is amazing what a parasitic race that treats its host population like animals can get away with when they have a controlled and sympathetic media.

The show begins two years after the vampires “come out of the coffin” in a small rural town in Louisiana. Our main character, Sookie Stackhouse is a waitress at Merlotte’s Bar and Grill. Besides the fact that she is telepathic, Sookie is a normal and rather wholesome Southern woman. Sookie is a white woman with a pureness of heart and a love of family and tradition, which is why she must be destroyed and reshaped in the mindset of the Far Left producers. The show throws Sookie into the vampire subculture, a romance with a member of the undead, and a whole host of social problems to navigate, and all of this is done to shame and mock the defenders of tradition and to defile one of ours at the altar of both literal and figurative bloodsuckers.

This subculture is filled with disease, abuse, and promiscuity. Hepatitis D is a communicable disease passed from humans to the vampires who feast upon them. PSA’s about safe sex and safe biting are put into the show alongside with humans being chastised for contracting the disease that makes the vampires ill. Just like AIDs, Hep D is only contracted when you mix outside your folk. Perhaps that should be a lesson to those wishing to “live on the wild side.”

What the audience must understand is that the show has a specific political agenda. Traditional values on race and homosexuality are attacked through the stand-in cause of vampire rights. The metaphor of a poor minority pushed under the bootheel of the Southern white Christians’ intolerance is put on rather thick, perhaps too thick. The Left is made up of individuals of powerful ego and of the belief they can do no wrong, and this leads them to overreach and expose their true feelings. Behind every bit of sugarcoated sound bites for the media, the bubbling hatred of the white race, our Faith, and our tradition is just below the surface. Our enemies are not fighting for equality, liberty, or any other buzz phrase; they are fighting for extinction of our kith and kin. They view us as animals to be led around from the safety of the pasture of tradition to the killing floor of modernism, and far too often we are willing sheep.

In the True Blood universe one must remember that these vampires are literally superhuman killing machines that have stalked humanity from the shadows for centuries. Humanity is called to accept as friends and neighbors those who have been a parasitic and violent race up to this point simply because the Establishment tells us to. Up to this point, countless thousands of humans were fed upon as a food source by the vampire race. Even the kindest and sweetest vampire has committed atrocities that would have earned any living human a trip straight to the electric chair; in the True Blood universe, however, morality is situational. There is no right and there is no wrong, simply different rules for different groups. In the age of affirmative action, it should not come as a surprise that the mainstream media says that it is ok for different “special” groups to be held to a different standard. If a human went out and killed someone, they would go to prison; in the True Blood world, the punishment for a vampire is usually a witty quip from the black homosexual character or sensationalized sexual overtones. Vampires are special and persecuted, thus they deserve to be treated differently, even when that means being allowed to kill normal people. Normalizing different classes of citizenship having to follow different rules is part of the elites’ attempt for us to accept how banksters can loot our folk by the trillions of dollars and why gang bangers and thugs like Rodney King or Trayvon Martin deserve a pat on the head, not just punishment. We live in a system where white folks are on the bottom of the totem pole, and that is reflected in all sorts of mass media, including True Blood.

Even after reportedly coming clean with humanity and looking for a fresh start, the vampires continued their war against humanity. Just because your enemy looks like you, it doesn’t mean that they are. As we know with Jewish “anti-racist” activists like Tim Wise, you may pretend to be white, but you never can be and you never will be. Vampires in True Blood pretend to be human, but underneath is anything but.

The mass media and vampires in the True Blood universe have a lot in common, especially the ability to wipe the minds of those who do not go along with their plans. Vampires can “glamour” humans in order to manipulate our minds and make us do things we don’t want to or make us forget. That is a mighty handy skill to have when you plan on victimizing someone, and vampires in the show use this power often. The free will and open mind of a human is secondary to the desires or inclination of one of the undead. The idea that humanity as simply a controllable foodsource and sexual outlet for the needs of the master race of vampires is reinforced time and time again.

Just like in the real world, disagreeing with political correctness can be a dangerous initiative. The political opponents of so-called “vampire rights” are murdered alongside their entire families, as happened to Reverend Theodore Newlin early on in the series. Without batting an eye or any true condemnation, the producers put forth a narrative in which political opponents and their wives and children can be slaughtered, as long as it is for the cause of equality. The “kinder” bloodsuckers condemn this as not being productive to the cause, not the fact that murdering humans is an atrocity.

One must realize that what we see of the vampire subculture is not a rosy group of folks looking to assimilate; the majority of vampires view humans as playthings and animals.

Basing True Blood in the South was not done by accident. In a show about destroying traditional society and getting “social justice” for a group, of course the producers would put it in the South. While Dixie is not the only bastion of resistance to the globalists and the attacks on tradition, in the public consciousness it always has represented that rebellious spirit to buck the marching orders of the elites and stand up for traditional values. Southern Christians are portrayed as backwards, ignorant, or downright violent as a way to denigrate tradition.

