Tradition without Religion

Roman soldier with Vesuvius erupting behind
Roman soldier with Vesuvius erupting behind

“We are born into this time and must bravely follow the path to the destined end. There is no other way. Our duty is to hold on to the lost position, without hope, without rescue, like that Roman soldier whose bones were found in front of a door in Pompeii, who, during the eruption of Vesuvius, died at his post because they forgot to relieve him. That is greatness. That is what it means to be a thoroughbred. The honorable end is the one thing that can not be taken from a man.”
Oswald Spengler, Man and Technics

A discussion I had recently with associates of like mind caused me some concern for those we hope to win to our side in the great struggle between Modernity and Tradition. It seems some believe Tradition is impossible without an accompanying religious framework. For one trying to revive Traditionalism in an age when atheism seems the only ticket to social promotion and all the carnal and material favors that come with it, this makes our project a non-starter, particularly among those young men and women who believe sex and money are the only things worth living for. Were it any other century I might agree with the Tradition via religion approach. However, we are now several centuries into an Enlightenment ideological bombardment so intense that some damage, even severe damage, is to be expected.

Your lack of faith and fear of old rituals is not a handicap, it is an opportunity. Recall the fathers of the Enlightenment and how they overthrew the existing order of alter and throne. They were not derailed by their lack of access to titles and sacraments, they changed the order to favor what they did have, money. But all of their twisting and pounding away at the moral weaknesses of the elites of their day did not endow them with virtue. Those of you driven here recognize this. A lifetime of indoctrination through public schools, colleges, and the entertainment media somehow failed to grab and hold you the way it was designed. Either by accident or through some greater force, you’ve managed to see the facade and find yourself drawn to a hunger for truth, a desire for fair stewardship, and an end to corporate military crusades. You may not have money, but you have honor – one of the greatest of the virtues.

You have an opportunity now to make something new out of that which is old, even ancient. You have the benefit of being able to study three-hundred years – maybe as many as a thousand years! – of failure and correct those weaknesses, all in the aim of fortifying those virtues that eroded before. Traditionalism is not a dusty, frail, withered thing. It is vibrant and visionary! It is strong enough to stand stoically before unflattering truths and wise enough to recognize sugar-coated poison. It is the antidote to the evils of Modernity and it is in your hands now.

Recognize this, Modernity is always a negative. It is always a twisting of the truth and an appeal to everything about us beastly and envious. Modernity can only take hold when Traditional values, values we instinctively recognize as if endowed by Nature, have been defamed, dismantled and made slave to the currency of the enemy.

So long as someone recognizes either racial, cultural, or spiritual identity over the global mass of “blank slate” humanity they preach, Tradition remains. This is perhaps the most glaring flaw in the Modernist agenda. They seized the newspapers, then radio, then television, and now the internet, all in their belief that you were an empty vessel that they could dump any idea into, no matter how suicidal. And through this they tried to make us believe in a Star Trek Utopia where Captain Kirk could bed any female in the universe: green alien, blue alien, or worse, Uhura. The deeper implication of the series was that any idea originating out of the futuristic San Francisco could be exported throughout the universe. Those pesky Klingons, however, kept to their ways of honor and martial prowess and consequently today’s Comic-Cons are not populated with Kirk lookalikes and his multi-species harems, oh no, they’re populated by nerds in Klingon costumes. You see, strength and authenticity is attractive. Something in the geek mind tells them the Klingons will outlast the United Federation of Planets. Like that fictional species of ass-kickers, you are only here because of the hardships, sacrifices and triumphs of your relatives extending back millennia, and on some level you know it.

So long as someone recognizes hierarchy, that there are some people better than you and some people you are superior to, Tradition remains. It amazes me that a public is so desperate to believe in this idea – Equality – that they fail to notice the second they enact their laws establishing a legal voting age of eighteen they have violated their own ideals. Really? A seventeen-year-old genius who has studied politics, history and sociology at the college level does not enjoy the same right to vote that a fifty-year-old, illiterate drunkard enjoys?

Not that I’m an advocate for democracy, but their battle cry of equality is so dishonest that you can actually discern their malevolent intent by who they open up the vote to. Allow Blacks to vote, you’re getting ready to set the races against each other politically. Allow women to vote, you are getting ready to set the sexes against each other politically. Lower the voting age to eighteen, you’re getting ready to send young people all over the globe in the interest of corporate profits and empire maintenance – with their stamp of approval! When they lower the voting age to twelve rest assured it will because they are getting ready to lower the age of consent in the interest of the future pedophile lobby.

Finally, so long as there are some out there conscious of a spiritual reality, and not just this material existence they hold so dear, Tradition will remain. I know, this is a tough one for most of us. It is beyond the scope of this essay to sway you one way or another. Is belief in the spiritual just a way of personifying the urge to stand against evil? Is it the personification of incredibly good fortune or the desperate hope for the same?

Maybe. I’m at peace with the mystery of it all.

In the meantime I’ll continue to work against those who wave a flag in my face while they murder and steal in my name. I’ll continue to work against those who lie to my face and tell me the State is here to help while it wraps another shackle around me and my family. I’ll fight these forces every day of my life, and when I’m not fighting them I will work to strengthen the foundation and fortress of my beliefs through a culture I’ll help develop with others of like mind, passed through our children, and growing organically while Modernity falls under the weight of its own wickedness. When that happens, a century or more from now, some might look back and see what was accomplished without gold, without a military, and without the media, and they may just conclude, “They did this through their religion.”


Leslie H. Higgins

I really like the observation about Star Trek. I have never been into Star Trek, but I enjoy reading about tradition in pop culture.

Though it is not exactly equivalent since Japan was an Axis power and there is a Nazi movement in Japan, the Third Reich also has a big presence in cosplay, so we know it isn’t the egalitarian Allies that Japanese youth admire.

James Townsend

Well said, John. I find myself at odds with religion quite a lot. I fluctuate between Christianity (Protestant), Odinism, vague agnosticism…. But I never fluctuate on racial identity or Traditionalism.

Thanks for writing.

John Maelstrom

James, I think you identify the mindset of the majority of those awakened. It is up to us to figure out how to make the pieces of this puzzle fit together the way they need to. Easier said than done but it’s good to know what the pieces are.

This perhaps needs to be the topic of another article, or book, but for all of its merits one flaw Christianity has made throughout our history has been its practice of melding with indigenous European cultures while simultaneously denying those cultures and defaming them or even erasing them; First with the Greaco-Romans, then the Celts, then the Germanic people, and finally with the Slavs. A tree severed from its roots will not stand. If we can repair this damage – denying none of our history and, more importantly, refusing to apologize for any of it – we will find ourselves on the road to recovery.

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