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Reds Don't Read!

Reds Don't Read!Summer is no time to stop reading, but like everyone of our generation, I assume that most of the people reading this are hurting for money. So below are some links to free books, essays, speeches, etc that are worth taking a look at.


The Dispossessed Majority by Wilmot Robertson

Alien Nation by Peter Brimelow

Race and Reason: A Yankee Review by Carleton Putnam


All of Wilmot Robertson’s old magazine, Instauration has been archived on line here.


Murray Rothbard’s legendary 1992 speech at the John Randolph Club

Joe Sobran’s “The Republic of Baseball”

Finally, here is a “best of” (dig through the archives of TOQ for even more) guide to the secession debate, which I find particularly fascinating:

Separation: Is There An Alternative by Rabbi Mayer Schiller

Prospects for Racial and Cultural Survival by Samuel Francis

Separate or Die by Richard McCulloch

Secession is a Bad Idea for Whites by Baird Peterson

Toward the White Republic by Michael O’Meara

Facing the Future as a Minority by Richard Spencer

The list is quite long and varied, I know, so pick around and find what you like – or just bookmark it for later. And as is often the case with lists of most anything within the dissident right, you could give yourself a headache mapping out all of the rivalries and differences among the above authors.

Just keep reading!

PS For those of you who are justing going to mess around on the internet instead, go here.

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