In the opening credits of the television show they feature robed klansmen, passionate preachers, praying women, and a river baptism. One of the storefront signs glimpsed in the opening states “God Hates Fangs,” an obvious dig at traditionalist Christians. Every stereotype of the Christian Right and those who stand for race, kith, and kin is portrayed in the very opening of every episode. It is almost like the producers cannot wait for a plotline to start attack Traditionalists.

Sookie is led to vampire-owned bars that are back alley distribution centers for illegal drugs. Alongside breaking the law, promiscuous sex between human “fang-bangers” and vampires is common. Humans trade their blood for getting the rush of doing a socially taboo activity, alongside partaking in “V” or vampire blood, a substance that is extremely intoxicating. White women especially are portrayed in many episodes being feasted upon by the undead in orgies and promiscuous behavior. The formerly virginal Sookie is brought into this subculture and quickly adapts to it. She throughout the series has out of wedlock sex with different vampires, being passed around like a plaything. Luckily vampires are unable to bear children or else she would end up like so many white women in America who go outside of our folk to find men: pregnant and abandoned.

The vampire world is quickly revealed to be run by a secret leadership of elder vampires. These vampires control and influence the worlds events and generally view the living humans to be disgusting animals. In one episode, one of the leaders states to a global audience (after ripping the spine out of the television host), “Why would we seek equal rights? You are not our equals.” The leadership of the vampire world seeks to control the various parts of global politics in order to favor vampires. Bribing and threatening politicians, blackmail, and murder are all on the table in order to advance the vampire race into a stronger position of power. The producers seem to revel in these scenes, taking extra joy from the views of the majority of vampires in how they look upon the living.

The only organized opposition to vampires is a church known as the Fellowship of the Sun. This is the part of the show that actually kept me interested and moving forward. I can guarantee that if vampires were real, I would be an active member. The Fellowship was originally organized by Reverend Theodore Newlin, who was later murdered by vampires. The role of pastor of the church was picked up by Reverend Newlin’s son, Steve. Under his leadership the Fellowship was organized to oppose vampires in the media through direct action. Through media advertisements to oppose the Vampire Rights Amendment and interviews with reporters, the Fellowship aims to stop the advancement of the normalization of the undead into mainstream society. Standing on tradition and the Bible, the Fellowship of the Sun represents everything a Traditionalist would get behind, and that is why it must be mocked and destroyed.

In the show, gun stores are featured, stocking anti-vampire weapons and “hate literature.” Folks who call into Reverend Newlin’s television show spout off “white power” and other caricatures of Right Wing and white advocates. The Fellowship and other anti-vampire characters are portrayed as being overly patriotic, flag-waving, gun-toting extremists. In one episode, Sookie’s brother Jason is a part of a Fellowship of the Sun training camp, and when asked how to deal with a vampire, he actually picks up an American flag, breaks the wooden pole, and uses the flag draped shard of wood to imitate stabbing a vampire. That is grade A ‘Murica, and that is what the elite hates. Even though Americana is a mindset that actually supports the system and is inherently anti-white, that isn’t good enough for the elites. The white flag-waving patriotic Americans who make this system continue to function need to be driven out of existence. Just like an old Dixiecrat, even if you are on the enemies’ side, if you are white with some set of principles, the enemy will only ever view you with contempt. Anyone who doesn’t want to be in a drug-addled orgy with the undead is shown as being backwards or a lunatic.

Mocking the friendly face of evangelical Christians, Fellowship organizers come off as almost too friendly, and quickly we find out why. The Fellowship is supporting an armed organization called the Soldiers of the Sun. These armed Christians carry out attacks, including suicide bombings, of vampire parties and establishments. Using wood splinters and silver ball bearings in suicide vests, Soldiers of the Sun aim to kill as many collaborators and vampires as possible alongside attacks with firearms and stakes. The Fellowship of the Sun finds candidates to join the fight against the vampires, and the Soldiers of the Sun put the fight into action. The biggest problem, however, is that each vampire in and of itself is as powerful as a small army. These members of the undead master race are generally able to thwart and murder those who oppose them, making the fight seem futile. In our own context, we must think that is how the elites view us. They control the levers of power and all of the resources; we are simply ants to be crushed under their boots if we dare rise up to stop the rape of our folk and Fatherland.

Pastor Newlin is quickly perverted and shown to have a laundry list of issues, and the Fellowship quickly folds. It is unsurprising that the Establishment would portray the Right Wing opposition this way: we are all mentally deranged in their eyes, too crazy to understand the brilliance of their agenda. Using the labels of mentally ill, closeted homosexuals, attention seekers, or all of the above, the Establishment wishes to find a label to slap onto us in order to marginalize any Traditionalist who dares stand against them. The Fellowship membership are mocked, the leadership discredited, and the just and righteous vampires triumph over injustice, a perfect end to those pesky Christians who dared try to stop the advancement of evil.

Reverend Steve Newlin is eventually turned into a vampire, becomes bisexual, abandons his church, and embraces the vampire lifestyle. Just as the media loves to tear down ministers, priests, and clergymen, they had to tear down and pervert the spokesman for Tradition. The enemy is not content with simply portraying us as fools, they must expose us for being hypocrites. In order for our transformation to be complete, traditionalists must be forced to grovel for forgiveness and become a traitor to our cause. Being a traitor pays well, just ask T.J Leyden or anyone else who abandons the pro-white movement to get on the SPLC and ADL’s speaking tour. Being a traitor gets you all the perks of being with the enemy, but you will never be one of them. In exchange for selling out your people, you get to be the enemy’s lapdog. There is no honor in treason, and there should be no quarter for collaborators.

True Blood is everything that is wrong with American television. The mocking of Southerners, Christians, conservatives, or even just normal people is at a fevered pitch. Homosexuality, drugs, promiscuity, and every other degenerate behavior imaginable is on display and promoted. Those who stand for tradition are either crazy, hypocrites, or traitors, while the enemy is made out to be glamorous, sexy, and cool. Those of us who are Traditionalists are forced to root for the antagonist every single time, knowing that they are going to lose. Everything we stand for is on display for the world to mock and ridicule. Now entering its sixth season, True Blood continues to show how egotistical and hateful our enemy is. They are not content with victory, they have to rub our noses in our temporary defeat. As long as “entertainment” like this is being put out, I am still going to be rooting for the “bad guys” because no matter what the media says, I will stand by tradition and its eternal truth.

Praise His Holy Light.


Paul Lovett

The more evident mainstream “entertainment” is seen as mass indoctrination to embrace the anti-White values the more likely we can wean off the boob tube, and promote real entertainment that honors and celebrates our shared culture.



Educating people about what is going on around them is important, but please include a link to the solution, which can ONLY be found at We need a homeland, and the only viable place for it is the Pacific Northwest. If you can get your supporters and members talking about the Northwest Front, eventually it will catch on and go viral. When enough White people become aware that there is an alternative, we will reach the tipping point. Then, nothing the enemy can do will stop us. Afterall, we built civilization and we can do whatever we choose!



Matt Parrott

The problem isn’t a lack of coherent paths forward. An awakened and motivated people could aggregate in the Pacific Northwest, reclaim Dixie, establish Orania-style collectives across the Continent, establish a colony in Paraguay, or whatever.

Our problem has never been one of not having a clue what to do once mobilized and energized, our problem is one of getting energized and mobilized in the first place. The TradYouth project is totally cool with the Pacific Northwest, League of the South, and other secessionist projects, but it’s false and misleading to suggest that the Northwest Front is the exclusive and necessary next step in what we’re trying to do here.


Matt. P,

What are we trying to do here? If it is provide yet another forum to vent our frustrations at the Jews and what liberal democracy is doing to us today then you are right, the NWF is not your answer.

BUT, if you are trying to stave off the extinction of the greatest race in the history of mankind, the only race with the creativity, morality, intelligence, courage and fortitude to create all that was and is wonderful about the world, then yes the Northwest Front and the Northwest Imperative is the ONLY way. explains why the geographical parameters of its territory make this so. It cannot be Paraguay or South Africa, in part because of lack of access to the sea. In both cases, you would be entirely surrounded by hostile forces with no trade routes to potential allies. The south had its chances, the last of which was 1954 when Brown v. Board of Education ended true education in favor of indoctrination by race-mixing. At that time, there would have easily been popular consent to secede from the Union, for the protection of the southern children and hence the future. But the south today is much like a colony of Mexico, with a large negro underclass. Whites, where you can find them, are as materialistic and self-centered there as they are in the rest of the US.

There are other important reasons that the Pacific Northwest must be the place, but those are detailed far better by Mr. Covington than I could ever hope to explain on the site at

Leslie H. Higgins

One very long entry, to be sure. I was lucky enough to have never heard of True Blood before. Sickening. I like Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles; clueless liberal that she is, even she would not be stupid enough to try and reconcile vampire and human nature.

A racy, but certainly more White Christian-friendly alternative is the manga and anime, Dance in the Vampire Bund. Mina Tepeş, the vampire protagonist, while certainly alienated by nature from Divine Revelation, actually founds and attends a Catholic school that benefits humans. And, while the usual “racism” against vampires is a theme, Tepeş is not an abstract ideologist that wants to force her people to live amongst humans. She wants to found a “Bund” for vampires on an island off Japan (an ethnostate, people). See also Shiki, where vampires actively try to displace humans in a rural village, and turn it into a base of operations for all of Japan.


My motto is:


Robert Pinkerton

Vampires are depicted in the series as straight-up supernatural creatures: No attempt is made at plausible “scientific” explanation of the condition. However, vampires are not the only supernatural creatures who pass through Bon Temps, Louisiana. There are also werewolves and other varieties of shapeshifters. Too, necromancy is depicted as working! Sookie herself has blood of another supernatural race, the Fae, which accounts for her telepathic ability. In sum, the town is a supernatural crossroad.


One thing that a LOT of people miss when trying to understand horror/monster films is that monster is never “just” a monster. The monster is always a stand in for tensions or problems between other characters, or things that the characters are struggling against.

The tricky thing about this series is that the visibly monstrous, the vampires, are not the monsters. I’m hesitant to say that True Blood is “everything that’s wrong with television,” because we could do worse, but it’s a particularly tricky piece of media alright.

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